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Today was baby Mapia’s first day to join the orphans in the forest. This crucial moment for Mapia came after public visiting. A small group of orphans were brought back to the stockades to accompany Mapia for her first time out to browse. Godoma, Mbegu, Jotto, Ambo, Maisha, Malkia, Tagwa, Malima, Ngilai, Mteto, Tamiyoi, Enkesha, Maramoja, Sana Sana and Murit all came back for the occasion. Mapia was very calm and he joined the other orphans, and as expected the matriarch Mbegu was most receptive to him - hugging and patting him with her trunk. Malkia joined Mbegu in escorting Mapia into the forest. Godoma kept touching the new baby from behind, as Tamiyoi, Jotto and Ambo fought amongst themselves to touch the new baby as well. When this group met up with the other orphans, Ngilai raised his ears and trunk to smell the new one. Ndotto did the same and then all the others took turns in coming to meet their new friend. As the others babies continued to greet Mapia, Rapa as usual was naughty and came over pretending to greet the little one but instead pushed him, causing him to stumble and yell for help. This annoyed Kauro and the big boy pushed his tusks into Rapa, who ran away to avoid further discipline.  

Mapia joins the others for browsing

Rapa after being disciplined

Tagwa and Maramoja arrive for the 5pm feed


Just before 6am it started to rain and as the orphans were due to come out it got even harder. Most of the like Murit, Tamyoi, Emoli, Maisha, Maktao, Musiara, Luggard, Enkesha, Sattao, Malima and their tall friend Kiko were reluctant to come out of their rooms. Murit came out of his and swiftly went and hid in Ambo’s stockade hoping the keepers hadn’t spotted him. Unluckily for him they had and he was moved out to join the other orphans who were on their way out to the forest. Malima moved from the back stockades to the front ones in another attempt to dodge the keepers but all in vain. Enkesha is the one who managed to trick the keepers in the end as she moved behind Maxwell’s stockade without being noticed and his in the far pens which are currently housing Ndiwa and Mundusi. As the orphans went deeper into the forest and the keepers warmed themselves with some hot tea, the naughty Enkesha hid herself from the rain in those rooms. When the keepers noticed they had not seen her for awhile they began searching and went back to the stockades to look, but they did not look in those two far rooms and thus thought she was not in the compound. When another keeper went to get an umbrella he eventually found Enkesha as she had begun to complain that she was on her own and not with her friends! 

Lasayen early morning browsing

Murit and friends heading to 11am feed

Tamiyoi enjoys browsing


As the orphans were walking out to the forest this morning, we watched as Tagwa showed her love and affection for little Sattao. Sattao didn’t want to cross a stream of water and he started yelling as he saw all his friends cross to the other side. His yelling brought Tagwa running back and she carefully walked up beside him and kept close to him so that they could cross the water together. As they were reaching the other side, Tagwa stayed behind Sattao, gently nudging him forwards so that he could do the last bit. When he reached the other side he playfully ran towards his friends, with his adopted mother Tagwa following behind trumpeting with delight at seeing Sattao happy to rejoin his friends.

During the public visit today Jotto and Malima were really challenging each other. The keepers tried to separate them but without success. Jotto just head butted the ground in defiance and when he got up Malima came running over to push him. When Jotto’s strength got too much for Malima she would run away from him towards the audience, who would step back and then she would turn and run back to Jotto again! It was very entertaining for all the visitors.

Sattao joins his friends after crossing the strea

Tagwa browses peacefully after helping Sattao

Malima walks to the mud bath


Mapia spent the night well and looked in good condition, enjoying his milk bottle and the greens as well; thus he began the new day looking pretty good. The orphans were in a very playful mood during the public visit and we watched Malima, Tamiyoi, Jotto and Esampu running and charging around, but at what we were not quite sure! As their game reached its climax, Malima and Esampu turned towards the rope cordon and bumped into the visitors standing there, who seemed to enjoy their game. The school children were more afraid and ran back shouting; having never seen an elephant before and now being face to face with one! Esampu then ran over to poor Enkesha and sat on her hard, causing Enkesha to yell out and the keepers came running over to help her. 

Esampu enjoys a quiet browsing moment

Enkesha leaving the mud bath

Kiko gets his bottle feed


Out in the bush this morning all the orphans were browsing on the fresh green vegetation that has grown since the rains started. There were no games this morning, even from the boys who usually enjoy pushing games to test their strength against each other.
There was chilly weather this morning with frequent showers which meant none of the orphans dared to go into the mud bath. Some were seen along the rope cordon trying to shelter under people’s umbrella’s! Youngsters like Musiara, Sattao, Emoli, Maisha and even Jotto ran to shelter under the Keepers’ umbrella’s when the rain got very hard. Emoli and Maisha then struggled to find shelter together with one visitor who had an umbrella. As some were searching for shelter from the rain, others like Tamiyoi, Malima, Esampu, Ambo, Murit, Godoma, Kuishi and Enkesha were playing on the soil pile; dusting, rolling and bumping into one another.

In the afternoon we received a new young bull from the Tsavo Conservation Area, who had been found in a collapsed state. He was rescued and brought to the Nairobi Nursery by the DSWT helicopter and was immediately put on an IV drip to try and bring him back.

Ambo leads orphans to the mudbath

Emoli enjoys the lush grass after the rains

Enkesha onher way to mud-bath




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