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Following the rains that have fallen in the Chyulu Hills and the Kibwezi forest there is now plenty of lovely green vegetation coming up for the orphans to feed on. The Umani Hills are getting very green and the orphans are always happy to climb the hills and feed on the fresh greens. Alamaya and Mwashoti fought over some greens today as Alamaya was quicker than his friend in grabbing vegetation with his trunk and stuffing it into his mouth. Murera, Sonje and some of the other orphans came to browse with them thus keeping the peace as they browsed their way up the hills. Lima Lima came charging up and pushed Alamaya out of the way as she rushed to get to the top ahead of the rest of the group.

At the midday bottle feeding area the elephants came running in wanting to be the first to reach their bottles. Some of the boys, together with Sonje and Ziwa, quickly downed their share then made their way to the water trough for a drink of water. The rest of the group made their way to the dustbath where they had a lot of fun rolling around in the dust and mounting one another. Mwashoti and Lima Lima stole the show and everyone was very impressed with their skills.

Orphans morning browsing activities

Limalima and Sonje swatting horseflies

Faraja looking for Jasiri


Today the orphans decided to make the long journey to the Chyulu Hills for the days browsing activities. Zongoloni was especially intent on going there and pushed the group hard. The keepers remained at the back of the group walking slowly. Once they got to Chyulus they browsed until it was time to head to the bottle feeding area. Alamaya decided to play strength testing games with Zongoloni and Quanza. The two older girls were happy to oblige as they know they are older and stronger than he is and he would not be able to hurt him so they let him have his fun.

Today at the bottle feeding point the orphans had their milk then waited for the keepers to finish their lunch so that they could resume with their browsing activities. None of the orphans entered the water as it was rather cold today and they wanted to stay as warm as they could. The group today walked further afield than they normally do and Murera, Sonje and Mwashoti who were at the rear of the group looked quite tired by the time they returned home in the evening.

Sonje in the mud playing with the naughty boys

Limalima and Alamaya playing pushing games

Murera showing Ziwa how to wallow in mind


The orphan elephants have been enjoying feeding on the fresh vegetation that has been shooting up following the rains that have fallen this month. Greedy Lima Lima does not waste any time at all in grabbing as much of the green shoots that she can, often preventing her friends from having any as she charges from one area to another. Alamaya and Mwashoti often struggle to get some of fresh greens as Lima Lima gets there before anyone else and eats practically everything.

Lately Murera does not tolerate any nonsense or misbehaving from any of the orphans under her care. Today she even pushed Mwashoti who is never a trouble maker. The keepers were a little perplexed as to why she was being tough on the youngster but realized that she was probably just making sure that he knows the proper way to behave so as to not have any problems in the future with the rest of the orphans or with any wild elephants.

Zongoloni startled by some antelopes

Mwashoti napping in the wet mud

Orphans at dust bath


Today the two little boys Alamaya and Mwashoti took off and walked away from the rest of the group, with their own idea as to where they wanted to go. Zongoloni and Lima Lima saw the two youngsters heading off and managed to catch up with them and block them from going any further. They got the two boys to turn around and rejoin Murera and the rest of the group all of whom were waiting for them. Murera took her leadership role very seriously and made sure that the young boys stayed close to her until the evening when they were safely back in the stockades where they enjoyed their evening milk bottle.

There are quite large numbers of bushbucks within the Kibwezi forest and they seem to have become used to the keepers being around. Today one male bushbuck, who seems to be on friendly terms with the keepers, tried to spend the night within the stockades. However Murera and Sonje were not happy to have him in the empty stockade and walking around the compound. They made their displeasure known by trumpeting loudly which set off the rest of the orphans and they only stopped when the keepers had removed the bushbuck from the stockade compound.

Ziwa exits the forest looking for his friends

Murera and Sonje watch over Ziwa

Jasiri walking on the slopes of Chyulu hills


Murera and Sonje together with Jasiri took the lead of the group as they made their way out for the day. Some of the boys in the orphan herd wanted to get Alamaya and Mwashoti to follow them instead of the matriarchs. Murera and Sonje were not happy about this and managed to prevent the two young bulls from wondering off with their older friends. The two boys quickly fell in line and followed the orphan herd matriarchs.

Today the orphans stopped to browse on the bushes along the Umani Hills. While they were browsing they were unfortunately bothered by some tsetse flies that were in the area. Alamaya browsed close to Lima Lima who was able to keep the flies away. The orphans were finally able to evade the tsetse flies when they left the area and made their way to the waterhole. Here they were able to enter the water and wallow, thus keeping the tsetse flies at bay. The orphans all managed to cover their bodies with a layer of mud so that the flies would not bother them anymore.

Limalima enjoying rolling in the wet mud

Zongoloni relaxing

Murera running to keep the herd together




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