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Kiasa put on a bit of a show today with a poor wag tail bird! A group of orphans were standing in an open space to feel the early morning sun near the mud bath. There was a big fly buzzing around Kiasa and the wag tail bird was trying to get the fly, but Kiasa thought the bird was trying to fly at her. She kept running in circles with her ears held high, ready to attack the bird. However the more she turned the more the fly moved around her head and the more the bird changed position to try and get the fly! Eventually Kiasa felt so threatened she ran to get help from the keepers. She shouted for their assistance and Sana Sana, Tagwa, Malima and Mbegu came running over to see what was wrong as well, but she was already with the keepers who were reassuring her that all was well. The four girls pulled her away and all patted her over with their trunks, touching her to confirm that she was really okay. She eventually settled down from all the care and attention the older girls were giving her.

Jotto was in an active and playful mood the whole day today. Throughout the morning he enjoyed a lengthy pushing game with Murit in the woods. During the public visit and later in the afternoon he had a good time with his old friend Ambo as they wrestled each other.

Kiasa was very funny

Kiasa playing

Jotto was in a playful mood

Ambo sees his friend Jotto


Tagwa loves the younger babies as much as Mbegu. At the 9am milk feed she fought hard to go for milk in the first small group hoping to meet the babies at the milk feeding point but she could not find them. She was the last one to leave to walk off into the forest to browse. She was still very unsettled in the woods, walking from one orphan to the next, and a few minutes before public visiting time she suddenly shot off towards the stockades. She was rumbling and trumpeting trying to find the little ones, but she did not find them. She was stopped by a Keeper at Maxwellís stockades and they had to try very hard to get her to return to the forest. She only settled after the public visit when she bumped into the young ones and confirmed all was well.

Ambo is a very selfish boy in the evenings. He is always sharing Mapiaís vegetation and pulling it through the bars separating their rooms, but when Mapia attempts to put his trunk through to Amboís side Ambo charges to protect his food so he can eat it later in the night!

Tagwa out exploring

Tagwa with Emoli

Funny little Ambo

Mapia dusting


Elephants are very clever regardless of their age, for even when they are young we can get a sense of this intelligence. In this instance we are talking about Mbegu. Today she knew when one of the little babies had joined the herd in the forest, despite being very far away deep in the trees. She was spotted leaving the group she was with and walking towards the little one, clearing the path by moving the fallen branches and sticks as she walked. This is because she knew the little one was weak and not very well. We had not seen her do this before but she obviously knew she had to clear the path for her so she could walk with her.

It has been quite a while since we saw Ndotto and Lasayen engaged in games but today they were involved in a lengthy pushing game, remembering the early days when they used to wrestle all the time. Mundusi and Ngilai also gave the audience something to smile about as they played during the public visit.

Mbegu with Musiara

Lovely Mbegu

Ndotto out in the bush

Lasayen in a playful mood


Kiko was out in the forest with the elephants today, but not for long thanks to a big male baboon who was watching over his family. He was sitting in a tree and started alarming and gathering his family together. Mbegu read the situation and did the same for her elephant herd. She made sure all the little ones were safe whilst Godoma, Sana Sana, Malkia and Ndotto assisted her. They raised their ears high and stood on guard, turning in circles to look for danger. The keepers were alert as well as with such an alarm call from the baboons they thought they must have seen something like a lion in the area. Kiko was prepared and stood next to the keepers, and sure enough a few minutes later we spotted a lioness in the thicket watching some warthogs. The warthogs were lucky as they were also warned by the baboons and they swiftly ran off in the opposite direction. Kiko was immediately taken back to the stockade compound for his safety.

Maxwell must have felt the heat of the day today. Normally he naps in his bedroom when he feels hot but today he opted for a lengthy mud bath. After his mud bath he fell asleep right there is his mud pool up until sun set, which is when he woke up.
Musiara seems to love sharing his green branches in the afternoon with his neigbours Luggard and Maisha. Even if the branches are placed in the middle of his stockade, he will always pull them over to the wall he shares with one of these two. Unfortunately his neighbours will always pull a substantial amount through the gaps in the partition, leaving him with hardly any. This evening Maisha took most of his browse, leaving him with just a few small branches.

Kiko drinking

Kiko walking out

Sana Sana helped Mbegu

Maxwell after his mud bath

Musiara likes to share his food


Musiara and Ndotto are two boys that never really rush in for their milk. In Godomaís little group, Musiara will never fight to get to the bottle first and will normally even come in last. Ndotto, in Mbeguís older group, has a similar habit which we witness yesterday afternoon as well. Unless they are within the group that are released to feed first or are given priority for some reason, they will usually be last. The small difference between the two is that Musiara definitely knows how to defend his share of milk! He doesnít tolerate anyone around him whilst he is having his bottle. Kiasa came over today and started trying to fight him for his bottle, but he stopped his feed just to chase her away, before resuming with his milk. Ndotto on the other hand will usually remain calm whilst having his bottle, even if he is being disturbed by some of the youngsters.

Ngilai isnít one to initiate a mud bath but once he is given a bath by the keepers using a shovel, then he will decide to jump in the mud pool. It is almost as if he needs a warm up before the main event, like showering before you get in a pool! Once he is muddy he really loves it.

Ndotto not in a hurry!

Musiara can stand his ground

Kiasa can be very greedy for milk





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