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Today was a brighter day compared to the last few days, which meant all the orphans were active and playful. Musiara and Maisha were within the first group of orphans who came down for the 11am milk feed, and they set about having a fun dust bath after finishing their milk bottles. Later after all the orphans in the first group had finished their bottles, Enkesha led them into the mud bath for a swim. Out of the eleven orphans in the group, only Sattao wasnít interested in swimming. Tamiyoi was on vigilant guard duty, driving all the warthogs away from the area. At one point she was assisted by Maisha as well. Their vigilance however left some of the visitors uncomfortable as they drove the warthogs away through the feet of those standing nearby.
Malima and Emoli have become protective of the young ones it seems. Today there was a lady touching Maktao who was standing near the rope cordon, but Malima didnít like this and kept charging at the lady whenever she went to pet the young boy. The keeper sent her away but she threw a little back kick just to show her displeasure! There was another man holding a big camera taking photos, and Emoli didnít seem to like this either and kept charging towards it, trying to head butt the camera whenever the man pointed it at the orphans.

Malkia and her Keeper

Ndotto and Kuishi browsing

Tagwa leading the orphans to browse


The little naughty girl Kiasa was taught some manners today. She had been causing lots of trouble during the milk feeding time and went on fighting everyone in front of her, both the other orphans and the keepers too. She had finished her milk and the keepers were warning her away, but she would just shove them to the side to be allowed access to the wheelbarrow holding the milk bottles. At one point when she was fighting Emoli for his milk bottle she almost pushed a keeper into the mud pool! Emoli was standing strong in order to defend his milk from her, and she has tried without success with Malima too. Malima was moving in circles to prevent Kiasa from reaching her bottle. As soon as she had finished her bottle she went after the little girl, and unfortunately because of her character, there was no one else to protect her in the herd. She ran towards Mapia, hopefully for some relief, but Mapia just pushed her back towards Malima. Malima managed to catch her and push her down to teach her a lesson, but unfortunately it did not last long. Later she provoked Maisha by head-butting her for no reason when they were in the mud bath. It was then the quiet girl Tamiyoiís turn to deal with her! 

Kiasa eyeing the milk bottles

Emoli steering clear of Kiasa after milk feed

Mapia and Malima before Kiasa disrupted the peace


After the lucerne pellets were introduced back to the orphans a few days ago, once again these tasty treats have driven some of the orphanís crazy for them! As soon as the orphans were let out of their stockades this morning to go into the forest, it was funny to watch the likes of Mbegu, Godoma, Ngilai, Murit, Sana Sana, and mainly Ndotto, all crazy coming out of their rooms and running into some of the stables of the little ones like Sattao, Emoli, Musiara, Maisha and Luggard to inspect and check that they had finished all their pellets; usually the younger ones donít manage to finish theirs. Ndotto in particular is so funny as he sneaks back into the stockade compound soon after the public visit at noon and after any private visit at 3pm as he knows the lucerne pellets are available all day in their rooms. First he feeds on any that have been put in his own room, then, he goes around feeding on the pellets that have been put in the other rooms! It is the way he sneaks away from the others that the keepers find most impressive, as he pretends to browse ahead of the group then suddenly turns away and sneaks into the bushes and makes his way back to the compound and into the stockades to find the pellets. Itís almost routine for him as he manages to sneak away every day at least once. 

Mbegu enjoying pellets

Godoma heads out to browse after milk feed

Kuishi manages to reach top of a shrub


Maisha is a lovely polite girl that never likes to get bumped by any of the other orphans when they are out walking anywhere or especially during bottle feeding times. When any of the other elephants happen to bump into her when they are walking she yells out loud as a warning. During the public visit when the orphans are having their bottles, she always pushes her keeper to feed her away from the others so they donít bother her. If she sees another orphan approaching while she is feeding she yells out, which has led to the keepers giving her the nickname Ďbellí; she often seems to yell out for no good reason! Sometimes her yelling causes the naughty Kiasa to run after and chase her in order to stop her yelling!  

Maisha browses close to her Keeper

Emoli finds a green shrub to pluck leaves off

Orphans make their way to the mud-bath


Maktao is a quiet boy but a tough little one who always stands firm by his decisions and never loses once he has decided! Today when the orphans were on their way out to the bush, at one point along the path there was a lot of water that Maktao was avoiding walking in. Maisha and Kiasa were walking behind him and pushing him on as they wanted him to walk faster so they could keep up with the others in front! Kiasa saw that Maisha was not willing to push Maktao out of the way, so she took over and tried to push Maktao into the water. This annoyed Maktao who turned to confront her and push her back, but he accidentally slipped in the water. This allowed Kiasa to walk by before he stood up, but when he got to his feet he ran after her to fight her. He knew Kiasa was a tough girl though so he picked the other option, her favourite, of biting her tail. He bit her tail and she ran away from him yelling with Maktao chasing after her. The whole day Kiasa avoided Maktao and he hoped she had learnt her lesson about respecting other elephantís wishes.  

Maktao with Kiko in the background

Cheeky little Kiasa

Maisha browsing




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