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Kilaguni, Orwa and Bomani who had spent the night outside the stockade welcomed the juniors out in the morning. Pare in particular, who these days likes to challenge his seniors, entwined his trunk with Kilaguni in morning greetings. Galla challenged Bomani after their morning greetings as Mteto and Mundusi headed straight to the browsing field. The keepers hurried to catch up with them as they are not yet very conversant with the area. The boys were in playful mood in the morning. As they reached the bush Olsekki had a challenging game with Sirimon while Orwa played with Kilaguni. Tusuja played with Pare while the street wise boy Karisa handled Wanjala. Later, Esampu settled to browse with Sirimon and Namalok while Maramoja teamed up with Mundusi and Mteto. At mud bath time, the weather was chilly and the orphans only drank their milk and had some water before going back to browse, deciding to forego the cold water of the mud bath. Only Enkikwe splashed water on his wound and behind his ears before following his friends. The afternoon was still chilly and Karisa saw it wise to have a warm up exercise by initiating a pushing game with Naseku. The quiet Namalok, who still drinks his milk from a bucket, had a light pushing game with Tusuja before settling for a lone soil dusting exercise. Towards evening, the sky cleared giving way to sun shine. 

Siangiki with Lucerne on her back

Namalok playing with Tusuja

Karisa playing with Naseku


Karisa left the stockade with a branch in his mouth that he continued to enjoy on the way out. Kauro and Maramoja decided to go and scratch their itchy bodies while Pare and Galla exchanged morning greetings by entwining their trunks. The orphans briefly settled for lucerne before Mteto and Mundusi who are close friends started rumbling as they walked away. Roi heard them and since they are just new to the area, she decided to follow and monitor them so as not to lose them.

Later Esampu decided to have her own game of rolling and sitting on the ground while Rapa decided to gauge his strength by inviting Galla to a pushing game. Galla accepted and the two dueled for some time until Rapa decided that he had enough of the pushing game and opted out to continue browsing. Dupotto developed an itchy ear and decided to scratch on the nearby tree as Garzi dusted himself. Later, the rebels Kithaka, Laragai, Barsilinga, Garzi, Lemoyian and Sirimon dodged the keepers and disappeared into the thicket, only to show up late in the evening with Orwa and Bomani. At mud bath time the weather was chilly and none of the orphans dared to step into the mud bathing water. The orphans had their milk then sipped the drinking water before wandering off into the bush to browse again. Later in the afternoon Dupotto led the first group back to the stockade.

Pare scratching


Garzi soil dusting


A wild mother with her two calves aged nine and four years old were at the stockade compound together with Orwa and Bomani when the orphans were let out to start their day. Maramoja was the first one out, followed by Karisa. One of the nine year old wild elephants started charging at the orphans and the orphans tried to avoid her.

Out in the bush, Mundusi settled to browse with Mteto while Roi and Siangiki settled to browse with Enkikwe. The two girls put Enkikwe in between them as a show of solidarity; they kept him company and wished him a quick recovery. Shortly before mud bath time, Olare showed up out of nowhere and joined the orphans. She later escorted the babies to mud bath. After mud bathing to their satisfaction, Olare took the juniors for a soil dusting exercise and later bid them goodbye as she wandered off. It was a quiet afternoon as the orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area. In the evening, Olare, Orwa and Bomani came back to the stockade compound and relaxed for one hour before disappearing again.

Wanjala soil dusting

Roi, Enkikwe and Olsekki browsing together

Olare escorting the babies


Olare and Mutara’s groups were standing outside the compound when the orphans were let out. Mutara had fun trying to climb up the wall as her friends waited patiently to meet the babies. Once the gates were opened, Kibo walked straight in as the youngsters made their way out. Kamok left with a branch in her mouth that she continued chewing on as she thought of her next move. Tusuja engaged Kanjoro in a strength testing exercise while Enkikwe, who tries to avoid crowded areas so no one knocks his bad leg, settled for a morning soil dusting. Later Tusuja moved to play with Sities as Mutara, Suguta, and Kilaguni had fun rolling on the ground. Pare was not left out as he also tried to challenge Turkwel, while Galla stood aside waiting to have a word with Turkwel. Mutara and her team accompanied the orphans to the browsing field and enjoyed feeding together up to mud bath time when Maramoja led the first group to the mud bath. The sun was hot and everyone wallowed in the water which was followed by a spectacular soil dusting exercise. Karisa was annoyed by Galla and quit the wallowing early when Galla attempted to ride on him. Karisa hurried to walk out from the water as Galla tried to grab his tail to pull him back, but Karisa managed to break free. In the afternoon, Mutara took the entire team back to the browsing field and later in the evening escorted the juniors back to the stockade.  

Mutara climbing over the wall

Kamok with a branch in her mouth

Tusuja plays with Sities


Soon after the orphans were let out, Maramoja led her friends briefly to feed on lucerne, where Pare had a disagreement with Roi. Pare thought that he would threaten Roi, but Roi stood her ground and even drove Pare away. Galla engaged Bomani in a strength testing exercise, in an effort to acquire new pushing tactics from Bomani. Galla later turned to Kauro to try and put into practice what he had just learned from Bomani.

Later, the orphans were joined by Mutara’s group where Galla picked on Kanjoro in a pushing game so as to enhance his pushing skills. Enkikwe and Siangiki came together and had lengthy chat while browsing as they shared their experiences over their lion encounter. Enkikwe, Olsekki and Siangiki came together from Nairobi in May 2016 and have remained very close friends. Olsekki and Siangiki were clearly worried about Enkikwe and his wounds during those two months he was kept back in the stockades to help him recover, and would often go to check on him. Now he is out with them in the bush again they like being altogether.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Mutara’s herd again and it was a fun moment as Mutara, Suguta, Kainuk and Sities were clearly in a playful mood, charging and trumpeting and running here and there. Kainuk and Sities were mostly interested with the new babies. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in Kone area as Mutara and her group left to another location only to reappear again at the stockade compound in the evening.

Galla plays with Bomani

Kanjoro plays with Galla

Enkikwe and Siagniki browsing together




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