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Two very big wild bulls made their way to the stockade compound and tried to get through the gates but were unable to do so due to the electric wife fence which prevented them from getting to Murera and her friends. A keeper tried to get photos of the wild bulls from the gate but was unable to get a clear picture as it was dark and the bulls kept charging at the keeper to scare him off. Ziwa and Ngasha were brave enough to approach the bull and try to touch him. The bull was not happy about this and pushed Ngasha to the ground. Thankfully Ngasha was able to move to safety before the keepers had to come and help him.
At the mudbath time some crane birds came flying above the trees crying out loudly. Lima Lima and Quanza tried to chase the crane birds to prevent them from landing on the ground. The crane birds had managed to achieve what they wanted to do which was to keep the orphans away from the eggs so that they would not be accidentally crushed by the orphans. By getting the orphans to chase them they managed to keep them away from the eggs which they were guarding while waiting for them to hatch.

Orphans out in the forest early morning

Limalima in the water

Murera showing off her bathing skills


All the elephants returned home this evening after a long day out in the forest browsing. Some of the handicapped babies looked particularly tired and as if they needed some help from the keepers. Murera kept looking behind to make sure that Mwashoti was not falling too far behind while Alamaya rumbled encouragement to Mwashoti letting him know that they didnít have long to go before they would get to their bottles.
When Alamaya brought Mwashoti into their stockade they grabbed their bottles and held them drinking their milk as they walked around all corners of their night quarters. When the keepers tried to take the empty bottle from Alamaya he ran off with it as he didnít want the keepers to have it even though there was no milk left in it. Later that night it started to rain again and there was a rather big thunderstorm which coupled with lightning made it difficult for the orphans to settle down and get some rest. Mwashoti was the most disturbed and the keepers had to come and calm him down.

Quanza scratching her bottom

Mwashoti enjoys swimming

Ngasha and Ziwa relax after swimming


Following the rains that have fallen in the Chyulu hills and the Kibwezi forest there is now plenty of lovely green vegetation coming up for the orphans to feed on. The Umani Hills are getting very green and the orphans are always happy to climb the hills and feed on the the fresh greens. Alamaya and Mwashoti fought over some greens today as Alamaya was quicker than his friend in grabbing vegetation with his trunk and stuffing it into his mouth. Murera, Sonje and some of the other orphans came to browse with them thus keeping the peace as they browsed their way up the hills. Lima Lima came charging up and pushed Alamaya out of the way as she rushed to get to the top ahead of the rest of the group.
At the midday bottle feeding area the elephants came running in wanting to be the first to reach their bottles. Some of the boys, together with Sonje and Ziwa, quickly downed their share then made their way to the water trough for a drink of water. The rest of the group made their way to the dustbath where they had a lot of fun rolling around in the dust and mounting one another. Mwashoti and Lima Lima stole the show and everyone was very impressed with their skills.

Orphans morning browsing activities

Limalima and Sonje swatting horseflies

Faraja looking for Jasiri


The day began with orphans downing their milk bottle then reporting to the Lucerne pellet feeding area. While Lima Lima and Faraja were enjoying their supplements in a corner some wild elephants tried to get in to join them. Lima Lima stopped feeding and went up to one of the wild bulls and tried to play with him. The bull was not interested in the game and pushed Lima Lima to the ground. Zongoloni thought it was wise to go and help her friend with the bull and was surprised by another bull that came up behind her pushing her hard, knocking her to the ground as well. Lima Lima and Zongolni stayed lying on the ground looking to the keepers for help. The keepers shouted loudly at the bulls, and managed to get them to leave the two girls alone. The bulls then returned to the forest and Lima Lima and Zongoloni were able to get back to their feet and rejoin the orphan herd. Murera and Sonje led their group out for the days browsing activities in the forests, valleys and hills. 

Alamaya drinking water

Babies have fun in the wet mud

Limalima and friends after bottle feed


Today the orphans decided to make the long journey to the Chyulu Hills for the days browsing activities. Zongoloni was especially intent on going there and pushed the group hard. The keepers remained at the back of the group walking slowly. Once they got the to Chyulus they browsed until it was time to head to the bottle feeding area. Alamaya decided to play strength testing games with Zongoloni and Quanza. The two older girls were happy to oblige as they know they are older and stronger than he is and he would not be able to hurt him so they let him have his fun.
Today at the bottle feeding point the orphans had their milk then waited for the keepers to finish their lunch so that they could resume with their browsing activities. None of the orphans entered the water as it was rather cold today and they wanted to stay as warm as they could. The group today walked further afield than they normally do and Murera, Sonje and Mwashoti who were at the rear of the group looked quite tired by the time they returned home in the evening.

Sonje in the mud playing with the naughty boys

Limalima and Alamaya playing pushing games

Murera showing Ziwa how to wallow in mind




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