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It was an exciting mudbath today when Magnum suddenly came running chased by Shida. All the tourists rushed backwards, but the two rhinos continued on their way. Everyone was very surprised to see 3 year old Shida chasing 8 year old Magnum who is twice his size! 

Makena with the football


During the elephants’ mudbath, Magnum appeared, and having taken some mineral salts from the rocky area near the forest, approached the mudbath quietly and plonked himself in. He was very mellow, so all the elephants merely moved aside until he had finished, and after smelling the area carefully for signs of Shida, Magnum took himself off, so the elephants could continue their mudbath. 

The orphans and their keepers coming to mudbath


The Mixer who was bringing the orphans’ 9 a.m. milk feed out on the wheelbarrow ran into Magnum, abandoned his wheelbarrow and fled! However, Magnum was not interested in either the wheelbarrow of milk, or the Keeper, but on investigating Shida. He went into Shida’s Night Stockade, and spent time there, huffing and puffing, before heading back out down the hill to his usual beat. 


As we were leaving in the morning, we came across Magnum, who began to chase Kora. Fortunately, he stopped after a short while, and Kora found his way back to the others. 


The elephants’ mudbath was cut short by the unexpected arrival of Magnum, who did not want to leave and instead gave himself a good mudbath, whilst we retreated with the elephants. The visitors could only watch Magnum, or meet up with the elephants in the Carpark because we could not be with Magnum at the usual mudbath. 

60 minutes filming the nursery




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