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Today was the saddest and worst day we have ever had in the Nairobi Nursery. Keeper Patrick Dokata, Mzee, who was with Shida, the young rhino, unwittingly bumped into Makosa who was in thick bush, not having realised that the big rhino was there. Startled, Makosa responded aggressively, tossing Patrick high into the air and killing him on the spot. Those who heard the commotion came running, and were stunned to find what had happened. The Management went to fetch KWS Rangers to come and guard the body until the Police and other KWS Officers arrived, but Makosa returned and charged the Rangers, forcing them to climb a flimsy tree. Despite 3 warning shots fired from the Rangersís gun, Makosa would not stop attacking the tree, and was shot dead, so today we lost a very proficient and popular member of the Staff, and also an orphan that we had lovingly reared from just 2 days old. Makosa was now a full grown rhino living wild and free, fully established amongst the wild rhino population of Nairobi National Park. He was 6 years old.  



Today we were deep in the forest and came across Makosa, and took evasive action moving away from his territory. The elephants also enjoyed chasing the bushbuck. 

The nursery five out and about in the bush


Makosa proved a problem today when he happened upon the Rhino Keepers with Shida. He kept following them. Eventually, they managed to shout for help, so the two Rhino Keepers, who looked after Makosa when young, came and chased him away.  

Magnum and Makosa having a sparring session


Shida (the little rhino) has begun to behave like a grown rhino, not wanting to come back to the Stockade in the evening. Whenever he comes close, he runs back into the bush, and only agreed to go into his Night Stockade at 7 p.m. after all the Keepers persuaded him. It seems he would like to spend the night out in the bush, but he is too young to risk that, especially with Makosa sharing the same territory. 

Leleruk with Lualeni and Rapsu


Naserian and Lualeni are puzzled as to why some of the orphans are now fed in the two parked trucks, and some are not. They went around investigating the vehicles, and even trying to push them down! Sunyei led the entire orphan family in a charge against Makosa, who was approaching them. Later Kora again engaged Lualeni to prove his strength now that his wound is healing. 

Madiba going for a walk in the bush




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