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A group of boys including Kauro, Rapa. Ndotto, Lasayen, Sapalan, Namalok and their best friend Sagalla spent their morning far away from the others this morning. Today after they had their 9am milk bottle, Kauro led them away and they went in a different direction from where the rest where browsing. As we were monitoring them to quietly see where they went, all of a sudden they came running back yelling as they had seen an eland running for safety. For the rest of the morning they browsed peacefully with the rest of the herd with the keepers as well.  

Ndotto and Lasayen entwine trunks

Orphans browsing

Pare walks to the mud-bath


As usual in the morning some of the orphans went running over to Maxwellís gate to feed on lucerne pellets. It was a group of young ones including Ambo, Jotto and Tamiyoi who were the first, before they were joined by Kauro. They made way for him because they are afraid of him due to his habit of disciplining them. He took advantage of that and stood across the gate so the others could not have any more, and then Namalok and Sapalan, the other two big elephants in the Nursery, joined him.

Before it was public visiting time today, Mapia managed to sneak away to the mud bath area before the milk was there. He refused to return and was only convinced to rejoin his friends in the forest when a keeper used an empty milk bottle to entice him back. Even when he returned he remained very restless and pointed his trunk in the direction of the mud bath. He was only satisfied when it was eventually time for the milk feed!

Ambo at the mud-bath

Enkesha walking to the mud-bath

Kiasa sniffing the air


The weather looked good when the orphans came out of their stables this morning as it was sunny and warm. The orphans showed their appreciation by enjoying different games; Ngilai and Jotto were busy sizing each other up, while Mbegu played on some loose soil whilst allowing the likes of Ambo, Malima, Tagwa, Kuishi and the big boy Ndotto to roll and slide down her.

When the first group of orphans made their way to the mud bath led by Godoma, the weather changed suddenly and it clouded over and started drizzling. All of a sudden there was a thunder clap which sent the orphans running in all directions. They raised their ears in fright and each sought out a keeper for protection. It took the keepers awhile to help them settle again as they had been frightened by the sudden and unexpected sound of the thunder.

When the second group came down for once it was Mbegu who we found tricky today! All the orphans know that it is her role to clean up all the spilt milk on the ground, and sometimes from the wheelbarrow as well. Although since Namalok has arrived however, he has never taken the milk from the bottle so his two bottles are poured into the wheelbarrow and he drinks it from there. Mbegu decided to take advantage of Namalokís shy character and habit of drinking slowly. She pretended to help and drive away all the other naughty orphans who wanted Namalokís milk, but it was she who ended up drinking almost half of Namalokís share from the wheelbarrow!

Sana Sana finds a puddle

Sapalan and Jotto browse together

Tamiyoi reaches for green branches


With the ongoing drought across the whole country, ticks have become a real pest for the orphans and we work hard to control them. The application of coconut oil helps this, but new arrivals like Sapalan, Namalok, Sagalla and the little girl Kiasa are not yet used to this funny and unfamiliar procedure. Normally this application takes place on a Friday but to help control the ticks we decided to apply it today, a Wednesday, as well. The new arrivals were not at all pleased with the process and kept the keepers on their toes running all over the place to avoid the oil. In the end, they got the oil coating as well! Mapia joined the orphans later in the morning today as he is still not that well so he only joins them when they are not browsing too far away. After having his 9am milk feed with the rest of the orphans, he collapsed and was immediately set up on a drip. He got back to his feet later after a little rest and a few drips.
Naughty girl Esampu is still being mean to new arrival Kiasa. Today she walked up to Kiasa as she was enjoying some green browse at the mud bath and head butted her heard without warning. It was a big push and Kiasa yelled loudly which brought the attention of Tamiyoi, Godoma, Malima and Jotto. They ran over to Kiasa to help her and find out what happened, but by the time they got there Esampu has already moved away to browse innocently. It was only the keepers who saw was happened and they told Esampu off and moved her away from the herd in punishment.

Luggard decided on his own to return early to bed this afternoon around 4.30pm, and the keepers let him stay there before the others returned at 5pm.

Kiasa keeping distance from Esampu

Esampu after troubling Kiasa

Luggard returns home early


As the rains continue the bushes are turning greener every day. The orphans are enjoying the soft browse which is a great relief from the dry spell and dry vegetation they have had for the past few months. Newcomers like Namalok, Sapalan, Maisha and Emoli are very happy with this change in weather, and sometimes partner with Kauro, Ndotto, Pare, Ndiwa, Mundusi and sometimes Maramoja to browse further afield, in the new grassy areas. Today the five big boys moved so further afield that Kauro, Sapalan and Namalok did not come back for their 11am milk bottle! Ndotto and Pare managed to have their bottles but Sapalan and Namalok arrived too late and their milk had already been returned to the mixing area. Kauro didnít come at all, only to show up once the public visit was over!  

Emoli enjoying soft green grass

Ndotto after his bottle of milk

Pare rests on one leg




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