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When the orphans walked out of their rooms this morning they were all very busy greeting each other and starting the mornings games. Happy boys like Murit and Luggard were seen pushing each other as they welcomed the new day. Caring girls like lovely Godoma, Mbegu, Malkia, Tamiyoi and Tagwa went straight to the young babies to make sure they had a good night and were happy. Malkia, Tagwa and Tamiyoi’s first order of the day was to check on the new girl Maisha in her stable. Malkia rumbled to Maisha and Maisha yelled loudly in return causing Malkia to try and open the stable door. When she couldn’t open the door she realized she could go into Musiara’s stable to greet Maisha through the stable wall. It was quite funny to watch Malkia, Tagwa and Tamiyoi all trying to fit through the door and into Musiara’s stable at the same time – all desperate to be the first ones to touch and say hello to Maisha. Maisha was also really happy for the attention and started calling out loudly and putting her chin up on the stable wall so she could see her visitors. The three caring babies were unhappy to leave the newcomer when it was time to go into the forest and they will be very happy when it is time for Maisha to join the orphan herd. The new calf is called Namalok. 

New baby Namalok in the stockades

Murit at the mud bath

Musiara picking soft green leaves

Tagwa looking for shrubs


After the 9am bottle feed the orphans went into the field and had a playful peaceful morning until they encountered the lovely Solio. Ndiwa, Mundusi, Kauro, Rapa, Sana Sana, Mteto and Ngilai accidently bumped into Solio whilst she was resting in the middle of some dense bushes. Solio quickly announced her presence with a snort which sent the young babies scampering into the bushes in alarm. The rest of the herd reacted to their trumpets and rushed to see what was going on, except little Musiara, Sattao, Maktao and Luggard who were busy hanging out with the keepers. With all the bush-bashing and trumpeting from the elephants, Solio decided to exit the area at a run with Mbegu, Godoma, Kauro, Maramoja and Rapa following her until she disappeared deep into the forest. All the excitement left the orphans in a state of unrest and they continued their bush-bashing and noise making, turning it into a new game. The game finally ended when Maktao yelled in protest as Luggard denied him to suckle his tail which sent the mini-mums to his side for comfort.  

Sana Sana exiting the mud-bath

Ngilai finds a quiet spot to browse

Mteto reaching up for some soft leaves

Luggard using a branch as a scratching post

Mundusi greeting a friend in the forest


Elephants can have best friends or particular friends that they like to play with just like humans do. Today we watched as the rest of the orphans walked into the forest to play while Kauro started a pushing game with his best pushing friend Ndotto, whilst Murit played with Luggard who he often likes to play with. Luggard has never wanted to play with any other than Murit who is gentle and calm and who he knows will not hurt his bad leg. Murit is very understanding after he too went through a rough time with his poor health and he is very kind to little Luggard with his broken leg.

Our little orphans sometimes pretend to be brave when actually they are quite nervous creatures. Today during public visiting some warthogs came after the older orphans had finished their milk, and tried to share their lucerne pellets. Mbegu, Kauro, Rapa, Ndotto, Lasayen and Pare tried to chase them away but the older female stood her ground and raised her head with her tushes pointed at them. They did not run away but confidently remained which meant Mbegu and her group eventually gave up those piles of lucerne pellets as they dare not approach the warthogs. They just stood there with their ears raised, too afraid to chase them away!

Kauro going to play with Ndotto

Luggard with Murit

Mbegu with Mundusi


Nowadays, little Musiara is becoming a great friend of Luggard. When the orphans come out of their night stockades in the early morning, Musiara does not want to walk out before Luggard. If he does exit his room first, he stays alongside Luggard’s stable door and knocks on it to get Luggard’s attention and tell him it is time to get ready and join him in the forest for the day. When Luggard leaves his stable you can see little Musiara is overjoyed and they both happily walk together side by side. In the field they browse shoulder to shoulder together throughout the day and prefer each other’s company over the other orphans. The reason why Musiara is happier around Luggard is that he moves very gently, is very welcoming to the little boys and he browsers not far from the keepers which Musiara also likes to do. The other orphans opt to take their browsing activity deep into the forest and we have some bully boys like Ambo, Jotto, Ngilai and Rapa who are not always friendly and gentle when interacting with the little boys like Musiara so he prefers to keep his distance and have the keepers close by. 

Luggard, Kuishi, Sattao and Lasayen

Sweet Luggard out in the forest

Rapa and Ndotto playing a pushing game


The polite boy Ndotto took a bit of a break from the herd this morning and stayed away from his friends to spend time with Musiara and Luggard. Usually it’s Malkia who goes to Musiara’s door to wait for them to come out of their stockades, but today it was Ndotto. He browsed on a small bush in front of their stockades whilst he waited and the keepers tried on a couple of occasions to make him join the others in the forest but he kept dodging them and hiding behind the stockades. When Luggard and Musiara emerged from their rooms he joined them in the compound, but not without sneaking into their stockades to look for any leftover lucerne pellets. When they finally made their way to the forest they all walked at Luggard’s speed, mindful of his injury. Ndotto stayed with the baby group until the 9am milk feed when he joined Kauro, Mundusi, Pare and Lasayen deep in the forest. Pare is working very hard to try and over power Lasayen and he spent more than one hour wresting Lasayen this afternoon. Eventually Ndotto had to separate them.

During the public visiting hour it was Tagwa’s responsibility to guard the mud bath from warthogs. She made sure that no warthog came to share the much coveted lucerne pellets but there was one naughty one that did not pay attention to her threats. He was a big male and he was so determined to have some pellets that Rapa had to team up with Tagwa to drive him away. Tagwa then stood on the edge of the mud bath to keep an eye on him and any others that might try to sneak back.

Ndotto going to Musiara

Ndotto enjoying a fun game on the ground

Kauro going out to the forest

It was Tagwa's turn to keep the warthogs away




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