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Ishanga always likes to care for young Nursery newcomers such as Lorian, but they are usually more comfortable with the older females. 

Ishanga with the other orphans

Kainuk and Orwa


Today whilst playing in the bush Orwa boisterously charging the Keepers, whilst Naipoki came to join him and the other little ones. At first we thought Orwa and Naipoki were playing together, pushing and shoving each other around, but we soon realized they were in a fight, which the Keepers had to stop after Orwa had roughly over-powered Naipoki, things calmed down quickly and peace was regained. In the afternoon the four little boys, Lorian, Barsilinga, Kithaka and Balguda came down to the mudbath ground for some time with Daphne and some delicious milk. 

Orwa playing with a stick

Naipoki browsing


As soon as the stables were opened up this morning, Makireti and Shukuru ran to little Lorian’s stable, vying with each other to be first to embrace him the moment he emerged. Lorian settled the dispute by choosing Makireti, suckling her ears, so Shukuru went to Barsilinga’s stable instead and escorted him out to join the others. Ishanga again misbehaved during the mudbath hour, head butting Kilabasi as she was finishing her last bottle which annoyed Kilabasi. The Keepers intervened, disciplining Ishanga by sending her off to spend time out away from the others. After a while she was welcomed back, and thereafter behaved well. 

Ishanga with Lorian

Ishanga with her Keeper




Being a Friday, it was Coconut oiling day again. Kilabasi, Sonje and Kihari tried to escape the oiling by running away, but were rounded up by the Keepers, who suspected that they would try to do this. Little Lorian had his first oiling today, excitedly scampering around the Keepers attempting to scratch his body against their legs. The Keepers gave him, Kithaka and Barsilinga a soil dusting, which they all enjoyed. At the Open Public Viewing hour, between 11 a.m. and 12 noon, little Barsilinga and Kithaka, being the smallest, are the centre of attention. 

Sonje, Barsilinga and Ishaq B


After spending the first night in the Nursery, little Ndondo appeared much sronger and took his milk feeds well, remaining close to Murera being too weak to join the other elephants. Little Lorian is responding well to the Keepers, the centre of interest for all the Big Girls. 


Lorian resting while Naipoki watches over him




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