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Today was a brighter day compared to the last few days, which meant all the orphans were active and playful. Musiara and Maisha were within the first group of orphans who came down for the 11am milk feed, and they set about having a fun dust bath after finishing their milk bottles. Later after all the orphans in the first group had finished their bottles, Enkesha led them into the mud bath for a swim. Out of the eleven orphans in the group, only Sattao wasn’t interested in swimming. Tamiyoi was on vigilant guard duty, driving all the warthogs away from the area. At one point she was assisted by Maisha as well. Their vigilance however left some of the visitors uncomfortable as they drove the warthogs away through the feet of those standing nearby.
Malima and Emoli have become protective of the young ones it seems. Today there was a lady touching Maktao who was standing near the rope cordon, but Malima didn’t like this and kept charging at the lady whenever she went to pet the young boy. The keeper sent her away but she threw a little back kick just to show her displeasure! There was another man holding a big camera taking photos, and Emoli didn’t seem to like this either and kept charging towards it, trying to head butt the camera whenever the man pointed it at the orphans.

Malkia and her Keeper

Ndotto and Kuishi browsing

Tagwa leading the orphans to browse


Ambo has always been slightly unfair towards Mapia, bullying him and generally being rather unfriendly. In the afternoon when they are next to each other in their stockades, Ambo always steals Mapia’s greens through the partition. Whenever Mapia tries to take some from Ambo’s side, Ambo charges at him! The herd dynamics are readjusting with the relocation of the older orphans recently. Today Ambo decided to pick on Mapia again out in the forest. He was chasing him around until Mapia decided to stand his ground. He pushed Ambo back as hard as he could, and Ambo came to realize Mapia has a place in the family too, and is strong too! The fight when on however until Tagwa stepped in to separate them. Tagwa understands Ambo’s character and drove him away from the herd so as to discipline him and let him know he cannot always pick on the others, especially Mapia. This was also a good sign that Tagwa is ready to take over the leadership of the herd since Mbegu and Godoma’s departure.
Musiara decided to mess around during the public visit today. Just before his group was about to leave and they had about 10 minutes left, he decided to join Maktao in the mud bath. He rolled and played around and when his group was called to leave the area he declined and stayed in the mud. When the second group came running in for their milk he got out and joined them, staying under the protection of Sana Sana until the end of the visit.

Ambo after being told off by Tagwa

Mapia Jotto and Kuishi

Maxwell enjoying the sunshine today


Today Ngilai, Murit and Godoma woke up in a jovial mood but unbeknownst to them this was their last day of browsing within the Nairobi National Park and their last day at the Nursery. As was expected Godoma led her charges out to browse with assistance from Tagwa who is poised to take over the leadership of the Nursery from Godoma when she goes; she has always naturally been a leader and very motherly of all the little babies. Maktao and Kiasa stayed close to the two big girls and Maktao could be seen touching Tagwa with his little trunk.
Ambo and Tamiyoi were enjoying a little pushing game before the public visiting time today and at one stage it was clear that Ambo was stronger than the little girl. The game continued even throughout the visiting time much to the delight of the public who enjoyed watching them play. Ambo even managed to play at the same time as dusting himself!
The last lorry-training session of the day went well for the trio who are expected to make the journey tonight to Tsavo.

Godoma after her training session this morning

Murit with Musiara

Ngilai browsing


The training continues for the older orphans and we are aware that this will soon mean that the younger babies in the Nursery will lose their ‘motherly’ role model in Mbegu. Mbegu, Ndotto, Ngilai, Lasayen, Ndiwa and Murit will soon be on their way to Tsavo to begin the next phase of their lives. Sattao, Musiara and Maktao have been trying to accompany Mbegu as she goes through the training of entering the lorry but the Keepers have to keep them back. Sattao attempted to follow her today and the Keepers efforts to keep him back made him yell out in protest. This drew the attention of Sana Sana who came rushing over to comfort him.
Today Ndotto and Lasayen responded very well to the training and got on the lorry without any problems, but Mbegu still presents some problems and is very reluctant. She stretches her trunk towards her milk bottle instead of boarding the lorry in order to drink it properly.

Mbegu being trained to go into the truck

Mbegu's Keeper gently coaxing her

Sattao and Mbegu together later in the day


Maktao is a quiet boy but a tough little one who always stands firm by his decisions and never loses once he has decided! Today when the orphans were on their way out to the bush, at one point along the path there was a lot of water that Maktao was avoiding walking in. Maisha and Kiasa were walking behind him and pushing him on as they wanted him to walk faster so they could keep up with the others in front! Kiasa saw that Maisha was not willing to push Maktao out of the way, so she took over and tried to push Maktao into the water. This annoyed Maktao who turned to confront her and push her back, but he accidentally slipped in the water. This allowed Kiasa to walk by before he stood up, but when he got to his feet he ran after her to fight her. He knew Kiasa was a tough girl though so he picked the other option, her favourite, of biting her tail. He bit her tail and she ran away from him yelling with Maktao chasing after her. The whole day Kiasa avoided Maktao and he hoped she had learnt her lesson about respecting other elephant’s wishes.  

Maktao with Kiko in the background

Cheeky little Kiasa

Maisha browsing




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