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Enkesha is well known to dodge her friends and Keepers in the morning as they make their way out to the forest and she goes to her favourite feeding spot, and today was no different. She sneaked behind the stockades and tried to get some lucerne pellets from the wooden store area near Maxwell’s bedroom, which is the area Ambo sometimes likes to sneak to as well! Neither the Keepers nor the other elephants noticed where Enkesha had gone, and the Keepers only realized when she cleared her nose, producing a short little trumpet. The space between the store and the backs of the other stables is very tight, so the only way for Enkesha to come out was to reverse backwards as the Keepers called her out. To prove she was not happy at being discovered or asked to come out, she complained loudly as she was led out to the forest to join the other babies. Luggard and Musiara, who are known to be the slowest walkers, were the first to greet Enkesha and Luggard pulled her tail as though to ask her what she had been up to and why she was so late to join them. 

Enkesha having her milk




The sky was clear today and there was no sign of any rain ahead. The sun had just started to rise and displace the morning cold as the orphans began their morning routine of leaving their stockades and walking out towards the dew covered bushes in the forest. They followed under the leadership of the current Nairobi matriarch Tagwa and moved slowly amongst the bushes, browsing as they walked. Musiara and Luggard trailed behind, as Malima and Maisha were at the front alongside Kuishi and Sagala who were apparently more interested in playing than browsing. The Keepers walked on either side of the orphans, making them feel secure and protected. Maktao with his funny antics was putting his trunk into one of the Keepers’ pockets, pulling out his handkerchief. The Keeper pleaded with him to give him his handkerchief back, but Maktao was in a mischievous mood and threw the handkerchief into the top of a nearby bush! 

Tagwa and Sattao




Larro’s health and condition after arriving as a terribly skinny and weak orphan is improving every day, and so is her love of her milk bottle. She has started running in for her milk bottle and she is gaining more confidence too. She tries her level best to be first or second now when the orphans are running in, but her weak legs do not allow her to outpace the fast runners like Maktao and Sattao. Usually the only one she can beat in the milk bottle race is sweet Luggard. This morning as the elephants rushed for their 9am milk bottle from where they were feeding in the bushes, Sattao arrived first followed by Maktao and finally the struggling Larro came third. Luggard with his neighbor and friend Musiara were following them closely behind. After finishing her bottle, Larro was reluctant to leave the feeding area and she made several rounds of the wheelbarrow to an attempt to have some more milk. The Keepers kept an eye on her and kept her back, and when she realized her attempts were futile she complained loudly before wandering off to join the others who had already started to file out to the bushes to continue browsing. 


Maktao and Sattao



Malima and Ambo woke up this morning in a very excitable mood. They were up before everyone else and started playing with the buckets outside of their rooms which hold their milk bottles. When the two were let out they ran from one gate to another waking up all of their friends who were still sleeping inside. They were even trumpeting as they charged around the compound! Maxwell got caught up in their excitable mood as well, as they went over to his gate to wake him up as well. He came over to his gate and engaged them in a game of head butting and pushing his gate as the duo responded from the other side. He became very playful as well and started running up and down his stockade. Eventually Malima and Ambo decided to leave Maxwell to catch up with the other orphans who had already started to make their way out to the forest. Out in the forest Mapia joined them, but with the intention of engaging Ambo in a wrestling game. Malima went ahead to link up with the rest of the herd and left the boys to their game.

Jotto was doing what he loves to do when he has time, and as the rest of the orphans walked deeper into the forest he decided to stay back and keep Luggard and Larro company. Musiara, Enkesha and later Emoli and Maisha had a lengthy mud bath. When Emoli and Maisha joined the scene turned very chaotic with mud sprayed in all directions! As all the others were busy browsing or having a mud bath, Mukkoka went behind the soil piles and fell asleep. As the group left to go back out to the forest poor Mukkoka was left behind and the Keepers had to turn back to get him.



Jotto, Maktao and Maisha


Recently it has seemed like Malima is trying to prove to the other older girls that she can also be a leader. Sometimes, like today, she will try and lead her own group off to the side from the others. This morning she had her own group of seven babies who decided to go off and browse for about two hours on their own. The orphans always all wake up in a different mood every day; sometimes they want to play, sometimes they just want to browse, and sometimes they want to walk off and explore. At was at this point in the day that Malima tried to keep Dololo, Larro, Luggard, Sattao, Maisha and Musiara under her watch. She can be very good at protecting the younger ones if she wants to. Musiara is a quiet outgoing little boy though and sometimes he likes to accompany those walking out further into the forest. While he was with Malima today he didn’t see Tagwa or Sagala and he started running all over the place looking for them. Malima grew concerned as he frantically ran around, so she left the rest of the group to help him. Within no time, it was only Luggard and Larro left behind in the spot the group of seven had been browsing, as all the others left after Malima too. By the time they caught up with the older ones, it was almost time for the 9am milk feed. 



Tagwa with Sagala




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