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Some of the buffaloes that inhabit the National Park have discovered the lucerne grass that is given to Maxwell and they come at night to steal the leftovers. At about 6am, just when it was time for the orphan elephants to be let out of their nighttime stockades, six buffaloes were still enjoying Maxwellís leftover lucerne which they can reach through his gate. Pili must have had a bad dream as he was in a deep sleep when he suddenly burst into loud trumpeting. This startled the buffaloes who became very scared and took off in all directions. Some became trapped when they tried to jump into the bushy garden next to Maxwellís gate and one even ran into Muritís stockade whilst he was sleeping. Murit woke up with a start and screamed for help which frightened Jotto who tried to climb onto his keeperís bed. The bed was too high for him but the keeper quickly jumped down and soothed him. All in all it was a very shocking start to the morning!

Esampu is a very naughty girl and was causing trouble today by bullying Ambo, Enkesha, Jotto and Malima. The four grouped together, but Esampu came over and head butted them one by one then ran away. She then found Maktao quietly feeding on lucerne pellets and pushed Maktao so hard he fell over. Maktao rolled several times towards the line of visitors; almost rolling onto the feet of people nearby. Esampu was lucky that Godoma was busy wallowing at the other end of the mud bath and didnít see what she was up to so she avoided discipline for her naughty behaviour. Maktao can also be a bit naughty and was bullying Emoli, Maisha, Sattao and Musiara by pushing them away from the keepers so he can keep all their attention for himself. However, he was very kind and friendly to the newcomer Pili, as if he knows he is younger and needs the extra care.
Ngilai loves playing with his human family and today he was in a playful mood. He sneaked under the rope to try and play with the visitors but the keepers acted fast and brought him back into the circle in case he accidentally hurt someone.

Late in the afternoon our helicopter from Aerial Surveillance unit landed at the Nursery with a two year old elephant orphan on board from Voi in Tsavo. We named her Sagala.

Maxwell sleeping by his stockade gate

Maxwell playing with warthogs

Jotto got such a fright

Esampu was a naughty girl today!


The orphanís day started out with a bright, sunny and warm morning as they headed out into the field and they were all in a happy mood. Rapa and Pare were enjoying a game of hide and seek whilst Ndotto, Kauro and Mbegu engaged in a pushing game. Emoli and Maisha didnít join them until a bit later in the day and when they did, Enkesha chased Maisha around as she feels jealous of the new girl. Malima couldnít allow Enkesha to bully Maisha and came to rescue her and drive Enkesha away. After the 9am milk feed the whole herd went further into the forest for greener pasture but the weather changed and all of a sudden it started raining. Musiara, Sattao, Maktao and Luggard were taken closer to the stockades to wait out the rain but Maktao didnít want to stay with the group and caused some trouble, trying to get back to the main herd. When the rain started pouring down the keepers moved the four to the stables to stay warm and dry. Maktao still ran all over trying to go back to the others but eventually complied and joined the babies in the stockade. When the rain stopped they all went back to join the rest for the public visit but Maisha and Emoli stayed close to Sapalan and Namalok until it got a little warmer. Later in the field Tamiyoi kept Maisha and Emoli company and made sure nobody bullied them.  

Rapa was playing around

Enkesha was jealous of the new arrival

Maktao wanted to stay with the others

Luggard was taken to cover while it rained


As a result of the evening rain it was very cold in the morning as the babies headed into the forest. With so many waterholes filled, Enkesha had lots of fun rolling around in the mud. She was still in a playful mood at the public visit and together with Maktao they enjoyed a lengthy mud bath. After wallowing in the mud they both got out of the pool but Enkesha went back and played on the edges of the mud bath by herself. A keeper prepared some loose soil and Maktao then enjoyed rolling around in it to dry himself. Enkesha saw him in the dust and came over and started kicking him. However, Maktao was so comfortable he didnít want to get up but eventually with so much pressure from Enkesha he no option but to get up and move away. Enkesha then lay down and rolled in the dust but then Malima came and started kicking and pushing her! Enkesha was paid back for what she did to poor little Maktao.  

Enkesha looking so muddy

Maktao looking so sweet with his blanket

Malima sucking on her trunk

Maktao enjoying mud bath


Ngilai woke up in a playful mood and was busy trying to invite everyone he came across into some morning games but none of the other orphans were interested in playing. As they walked into the forest he did his best to get some attention from the others by bush-bashing, trumpeting and pushing Murit, Luggard, Malkia, Kuishi, Mundusi and Mteto to encourage them to play but none were bothered. When he realized no one was paying him any attention he changed his mind and tried to engage the keepers who were enjoying their morning tea. The keepers shooed Ngilai away to play with his peers but Ngilai ignored the warning and laid down amidst the keepers, rolling playful to get their attention and those of the little babies who were close to them. Little Maktao saw Ngilai lying down and came running to play with him. He thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to clamber over a bigger boy like Ngilai. Maktaoís game attracted Musiara and Sattao who then joined in the climbing and sliding game over Ngilai and they all had a lovely morning playing.  

Ngilai having a lovely time in the mudbath

Murit and Malima browsing together

Kuishi enjoying some greens


After the 9am bottle feed the orphans went into the field and had a playful peaceful morning until they encountered the lovely Solio. Ndiwa, Mundusi, Kauro, Rapa, Sana Sana, Mteto and Ngilai accidently bumped into Solio whilst she was resting in the middle of some dense bushes. Solio quickly announced her presence with a snort which sent the young babies scampering into the bushes in alarm. The rest of the herd reacted to their trumpets and rushed to see what was going on, except little Musiara, Sattao, Maktao and Luggard who were busy hanging out with the keepers. With all the bush-bashing and trumpeting from the elephants, Solio decided to exit the area at a run with Mbegu, Godoma, Kauro, Maramoja and Rapa following her until she disappeared deep into the forest. All the excitement left the orphans in a state of unrest and they continued their bush-bashing and noise making, turning it into a new game. The game finally ended when Maktao yelled in protest as Luggard denied him to suckle his tail which sent the mini-mums to his side for comfort.  

Sana Sana exiting the mud-bath

Ngilai finds a quiet spot to browse

Mteto reaching up for some soft leaves

Luggard using a branch as a scratching post

Mundusi greeting a friend in the forest




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