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In the morning as the elephant orphans were walking out to the forest, Maxwell was asleep at one of his gate’s which is close to Sattao’s room. Enkesha came along and decided to wake him up and have some fun with him before walking out to the forest, but he didn’t respond so she started sharing his lucerne pellets through the gate. Malima however then came charging over in an effort to play with Max and he couldn’t then resist playing too. She came charging over and started pushing and pulling on his gate, making lots of noise. Max then got up and started playing with both of the girls, but it did not last for long as they then decided to accompany Luggard out to the forest as he had been left behind.
Jotto was playing a pushing game with Tagwa in the forest. From a distance he saw the two girls and Luggard approaching and he left Tagwa and ran to meet them. Luggard was happy to see Jotto coming to welcome him and started running towards him. Right away they started playing a wrestling game, with Jotto making sure not to be too rough with Luggard.

Jotto and Ambo getting ready to dust

Mapia dusting himself

Ndiwa putting some branches on her head


Musiara is always full of confidence with everything that he does. He doesn’t mind walking alone and is never in a hurry when going for his milk. When everyone else is running, he will be quietly walking at the back. Perhaps this is why he and Luggard are so close too! He walks very majestically, looking all around him as he walks. One would think he is a patient grown up bull sometimes, despite being one of the smallest in the Nursery.
Today was the very first day out of many that we had some sun shine. None of the babies have been interested in mud bathing recently as it has been so cold, but today when he finished his milk bottle Musiara started looking for some mud to cool himself down. Tamiyoi and Emoli tried to make some using some water from the water trough, and they and Maisha and Sattao all gathered round to enjoy rolling on the wet ground. Musiara wanted to join them but it was too crowded for him to join too. He decided instead to go and wallow in the water beside the mud bathing ground. The water trough orphans saw where he was going and decided to join him too as his was a much better idea. The babies enjoyed the cool ground which was a welcome relief from the hot sun.

Sagala and Musiara walk to the mud-bath

Tagwa pulling roots out of the ground

Malima browsing with Tagwa


Although it is rare in the month of July, today the fun came early in the morning as the sun managed to peak out from behind the clouds as it rose above the horizon, warming everything it touched for the first time in a while. The orphans enjoyed this brief respite in the cold weather too, and spread out in open areas on the ground, flapping their ears and stretching their trunks as they enjoyed the morning sun. As usual, Musiara played his games near the Keepers, this time lying amongst them and at times pestering them whilst they were trying to drink their morning tea. Maktao didn’t want to be left out either. He stood next to one of the Keepers and kept touching him on the shoulder with his tiny trunk, sometimes venturing over to interrupt Musiara’a play as well. Enkesha decided to join Maktao and Luggard came over to join his friend and neighbour Musiara, who by that time had stood up and was dusting himself with soil.
After the midday milk feed, Kiasa, Emoli and Tamiyoi engaged each other in a pushing game. Emoli pushed Tamiyoi from the front, before the game was turned up a notch when Kiasa came over and bit Tamiyoi on the tail! Tamiyoi turned and pushed the little girl until she fell on the ground to teach her a lesson. Kiasa just got up and walked away to go and dust herself in soil, but we thought her pride was hurt just a little bit!

Mapia enjoys dusting

Musiara browsing after mid-day feed

Kiasa after being pushed by Tamiyoi


As the orphans were about to come out of their rooms this morning the weather turned very chilly and it even started drizzling a little as well. At the front line of stables Kiasa and Enkesha seemed fine as they came out and started playing, but as soon as Maktao stepped out of his stable he felt the cold weather and walked right back into his room again! When the Keepers tried to call him out to join the rest, he started yelling and complaining and not wanting to come out into the cold. Just like the water in the stream the other day – he is evidently very sensitive to the cold! His cold weather-hating friend Musiara was the same on the other side of the compound. His friend Luggard had come out of his room and was standing waiting for his friend Musiara beside his door. When he eventually came out and reached the end of the shaded roof he felt the light drizzle and he too walked back, refusing to move. Luggard tried to wait for him to see if Musiara would catch up, but Musiara was not moving and he decided to follow the rest of the herd who had already gone out to the forest. Musiara and Maktao stayed behind for some time before heading out to join the others. They do not like the cold!

Ambo browsing with his friends

Jotto and Musiara at the 9am feed

Kuishi solo browsing


Little Luggard is becoming a little greedy for his milk these days. When it draws close to 8am and he knows the 9am milk feed is soon approaching, he starts to walk away from the rest of the herd to where he knows the feeding takes place. When he reaches there and finds the milk is not there yet, he just chooses to browse from the surrounding bushes and waits for the milk to come so he can be the first one to be fed! Today he arrived even before 8am and chose to just patiently browse as usual in the surrounding thicket. Come 9am he left the bushes and walked right to the spot where he knows they all get their bottles and just stood there waiting for the bottles to come – it was very sweet to see him waiting so patiently for the bottles to come. When the milk arrived he was very happy to have the first bottle. He then positioned himself nicely next to the wheelbarrow where the empty bottles are put, and picked up the bottles to feed himself the small amounts that were left inside. It was funny to watch him pick up a bottle as soon as it was put into the wheelbarrow so he could catch any leftover drops of milk! He is very good at feeding himself. He is never a bully or causes any trouble at milk feeding time.  

Luggard browsing patiently until the 9am feed

Enkesha enjoying browsing

Musiara and Maktao browsing together




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