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During the public visit today, most of the orphans showed no interest in mud bathing as they had already had so much fun in puddles and small mud holes they had found out in the forest that morning. Big boys like Ndotto, Murit and Lasayen and some of the big girls like Mbegu, Godoma, Sana Sana, Tagwa, Mteto, Sagala and Ndiwa had all rolled around in the mud that morning, a joyful event which also saw youngsters like Malima, Emoli, Tamiyoi, Jotto, Ambo, Musiara, Sattao, Kiasa, Mapia and Enkesha all join in too and take their time getting nice and muddy before it was time for their 9 o’clock bottle feeding. By the time it was the public visit, none of the orphans bothered mud bathing and some like Maktao and Sattao were enjoying pushing games. Maktao was chasing Sattao along the rope cordon trying to climb on him, a game he is always fond of just like our big boy Ndotto! Sattao was trying to resist him by turning to head butt him, but Maktao persisted! Jotto and Ambo decided to start a similar game with Malima and chased her next to the rope cordon trying to climb on her, but Malima was wise to their ways and went and sought refuge by standing next to Godoma. The two boys were left with no option other than to turn to each other and start a wrestling game of their own! 

Mbegu having her milk

Sagala in the mud

Ndiwa getting nice and muddy


As the sun rose today the orphans made their way out to the forest to browse as usual. The babies are usually led by Mbegu but today Shukuru led them out. She could be seen high above the others like Murit, Maisha, Emoli and Sagala who followed behind her. Malkia, Tagwa and Mundusi were not far behind. The herd reached an open area in the forest just as the sun rose and started to warm their backs. Two orphans were delighted by the rising temperature as day broke; Kiasa and Maktao were engaged in a light pushing game and then Sattao joined them, followed shortly by Enkesha. Musiara then came over as well but not to join in the game. He lay down on the warm ground and spread his legs and stretched his trunk out, which inadvertently brought an end to the game as the others decided to come over and join him on the warm ground. Their ears flapped in excitement. Playful Ngilai came over and spread his big body out, landing on Kiasa who screamed out for help. The fun came to an end as Mbegu came running over to help Kiasa.

It was quite hot during the public visit and the orphans enjoyed a mud bath during their time at the mud hole. The playful girl Malima sprayed the visitors with drops of mud as she enjoyed her bath. It was hard to get Luggard out of the bath as the first group made their way back to the forest! As the second group started coming in for their milk, the defiant Luggard was still rolling around in the mud. Mteto drank her milk in a hurry before launching herself into the mud; so did the rest of the group except for Ndotto who just dusted himself with loose soil throughout his time at the mud hole area.

Orphans heading to the forest

Tagwa browsing

Ngilai sniffing

Sagala browsing with the others


It is Shukuru’s second day after returning to the Nursery and she seemed to wake up in a good mood in the company of her neighbours Malima, Musiara, Sagala and Mteto. It was baby Sattao who stole the show this morning however as he enjoyed the privilege of standing under Shukuru’s belly; he has not enjoyed this opportunity until now but Shukuru is big enough to allow this! Musiara and Maktao did not seem to mind the attention Sattao was getting either. As the orphans disappeared into the thicket in the forest, the keepers did not realize that they had left Enkesha behind! The little girl had sneaked into Sattao’s room, presumably to steal some of the left over browse and pellets in there. After finishing those she visited Maxwell’s gate as she looked for more lucerne pellets. Two warthogs also then came over to have their share of Maxwell’s food and a commotion ensued as all the animals tried to have their share. This attracted Maxwell’s attention who moved swiftly to try and scare the warthogs away. In the process he also caught Enkesha’s trunk between his horn and the gate and she shouted out with pain and fright as her trunk is already very sensitive. As soon as she was free she ran after her friends to join them out in the forest. She was met mid-way by Mbegu and Malkia who were alarmed by her screams for help. The matriarch Mbegu touched Enkesha with her trunk and raised her ears looking from side to side in search of what might have hurt the young girl. When she found nothing and Enkesha was settled, they all walked out to the forest together to join the others. 

Shukuru out with the others

Sattao relaxing

Enkesha browsing


Kiko was feeding on some acacia trees a short distance away from where the rest of the orphans were. As he was enjoying his browse, four wild giraffe’s approached. Kiko stood still staring at them, and one that looked younger than him moved closer trying to smell him. After a few minutes, the cowardly Kiko rushed back to where the other orphans were, leaving the wild visitors wondering what to do. The giraffes then drew the attention of the elephants, with playful girls like Malima mock-charging the motionless animals. Malkia, Mteto, Kuishi and Godoma then charged in as Murit, Ambo, Jotto, Sana Sana and Ndiwa backed them up. Upon seeing the little elephants charging towards them the wild giraffes turned and disappeared back into the Park.

Enkesha’s love for mud baths continues and was very evident during the public visit today. She drank her milk bottles in a big hurry before going to fully immerse herself in the mud bath. It was funny to see the little girl fully submerged in the muddy water as she swam from one corner to the other.


Kiko browsing

Malima and Kuishi

Ndiwa smelling the camera

Enkesha heading to the bushes


Esampu’s naughty character continued during the public visit today. The funny girl wanted to get an extra bottle and was willing to apply all tactics in order to accomplish this! She even went down on her front legs beside the milk wheelbarrow just to get an extra slurp of the delicious formula. She kicked out at Mundusi as he enjoyed his last bottle but this annoyed this ‘no nonsense’ elephant and he pushed Esampu to the ground, keeping her there despite her cries for help. Eventually Mbegu came over to rescue her. To show her anger, Esampu pushed Mteto into the mud hole as she walked past, before the keepers calmed her down. Ngilai emerged from the mud hole, fully covered in mud, and ran along the rope cordon line, spraying the visitors with mud. Sana Sana stayed in the mud until the last possible moment, and then, unbeknownst to the keepers, she decided to take a different route through the crowd, making sure that anyone who dared to touch her got very muddy as well.

Luggard and Tamiyoi were quietly sharing a branch together than Lasayen had broken just before. Murit came over to join them and at that moment, a warthog came running past which scared poor Luggard. He went limping off yelling for help and Tagwa stepped in to chase the warthog away.

Naughty Esampu

Mundusi borwsing

Ngilai near the mudbath

Luggard at mudgath




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