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While the herd was busy out in the forest with their daily browsing routine, Ambo was causing trouble by bullying Mapia, his neighbor, and Malima. Malkia seemed to be watching him and had kept an eye on his for some time, hoping he would stop disturbing the others. She seemed to get so worked up over his bad behaviour that when she came to discipline him she was very hard on him. She went over and pushed him so hard he fell on the ground and the Keepers had to shout at her to stop.
Maktao has become great play-mates with Emoli. They were enjoying their usual pushing game after the midday milk feed today and it looked like Maisha was very envious of Maktao playing with her friend Emoli. She tried to push them apart but the more she tried, the more energetic the game became. Eventually she managed to separate them but this didn’t end the game for the boys, they just moved to a different spot and carried on with their wrestling and mounting game. Maisha just moved away and waited for another time to play with her friend.

Ambo using his trunk to communicate with a friend

Malkia at bottle feed time

Emoli watching Kiasa dust herself


Jotto is a calm boy; friendly and very gentle. Recently he has become a good play mate to Sana Sana as well. Before the others moved to Tsavo, Sana Sana did not show that much interest in interacting with the others, or more that she was not one of the most playful. She did not show that much interest in taking care of the little babies either, as that role was filled by Mbegu, Godoma, and some of the others. These days she seems to have started taking on more of that responsibility. Tagwa and Malkia might have most of the interest in leading the Nursery herd, but we have really noticed a difference in Sana Sana too. She appears to have taken to Musiara most of all, playing with him and also waiting for him sometimes when they are walking to different areas.
Tamiyoi has always been very caring of the youngsters. When they were walking down in the first group for their midday milk bottles, she was further ahead than Maktao and Sattao. However she stopped to wait when she got to the small stream as she knows they do not like crossing the water. She helped them across by waiting and then leading them through, and then they all proceeded to walk forward for their milk bottles.  

Sana Sana and Tagwa entwining trunks

Jotto trying to push Tagwa

Sagala enjoying the lush grass


After a lovely day of sun two days ago, today we were back to the low temperature and cloudy weather as the baby elephants started their walk out to the forest to begin their day. As time passed whilst the babies browsed it grew even colder and the elephants and the Keepers found themselves in very misty weather, with some light rain falling as well. Maktao is such a clever little boy and developed a new way of dealing with the cold. He moved over to the Keepers and sidled up to one. Using his little trunk he lifted up the corner of the Keepers dust coat and pulled it up over him to provide him with some warmth. This did not impress Musiara who hates the idea of missing out and believes he should always be the closest to the Keepers. He came rushing in to try and push Maktao away and when that did not work he resorted to pulling his tail. The Keepers had to step in and stop Musiara and his jealous antics, and walk him away to a different area. 

Maktao browsing

Musiara not too happy after being chased away

Kiasa and Maisha browsing


Although it is rare in the month of July, today the fun came early in the morning as the sun managed to peak out from behind the clouds as it rose above the horizon, warming everything it touched for the first time in a while. The orphans enjoyed this brief respite in the cold weather too, and spread out in open areas on the ground, flapping their ears and stretching their trunks as they enjoyed the morning sun. As usual, Musiara played his games near the Keepers, this time lying amongst them and at times pestering them whilst they were trying to drink their morning tea. Maktao didn’t want to be left out either. He stood next to one of the Keepers and kept touching him on the shoulder with his tiny trunk, sometimes venturing over to interrupt Musiara’a play as well. Enkesha decided to join Maktao and Luggard came over to join his friend and neighbour Musiara, who by that time had stood up and was dusting himself with soil.
After the midday milk feed, Kiasa, Emoli and Tamiyoi engaged each other in a pushing game. Emoli pushed Tamiyoi from the front, before the game was turned up a notch when Kiasa came over and bit Tamiyoi on the tail! Tamiyoi turned and pushed the little girl until she fell on the ground to teach her a lesson. Kiasa just got up and walked away to go and dust herself in soil, but we thought her pride was hurt just a little bit!

Mapia enjoys dusting

Musiara browsing after mid-day feed

Kiasa after being pushed by Tamiyoi


We feel like this might be the coldest month ever recorded in history! This morning we felt so cold, and the biting weather made the younger ones like Maktao, Kiasa and Musiara seek refuge amongst the older and bigger ones. Maktao and Musiara snuggled with Tagwa, trying to get warm from some of her body heat. Kiasa sought warmth from Sana Sana who didn’t seem overly interested in helping her, because the little girl had been so naughty recently.
As the first group was heading to the mud bath area for their noon milk feed, Enkesha avoided wading through the small cold water stream, and instead forced her way through the group of visitors that were standing on the dry land. Maisha was so hyper during this feeding time, and was mock-charging all over the place. Two warthogs then passed by the mud bath area which drew Tamiyoi’s attention, who raised her ears as she tried to scare them away. The warthogs were defiant however, and Emoli had to join in and help Tamiyoi to win over the warthogs and push them away. Sattao was so scared of the incident he turned and also knocked over one of the keepers and he sought to run away from his friends scaring the warthogs away.

Some of the orphans huddled close for warmth

Sagala swinging her trunk

Kuishi follows the herd for morning browsing




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