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Elephants can have best friends or particular friends that they like to play with just like humans do. Today we watched as the rest of the orphans walked into the forest to play while Kauro started a pushing game with his best pushing friend Ndotto, whilst Murit played with Luggard who he often likes to play with. Luggard has never wanted to play with any other than Murit who is gentle and calm and who he knows will not hurt his bad leg. Murit is very understanding after he too went through a rough time with his poor health and he is very kind to little Luggard with his broken leg.

Our little orphans sometimes pretend to be brave when actually they are quite nervous creatures. Today during public visiting some warthogs came after the older orphans had finished their milk, and tried to share their lucerne pellets. Mbegu, Kauro, Rapa, Ndotto, Lasayen and Pare tried to chase them away but the older female stood her ground and raised her head with her tushes pointed at them. They did not run away but confidently remained which meant Mbegu and her group eventually gave up those piles of lucerne pellets as they dare not approach the warthogs. They just stood there with their ears raised, too afraid to chase them away!

Kauro going to play with Ndotto

Luggard with Murit

Mbegu with Mundusi


The orphans had to cross a stream of water this morning whilst heading out to the forest. Sattao was ahead of the group following the keepers who were leading the way. When he got to the stream he stopped as he didnít want to step into the water as it was cold. He watched as the rest crossed the water and Murit arrived and got stuck in the same place. They both started walking along one side to see if there was a dry place where they could cross but they didnít manage. Murit struggled to cross but when he saw the last keeper cross the water he felt he had no other option that to walk through the water. Sattao thought there might be another option but when none came and he realized that everyone was leaving him behind he began to yell for help. Mbegu had already gone ahead but when she heard him shouting she came running back with her ears raised high, responding to the little ones yelling with a low rumble. She crossed over to him and checked him all over with her trunk, inspecting of he had been hurt. Tagwa, who is fond of Sattao, also then arrived and they seemed to have a conversation as then Tagwa started to lead in front and as the little boy was pushed from behind by Mbegu as he tried to feel the temperature of the water with his trunk. Finally they all crossed and joined the rest of the group.

Mactau decided to learn some skills with a football today and played with Sattao and his keepers. Then he decided to take a nap and Malkia came over to guard him but then ended up taking a nap too. The keepers woke them up when it was time for them to go for their 3pm milk feed.

Poor little Sattao didn't want to cross the water

Murit got stuck as well

Tagwa came to help Sattao

Malkia taking a nap


Elephants in general love the taste of some plant roots and among the orphans there are those that know how to find them! There are those that toil away to get these roots as well and those that just stand around waiting to see if they can steal the fruits of this labour. Murit and Tagwa are a couple of these Ďscavengersí and whilst Rapa diligently unearthed a root, before he could even have a taste, it was snatched away by Murit who then proceeded to have a fight with Tagwa over it. Rapa was annoyed with their behaviour and he gave up, moving away to browse on some nearby bushes.

A short distance away Sana Sana had identified her own special root and was toiling away in trying to unearth it, whilst be watched by Malkia. Sana Sana wasnít ready to give up and surrender it to someone else, even when Malkia started pushing her. Mbegu was watching as well and realised the situation could develop further so she stepped over to separate them and deny either of them from getting the root.

Ambo seems to have been in a bad mood today as he pushed Esampu several times today for no reason. It is normally Esampu who is naughty but today Ambo seemed to be annoyed with her for some unprovoked reason. The first time she was just busy feeding on the pellets when Ambo head butted her and a keeper separated them. Then he went and head butted Jotto who was doing the same but Jotto didnít let him get away with it and he engaged him in a fight to teach him a lesson.

Rapa beginning to dig up a root

Murit came along to steal the root

Sana Sana is good at digging up roots

Malkia with Mbegu to the right


Ngilai decided to entertain Rapa in a wrestling match in the early morning hours today. Itís not often we find Ngilai engaged in such a game with Rapa as he usually prefers to play with the more gentle bulls, even though he is also quite a rough little boy! Everyone else was busy browsing but perhaps these two boys wanted to warm themselves up on this cold morning. It is habit among the orphans that when one starts something, others will sometimes follow and after watching their game for awhile, Murit invited Godoma to a pushing game. Kuishi became jealous of Tamiyoi and Jotto who had started playing beside her and she decided to separate the two by pushing them apart, but Mbegu came over and hugged them and pushed Kuishi away from the herd.  

Ngilai going to play with Rapa

Rapa in a very playful mood

Godoma wanted to play as well

Mama Mbegu came over and pushed Kuishi away


When the orphans came out of their night stockades, some of them like Murit, Tamiyoi, Mteto, Lasayen and Mbegu were seen walking amongst the rooms looking for extra lucerne pellets, whilst others like Ndotto, Kauro, Pare and Rapa were greeting each other with pushing games and Esampu, Tagwa, Malkia and Kuishi were welcoming the three little boys Ė Musiara, Sattao and Maktao. Malkia and Esampu were fighting over Maktaoís attention and each one wanted to be closer to him. They both engaged in a pushing game and Esampu ended up falling over after being over powered by Malkia. Esampu knocked into Maktao as she fell and she started to shout, so she got up and ran away for fear of being disciplined by Mbegu who she could see running over to find out what the problem was.  

Mteto looked for extra lucerne

Malkia, Sattao and Esampu

Malkia, Sattao and Tagwa

Malkia with Maktao




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