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The babies woke up early as usual to begin their walk out to the forest for the day. As all the orphans walked out deep into the forest, the keeper’s didn’t realise that Malkia had sneaked into Luggard’s room to look for leftover pellets. When she was done she came running out of his room trumpeting and shouting as she tried to trace which way her friends had gone. Her shouting drew Mbegu’s attention and she responded so the little girl knew which way the herd had gone, and Malkia finally joined up with the rest of the herd.

During the 3pm milk feed today, as usual Esampu was a naughty little girl, and decided that she really did want some extra milk after she had finished hers. She went up to Ndotto and tried to get some of his bottle whilst he was drinking. The mellow boy made several turns to block the naughty girl from having some of his bottle, as he wanted every last drop. As this scramble for milk was going on, Mundusi pushed the unsuspecting Mteto whilst trying to get some of her share of milk, and Kiasa and Luggard were busy sucking up milk from the empty milk bottles as Sana Sana drank the spilt milk from the wheelbarrow. Lasayen was walking off whilst sucking and chewing on a rubber teat he had removed from one of the bottles; all in all it was mayhem and the keepers had their work cut out for them today.

Malkia having her milk

Esampu the naughty girl

Sweet Ndotto



Tagwa is showing strong signs of becoming a matriarch in the future. She loves taking care of little ones and today spent a lot of time with the tiny babies. She offered her ears to be suckled and even gently patted the baby and helped to dust her tiny body with her trunk. After awhile the baby moved to join Mbegu who was busy browsing close to Tagwa. Luggard and Murit were having a small play fight but Malima interrupted them. This annoyed the usually forgiving Luggard and he pressed his short tusks into her side to move her away. This didn’t stop the determined Malima however and she managed to grab Murit’s tail and Murit couldn’t run away from the disruptive girl.
Due to the hot weather at the moment, all the orphans enjoyed the mud bath today with Sattao, Musiara, Maisha, Ambo, Emoli, Jotto and Godoma enjoying it the most. Tamiyoi managed to spray the visitors with mud as they enjoyed watching the orphans mud bathing!

Tagwa having her milk


Musiara all muddy

Mbegu very muddy!

Muddy Jotto


Despite Mbegu’s love and care for all the elephants, her relationship with Ambo is still strong. The ‘bigger’ baby boy is always close to his adopted mother these days, browsing by her side and sometimes even touching her teats with his trunk. Mbegu has a great task in caring of all the little babies as well, and letting them suckle on her ears whenever they need to be comforted.
During the public visiting time today, Jotto was the first one to get into the water hole to enjoy his mud bath and cool down in the heat of the day.

Jotto carefully got into the water and gently lowered his whole body in without causing any splashes. Malima and Maisha followed suit but Mapia and Tamiyoi decided to spray themselves by standing on the edge and collecting muddy water with their trunks to throw on their bodies. The ended up not only spraying themselves but the keepers and the visitors in the process as well! Luggard also got into the water and submerged his whole body, lifting his trunk out and swinging it around with joy. Kiasa and Murit opted to hang out with their keepers along the rope cordon and avoid any interaction with their mud covered friends!

Ambo drinking from the trough

Mbegu lying down and Ambo getting out

Jotto all nice and muddy


As the sun rose slowly over the horizon at the Nursery, the orphans were so enjoying the warmth of its rays. Some were engaged in some pushing games, some were stamping around the bushes in happiness and some continued browsing as if nothing was going on around them. Maktao’s playmate Musiara decided to take on Sattao instead as Malima enjoyed a pushing game with Tamiyoi. Ndotto and Lasayen were browsing deep in the bushes as the playful bulls Ngilai and Murit rolled on the ground enjoying the morning warmth. Kiasa decided to hang around the keepers as they drank their morning tea. One of the tiny babies was suckling on Tagwa’s ear as Mbegu and Ambo browsed just to the side of them. Mteto ran after two warthogs who were browsing close by and Godoma joined her, so the two pigs ran off into the bushes to get away from the playful elephant babies. Shukuru, whose health seems to be improving more and more, was pulling leaves from the top of some of the nearby trees, as sweet Luggard waited below to collect some of the leaves that fell to the ground in the process. 

Orphans enjoying warm rays

Ndotto browsing

Ndotto browsing in the forest

Lasayen browsing with Ndotto

Shukuru with the orphans


It seems to be a routine now for Enkesha, Maktao and Maisha to sneak into the bushes between the car parking area and the stockades. As soon as they come out of their rooms in the morning and as the rest are slowly making their way into the forest, these three orphans disappear past Kiko’s stockade into the bushes abutting the stockades. Enkesha always seems to be the group leader and why these three join up in their own little group to go into this little area of bushes is quite funny, as no other orphan seems to follow them! Once all the orphans have arrived in the forest and have settled to browse, the keepers notice these three orphans are not with them and they are always found in this same bushy area. Sometimes they are notified of their absence because Maktao starts to yell out; he loves to be around the keepers and when he has not seen them for some time he yells out for them to come and find him!

Today Luggard looked a lot happier and in much better condition than the last few days. He was more active and browsing well so whatever had caused his tummy upset seems to have passed for now.

Enkesha in the bushes

Maisha browsing

Luggard feeling better




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