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Elephants were heard trumpeting along the Chyulu Hills National Park and Sonje wondered what the noise could be about. For a moment she thought the trumpet sounded a bit like Alamaya’s voice but Lima Lima was with Alamaya and Mwashoti. Zongoloni walked looking for where the sound was coming from as well, but it was just some wild baby elephants who were walking in the hills with their families who were making that screaming noise that Sonje thought was from one of her babies. She and Zongoloni found that all the orphans were within the bushes so it must be some wild babies making that noise. When Murera and Sonje found that all the orphans were well spread in the bushes, they both turned to walk back to prepare for a mud bath and cool down their hot bodies with cold mud. This they did after their milk bottle as no orphan would wallow before having their bottle! 

Ziwa scratching

Alamaya after a mudbath

Orphans wallowing

Jasiri browsing in the forest


Wild elephants appeared around the fields near the stockades and again they decided to follow and interact with the orphans. We gave enough space to the orphans so they could learn more about their new friends. Some of the boys did not want join them and only Ziwa went but he was pushed very hard by the bigger elephants and he came running back to where Sonje and Mwashoti were eating their branches. Zongoloni walked over to see who was shouting and found Ziwa running away from the big bull who pushed him back from the wild herd. When Lima Lima and Zongoloni approached them however they were accepted by the wild friends who were mainly bulls with two young females. Perhaps Ziwa did not approach them with the best etiquette!  

Jasiri climbing over Lima Lima

Faraja and Ziwa

Ngasha with a mouthful of vegetation

Ziwa browsing in the forest


The orphans all left their rooms very slowly today and they were slow walking out to the bushes, leaving the keepers to wonder why Lima Lima and other babies were so slow today. Other days they come running out to the lucerne feeding corner. Sonje patted Mwashoti around his belly while Murera watched and waited for Mwashoti to come over as well. When Zongoloni later moved towards the gate all the boys moved to follow her, leaving Murera and Sonje with their baby boy Mwashoti. A sykes monkey jumped in the trees in celebration that the elephants were around to keep the baboons at bay and allow him to enjoy some of the lucerne pellets too. Later, after the orphans had moved out to the forest, the baboons invaded the lucerne area.

The waterhole was full of very many buffalos, walking and sleeping in the field. They had stayed there for some time and made it very dirty and full of flies. Murera and Zongoloni led the babies to wallow in the mud bath. Alamaya was pushed by Faraja to give way for space to wallow but Alamaya did not move, forcing Faraja to kick him with his back foot. Alamaya shouted for help from Lima Lima or Zongoloni who were close by; they came over and brought Alamaya out of the waterhole to leave Faraja alone. The walking patrol continued in the bushes all the way to the Chyulu Hills so they could keep feeding on the nice fresh branches they came across there.

Sonje heading to the milk bottles

Mwashoti enjoying a dustbath

Zongoloni dustbathing

Alamaya and Mwashoti strength testing


Yesterday the orphans looked desperate at the mud bath point, waiting for the bottle feeding time. When they saw a different vehicle from the car they are familiar with, they were not aware that it was the bottles being carried by the tractor. Lima Lima arrived to see what was in the tractor and when she found the bottles she got very excited, and called some other orphans to come for their bottles. Zongoloni grabbed her bottle just before keeper put it down on the ground, followed by Jasiri. Alamaya is only little with a short trunk and he tried but he could not reach the trailer. A keeper had to give him his bottle with Mwashoti as they could not reach. Some wild buffaloes appeared at the waterhole demanding to be given chance access to the water, and later they rolled in the waterhole to get mud on the heads as they felt very hot as well and wanted to cool down.  

Lima Lima waiting for milk

Sonje browsing in the field

Mwashoti walking on the road

Faraja having a drink at the broken pipeline


Mwashoti, Murera and Sonje all greeted each other nicely this morning as soon as they came out of their night stockades. Murera headed to Mwashoti's room to ask him how his night was. Sonje arrived and ask the same thing but Mwashoti responded and told them the night was peaceful and he was ready to walk out for the new day. Lima Lima and Quanza took the lead of all the orphans out to the forest and they climbed the hills as they browsed.

At mud bath time, Quanza and Faraja went straight into the waterhole because they thought it was very hot. Faraja and Jasiri’s skin was burning and they needed to put a muddy later on top to cover their light skin. Soon there was a fight for space as Alamaya and Zongoloni tried to squeeze their way in. The big girls wanted to roll around but this activity took up a lot of space! Because of this the little boy Alamaya found it hard to fit in and there was not much space left for him. Sonje had to come in and separate them all so that a fight did not break out inside the waterhole.

Orphans having a drink at the waterhole

Ziwa enjoying acacia roots


Jasiri feeding on soft greens




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