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Tamiyoi and Maisha are two other lovely girls who never over react or react badly when something happens to them. Today in the forest as the first group of orphans were getting ready for their noon feed, they were all jostling, pushing and shoving to get to the front so as to be the first to run down and the first to have their milk bottles. During all this shoving, lovely Tamiyoi, Maisha and not forgetting the cool little boy Musiara, were just seen patiently waiting and seemingly unbothered by the rush. Kiasa, Emoli, Sattao and Maktao are well known for rushing to be the first to get their bottle feeds, but this other patient trio remained calm and collected! 

Maisha waiting patiently for her milk bottle

Musiara scratching his eye with his trunk

Tamiyoi happy to wait for her bottle


It was a sunny afternoon again and all the animals in the National Park seemed to be seeking shade under the trees from the sun. The elephant orphans were doing the same. Maktao is so very dependent on his Keepers and loves them dearly, and was hanging around close to them as Musiara and his best friend Luggard decided to rest under a tree nearby, spraying themselves with cool dirt and collecting some of the tasty seeds that had dropped from the tree. Three warthogs were enjoying the shade too where Maisha and Enkesha were resting, before Malima interrupted the peace. She came charging over to scare the warthogs away and they were forced to seek shelter elsewhere. Sagala, Sana Sana and Tagwa attempted to pull down branches from a tree they were resting under, whilst little Enkesha, Emoli, Maisha and Sattao scrambled for the leaves that fell as a result, collecting them up off the floor. Ambo and Jotto were very much involved in a pushing game, whilst Mapia defied the hot weather and chose to browse out in the open to fill up his tummy. 

Mapia filling his tummy

Sana Sana stuffing her mouth with grass

Malima and Jotto walk to the forest


During the 3pm milk feed today Kiasa, as usual, wanted to have an extra milk bottle and this time she tried to take it from Ambo. She pushed both Ambo and the Keeper, knocking the bottle out of his hand and spilling some of the milk onto the ground. This behaviour annoyed Tagwa who ruthlessly pushed the little girl to the ground to try and discipline her. This didnít seem to have quite the desired effect however, and to show her defiance Kiasa turned her anger towards Maisha, prompting a serious fight between the two until Malkia stepped in and separating the fighting girls. As that drama unfolded, Enkesha and Kuishi were just quietly collecting up the milk that had spilt on the floor with their trunks, and from the wheelbarrow as well.  

Malkia trying to scratch her head

Ambo with mouthful of grass

Kiasa browsing


During the 11am milk feeding hour today the weather was extremely cold and there was more rain again which promoted the first group of orphans to quickly drink their milk bottles before running to the piles of lose soil to coat themselves in a thick layer to keep warm. The little mischievous Kiasa did not even have the chance to bully any of the others for their milk bottles they all finished them so quickly! She was however witnessed bumping and sliding on Tamiyoi who was having a fun time dusting on the loose soil. As some of the orphans were witnessed playing and rolling around the loose soil in an effort to keep warm, Maisha was happily charging at the rope cordon and running back and forth between there and were Emoli and Musiara were engaged in a pushing game. Emoli was going down on the ground and allowing Musiara to climb on him, but because Musiara is so much smaller he was hardly able to balance on Emoliís tummy! Several attempts saw him fall down, but he kept trying! 

Jotto sniffing the air

Kiasa listening to wild animal sounds

Tamiyoii and Maisha walking together


Little Enkesha is a polite and gentle girl who is much happier these days since her trunk is not bothering her as much as it used to. She likes to play with Maisha who is another little girl with a character similar to her own. Out in the bush the two can usually be seen attached to one another, and sometimes with Sattao, Luggard and his friend Musiara too of course. Today out in the forest the two little girls were seen playing and rolling on the ground, enjoying a soil dusting game where Enkesha was allowing Maisha, Sattao and Musiara to play on her. Maisha and Musiara sat on her tummy, and little Enkesha never complained as she was enjoying the game as well. It is amazing to see how Enkesha draws water through her trunk, considering her injury and the open hole, and blows it into her mouth. To do this she has to contract the many muscles in her trunk to close the gap that exists about half way up, caused by the wire snare that almost severed her trunk completely off. She can use her trunk almost like any of the other babies now, and there is almost nothing she canít do with it. 

Enkesha very clever at using her trunk now

Maisha can sniff the milk bottles

Kuishi swinging her trunk




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