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Because Luggard has not been feeling well recently, he has not been coming down to the mud bath for the pubic visit. Instead he browses in the bushes nearby in the company of some of the keepers. Maisha’s love for the milk formula grows every day and the little girl always complains that she wants some more when she finishes her bottle. During the 9am feeding today she tried to get some more from Esampu. Esampu was obviously not very happy about this and pushed the little girl away. This in turn annoyed Tagwa who engaged the naughty girl in a brief fight before Malkia stepped in to back up Tagwa to push Esampu slightly away from the scene. Malima and Tamiyoi were charging at Kiko who had joined them in the forest, and he retreated away whilst throwing several back kicks in protest. He settled to browse on some nearby tall trees. As it became hot in the afternoon, all the babies except Enkesha and Mteto sought cover under the trees. The smaller orphans like Ambo, Sattao, Emoli and Musiara took refuge near the keepers. Mapia, Kuishi, Maktao and Jotto fed on some leaves that were falling from a tree that Shukuru was eating from, where she could reach the highest branches.  

Luggard has stayed with the Keepers in the forest

Maisha loves her milk bottle

Esampu was cross with Maisha

Sattao with his beloved keepers


The relationship between Sattao and the matriarch of the Nursery herd is growing every day. This morning Mbegu was making the rounds from one stockade to another in search of leftover pellets and Sattao was following behind. She walked into Shukuru’s room and so did Sattao, and she proceeded to pick up pellets whilst Sattao picked up the ones that dropped to the ground. Their fun activity was short-lived, as they were driven out by the keepers to the others who were swiftly making their way into the forest. Best friends Ndotto and Lasayen were pushing each other in an open area whilst we watched Murit walk over to interrupt Sagala who was quietly dusting herself. The jealous little boy Musiara made sure no other little ones approached the keepers whilst they had their breakfast. Musiara pushed Kiasa but did not know that Maktao, who was standing close by, had improved his defense system. Maktao bit Musiara’s tail which prompted the small boy to cry out for help. His cry drew the attention of Godoma and Malkia who quickly separated the fighting babies.  

Sattao with Mbegu

Sattao and Mbegu

Murit playing on a tree

Naughty Maktao has taken to biting!


All the orphans in the older herd seemed to want to get to the mud bath area for their milk before it was their time today. As Godoma’s first group was waiting to walk down, Ndotto came out of the forest to join them; fortunately there was still time and he was escorted back to his own group. Godoma’s group were very well behaved at visiting today, and only Enkesha decided to have a mud bath. Maisha was in her usual favourite corner and the visitors were busy taking photos of her. Musiara with his smiling face was having a good time with the school children along the rope cordon. As the group were almost about to leave, Ndiwa, Malkia and Tagwa came running in towards the wheelbarrow. They had sneaked away from their group and arrived early, so the younger ones were all surprised to see them! Enkesha ran out of the mud pool where she had been enjoying a mud bath, and the older three only ended up staying a few minutes before they went back out to the forest with the first group!  

The orphans were all in a hurry today!

Ndotto came out looking for his milk

Sweet Enkesha

Ndiwa wanted her milk early


As the orphans arrived out in the woods today there was a small commotion. As they browsed in small groups in different directions, from a distance a baboon started shouting. Shortly later two lionesses came out of the thicket and seemed to be pursuing an impala. Mteto started shouting and Sagala followed her, running out of the bushes to safety. Mundusi, Ndiwa and Kuishi ran right straight past the keepers and seemed to be making for home. All of the little ones in the group like Musiara, Maktao, Maisha, Emoli and Sattao gathered around the keepers whilst the big ones stamped their feet and trumpeted. Calm was eventually restored by the keepers, and we were glad the orphans reacted this way so that they know lions are to be feared and they should keep their distance.

While walking down to the public visit today, Malkia left the forest with Mteto, Tagwa, Esampu and Mundusi but on their way, Malkia held up the group and prevented them from going any further. She knew she could get away with it as there was no keeper with them, nor anyone in the group to stop her. After the group struggled to free themselves so they could go down for their milk, she eventually let them go but blocked Esampu. We thought then that Esampu must have been her main target and she was trying to prevent her naughty behavior down at the mud bath area. Esampu kept trying to dodge Malkia all the way down to the empty space. When the keepers who were waiting for them down at the mud bath saw what was going on they went up to free Esampu. When Malkia saw the keeper coming she gave Esampu some space to pass, thus avoiding being told off!

All the orphans walking out to browse

Sagala warned the others

Mundusi ran past the keepers

Malkia led the others in the group


Musiara has been missing his friend Luggard out in the forest. Luggard hasn’t been feeling well for a couple of days now, and although he does accompany the others out to the forest, he does not walk as far as them into the woods. Because Musiara is not around, Luggard seems to be seeking Enkesha’s company; today for example these two spent most of the day together. Maybe Maisha will become one of Musiara’s friends while Luggard is recovering. Maisha is a gentle girl and is not a bully, and Musiara does not like bullies!

Kuishi isn’t very social with the other orphans and this might be why when they are having too much fun around her she will chase them away; perhaps she is envious of them! Malima and Jotto are known to be best play mates and were playing hide and seek in the bushes today, chasing each other around. They were playing right in front of Kuishi and at first she was not bothered, but as the games stepped up a level she began to warn them whenever they got close to her. Eventually she couldn’t stand it any further and when they started climbing on each other next to her she took this as an opportunity to push Jotto away to separate the two. Malima was not ready to give up the game and she went to find Jotto to continue her game.

Musiara has been missing his friend Luggard

Poor Luggard hasn't been feeling well

Maisha is a lovely girl

Kuishi isn't as social as the other elephants




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