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When the orphans exited their stockades this morning they went to the pellet feeding area for some supplements before making their way to the bushes. Sonje first walked to the other side of the stockade looking for her boyfriend, the wild bull who had escorted the orphan’s home last night, but all she found was some dung on the path. She headed into the forest to see if she would find where he had gone, hoping to meet up with him and was happy when she did. The two crossed paths, seeming looking for one another, and the keepers were happy to see Sonje had found her boyfriend and was interacting with him. The bull placed his trunk over Sonje holding her close and stayed with her for several hours before leaving and making his way to the Chyulu Hills. Murera kept moving away from Sonje and her wild friend, not wanting to be mounted by him or any other wild bull as she worries that her bad him and legs could be hurt should they do so. The wild bull did not mount Sonje as she is not yet ready to be mated, choosing to keep her company before rejoining his wild friends. 

Jasiri picking grass with his trunk

Ziwa wanting to browse alone

Orphans browsing


The Elephants left the stockades to being the day out in the forest with the activities being watched from a distance by a sweet wild bull that seemed to want to come and join the girls. Before the keepers even knew that the bull was around Lima Lima and Faraja had made their way into the bushes and towards the bull where they were followed by Sonje who welcomed him to join the orphan herd. Murera and Quanza did not want him to be among them and moved away together with Mwashoti. Murera was smart enough to walk back to the keepers where she felt safe and let them know that a wild bull was around and playing with Sonje who was enjoying all the attention that she was getting from him.
In the evening the wild bull escorted the orphans back to the stockades and stopped by the water trough for a drink when he saw Sonje entering the electric fence line. He waited a while to see if Sonje would come back out to join him and when this didn’t happen he returned to the forest.

Zongoloni getting ready to charge the baboons

Wild bull looking for Sonje

Limalima ready to go home


Today some wild bulls seemed to be on a constant look out for the orphan herd and came looking for them in the browsing fields as they wanted to interact with the older girls, Murera and Sonje. They seem to be especially fond of Sonje who always welcomes and greets them when the cross paths. Jasiri and the other boys are also always happy to interact with their wild friends but today after receiving a signal from Murera they kept their distance and stuck to Murera and Mwashoti while Sonje, Zongoloni and Lima Lima played with the wild elephants. One of the females in the group had a tiny baby with it which got a little scared on seeing Lima Lima and took refuge under its mother’s belly. The keepers were happy to see Lima Lima interacting with the wild baby and saw that Sonje was getting quite a lot of attention from a wild bull who may want to mate with her.  

Zongoloni looking for acacia bark

Ophans take a break under the shade

Orphans stop for a drink before heading home


There seemed to have been a running battle amongst the orphans this morning with lots of trumpeting from the little boys, Alamaya and Mwashoti who were doing their best to trumpet loudly but being smaller than the rest were not quite getting heard. Ngasha joined the two youngsters and started trumpeting loudly which made the keepers jump and wonder what was going on and were happy to find that nothing was amiss and that the babies were just being playful and chasing butterflies around.

Sonje and Lima Lima were left looking for the boys and managed to get everyone together in one group thus assuring everyone’s safety. When the orphans arrived at the water hole they found a tractor pouring water into the hole. When Murera arrived she went and drank straight from the water tank where the water was clean. As the tractor was leaving the orphans had a lot of fun running and chasing after the tractor before returning the waterhole for a mudbath. hen tractor was leaving it again turned to be fun, all orphans turned running against tractor to stop not to leave they thought tractor was going with more clean water, but all had been released to the waterhole.

Jasiri with a lot of grass in his mouth

Limalima warning Ziwa not to start pushing games

Ziwa leaving the waterhole


Ziwa and Ngasha began a strength testing and pushing game this morning as the orphans were preparing to head to the forest for the morning browsing session. Quanza came up and tried to get the two boys to stop fighting and then got them to join the rest of the group for the journey to the browsing fields. On the way out they found a buffalo feeding on grass close to the stockades. Alamaya and Lima Lima stopped while Ziwa and Ngasha let the others know to be careful as buffalos’ were around. Alamaya somehow managed to get amongst the buffalo herd but thanks to Zongoloni was able to get away from them without any problems.

The orphans continued their walk all the way to the Kenze base area where Murera and Sonje found some very soft branches to feed on. Murera stayed behind when the rest of the orphans headed off and browsed there until the evening when she returned to the stockades after the rest of the orphan herd had finished their evening bottle of milk. She was welcomed by the babies with loud trumpeting as they celebrated her return.

Limalima browsing in the Kenze area

Murera with the babies at mud bath

Babies heading home




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