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Just after midday today, the weather changed from sunny to a heavy downpour. Water was running everywhere in little streams. As the rain poured, Maxwell moved from his bedroom to run up and down his stockade. Everywhere, except for his bedroom, was soon wet and muddy which is just how Maxwell likes it and he was running around with excitement. At the peak of his enthusiasm, he got down on the ground and rolled around, covering his huge body with red, muddy soil. His frequent yet uninvited guests, the warthogs, were also enjoying a mud bath, but on the other side of his stockade, as they know that he can get excited and strike at any moment.

The baby elephants out in the forest were also enjoying the rain in different styles. Mapia and Ambo rolled in the mud, while Enkesha and Tamiyoi sprayed themselves with running water. Sattao and his friend Musiara were engaged in a play fight which went on for some time. Due to the weather Luggard, Dololo and Mukkoka were taken to the stockades as they are not yet strong enough to withstand heavy rain.


It is so lovely to watch how the older girls in the Nursery take care of the youngest, and if there is one lucky baby in the group we think it is Musiara at the moment. Musiara is loved by the majority of the older females in the family, but among them we think Malkia loves him the most. Sometimes she is a bit tough with the other youngsters, but she is always fond of Musiara, and the little boy of her too.

Today three of the older females decided to spend the day with one baby in particular. Malkia was with her beloved Musiara, and Tagwa made the strange choice of Kiasa, instead of Sattao as usual who loves her very much. This might be because over the past few days Sattao has been spending more time with Dololo, trying to help him, and Luggard as well. Sana Sana seems to be fawning over Mukkoka these days, and she will always respond to him if he rumbles or calls out. So these were the babies that Sana Sana, Malkia and Tagwa, our matriarchal figures, chose to browse with and look after for the day.

Jotto was in a very funny mood at visiting time and we wondered if Mapia had done something to annoy him. He is never usually naughty, but today when he finished his milk bottle he charged over to the water trough and head-butted Mapia away. Sana Sana saw what he did and was not very pleased; she came over to push him away from the water as well and Jotto had to leave the area and walk away from her and Mapia.


Today we noticed Sattao trying to be friends with Dololo again. When the family of orphans walked out to the forest this morning, four boys wandered off in their own direction. Musiara and Luggard have been friends a long time, and Musiara and Sattao are age-mates, so it was Musiara, Luggard, Sattao and Dololo who decided to browse away from the others on their own this morning. It was a lovely group as Luggard has been keeping Dololo company for a long time, and Sattao has been trying to befriend him recently as well. Sattao stayed by Dololo’s side so he couldn’t sneak off away from the group. Only for the 9am milk bottle did the little foursome decide to join the rest of the herd. Tagwa seems not to have noticed that they had sneaked away, as when she saw the little group approaching she raised her ears high with surprise and rumbled so loudly that all the Keepers turned to see what was concerning her. Malkia ran towards the little group and met with Musiara first, to welcome them back to the herd. 


Before leaving the stockade compound for the forest, Jotto and Sana Sana decided to enjoy a pushing game. They were playing next to Tamiyoi who was stealing some of Maxwell’s lucerne pellets through his stockade gate. She accidentally got caught up in their game and sandwiched between them and Maxwell’s gate, which made her cry out. Sana Sana got such a fright hearing her shout, as she was not sure what had happened. She ran off while Jotto seemed to realize why Tamiyoi was upset, and moved to console her.

Dololo still likes browsing away from the other orphans in the forest. During the day he can always be spotted slightly apart from them. Sometimes he browses close to Luggard, but not always, and we are sure he is still missing his family. Sometimes he is clever and sneaks back to the stockade compound to look for extra milk as well. Sattao seems to have realized that Dololo likes to sneak off on his own, and today he decided to befriend him and also prevent this from happening. Every time Dololo made to move off away from the others, Sattao was there to block him, stopping him from wandering off. When Sattao was unable to prevent him from moving off, instead he would follow alongside him, and that way he was forcing Dololo to have some much-needed company.


Jotto is the oldest boy in the Nursery now and is having to test is strength and gauge himself against the older females in the Nursery. He is always seen trying to play fight with Tagwa, Sana Sana, Kuishi and Malkia, although Malkia is always a tough play mate and is not always willing to tolerate his nonsense. Malkia is always a difficult option for Jotto, but Sana Sana, Tagwa and Kuishi are always ready to welcome him, albeit with caution.

Today out in the forest when the orphans had finished their milk feed, Jotto was busy trying to engage Tagwa in a fun pushing game. He tried for several minutes, but in the end gave up when he had been warned by Tagwa several times that she did not want to play, but rather wanted to go and browse. Jotto then went to try and engage Sana Sana, but Sana Sana was not in the mood either and roughly pushing him away. Just as Jotto was feeling a bit hopeless, he spotted his play mate Luggard who was enjoying a dusting session. Jotto approached Luggard and the two had a happy time wrestling with each other, although Jotto was gentle with Luggard as he is aware that his friend has a bad leg and cannot play rough pushing games.

Jotto ready for pushing games with Sana Sana

Malkia with older girls Sana Sana, Ndiwa

Ndiwa with a mouthful of grass




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