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KWS arrived very early to take Maalimís body away for autopsy. During the night a Ranger was detailed to sleep close to the body to guard the horn. Meanwhile, the orphans enjoyed their usual morning games at the Stockade Compound. Naisula got very scared when two warthogs began chasing one another. She ran off and hid behind the bushes. It took the Keepers about an hour to retrieve her and when she was ushered back, her friend, Kitirua, welcomed her back very warmly. After that Naisula and Kitirua remained close to Olare and Suguta for protection.  


Max having his lucern delivered by Abdi


It was a day of very mixed feelings. We went by air to bring back a tiny orphaned elephant calf from the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy who is only about a week old, but at about 6 p.m., as we returned with the new baby, our little orphaned rhino, Maalim, very suddenly died. As we were coming to grips with this tragedy, Kimana died just 30 minutes later. Everyone was so shocked, that they could not speak and the entire compound fell silent and very down-hearted. However, life must go on. The new baby took her milk well, and the other orphans continued with their usual activities.  

Lovely Maalim

Lovely Kimana


When we let Maalim out today, his legs seemed very weak, and he couldnít walk far before lying down. He waits for the Keeper to put down his sheep skins, and then lies down. He is a very clever little chap. Solio again behaved very well today, following the Keeper, as she should. 

Maalim laying down

Solio following Emmanuel


The change of Stockades between Kibo and Olare caused some problem this evening when the elephants were brought back for the night. Kibo went back to his previous stable, and when he was brought out again, he ignored the Keeper who was calling him at the entrance of his new quarters, and instead went to try and snatch Olare\s milk from her, which, of course, was not popular! A fight ensued until Olare broke away and tried to get into her previous Stockade which was now occupied by Maalim! It took the Keepers some time to get each elephant into its proper place! 

Olare on Suguta

Kibo squashing Kalama


Maalim was moved from his usual Stable into the Stockade next door to Olare today. He was brought back earlier than usual in order to assess how he would react to the move, because rhinos are creatures of habit, and donít take kindly to any disruption of their normal routine. Some of the grass from his old Stable was spread in the Stockade, along with some of his dung, and, of course, his mattress, so that he would feel at home. Having taken water prior to entry, he was escorted into his new quarters, and after taking his milk, and inspecting his new home closely, he went straight under the mattress without any problem.

Maalim is guided into his new stockade

Maalim settling to bed in his new stockade




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