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Recently Kuishi and Malkia have been acting out quite harshly towards the young growing boys like Jotto, Ambo, Emoli and especially Mapia. They are often seen bullying them and making sure they know who is boss. Their harsh nature means that these young boys try to avoid encountering these two girls whenever they can. When you see them accidentally coming across them out in the forest, they do a quick turn in order to avoid them. Today out in the forest Emoli found himself browsing right alongside Malkia, and when he saw her turn and walk in his direction he suddenly ran off yelling in order to avoid her. Kuishi and Malkia did not really behave like this before Mbegu and the others left, and they are really keeping the young boys on their toes to keep them in line. 

Maktao Sagala and Kuishi at 9am feed

Maisha Emoli Maktao browsing away from Malkia

Malkia keeps an eye on the boys


It was a sunny afternoon again and all the animals in the National Park seemed to be seeking shade under the trees from the sun. The elephant orphans were doing the same. Maktao is so very dependent on his Keepers and loves them dearly, and was hanging around close to them as Musiara and his best friend Luggard decided to rest under a tree nearby, spraying themselves with cool dirt and collecting some of the tasty seeds that had dropped from the tree. Three warthogs were enjoying the shade too where Maisha and Enkesha were resting, before Malima interrupted the peace. She came charging over to scare the warthogs away and they were forced to seek shelter elsewhere. Sagala, Sana Sana and Tagwa attempted to pull down branches from a tree they were resting under, whilst little Enkesha, Emoli, Maisha and Sattao scrambled for the leaves that fell as a result, collecting them up off the floor. Ambo and Jotto were very much involved in a pushing game, whilst Mapia defied the hot weather and chose to browse out in the open to fill up his tummy. 

Mapia filling his tummy

Sana Sana stuffing her mouth with grass

Malima and Jotto walk to the forest


Kiko is still a naughty little giraffe and he is determined that he will never be left out and that the Keepers pay him as much attention to him as to the elephants. As the elephants gathered under a big tree to shade themselves from the sun which was out this afternoon, Kiko stormed in forcing his way between the elephants. There was a lot of rumbling, trumpeting and shouting from the elephant babies as they protested Kikoís actions. They raised their ears and stamped their feet to scare the tall boy away, who in turn threw back kicks aimed at Sana Sana. Tagwa, in her capacity as a mother figure to the other orphans, gathered her courage and charged up towards the giraffe trumpeting, in the company of Malkia, Malima, Jotto and Mapia who followed her. They succeeded in chasing the naughty giraffe away who raced away in his long strides all the way back to the stockade compound. Eventually the elephants calmed down as well, and settled to enjoy the cool breeze under the trees.  

Kiko in one of the pens

Maktao and Tagwa pluck at some green leaves

Sana Sana with a trunk full of grass


Kiasa is such a funny little girl who always shows off different characters. Sometimes she is patient and calm and other times she is a downright bully who is hard to control. Today during the 11am milk feed, she had her milk bottle very calmly, but as soon as she was done she surprised her Keeper by running off and head-butting all of those she came across still having their bottles. On the other hand, Tagwa is such a gentle and calm girl who never bullies any of the others, even when they might be picking on her. Like earlier today we saw Malkia and Kuishi poking her with their tusks to make room for them as she was busy browsing. Tagwa just quietly walked away leaving Malkia and Kuishi to browse where she had been. Tagwa just went and settled next to where Musiara, Luggard, Mapia and Enkesha were since she loves to show love and attention to the young babies.  

Kuishi heards something in the distance

Enkesha sucking her trunk

Orphans heading home


Emoli was in an active, playful mood today, but unfortunately for him others the others were not ready to play. He tried to invite Maktao to play several times but Maktao kept avoiding him. He then went over to Musiara but he didnít feel like playing either. Musiara walked away every time Emoli approached him. Emoli finally went to take his frustration out on the warthogs by driving them away from where they were feeding next to them, into the thicket.
When it was time for the orphans to go back to the forest from the mud bath, the little ones were following their Keepers. It is still cold throughout the day at the moment and none of them wanted to cross the cold water. As they tried to avoid the water, Ndiwa, Sagala, Ambo and Mapia started shoving them from behind. Kiasa and Maisha ended up in the water as they were pushed from behind. Tagwa and Malkia came rushing forward and took control of the situation. They stood on either side and made sure the rest of the babies crossed safely without falling into the water.

Musiara and Tagwa browsing

Mapia sucking his trunk

Malkia in the forest




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