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It was a cloudy morning as the orphan elephants concentrated on their milk and supplement feeding. They later marched to the browsing grounds where they settled to feed in single file. Ajali attempted to separate his closest friends Nguvu, Mudanda and Suswa from the others for a private browsing session but was met with considerable resistance from them as they wanted to browse with the rest of the herd.

The orphans visited the baobab water hole in the afternoon where Kenia avoided a bathing competition that involved Mbirikani, Panda and Ndii. When Kenia saw Ndii engaging Araba for some company she became a little jealous and came up to the two, standing right behind them. It was not long before Araba abandoned Ndii for Kenia. Ndoria owned the soil dusting pile today, lying on it while the other orphans watched from a distance, keeping away as they did not want to get their tails bitten, something that Ndoria has a reputation of doing.

Suswa dusting

Tundani browsing

Panda pushing Arruba into the cold water


It was a bright morning with the sun rising high predicting a warm day as the orphan elephants concentrated on their milk and supplement feeding in the morning. Nelion and Mbirikani made their way towards the browsing grounds as soon as the milk feeding was done and found themselves on their own as the rest of the orphan herd decided to settle for some brief games at the stockade compound before joining them at the southern foot of Msinga Hill.

Lentili and Rorogoi then took over the leadership role taking the orphan herd to the northern side of Msinga Hill. The group then visited the baobab water hole in groups of four for the milk feed before proceeding to the main water hole, to drink water from the trough and take a bath. After all the mud bathing and soil dusting activities were over, Kihari remained in the water rolling and trumpeting which drew Mudandaís attention and she came to join Kihari. Ndii then came in and spoilt the fun that Kihari was having by sitting on her stomach. Soon after the mud bath the orphans returned to the browsing field for the afternoon feeding session.

Ishaq-B finds a tree to scratch against

Kenia rests foot against the water trough

Kihari and Panda at mud bath


The morning began with Mashariki and Mudanda leading the orphan herd to the browsing grounds once the milk and supplement feeding was over. The two leaders soon noticed Dabassa and Layoni browsing on the eastern side of Msinga Hill but didnít join them, choosing instead to browse at the base of the hill, sending a rumbled greeting to their two Ex Orphan friends.

Nelion and Bada separated from the group as they had their own browsing plans. It was not long however before they rejoined the orphan herd who were headed to the waterhole for the midday milk feed and mud bath. Ishaq-B enjoyed a private bathing session in a small wallow, thus avoiding any mud-bathing competitions. The rest of the day was spent browsing close to the baobab waterhole until it was time to return to the stockades.

Panda taking Ndii

Suswa walking to the waterhole

Ndoria cooling off at the mudbath


The orphan elephants stuck to their usual milk and supplement feeding before heading to the browsing grounds. Araba went and rubbed her bottom on a rock close to the stockade water trough, forcing Kenia to wait until she was through and had rejoined the rest of the group so that they could head to the park.

The weather was fairly cold today and as such the orphans did not want to visit the waterhole and had their milk delivered to them at the eastern side of the stockade browsing grounds. Mudanda and Rorogoi who were following Lentili to the water hole without the others, had to stop and respect the wishes of the rest of the group who did not want to visit the mud bath. Ajali remained neutral and spent some time browsing away from the two groups until Panda managed to get the entire herd to follow her to the water hole. Mbirikani got left behind and had to run to catch up. She then remained in the mud bath long after the others had left, joining them in the browsing fields about 10 minutes later.

Araba scratching her bottom

Mbirikani at mud bath

Lentili leading the others


There were some heavy clouds as the orphans exited their stockades forecasting a cold day ahead. The juniors downed their morning milk bottle then played games around the stockade compound before heading out to the Park.

The stockade dependant orphan elephants browsed on the eastern side of Msinga Hill under Mbirikani and Rorogoiís leadership. They browsed in single file before slowing making their way to the baobab waterhole where they had a quick wallow as it was too cold to have a prolonged mud bath. Mudanda pushed Embu away from a tree trunk that she was scratching against so that she could enjoy a scratching session instead. Tundani was mistakenly left behind by the group when they returned to the browsing fields and had to run to catch up with them.

Oltukai, the orphan buffalo, who has been receiving treatment on his leg injury, seems to have some swelling on the bad leg and was put on a three day course of antibiotic injections by the vet.

Kihari early morning browsing

Nguvu following Kihari

Ndii finds a tree to scratch against




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