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Little Luggard is looking so much better and healthier than he has in previous months. Now he is strong and happy and demanding to accompany the other orphans out like he used to. Before he did not even push the matter, as he felt so bad and he leg was so swollen. Today when the orphans had finished their 9am milk feed and started walking off into the forest, he tried to walk with them. When his keeper tried to keep him back he yelled out and ran after his friend Musiara who was walking slowly away. Due to his strong reaction, the keepers allowed him to join the others and he was seen to be so happy in their company. This kind of thing is so good for his moral. When the orphans settled to feed we watched Luggard happily engage his friend Murit to a pushing game, just like he used to. 

Luggard running after his friend Musiara

Jotto enjoys the lush grass

Esampu searches for roots


In the morning the stockade gates were opened for the babies to come out but none of them wanted to, because it had been raining since dawn and everywhere was very wet and it was cold too. Even Shukuru, Mbegu, Ndotto, Ngilai, Ndiwa, Lasayen, Mundusi, Mteto and Sagala who are always basically knocking on their gates to come out in the morning, where quiet and standing at the back of their rooms with no intention of walking out into the rain anytime soon. When the keepers tried to force them out as it was becoming quite late for them to stay in their rooms, many of them like Emoli, Murit, Mapia, Sattao, Tamiyoi and Malima yelled in protest as they didnít want to walk out into the cold water! The little ones Kiasa, Maktao, Musiara and Luggard firmly refused to come out until the rain had stopped and it was a bit warmer. 

Ambo and Musiara head to forest

Emoli and Maisha browsing

Enkesha after milk feed


Luggard is seen to be very much enjoying all the fresh new greenery around as the rains continue. He has a much happier face these days with all this browse around and now that the swelling has gone down on his leg that was causing him so much upset before. We are so happy to witness him running down for his milk bottles now, something he has been unable to do for awhile. This morning at the 9am milk feed we were so happy to watch him scampering down with Maisha and Musiara Ė he was so happy to run down with them! These days when the keepers leave him to come and collect his milk bottle from the mixing area, they are always surprised how quickly Luggard has moved, as they often finds him already in the stockade area, waiting for his milk bottle! All these are good signs pointing in the right direction for Luggard and we hope he will continue to improve.  

Luggard running in for his bottles

Lasayen browsing with Tamiyoi

Ngilai following the keepers


Tamiyoi awoke this morning is a very happy mood. She was so energetic and playful and together with Maisha she engaged Luggard in a gentle pushing game. Luggard dug up some fresh soil with his little tusks and the three had a wonderful time rolling in the long wet grass. As all this was going on, the others members of the herd were walking deeper into the forest. Luggard was so grateful for the company of Tamiyoi and Maisha as he stays on his own with some keepers these days, since his leg is too bad for him to accompany the others on their long walks.

Ambo was naughty towards Jotto during the public visit today. He arrived at the milk feeding area and had his share before Jotto arrived. When he saw Jotto having his milk bottles he approached him and tried to fight him for some of his milk. The polite boy Jotto remained very calm and did not react even though he was being pushed about. Ambo was being naughty and did not listen to the keeper who was trying to keep him away from Jotto whilst he was feeding. When Jotto finished his bottle he decided to take action and teach Ambo a lesson to have some respect for others whilst they are feeding. He pushed Ambo towards the mud bath and pushed him in for a wallowing session he had not prepared for!

Tamiyoi in a very happy and playful mood

Maisha, Mapia and Emoli

Maisha browsing


Before the rain started last night some lions started roaring close to the stockade area which woke some of the orphans that were already fast asleep. Maisha, Luggard, Enkesha and Sattao were among those that were woken up by the roaring. They started yelling and shouting as Ndotto and Mbegu charged around their rooms, trumpeted and pushed on the gates of their rooms as they desperately wanted to get out and help the little ones who were crying for help. The lions heard the trumpeting and it seems they must have been a little afraid as they disappeared into the forest and didnít make any more noise.

It was a very cold and wet morning when it was time for the orphans to come out. It was such hard rain they couldnít come out at their normal time. At 7am it was still pouring but only Mteto, Esampu and Sagala were fighting to get out of their rooms, pushing on their gates. They wanted to go out to the forest and have some fun. All the other orphans were quiet and standing under the shade in their stockades, or resting peacefully in the stables. The three who were struggling to leave were eventually let out, but they did not leave the compound; they chose to stay and browse on the bushes surrounding the stockades. It was not until 8am this morning that all the other orphans came out of their rooms to head to the forest.

Little Maisha

Little Sattao was woken up in the night

Mteto, Sagala and Tagwa




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