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Sometimes we see hints of Kiasa’s old naughty character. She really loves her milk bottle and sometimes will do all she can to get every last drop. After she downed her own 3 pints of milk at the 9am milk feed, she rushed to where Dololo was also quietly drinking his own share. She pretended to walk by but at the last moment she showed her hidden agenda and turned to push Dololo. Poor Dololo is still weak and was set off balance, and her head butt also caught the Keeper off guard who lost his grip of the milk bottle too, spilling some of its contents. Fortunately he recovered the situation as poor Dololo struggled to regain his balance, and sent Kiasa away so he could finish Dololo. That was not the end however, and the youngest but naughtiest girl in the Nursery walked off to try her luck elsewhere. She dared to even try with Tagwa, but Tagwa was wise to her ways and used the advantage of her height to hold her bottle out of Kiasa’s reach.
Kiasa gave up and walked off into the nearby bushes, where found Maktao busy browsing. In her final act of defiance, Kiasa proceeded to bite Maktao’s tail, which started off another fight!


We have been receiving a lot of rain here in Nairobi and so the orphans have been experiencing different weather. This morning it was chilly because the weather was very cloudy. Our latest arrivals Mukkoka and Dololo wore blankets to keep them warm. Other youngsters like Kiasa, Maktao and Musiara sought refuge from the cold amongst the older ones. Maktao made sure he was always close to Tagwa, Musiara stayed close to Sana Sana and Kiasa, despite her naughty character, accompanied Malkia. Although Ndiwa is old enough to be a matriarch, she has always shown signs of independence and often chooses to browse away from the others.

With the change to heavy rain, most of the orphans gathered under big leafy trees to protect themselves from the downpour, all except Jotto and Mapia who chose to defy the weather and continued to browse as though nothing was happening. At times they were seen digging at the now softened soil with their tusks too.


The morning was fairly quiet with none of the orphans really playing or messing around and concentrating on browsing. During the milk feeding time in the forest however, Kiasa was being her old greedy character. She arrived at the feeding point with Maktao, Musiara and Sattao. She drinks her milk so fast, so she finished way before the other two and she turned her greedy habits first towards Maktao. She started picking on him and trying to snatch the bottle he was drinking, until Malkia walked over to control her.

Before the feeding session was over it started drizzling, and this was Dololo and Mukkoka’s cue to head back to the stockades to seek shelter. Sana Sana was standing under a big tree with Dololo. When the Keepers went over to separate Dololo from her to take him back to the stockades, she tried to block them and raised her ears high as a warning. She had not noticed that Mukkoka was also being taken by the Keepers back to the stockades, and when she turned and saw him walking away too, she became confused as to who to stop. Her momentary pause gave the Keeper a chance to walk away with Dololo as well. They waited out the rain in the safety of their rooms until later in the morning.

Tamiyoi had a fun time in the rain. Tagwa, Malkia and Ndiwa made use of the fact the rain had softened all the soil and began digging and loosening the soil with their tusks. When they had finished, before they could lie down and play in the fruits of their labour, Tamiyoi got down and started rolling around and showing off different poses which were so funny to watch.


Maktao was in his best ‘playing’ mood today. He has been playing almost all day since the start of the day when the orphans first walked out to the forest! He has especially enjoyed playing in the holes where the warthogs like to sleep. There are so many holes everywhere, where the warthogs like to hide their tiny babies from the lions. Maktao was making good use of the soil dug out to make these holes as his personal soil dusting piles, and was moving from one hole to the next. Enkesha must have been watching him as she began to push him out of the way so she could enjoy the soil herself, before moving on to the next one, but this did not stop the little boy from enjoying his fun. He just moved to a different place until Enkesha caught up with him. Jotto is a very friendly boy and seems to not have appreciated Enkesha’s bullying behaviour. He started following Maktao and whenever Enkesha tried to interfere he stood between them to block Enkesha from intruding in his games. At one stage he even joined Maktao in his rolling games, but still made sure Enkesha did not try to bother him. 


During the public visit today, Maktao had a wonderful time rolling in the mud pool with Kiasa and Musiara. Maktao had a fun time climbing on Musiara’s back, before deciding to take a nap in the cool water. His whole body was submerged in the water, with only his head resting on the edge of the mud bath. He even had to be woken up by the Keepers as he didn’t hear the other babies leaving to go back out to the forest.

Ambo and Jotto decided to spend part of the afternoon teaching Emoli some wrestling tactics. From the moment they returned to the forest after their midday feed, the two big boys engaged Emoli in a lengthy wrestling game. As they are both older than Emoli, there were undoubtedly teaching him some new techniques. While the boys were playing, Sana Sana picked Mukkoka and moved ahead with him to browse in the bushes. Sana Sana is spending a lot of time with Mukkoka the past few days.

Kiko was very stubborn today and not listening very well to his Keepers. He wanted to stay on the edge of the car park area where he was browsing and did not want to move! This was after he had been sent away by Malkia, Sana Sana and Ndiwa in the forest, as they did not want him to browse with them.




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