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It was quite a surprise to see Mapia playing today. He does not normally engage the others very much yet, but as the orphans were coming out of their rooms and gathering in the compound area, the little bull Mapia was inviting his neighbor Jotto to play. He raised his ears up to apply for a pushing game and Jotto responded so they both spent some time playing a fun pushing game. At some stages Jotto kept trying to climb on Mapia to show off his dominance, even though he is also small.
Musiara looked unhappy to leave his best friend Luggard behind today, since he was not able to walk out as far as the others today as he is not feeling well. Luggard was kept back with his keeper whilst Musiara walked out with the others into the forest.

Mapia was in a playful mood

Jotto out in the bush

Musiara was sad to leave his friend

Musiara with Godoma


During the public visit today it was so hot that the orphans quickly drank their milk so they could run into the mud pool to quickly cool their bodies. Flapping their ears was simply not enough to get cool fast enough! Esampu, Kiasa, Maktao, Mapia and Emoli who normally hang around the milk wheelbarrow begging for extra milk were also straight into the mud pool today it was so hot, and they forgot their usual greedy ways. Maisha and Ambo who do not really like the mud bath were seen standing on the edge splashing themselves as they did not want to get in. It was funny to watch Maisha take special care not to fall in as Esampu and the rest of the group playfully spun around in the water. What she was not aware of was Esampu sneaking up to the edge of the mud pool and she grabbed one of Maisha’s front legs and pulled her in! She slid into the water and quite deep enough to be fully covered in thick mud. After seeing Maisha in the mud bath Ambo gained enough courage to walk in as well. The whole group was enjoying the mud so much they did not want to leave, and Enkesha the mud bath lover was forced out after the rest of her group had already gone back to the forest. 

Malkia all muddy

Emoli, Malima and Kiasa in the mud

Little Maisha was quite hot

Esampu and Musiara


When the orphans had finished their 9am milk bottles and they began to make their way back out to where the keepers preferred they browse that afternoon. Ndotto, Mundusi, Sagala, Mapia and Mteto were secretely trying to sneak away from the group and walk off deep into the forest where they might find more vegetation. They always then give the keepers a hard time trying to find them for the public visiting time. The keepers were trying to make them stay with the rest of the group today, but suddenly Ndotto, Ndiwa and Mundusi frightened the rest of the group by running and charging and trumpeting. This sparked a reaction in the entire herd as they wondered what all the commotion was about, and this gave Ndotto and the others their chance to run off into the woods, but the rest of the herd followed them as well! Thus it came to be that Ndotto and his group chose where the orphans were to browse that morning. 

Mundusi trying to sneak away


Mapia dusting

Ndiwa browsing


We have noticed that recently Sagala, Mteto, Ndiwa, Mundusi, Mapia and Ndotto have formed their own little mini group. Out in the field between feeding times at 9, noon and 3pm, they sneak away and with dominant Ndotto and Ndiwa leading the way they take themselves far off deep into the forest, keeping themselves busy browsing and not caring to turn back and join the others and the keepers. All these orphans obviously have a wild and independent spirit compared to those that like to stick close to their keepers.

Earlier our lovely girl Solio, who has not been back to the stockades for some time, decided to pay us a visit with her wild male bull friend. Solio the rhino was happy to bring her friend back to where she was raised by her loving human family. The presence of her male friend however really drove Maxwell crazy, and he scampered around his stockade obviously very annoyed to have a male so close to his territory. He knocked his horn against the posts of his room and sprayed urine all around, a clear sign of warning to the newcomer. Solio’s boyfriend did not come too much closer after sensing Maxwell’s agitation, but Solio didn’t care and came right in to greet her old human family.

Sagala, Ndiwa and Mundusi

Sagala browsing

Mapia on the left running with Ndotto

Max was not happy to see the visitor!


Because Luggard has not been feeling well recently, he has not been coming down to the mud bath for the pubic visit. Instead he browses in the bushes nearby in the company of some of the keepers. Maisha’s love for the milk formula grows every day and the little girl always complains that she wants some more when she finishes her bottle. During the 9am feeding today she tried to get some more from Esampu. Esampu was obviously not very happy about this and pushed the little girl away. This in turn annoyed Tagwa who engaged the naughty girl in a brief fight before Malkia stepped in to back up Tagwa to push Esampu slightly away from the scene. Malima and Tamiyoi were charging at Kiko who had joined them in the forest, and he retreated away whilst throwing several back kicks in protest. He settled to browse on some nearby tall trees. As it became hot in the afternoon, all the babies except Enkesha and Mteto sought cover under the trees. The smaller orphans like Ambo, Sattao, Emoli and Musiara took refuge near the keepers. Mapia, Kuishi, Maktao and Jotto fed on some leaves that were falling from a tree that Shukuru was eating from, where she could reach the highest branches.  

Luggard has stayed with the Keepers in the forest

Maisha loves her milk bottle

Esampu was cross with Maisha

Sattao with his beloved keepers




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