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The orphans went to the field and settled to browse quite early in the morning. The air was relaxed and calm as they were all so busy browsing. However, the situation suddenly changed when two fighting male impalas sprinted through the orphan herd sending them all scattering in fright in different directions. All the older orphans were shaken up and started stomping, bush bashing, charging and trumpeting whilst the smallest ones, Musiara, Sattao, Maktao, Jotto, and Enkesha were very frightened and started yelling as they ran everywhere looking for their keepers. Tiny Tamiyoi and Malima were wise enough to head back to the little boys and quietly lead them to their keepers. As they listened to the reaction of the big orphans in the bushes, Tamiyoi and Malima moved to join them but changed their minds and came back to join the babies. Tamiyoi did not want to leave them alone but wanted to comfort them since she sees herself as their mother, even though she is tiny herself. 

All the orphans walking out to the forest

Enkesha got very frightened

Tamiyoi went running looking for the little ones

Tamiyoi wanted to be with the babies


Musiara and Luggard are becoming great friends and this only grows day after day. Whilst out in the forest they follow each other and they will wait for each other and walk at the back of the herd. When going for milk Luggard tries to compete with Musiara and runs behind to try and over take. Musiara also now prefers to sleep against the wall separating them during the night, so he can be close to Luggard then as well.

Esampu has been taking care of Maktao recently but she is not yet ready for him to suckle her ears. He tried a couple of times today but eventually Esampu got tired and pushed him to the side. Maktao complained bitterly, forcing Tagwa to come over and when Esampu saw her running in their direction she took off to avoid being disciplined.

Luggard relaxing

Musiara leading the way

Esampu and Maktao at mud bath

Tagwa reaching for some branches


A few days ago Maktao was still in a fighting mood and would push almost everyone that crossed his path. He head butted Ambo from behind and pushed him along and Ambo could not see who was doing that to him. When he had gone some meters and turned to find it was just the young boy, he was furious and came running back with his ears held high ready for revenge. To this day Ambo doesnít want Maktao to come near him and whenever he comes close he pushes him away. Today Ambo did the same after their milk feed during the public visit and he kept pushing Maktao, not listening to the keepers at all. The keepers had to hold onto his hind legs to prevent him from head butting the little one again! It was only when Sana Sana came over to block him that he stopped trying to push the little boy. 

Ambo was not very happy Maktao pushed him!

Ambo ready to push Maktao

Orphans all browsing together


Maktao is settling down very well into life at the nursery and has stopped his funny habit of trying to eat mud. He is very attached to the keepers and if he happens to lose sight of them for even a minute he will start yelling. Today there was a bit of a fight between him and Musiara over the keepers as Musiara is still very fond of them and he isnít ready to relinquish all of their attention to Maktao. He has been losing to Maktao though so recently he has spent time with Luggard, Malkia and Esampu instead.

Murit has always been a peace maker amongst his younger friends and today was another good example. During the public visit Ambo and Tamiyoi started fighting in front of him over a pile of lucerne pellets. He took some time before intervening as if he wanted to see if they would settle the fight themselves. Eventually he just pushed them in opposite directions and did the same thing later on when Enkesha and Kuishi were fighting over some other pellets.

Maktao playing with a stick

Tiny little Musiara

Murit with Jotto


When the orphans came out of their night stockades, some of them like Murit, Tamiyoi, Mteto, Lasayen and Mbegu were seen walking amongst the rooms looking for extra lucerne pellets, whilst others like Ndotto, Kauro, Pare and Rapa were greeting each other with pushing games and Esampu, Tagwa, Malkia and Kuishi were welcoming the three little boys Ė Musiara, Sattao and Maktao. Malkia and Esampu were fighting over Maktaoís attention and each one wanted to be closer to him. They both engaged in a pushing game and Esampu ended up falling over after being over powered by Malkia. Esampu knocked into Maktao as she fell and she started to shout, so she got up and ran away for fear of being disciplined by Mbegu who she could see running over to find out what the problem was.  

Mteto looked for extra lucerne

Malkia, Sattao and Esampu

Malkia, Sattao and Tagwa

Malkia with Maktao




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