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Kiasa put on a bit of a show today with a poor wag tail bird! A group of orphans were standing in an open space to feel the early morning sun near the mud bath. There was a big fly buzzing around Kiasa and the wag tail bird was trying to get the fly, but Kiasa thought the bird was trying to fly at her. She kept running in circles with her ears held high, ready to attack the bird. However the more she turned the more the fly moved around her head and the more the bird changed position to try and get the fly! Eventually Kiasa felt so threatened she ran to get help from the keepers. She shouted for their assistance and Sana Sana, Tagwa, Malima and Mbegu came running over to see what was wrong as well, but she was already with the keepers who were reassuring her that all was well. The four girls pulled her away and all patted her over with their trunks, touching her to confirm that she was really okay. She eventually settled down from all the care and attention the older girls were giving her.

Jotto was in an active and playful mood the whole day today. Throughout the morning he enjoyed a lengthy pushing game with Murit in the woods. During the public visit and later in the afternoon he had a good time with his old friend Ambo as they wrestled each other.

Kiasa was very funny

Kiasa playing

Jotto was in a playful mood

Ambo sees his friend Jotto


Musiara has been missing his friend Luggard out in the forest. Luggard hasnít been feeling well for a couple of days now, and although he does accompany the others out to the forest, he does not walk as far as them into the woods. Because Musiara is not around, Luggard seems to be seeking Enkeshaís company; today for example these two spent most of the day together. Maybe Maisha will become one of Musiaraís friends while Luggard is recovering. Maisha is a gentle girl and is not a bully, and Musiara does not like bullies!

Kuishi isnít very social with the other orphans and this might be why when they are having too much fun around her she will chase them away; perhaps she is envious of them! Malima and Jotto are known to be best play mates and were playing hide and seek in the bushes today, chasing each other around. They were playing right in front of Kuishi and at first she was not bothered, but as the games stepped up a level she began to warn them whenever they got close to her. Eventually she couldnít stand it any further and when they started climbing on each other next to her she took this as an opportunity to push Jotto away to separate the two. Malima was not ready to give up the game and she went to find Jotto to continue her game.

Musiara has been missing his friend Luggard

Poor Luggard hasn't been feeling well

Maisha is a lovely girl

Kuishi isn't as social as the other elephants


Maxwell has been in an excited mood since last night and this might be because of all the rain we had yesterday. It has been some kind of celebration for him the whole night and through the morning, running up and down from his bedroom to the far end of his upper stockade. All he wanted was to play this morning. He started with the warthogs who came into his stockade to have some of his lucerne pellets for their breakfast. The warthogs didnít seem interested in playing with him and they would dodge him, wait for him to run to the other end of his stockade, and then resume eating from his pellet trough. When Ambo and Malima came up to his gate he heard them and came over, pushing and head butting the gate to invite them to a game. This worked for the two playful elephant orphans and they enjoyed a pushing game between the bars of his gate. Then the two orphans started running and trumpeting on one side as Maxwell ran on the inside of his pen. The game came to and end when the orphans decided to run out to the forest to join their friends.

Kiko was on his way to join the elephants in the forest with his keepers when just after passing Maxwellís stockade he saw a lioness who seemed to have spotted him before Kiko or his keepers. He stopped and watched her and the keeper shouted at the lion who disappeared into the thicket, but Kiko didnít want to move an inch, either forwards or backwards! It wasnít until some other keepers came that they managed to convince Kiko to go back to the stockades. He didnít leave for the rest of the day!

Esampu does have two sides to her. On the one hand she can be the naughty, feisty elephants the other orphans and keepers have to put up with, but sometimes she can be caring and calm as well. Today she has been especially concerned with one of the babies, taking care of him and accompanying him whilst he walked around with Ndiwa as well.

Max was in an excited mood

Max wanted to play

Ambo always fun to play with

Maisha, Musiara and Malima


Malima is a clever little girl. Today she saw one of the babies coming out to the forest to join the rest of the group. From a distance she watched as one picked up a piece of rubbish and put it in his mouth. She swiftly ran over to meet him and snatched out the piece before escorting him to join the herd. Tamiyoi and Jotto then stepped up and led the little one away from the group. One of the other little babies loves Tagwa and Mbegu the most and whenever she joins the orphans in the forest she will raise her trunk in the air trying to find one or both of these females. Sattao has come to accept the presence of the babies around Mbegu as well. Before it was difficult to share her attention, just after he had won her affection from Ambo, but now he does not mind as much. Mbegu still dedicates lots of special time to Ambo too, even though he is older than these babies and Sattao now.

Musiara and Luggard are still special friends but when they are browsing they do tend to separate these days, as Musiara likes to walk deep into the forest now with Ndotto, Mundusi, Sagala and Ngilai. Luggard prefers to stay close to the keepers. But when it comes time to milk feeding times they will always want to accompany each other. They both walk slowly because of Luggardís bad leg, but they also like to dawdle and often get distracted. Today when a keeper walked back to check on them as they had not arrived for their milk bottle during the public visit, they were found enjoying a dust bath half way down the path!

Maisha has her special place to stand during the public visit. When everyone else in enjoying a mud bath, she is far in the corner standing in the shade cooling herself and dosing whilst the others play.

Malima is a clever girl


Tagwa loves babies

Mbegu and Ngilai

Musiara with a Keeper


Maktao is still so attached to his human family and is never happy if they are not around. It is because of this that sometimes his friends will ignore him now if he starts to complain, because they know it is just something small. This morning he was in the company of Luggard, Shukuru, Maisha and Jotto in the woods when suddenly, just because he couldnít see a keeper, he started screaming very loudly. None of the other babies paid any attention to him though! When he became too loud Jotto stepped in to make him quiet, as there were other ones present even younger than him and he was making such a fuss. Receiving no help from his friends Maktao started running back towards the stockades crying out, and the keepers came over to stop him. When he heard them call his name he ran towards them and everything was fine again. We know the others are just bored of his cries because if any of the other little ones cry, others like Mbegu, Tagwa, Malima and Godoma will go charging over to see what is wrong.

It was the same case for Musiara during the public visit today. He was playing in the mud bath and Godoma joined him there too. He moved slightly to make way for Godoma and played in the muddy area behind. He submerged himself in the mud and took a light nap, and when he awoke he found he was now stuck in the thick mud! He couldnít get up and started shouting for help, and immediately Godoma was there with Malima, Tamiyoi and Jotto standing on the side to offer help. In the end it was the keepers and Godoma who helped him out Ė but nonetheless it was a very different scenario to when Maktao calls for help, as he always cries wolf!

Maktao loves his human family

Little Maisha eating grass

Jotto browsing

Godoma with Lasayen




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