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A light shower of rain fell during the night, so the Orphans enjoyed playing in the puddles on their way out into the bush, only Kihari and Kasigau focused on browsing while the others enjoyed rolling in the dampened earth. Kihari is still mourning the loss of her elephant mother and family, and is not yet interested in playing. After the loss of Mumbushi, who was deeply loved by Tano, Tano has focused on Naipoki and lavished her with love, something that Naipoki relishes. Tano is a quiet and polite individual and easy to handle, as is Turkwel whilst Mutara is a fine Matriarch, ably assisted by Shukuru.  


Shukuru left and Mutara


A tragic day in the Nursery – Little Mumbushi finally gave up the struggle to live and passed away peacefully in the arms of his Keepers, despite having been given every medication we could think of. His Keepers, and all at the Nursery, were devastated. As usual Tano and Shukuru came to his door, raised their trunks, then shook their head and walked away, obviously having detected that he was no more. Mumbushi was dearly loved and will be sorely missed by many. Rombo is still in his Stockade, but enjoying the company of the Keepers now and taking his milk well. He has been de-wormed, so will soon be ready to go out with the other Nursery elephants.  

Sweet little Mumbushi


Rombo and one of his keepers


The orphans left in a jovial mood today, Makireti, Mutara, Dabassa, Ishanga Kilabasi and Shukuru bush-bashing and trumpeting as they went out. Mumbushi is still weak but spends the day out with the Keepers, being given a lot of attention by the others elephants. 

Makireti playing with Mutara



Friday is the day for Coconut Oiling. Kainuk and Naipoki enjoyed rubbing their bodies against the older elephants after the oiling, while the older elephants enjoyed rolling in the soil. Mumbushi, who is not very strong, had a gentle oiling, and was helped by the Keepers to have a dustbath afterwards. Since it was a cool day, none of the orphans wanted a mudbath, but instead put on a good display for the public soil dusting. 

Naipoki with a keeper

Kainuk with flared ears


All the orphans assembled outside Mumbushi’s stable today to greet him, putting their trunks over the door. During the mudbath Dabassa, Kilabasi and Ishanga enjoyed chasing off the warthogs who wanted to share the orphans’ wallow. Dabassa chased the pigs far away, but came back when called by the Keepers. 

Dabassa, Mutara and Makireti

Kilabasi browsing




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