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Maktao is still so attached to his human family and is never happy if they are not around. It is because of this that sometimes his friends will ignore him now if he starts to complain, because they know it is just something small. This morning he was in the company of Luggard, Shukuru, Maisha and Jotto in the woods when suddenly, just because he couldn’t see a keeper, he started screaming very loudly. None of the other babies paid any attention to him though! When he became too loud Jotto stepped in to make him quiet, as there were other ones present even younger than him and he was making such a fuss. Receiving no help from his friends Maktao started running back towards the stockades crying out, and the keepers came over to stop him. When he heard them call his name he ran towards them and everything was fine again. We know the others are just bored of his cries because if any of the other little ones cry, others like Mbegu, Tagwa, Malima and Godoma will go charging over to see what is wrong.

It was the same case for Musiara during the public visit today. He was playing in the mud bath and Godoma joined him there too. He moved slightly to make way for Godoma and played in the muddy area behind. He submerged himself in the mud and took a light nap, and when he awoke he found he was now stuck in the thick mud! He couldn’t get up and started shouting for help, and immediately Godoma was there with Malima, Tamiyoi and Jotto standing on the side to offer help. In the end it was the keepers and Godoma who helped him out – but nonetheless it was a very different scenario to when Maktao calls for help, as he always cries wolf!

Maktao loves his human family

Little Maisha eating grass

Jotto browsing

Godoma with Lasayen


When the door to her stockade was opened in the morning, Sana Sana came running out and headed straight to Maxwell’s gate to see if there was any leftover lucerne. She managed to get quite a lot by pulling some through the bars of Maxwell’s gate. Mapia and Sattao joined her to have some of the tasty grass which they don’t get much of as they get the pellets. Enkesha, Emoli and Maktao tried their luck and as they all scrambled for some grass, Esampu came running over to get her share as well. A small fight ensued between Sana Sana and the naughty girl and as their push and pull fight gained momentum, Kiasa also joined to have some of the leftovers. Unfortunately she ended up being pinned against the posts of Maxwell’s stockade as Sana Sana tried to outwit her opponent and she shouted out loudly for help. Godoma came swiftly to her rescue, as well as Maxwell who came over to his gate to see what all the commotion was about! Maxwell knocked on his gate with his horn to separate all the orphans and they ran off trumpeting, following their keepers out into the forest.  

Sana Sana

Maxwell in his stockade

Funny little Sattao

Emoli browsing


As the sun rose slowly over the horizon at the Nursery, the orphans were so enjoying the warmth of its rays. Some were engaged in some pushing games, some were stamping around the bushes in happiness and some continued browsing as if nothing was going on around them. Maktao’s playmate Musiara decided to take on Sattao instead as Malima enjoyed a pushing game with Tamiyoi. Ndotto and Lasayen were browsing deep in the bushes as the playful bulls Ngilai and Murit rolled on the ground enjoying the morning warmth. Kiasa decided to hang around the keepers as they drank their morning tea. One of the tiny babies was suckling on Tagwa’s ear as Mbegu and Ambo browsed just to the side of them. Mteto ran after two warthogs who were browsing close by and Godoma joined her, so the two pigs ran off into the bushes to get away from the playful elephant babies. Shukuru, whose health seems to be improving more and more, was pulling leaves from the top of some of the nearby trees, as sweet Luggard waited below to collect some of the leaves that fell to the ground in the process. 

Orphans enjoying warm rays

Ndotto browsing

Ndotto browsing in the forest

Lasayen browsing with Ndotto

Shukuru with the orphans


The babies woke up happy today as the morning sun shone on them. The smaller babies woke up early this morning as well, as the weather was nice and favourable for them to join the other orphans. As usual Mbegu played her role of ‘mother’ to the tiny infants and the young babies and they chose to stand next to her and under her belly for the whole morning. Sometimes the young babies would lift their trunk up to Mbegu’s teats to see if she had any milk there, just as they would to sisters and aunties in the wild. Mbegu in return just touched the babies all over their little bodies and gently patted them reassuringly with her trunk. The little babies flapped their ears with joy.

The happy mood of the orphans continued up until the mud bath and public visit at 11am. They took advantage of the hot weather and chose to play in the mud bath in turns. Maktao and Enkesha were the most playful babies and they pulled on each others trunks and rolled several times around in the mud. Kuishi decided to run along the rope cordon to both the delight an disappointment of some of the visitors as she was very muddy as well! Some chose to touch her as she playfully walked along the cordon and others decided to back away from the very muddy baby. Malima was also playing some funny games as she rolled on the soil, spreading her legs in a very funny pose and throwing dust all over herself.

Orphans browsing in the sunshine

Mbegu is a lovely mother figure

Enkesha all nice and muddy

Malima standing with Maktao and Musiara


Kiasa’s desire to have extra milk by all means possible is growing day by day! The ‘sassy’ girl as the keepers refer to her will try and use any manoeuvre possible to get closer to the milk wheel-barrow which is very funny to watch. She seems to have learnt these tactics from the playful girl Malima. She was being naughty at the 9am milk feed this morning, dodging the keepers as they tried to feed her friends and trying to get as close as possible to the wheelbarrow to steal another bottle. Her antics continued up to the public visiting time and the 11am feeding but this time she kept pushing trying to get another bottle from her friends. At one stage she made off with an empty bottle and carried it away, walking round and around as the keepers tried to take it back. Eventually she dropped it into the muddy water hole which the visiting public thought was very funny. Her behaviour however was annoying the mini matriarch Godoma who slowly approached the errant girl and gave her a hard corrective push that left poor Kiasa half submerged in the mud hole. Meanwhile there was small push and pull game going on between arch-foes Musiara and Maktao as the boys boys determinedly fought over who would win the attention of Kuishi; they kept their game well away from Godoma as they could tell she was in a disciplinary mood! 

Kiasa loves her milk

Kiasa learnt from Malima!

Mini matriarch Godoma




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