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Little baby white rhino Maarifa has joined the foster program now. Her day started a little later than usual today as the weather was not very nice. Today she took off to start her usual routine just after 8am, in the company of her Keepers as usual. She is always happy and so speedy, easily overtaking her Keepers should they try to run past her. When she is in the mood, she can make several rounds of the open space out in the forest, running through the nearby bushes and scaring the warthogs, but all under the watchful eye of her Keepers.

Today was her first day to attend the mud bath visiting time, but just for a few minutes. At first she was slightly apprehensive, running back to her Keepers. Once the Head Keeper instructed everyone to maintain silence, she was happy to walk down, and she walked majestically behind her Keepers for one full circuit of the mud bath area as everyone’s eyes were fixed on this sweet baby, and they did not make a sound. She was so well behaved, and when she had walked around the area she patiently and diligently followed her Keepers back out to the forest again, to make way for the baby elephants to come down for their milk bottles.




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