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Soon after reaching the bush to browse, the orphans were joined by Narok, Orwa, Bomani, Narok and Laragai’s group. Naseku settled to have a chat with Bomani as they engaged in a brief soil dusting exercise. Lemoyian, whose one tusk broke but is now re-growing up again, joined the two to soil bath. Maramoja, Rapa and Pare, who came together from Nairobi three months ago, settled together to browse. It is touching to see that Nursery friends remain such even after such a long time in their new surroundings. This is often the case and these orphans will probably reintegrate back into the wild altogether as well.

Galla played with Tusuja but later walked away when Tusuja hit him hard; contrary to the rules of the kind of game they had started playing. Kamok had a brief soil dusting exercise as Kauro teamed up with Dupotto to browse on some bushes.

Later on at the mud bath, the orphans were briefly joined by Yatta’s group. There was excited trumpeting when the two groups met, with Naseku leading the trumpeting from the dependent orphan’s side, and baby Wiva leading the other side! Their interaction lasted for less than twenty minutes when Yatta and her group left. In the afternoon, the sun was still hot but the orphans continued browsing throughout without being bothered by the heat of the sun.

Orphans feeding on lucerne early morning

Ex Orphans at the mud-bath with their babies

Barsilinga kicking up some dust


The sky was crystal clear as the orphans strolled nonchalantly out from the stockades. This was a clear indication of a hot day a head and that the rains are taking a break. Orwa, Narok and Bomani joined the juniors for the morning pellets. Kamok shared her pile with Kauro and Maramoja, while Pare shared his with Sapalan.

The orphans drank water at Kone dam and after went back to browsing. Kauro had fun playing on the ground but that game ended abruptly when he saw a dik dik approaching. He stood up and decided to play with the dik dik that had invaded his privacy. With his ears raised, Kauro ran at the dik dik which promptly disappeared into the bushes, leaving Kauro wondering where it had gone so quickly. Tusuja settled to play on a anthill while Roi dusted herself with soil.

Soon after taking their milk at noon, Naseku played one of her usual tricks. She has become cheeky these days and likes to scare her friends for no reason by pretending that she had seen something scary and runs into the bushes shouting so everyone follows her. The keepers intervened by calling them all back and took them to the mud bath to wallow and cool off. Ukame, who appears to have a dislike of water, was the first one to jump in but she ran through without stopping, straight to the other side. Her friends followed her which made this the shortest mud bath ever, lasting less than three minutes! At the end Naseku had a conflict with Galla but it was quickly sorted out by Oltaiyoni. In the afternoon, Naseku and Dupotto settled for a soil dusting exercise and they were later joined by Namalok, Tusuja, Kauro, Roi and Wanjala.

Orphans stop for a drink

Kauro playing

Orphans swimming


The orphans woke up to a cold morning after showers of 6mm early before dawn. As usual, the orphans settled for lucerne pellets and later Karisa led the way to the browsing field but later was overtaken by Maramoja who wants to make sure that she is the one leading most of the time. The orphans settled to browse at Kone area where they were joined by Narok, Bomani, Orwa and Laragai’s group. Tusuja held a strength testing exercise with Bomani that ended shortly when Tusuja was overpowered by Bomani. Barsilinga and Maramoja had a game of rolling on ground as the rest of the herd concentrated on browsing. It was a day with moderate temperatures and the orphans chose not to mess around. Vegetation is really growing now and the orphans are making choices of which type of vegetation they most like to eat! Pare led the first group to the mud bath while Maramoja led the second one. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in Kanziku area until in the evening when Maramoja led the first group back to the stockade.  

Garzi scratching underbelly

Barsilinga plays in the dust

Lemoyian and Sirimon


Laragai’s group, which is slowly assimilating into Narok’s group these days, showed up in the morning and joined the juniors. The sky was partly covered by clouds as Narok led the way to the browsing field. Karisa settled to browse with Sokotei. Karisa has been shy with his friends in the past but is now becoming used to everyone and interacting with all the members in the group. Lemoyian briefly settled to browse with Ukame and had a chat with her that didn't last for long, since Ukame was wary about Lemoyian who is known for pushing and riding on others without their consent. The boy is small but tough. Narok settled to browse with Sapalan and she appeared to want to get to know him a bit more, as he is always a solitary elephant. Later in the day Roi, who likes rolling on the ground, had a time out from browsing to enjoy a game of doing just so. Her game attracted Naseku and Tusuja who joined her in playing. 

Maramoja scratching

Lemoyian chattign to Ukame

Narok and Sapalan


After spending the night out, Laragai and her group accompanied by Kilaguni, Chaimu, Orwa, Bomani and Narok joined the orphans in the morning. After feeding on lucerne, Maramoja, who likes leading, led the way followed by the quick-tempered Ukame.

In the bush Kilaguni, whose tusks are twice long as compared to Orwa's, engaged Orwa in a pushing game. Tusuja and Galla who were feeding close by, stopped feeding so they could watch Kilaguni and Orwa’s game. A few minutes later, Orwa surrendered and went back to browsing. Tusuja and Galla decided to put into practice what they had learned by watching the two boys fighting each other. As Tusuja and Galla were busy pushing each, Kilaguni came and separated the two boys by pushing them away – it was as if he did not want them messing around in front of their seniors!

At midday as the orphans made their way to the mud bath, the sun was really hot which we thought indicated more rain ahead, but unfortunately the day ended without receiving a single drop. Dupotto, who at one time disappeared for almost three months, created a scene when after having her milk bottles she tried to join another group who had not had theirs yet. Dupotto made sure she wasn't leading the group to avoid detection. Upon arriving at where the keepers were holding the milk she raised her trunk up as if asking for her share of milk. She was surprised when she was turned away and wondered how the keepers managed to know that she had already finished her own share of milk. One thing Dupotto had forgotten was to wipe her mouth clean because traces of milk could be seen in the mouth and around her chin!

In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse close to Imenti area and in the evening Laragai and her group escorted the juniors back to the stockades. Upon arriving at the stockade compound, Laragai and her group went past the compound as if heading to kalovoto area. She and her group had grown wise and knew that if they went into the stockade they would definitely be locked in until morning. The gate was left open for whoever felt like staying to go inside.

Naseku playing

Kithaka and Sokotei

Kamok chatting to Wanjala




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