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The day started with a chilly morning and the orphans were reluctant to leave their nice warm bedrooms. When their stockade doors were opened Ambo, Malima, Tamiyoi, Jotto, Sattao, Musiara and Luggard only took a step out then quickly turned back into the stockade to avoid the early morning drizzle. Even Ndotto, Lasayen and Kuishi were reluctant to walk out. Only Mbegu and Kauro were seen out and about ready to head into the field. Mbegu was very busy, making regular returns to the stockades calling out in low rumbles to the other orphans to try and encourage them to head out to browse. Finally her efforts worked and they started walking out one by one slowly to the field. However, even out in the forest many stayed reluctant to start their morning browsing and only Ndiwa, Mundusi, Maramoja, Kauro, Lasayen and Rapa appeared relaxed.

Today, little Maisha and Emoli are showing positive progress. They are now looking calm, relaxed and happy, finally overcoming the trauma and stress from losing their mothers and accepting their new lives and family. The two are lovely friends and spend their days together within the bushes abutting the stockade compound.

Today we also received another new baby from the Masai Mara who is about 3 years old and in good health.

Mbegu and Sattao browsing

Godoma and Musiara browsing

Malima finds a twig to play with

Ndotto looking for shrubs on the ground


When the orphans came out of their pens this morning, the big girls like Mbegu, Godoma, Maramoja, Sana Sana and Tagwa were checking on and greeting the young ones like Sattao, Musiara and Mactau, while big boys Pare, Lasayen, Rapa and Ndotto welcoming each other and the new morning with some wrestling games. As all this was going on, Jotto and Malima were spotted arguing over lucerne pellets by Maxwell’s stockade, an argument which escalated into a head butting fight in which neither one showed any respect for the other. Tamiyoi was looking for lucerne pellets in Jotto’s stable and saw Malima being picked on by Jotto, so she rushed to help her challenge the young boy! Jotto had other ideas though and waited for the girls to turn and eat the lucerne when he walked up quietly behind them and took Tamiyoi’s tail in his mouth to bite it! Poor Tamiyoi yelled out and ran off, scaring Malima who quickly followed her as she was not sure what caused her to run away, and leaving the delighted Jotto to feed on the lucerne pellets all on his own. His triumph did not last for long though as Mundusi came along and pushed him away, leaving him to yell out in protest at losing his prize and with no choice but to walk out to the forest to browse.  

Tamiyoi browsing

Mbegu looking for green leaves

Godoma with Musiara

Maktao holding a stick


Soon after the orphans had settled out in the forest this morning, some of them were seen busy enjoying a wallowing session in a mud pool that had formed from the heavy downpour we received yesterday afternoon. The game was started by Enkesha, who really loves mud baths and in all kinds of weather. Then she was followed by Malima, Jotto, Tamiyoi, little Maktao, Sattao and Musiara as well, who all rolled and played happily in the muddy pool. Their bumping, sliding and trumpeting in happiness drew the older orphans to the side lines to watch them, as Mbegu, Godoma and Maramoja drove away the likes of Rapa, Ngilai, Pare, Lasayen and Ndotto so they did not interrupt or climb on the young ones. Since there was another even wider muddy pool nearby, the boys went there and had some fun in the mud on their own. Ndotto, Lasayen and Ngilai were seen happily clambering all over Kauro and Pare, whilst Mbegu and Godoma went to join the little boys in their smaller pool. The little ones were trying to climb on Mbegu but they could hardly manage due to Mbegu’s big size!  

Malima with a soft branch in her mouth

Jotto finds some soft green leaves

Enkesha waiting for her milk bottle

Kuishi and Maktao share some greens


Today it was the first group of orphans turn to tussle with the resident warthogs over their lucerne pellets during the public visiting time. Little Musiara, Sattao and Maktao were chasing after the warthogs babies that had accompanied their mothers to eat lucerne pellets. These three little boys kept themselves busy chasing the young warthogs around the mud wallow and taking sharp turns, but at one point Musiara miscalculated his turn and fell over! He fell over and yelled which brought Godoma, Kuishi, Tamiyoi and Malima running over kicking up a cloud of dust as they found the warthogs close to where Musiara had just fallen over. Tamiyoi and Malima checked him over as Godoma and Kuishi drove the warthogs away from the area. Sattao and Maktao had also got a fright when Musiara fell over and did not want to chase the baby warthogs any more but they stood next to their keepers instead.  

Musiara relaxing

Kauro and Malkia behind with Musiara

Sattao with Malkia


This morning the elephants were very relaxed and calm as they walked out to the forest and not in their usual active and playful mood. Playful Ndotto, Lasayen, Ngilai, Kauro and Pare who are normally the most active ones on the walk out the forest, were very calm and subdued today as well.

When it was time for the 11am milk feed the first group of orphans ran down for their milk. When Jotto and Malima reached the open area before the feeding place they started to compete who would be the first to reach their milk bottle. Neither one wanted to be last and when they reached the mud wallow Malima got ahead of Jotto but Jotto caught her by the front leg with his trunk which brought her to a walk, bellowing alongside Jotto as she fought to get free of him. Jotto did not let go and both walked up to the feeding area with Jotto still holding on tight, up until they both reached their bottles! It was a very funny first sight to behold for the visitors that day.

Pare is a quiet browsing mood

Sweet little Jotto

Malima, Kuishi and Malkia

Malima enjoying a tasty root




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