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As the sun rose over the horizon warming the earth, the orphans enjoyed the rising temperature and engaged in some play fights, others were lying on the ground and some were browsing in the bushes. Musiara and Maktao pushed each other gently before Emoli joined their game. Emoli was rougher than Musiara and Maktao stepped up his game as well. Sattao watched from a distance as the three boys played. Kiasa came running over to join in but got over excited and bit Musiara’s tail, which quite rightly annoyed him, and he pushed Kiasa hard. Jotto, who is a bigger boy, stepped in to separate the sparring babies as Malima mock-charged them to get them to end their game, throwing a back kick in Maktao’s direction. 

Musiara snuggling up to a keeper

Maktao walking over rocks while browsing

Sattao enjoying the warm earth

Jotto browsing


When the orphans were browsing in the forest this morning, youngsters Kiasa, Maktao, Musiara, Sattao and Enkesha were busy charging and chasing after warthog babies who were also browsing close to the elephants and keepers. Maktao and his friends had tried and failed to chase the mother warthogs, so had turned their attention to the babies who were playful and skittish. Maktao, Kiasa and Enkesha managed to chase two orphans from the group back into the stockade area, but the warthogs ran through the bars into Maxwell’s stockade which presented a challenge! The warthogs made high pitched squeaking/grunting noises signaling to their mothers where they were, whilst the three elephants took to their heels, trumpeting as they ran back to the bushes where they had left the rest of their group. 

Kiasa rubbing her eye

Maktao in the sunshine

Malkia by the bushes


Early in the morning soon after the orphan herd walked out of their rooms, many of them were enjoying touching and bumping into each other in morning greeting. Little Musiara, Sattao and Maktao were seen busy chasing after one another round and round the compound. Sattao and Maktao then enjoyed a pushing game and then tried to climb on Musiara, who reacted by trying to head butt them! Maktao loves soil dusting and rolling on the ground, and he spotted some fresh murram soil that had been laid out in the stockade compound. He lay down which made Musiara and Sattao want to come over and climb on him, but he yelled out for help with the weight of the two babies on top of him! Tagwa and Godoma came running over to see what was happening, and when the two boys spotted the older girls running towards them, they got off Maktao and ran off trumpeting into the bushes where all the other orphans were browsing, knowing they were doing something naughty! When the boys turned back to see what Maktao was doing, he was walking towards them escorted by Godoma and Tagwa. Playful Musiara tried to touch him with his trunk but was not happy and he had obviously not forgiven them, and head-butted him hard! This prompted Musiara and Sattao to stay away from Maktao for awhile. 

Musiara, Malkia and Sattao

Maktao browsing

Tagwa very relaxed

Godoma with the rest of the orphans


As the sun rose today the orphans made their way out to the forest to browse as usual. The babies are usually led by Mbegu but today Shukuru led them out. She could be seen high above the others like Murit, Maisha, Emoli and Sagala who followed behind her. Malkia, Tagwa and Mundusi were not far behind. The herd reached an open area in the forest just as the sun rose and started to warm their backs. Two orphans were delighted by the rising temperature as day broke; Kiasa and Maktao were engaged in a light pushing game and then Sattao joined them, followed shortly by Enkesha. Musiara then came over as well but not to join in the game. He lay down on the warm ground and spread his legs and stretched his trunk out, which inadvertently brought an end to the game as the others decided to come over and join him on the warm ground. Their ears flapped in excitement. Playful Ngilai came over and spread his big body out, landing on Kiasa who screamed out for help. The fun came to an end as Mbegu came running over to help Kiasa.

It was quite hot during the public visit and the orphans enjoyed a mud bath during their time at the mud hole. The playful girl Malima sprayed the visitors with drops of mud as she enjoyed her bath. It was hard to get Luggard out of the bath as the first group made their way back to the forest! As the second group started coming in for their milk, the defiant Luggard was still rolling around in the mud. Mteto drank her milk in a hurry before launching herself into the mud; so did the rest of the group except for Ndotto who just dusted himself with loose soil throughout his time at the mud hole area.

Orphans heading to the forest

Tagwa browsing

Ngilai sniffing

Sagala browsing with the others


It is so lovely to see the bond between Mbegu and her babies Ambo, Sattao and sometimes even Musiara as well. Despite their age difference Ambo and Sattao often browse close to their adopted mother. Musiara often doesn’t want anyone else to browse next to Mbegu when he is there, apart from Ambo, whereas Sattao is much more tolerant. Today as the orphans moved further into the forest more of the babies wanted to browse next to Mbegu, but this didn’t sit well with Musiara. In his bid to deter anyone else from touching ‘his’ Mbegu he knocked poor Maisha and then Emoli received the same treatment as well. Maktao too came forward and touched Mbegu with his trunk before he met resistance from the feisty Musiara, but he in turn decided to fight back, and a fight ensued. It looked light hearted at first but then Musiara took it seriously. Maktao is younger than Musiara but strong, and pushed Musiara into a nearby tree. Musiara shouted for help and Sattao came to his rescue, despite his earlier behaviour. Kiasa came in to support Maktao however, until Malkia came in to separate all the fighting babies. Mbegu’s attention had been focused on the smallest baby who had joined them all in the forest. The limping Luggard was seen following Ndiwa and Mundusi as they moved further into the thicket to search for more browse, whilst Jotto and Mapia decided to hang around the keepers whilst the others browsed. 

Mbegu and Musiara browsing together

Maisha browsing

Emoli browsing




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