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Today Maxwell woke up earlier than usual. He was seen to be quite restless and moving up and down in his large stockade. Dust filled the air as the blind orphan stamped his feet on the ground. Later as the keepers were leading the elephant orphans out to the forest, they noticed a herd of buffalo near Maxwell’s stockade, and we realized that was the reason why Maxwell was so unsettled and stamping around his territory. As the orphans made their way out, the buffaloes began to move slowly away into the bushes. Sana Sana, Tagwa, Malkia and Malima were in the front line and doing little mock-charges at the buffaloes. They trumpeted and stamped around in the bushes, raising their wars high to make themselves appear big to the retreating buffaloes. Jotto, one of the big boys in the Nursery, mock-charged with them as well. Mapia and Ambo, although not at the front, trumpeted and kicked to support their older friends. Maktao, Musiara and Luggard with his bad leg preferred to remain close to the keepers and watch from behind. 

Maxwell wide awake

Sana Sana

Tamiyoi and Jotto


Malkia is turning into a greedy little girl these days. During the public visiting today she was trying to get an extra bottle from Sagala which caused a stir as tried to fend her off. Malkia’s quest for more milk did not end there however, as she tried to suck up extra milk from the empty milk bottles and the wheelbarrow containing them. Eventually she picked up one of the empty ones and tried to run along the rope cordon while sucking on it before one of the keepers managed to get it off her. Sana Sana then came down for her milk and surprised all the visitors who did not know that an elephant can hold a bottle by themselves and drink its contents quite happily. Attempts by Ndiwa to copy Sana Sana however did not quite work out, as she cannot yet hold her bottle firmly enough. Ndiwa accidentally dropped the bottle as it slipped from her trunk, spilling some of the milk on the floor before the keepers could retrieve it for her. 

Sagala out in the forest

Sagala browsing with Maktao

Sana Sana running in for her milk


It was a sunny day for the orphans and they all really enjoyed it. Jotto as usually was leading the games and his first choice was a wrestling game. Malkia was in a good mood and enjoyed a pushing game with him. Later after their 9am milk feed, they decided to go further into the forest. Inside the thicket where the elephants had settled to browse, no one at first saw Solio there too! Black rhinos usually rest or sleep in the heat of the day, and Solio was fast asleep and did not hear the orphan elephants browsing towards her. She was woken up by the breaking of bushes as they fed close to her and she got up in a hurry, breathing loudly through her nose as a warning to the elephants. The orphans were scared and went running back to their keepers for safety, but when Solio realised it was just the elephants orphans she walked away quietly, looking for another quiet spot to go back to sleep. Tagwa and Sana Sana did a sort of mock-charge after her, but the keepers stopped them so to leave Solio in peace.  

Jotto was in a playful mood

Malkia eating delicious grass

Sana Sana


Today we watched Luggard have a lengthy interaction with Musiara and Jotto. It was nice to see the three playing and pushing each other. Luggard went after Musiara and grabbed his tail to make sure he couldn’t walk away and so that there wasn’t a big gap between them. Mapia keeps warning Ambo as day after day he seems to want to bully him. Today however whenever Ambo has tried to charge at him, Mapia raises his ears and moves a few steps forward, showing Ambo that he is ready to take him on now he is feeling more confident.

Today during visiting Malima was happy running along the rope cordon throwing back-kicks towards the visitors, as Sattao was happily interacting with them. He especially enjoys interacting with school children.

In the evening while in their stockades, most of the babies will go on pulling branches over from their neighbour’s room, even though they have their own to browse on. Sometimes Malkia is left with almost nothing to eat as Ndiwa and Tagwa have pulled through all her branches, which is exactly what happened this evening too!

Mapia and Ambo in the mud

The orphans walking with their keepers

Musiara, Tagwa and Sagala


With Shukuru having gone back to Tsavo it seems Ndiwa has taken over her shoes. She likes to wander off during the day and browse on her own, and today the Keepers had a hard time following her as she chose to walk deeper into the forest.

There was chaos during the public visiting time today as Kiasa, who seems to be working hard to fill Esampu’s shoes as the naughty girl in the Nursery, was trying to take an extra milk bottle from Sattao. She was bullying Sattao and in the process the keeper feeding him dropped his bottle spilling some of the milk on the ground, until another keeper came over and managed to chase the naughty girl away. Malkia wanted some extra milk too, but she did it by sucking up the extra milk in the wheelbarrow with her trunk, as Sagala tried to suck on the empty bottles. Jotto was being very funny trying to scratch his tummy on one of the water troughs, bending his legs in such a way as to reach the right spot. Sana Sana slowly got into the mud bath, spraying herself with muddy water to cool her body, and then Kuishi joined her too. Maisha was only preferred to spray herself from the side of the mud pool using her trunk, but she managed to spray some of the unsuspecting visitors behind her too!

Kiasa walking in for her milk

Sattao walking through the bush

Sana Sana all muddy!




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