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The weather was very chilly this morning and it took Mwashoti, Murera and Sonje quite off-guard as they struggled out from their rooms with their stiff legs. Ziwa and Quanza had a fight when Quanza tried to push him into the wet grass which he did not like. When Shukuru walked over to the fighting babies, Lima Lima went to stand between her and Ngasha who she could see was up to no good and thinking about climbing on Shukuru. Lima Lima is very gentle to both Shukuru and Alamaya and she treats them with great respect. Being the assistant head girl she performs her role adoringly and is always on the lookout for Shukuru, making sure she is happy and comfortable and not bothered by the older boys. She walks long distances with Shukuru looking for her favourite branches to make her belly full and get her up to full peak condition. Today the keepers were laughing when at the midday bottle feeding time, they saw Shukuru trying to compete with Lima Lima as to who would be the first to reach the bottles. We thought Lima Lima’s greedy habits might even begin to rub off on Shukuru, and Shukuru might start to try and grab more bottles like Lima Lima does when she is being naughty.  

Tail-less boy Alamaya

Mwashoti walking behind Shukuru

Ngasha with Sonje in the hills


It is lovely to see Shukuru settling in very fast and eating all the food put in her bedroom at night. At bottle feeding time at midday, Shukuru is the fastest baby to the bottles, even faster than Lima Lima sometimes, but where she falls down is the ability to hold the bottle herself. She might pick this up soon however, like how Alamaya and Mwashoti both learnt from Zongoloni and Jasiri, and now the majority of Umani elephants grab their bottles on their own at feeding time. At the waterhole today Shukuru loved rolling around in the muddy water, splashing water on her back. She then walked over to Sonje and they both went for a little rest under the trees as the keepers had their lunch. 

Sonje leading the way out for a new day

Shukuru eating a tasty acacia tree

Ngasha drinks from the water hole


The orphans were troubled in the night when a leopard decided to walk around the trees surrounding the stockade compound. It was making a low growl sound sometimes which disturbed poor Mwashoti. Lima Lima held her trunk up high smelling where the leopard was walking. She trumpeted to warm the leopard to stay away from the compound, and in the morning all the elephant babies looked relieved to see their keepers so they could at last walk out to the forest.

In the morning Sonje and Faraja tried to follow the trail of some wild elephants who had walked through the bushes close by. The keepers saw the footprints of the leopard this morning as well. The keepers and Mwashoti then made their way over to Shukuru and Sonje who walked closely behind them.

Shukuru leading all the orphans out

Faraja going down his own path

Mwashoti picking lots of vegetation


Shukuru came out running just like the other orphans at Umani today when they came out of their night stockades. She is getting used to the routine here, and she went straight to the lucerne feeding area where all the elephants put their heads together to eat. Ziwa and his friend Faraja were the first to walk away whilst the others were still picking up pellets. Sonje kept Mwashoti between her and Murera whilst Lima Lima ate with Shukuru.

Lima Lima and her new friend Shukuru climbed the Umani Hills looking for more vegetation found there. Lima Lima then smelt some baby hyraxes sleeping in the bushes and Shukuru got a fright as she was not expecting to find them there in the bush she was browsing from. Shukuru ran away but Lima Lima and the keepers intervened to stop her and calm her down.

Sonje playing on the soil mound

Zongoloni escorting Shukuru

Little bully Alamaya watching Shukuru


In the early morning the elephants had their milk bottles as usual but in the open area in preparation for Shukuru’s arrival. Just as it reached the time when the elephants would usually walk into the forest, the lorry carrying Shukuru arrived and the orphans walked over very excited to greet her. Lima Lima performed her role perfectly and was the first one over to welcome her out. She touched Shukuru with her trunk, but Shukuru came out of the lorry looking very confused and a bit tired. She was not interested in her milk bottle, but grabbed pellets as she was followed by Alamaya, Mwashoti and Lima Lima playing her role as assistant head girl. She escorted Shukuru to all the new places to familiarize her with Umani stockades and the Kibwezi forest. Shukuru was so delighted with all the new and delicious vegetation around, grabbing as much grass as she could fit into her mouth at once – this immediately helped to settle her down, as she was fixated on the food.

When Shukuru and other orphans came back to the stockades after a long day’s walk, Shukuru was led by her keeper friend who came with her from the nursery because she did not know any of the Umani keepers. She lost her way on the way to her night stockade, as she was still not sure which her room was. She was next to Alamaya, and Alamaya was trying to bully her while in his room but the keepers stopped him and she had a peaceful night. We are sure that in the forest of Kibwezi Shukuru will get very strong and gain condition in no time after her long time of illness.

Shukuru arriving

Shukuru being introduced to Umani

Shukuru out with the other orphans




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