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Sonje and Faraja took off in the morning , leading all the orphans to the bushes, leaving Ziwa behind to follow his own path. None of the others decided to follow him. Alamaya shouted to alert the matriarchs upfront that they should come back to assist him.

Little Mwashoti moved with speed to Murera’s side when they heard Zongoloni rumbling loudly in the the forests, when keepers got there Zongoloni was with Shukuru, trying to keep her going onto the hills, as some buffalos stopped watching them closely and very curiously ready to run away. Limalima rushed to the need to end of the forests to be sure if all was good and nothing was to worry orphans when they joined the buffalos, two boys, Faraja and Jasiri teamed up ready to scream the buffalos away but found the buffalos stood their ground and were not moving.

Faraja and Ziwa strength testing

Zongoloni leaving the dustbath

Orphans browsing in the forest


All young boys were very playful this morning. Even Mwashoti was annoying his friend Alamaya by trying to climb on him all the time and even pushing him in the back. Later Alamaya warned him to stop and Murera went and stood in between them to prevent what she saw as a situation that might quickly escalate, and Mwashoti could end up getting pushed which would not be good as due to his compromised leg he is unstable.

In the Chyulu Hills we saw some spotted hyenas and considerate Lima Lima thought she would inform her dear Keepers to be aware of the potential danger. Zongoloni and Jasiri then saw a baby giraffe and they decided to let Lima Lima lead the group as she is such a good judge of character and is always able to tell if the strange animal they have encountered is going to misbehave or not.

Orphans heading out

Jasiri at the waterhole drinking

Shukuru smelling


Today a group of young wild elephants walked up to the orphans trying to make friends with them. Some of the orphans thought that Osama was in the group and the keepers stood back to see if they could spot Osama among those having water but thankfully he was not with the wild group today. Murera and Sonje came up to the wild group to greet them and see if there were any wild orphans in the group that they had previously met.

At the mud bath two buffaloes came to the waterhole for a drink but before they could have one Lima Lima, Ziwa and Ngasha teamed up and chased them back to the bushes. Alamaya and Mwashoti also came running up to help their older friends get rid of the buffaloes so that they could have the waterhole to themselves.

Sonje was the star of the show at the mud bath today and was able to showcase some of her swimming tactics. Zongoloni tried to copy Sonje’s moves but needed practice. The two thoroughly enjoyed wallowing today as did the rest of the orphan herd.

Zongoloni scratching

Ziwa and Faraja

Sonje relaxing on the loading bay


This morning Shukuru was busy feeding on pods and pellets and showed no interest in her milk bottle and as such the keepers decided to give her share to Mwashoti. When Shukuru realized what they were doing she suddenly came up and demanded her share of milk so that Mwashoti would not be given extra. Mwashoti was not happy about this and tried to fight her for the milk. Sonje then came over and led Mwashoti to the rest in order to stop him from fighting. Murera also came and joined them and warned Mwashoti to behave.

Once out in the fields Zongoloni and Quanza walked over to Alamaya and found him pushing Faraja who turned and pushed him hard letting him know that he was not Lima Lima or Zongoloni with whom he normally plays pushing and strength testing games The hard pushed that Alamaya received got him to back away and resume with his browsing activities.

Ziwa mounting Ngasha

Quanza leading the orphan herd

Orphans having a drink of water at the stocakde


The mud bath time was full of fun and games today as the orphans came running into the water following their midday milk feed. Lima Lima and Ziwa were the first to enter the water with Mwashoti coming in next, splashing muddy water all over the place including onto the keepers who moved back to avoid getting dirty while still watching the fun that the orphans were having.

When Sonje came into the water she sat down on her bottom and began raising her trunk over her head showing herself with water. Murera on the other hand waited until the rest had finished mud bathing before entering the water to enjoy a leisurely bath. After the mud bath Ngasha, Ziwa and Jasiri walked to the dust bath where they threw clouds of dust to over their bodies.

Lima Lima and Ziwa having a disagreement

Sonje at the waterhole

Ngasha heading to the bushes




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