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Although it was cloudy and cold this morning, the babies seemed to be in a good mood. They were having fun and engaged in play fights, as others dusted themselves and rolled on the ground. Ndotto was squaring up to Kauro despite Kauroís much longer tusks and bigger size; this didnít seem to faze Ndotto and he bravely tackled Kauro, pushing him against trees. Ndottoís best friend Lasayen joined in the game, obviously trying to assist him in overpowering their bigger friend. As their game gained momentum, Murit jumped in to push Lasayen in order to help Kauro against the two boys. This prompted Ndotto to turn towards him with his ears raised and his trunk pointed, forcing poor Murit to retreat and back out of the game.

In excitement, Kauro pulled down a big branch from a tree and as the leaves fell, Luggard rushed in to have a share, but Kauro blocked him. At the same time Kuishi, Pare, Sapalan, Maisha, Maramoja, Emoli and Sagalla were busy dusting themselves with soil. Mbegu was far away browsing with her babies Ambo, Maktao and Musiara, as Malkia, Sattao and Malima, who didnít show any interest in either playing or browsing, chose to relax instead. Their rest did not last long because it was interrupted by a warthog that came running out of the nearby bushes. The ever-playful Ngilai was busy in the middle of the keepers, touching each one of them with his trunk. Although they kept walking away from him, he kept following them and at last lay down in the midst of them, kicking up a lot of dust which made the keepers eventually walk away from him again!

Kauro on a dusting pile

Ndotto on the dusting pile

Murit browsing on a small shrub

Lasayen going to play


Poor Kigeria did not fair well during the night and collapsed at around 1am. She was put on an IV drip but her life evidently hangs in the balance at this stage. Poor little Kiangazi was put on a drip in the night as well, suffering from his injuries and compromised foot Ė he does not look good either. Our two new little ones arenít looking good but we are trying our best to save them and are praying for their recovery.

We love watching how Luggard and little Musiara are becoming great friends these days. Musiara is becoming even more attached to him than to his age mate Sattao. When it is milk feeding time and he realizes that Luggard is not close by he will stop and wait for him so that they can walk together. Today was the same at the public visiting time when the first group were all running down to have their milk bottles. Musiara was walking down with Sattao, Maktao, Emoli and Maisha but after a few meters he turned back after realizing that Luggard wasnít in their group. He ran back to where Musiara was waiting with Malima, Tamiyoi, Esampu and Kuishi and the keepers tried to lead him out but he would not budge until Luggard came with him, and then the two happily walked down together to enjoy their milk bottles.

Luggard browsing

Musiara waiting for Luggard

Sweet little Sattao browsing

Kuishi trying some small branches


This morning as the orphans were walking out to the forest, we watched as Musiara and Sattao enjoyed a lovely pushing game, trying to test and challenge each other. These two playful little boys were playing a very serious game that drew Malkiaís attention as she loves to mother Musiara. She walked in between the two little boys but Musiara walked around her to continue tackling Sattao. Malkia then settled on pushing Sattao away from Musiara which really brought about the end of their game, and he walked off to join Luggard, Maisha and Emoli who were browsing nearby. These two little boys hang together and play together just like Ndotto and Lasayen did when they were little!

Today for the 9am bottle feed Sapalan came out of his stockade to join the other orphans for the first time. He was evidently nervous though as his first reaction to seeing Kauro, Rapa, Mbegu, Ndotto and Pare was quite rough as he pushed them and tried to assert his dominance as a big boy too. As time went on though during the course of the day, he calmed down a lot and was more composed as he realised all the other orphans around him were friendly and were not going to do him any harm, but welcome him lovingly into their herd.

Sweet little Musiara

Sattao looking for Musiara

Malima and Musiara

Sweet Luggard


Mundusi seems very serious with whatever he does and doesnít normally like to waste time playing with the others. This morning Ngilai seemed to want to play with him and put a smile on his face but instead Mundusi kept fighting back whenever Ngilai approached him. In the end Mundusi pushed him so hard that Ngilai walked away but this seemed to please Luggard who walked right up to him and initiated a pushing game, which they both seemed to enjoy.

Kuishi is one of the only girls that hasnít developed an attachment to Pili yet. Today she approached the little one and started pushing him, which annoyed Enkesha and she pushed Kuishi from behind. Kuishi turned to push Enkesha back but Malima was quick to intervene and block her from hurting Enkesha. A keeper was also there to help bring control to the situation. Usually Maramoja is very selfish at sharing little Pili as she likes to look after him most of the time. She will walk him away from the rest of the herd and the other females like Mbegu who might want to care for him, to care for him all by herself. Today Malkia watched her walk away from Mbegu with Pili and thought she would join them, but Maramoja drove her back to the herd as she walked away with the little one.

Little Musiara thought he was very brave today when he charged at Kiko who was walking towards the orphans. When he saw him coming he ran towards him with his little ears held high, but Kiko just looked down at him and walked away.

Mundusi doesn't like to waste time

Mundusi soil dusting

Kuishi walking in the forest

Malkia likes looking after young ones too


Sagalla seems to be settling in much faster than Namalok or Sapalan as she already started taking her milk from a bottle this morning, while Namalok is still drinking his from a bucket. Sagalla is still desperate to join the others out in the forest and fights to leave her stockade every morning when she sees them walking out; but she is not quite ready yet.

The orphans had a lovely time during the public visit today. Jotto was the first one into the mud pool after finishing his milk and even though it wasnít that hot, Emoli and Maisha seemed to want to join him in there as well. They walked up and down the edge of the pool but they were not allowed in as they are not strong enough to mingle with the others in the mud. Luggard who loves and enjoys the mud baths very much, was in the middle of the pool with Jotto. When Murit and Malima saw the fun the two were having they decided to jump in and enjoy the mud as well. They swam from one point to another, playing with the football in the mud, but Murit brought an end to the happy games by trying to climb on the others back. They decided to get out of the mud pool when he started to do that whilst Godoma came in to make sure they were okay when she heard Malima shouting. As the others came out she decided to stay in and enjoyed a nice wallowing session before it was her time to leave.

Jotto going to browse

Sweet Luggard

Malima nice and muddy with the others

Malima coming out




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