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The orphans came out of the stockades today and went out to browse. Siangiki and Enkikwe received their usual morning treatment of their wounds and then went to join their friends. Olsekki and Naseku browsed together. Bomani was still with the dependent herd as he had stayed the night with them and we had not yet come across any older orphans like those from Narokís group, that he might want to join. The orphans later walk to Kone dam on their way to the mud bath and had some water.

All the orphans got into the mud wallow after their milk bottles and started wallowing. Siangiki and Enkikwe had their own separate and shallower bath to the side of the mud hole. Then all the orphans came out and walked back to the bush to browse. Barsilinga as usual didnít want to stay with the younger orphans and kept sneaking away and walking off from the group. Today he managed to sneak off with Laragai, Sirimon and Sapalan. The keepers looked for them until dark when Barsilinga, Laragai and Sirimon decided to come back at around 7pm on their own accord, but Sapalan was left behind. He came back later at 1am with Mutara's herd, and we locked him inside one of the stockades. Sapalan wants to stay out with the older elephants because he has already weaned himself off the milk and considers himself a big boy! But they are still bringing him back, perhaps because they think he is still too young.


Siangiki browsing

Sapalan busy browsing

Ukame playig with a branch


Bomani, who appears to have withdrawn his membership from Narok's group, reported early before dawn to join with Laragaiís group. We not sure of the status of Narokís herd as they have all separated. Narok was seen hanging out with Yattaís herd and we think Orwa and Vuria have joined another herd. After the juniors were let out, Pare exchanged morning greetings with Bomani by entwining their trunks. Shortly afterwards, Bomani offered to lead the way to the browsing field.

Galla settled to browse with Rapa. The two didn't feed together for long though as Rapa couldn't tolerate Gallaís behaviour. Galla kept trying to take what Rapa had been working so hard to feed on for himself. Kauro settled to feed with Sirimon who is an independent boy and they engaged in a brief chat that was interrupted by Laragai, who happened to pass by and shove Kauro aside to make room. Kauro wasn't happy about the bossy behaviour of this older girl, but there was nothing he could do since by protesting he would be inviting the wrath of Laragai! Kauro parted ways with Sirimon and headed to feed on his own. At mud bath time the orphans fully participated in the wallowing exercise, and after they were briefly joined by two wild bulls but they were a bit scared of them, and so they walked towards the keepers. In the evening, Bomani returned with the orphans back to the stockade and since he had no group to join outside, he was so happy when he was allowed to spend the night in the stockade with the juniors.


Galla and Rapa browsing together

Sirimon and Kauro


Mutaraís group as usual reported in the morning as the orphans were preparing themselves to go into the bush. They surrounded Enkikwe and had a brief chat with him. We thought they were trying to ask him if he was okay going out with the others for the whole day, and if it was putting strain on his leg. We think Enkikwe likes the exercise and socializing with his friends again. It is good for him to use his leg and get it moving, although he will never walk the same.

An hour after the orphans left for browsing, the senior ex-orphans led by Yatta passed through the stockade compound in the company of three wild bulls, with one bull being in musth. Makiretiís group and Narokís group have now merged with senior ex orphans but we are not sure for how long. At mud bath time, all the orphans including Enkikwe, who is really enjoying the company of his friends after being kept back at the stockades for over 2 months, had a spectacular wallowing session. After the orphans had enough, Kithaka, Tusuja, Oltaiyoni, Ukame, Kauro, Namalok and Wanjala headed for red soil dusting. Tusuja decided to quit the soil dusting exercise when Kithaka tried to climb on him without asking him for permission. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse and Maramoja decided to team up with Laragai for a conversation. We could hear them rumbling away. At around 3.30pm, the weather changed, and the sky opened up and we had rain for nearly half an hour that measured 16 mm.

Wild elephant with the ex orphans

Laragai and Maramoja

Kithaka riding on Tusuja


The sky was crystal clear in the morning when the orphans were let out. Mutara, Suguta, Kainuk, Turkwel, Sities, Kanjoro and Kilaguni welcomed the juniors out and walked with them to the bush. Kanjoro as usual met with Garzi and they had a strength testing exercise that ended again in a draw. Kauro started his day's activities by performing a soil dusting exercise using his versatile trunk. Shortly later, his game attracted Suguta who joined him, and then forced him out from where he was performing the soil dusting exercise. Kauro wasn't pleased but he had no choice other than to respect his elders wish.

The orphans settled to browse and Kilaguni and Kanjoro visited a nearby dam and had an early wallowing session while engaging in strength testing exercise. The orphans were visited briefly by Yattaís herd including baby Yoyo, Mulika, Mwende, Kinna, baby Kama, Galana, baby Gawa, Ithumbah, Loijuk, Makena, Lenana, Narok, Yetu, Lualeni, Kilabasi, Makireti, Zurura, Wendi, baby Wiva and Rapsu. After mud bath, the orphans headed to the lower kalovoto area where they settled to browse for the rest of the day. Mutaraís group parted ways with juniors and left.

In the evening, a few minutes to seven o'clock, Siangiki and Olsekki who had been missing for nine days, arrived in the company of Mutaraís group Orwa, Bomani, Vuria and Kilaguni. Though darkness was approaching, the wounds that were as a result of an attempted lion attack on Siangikiís back and tail were now clearly visible. The two were bundled into the stockade to join their friends and application of green clay to the wounds was to commence the following day. Laragaiís group is almost complete; now we are just waiting for Boromoko to show up since he has joined the senior ex-orphans.

Mutara's group

Kauro soil dusting

Kanjoro and Kilaguni wallowing


Mutara and her group joined the orphans early in the morning and escorted the juniors to the browsing field. Garzi had a brief strength testing exercise with Kanjoro while Maramoja settled to browse with Mutara as she seemed to like to spend time with this older female and learn from her. Shortly later, Maramoja walked away, seemingly content as she was swaying her head and trunk. As usual, Barsilinga, Garzi and Sirimon split from the rest of the herd and left to browse a short distance away. Kauro and Dupotto scratched against nearby trees while Mutara decided to have fun by rolling on the ground. Her game attracted Lemoyian, Karisa, Namalok, Kithaka and Pare who joined her in rolling on the ground. Tusuja teamed up with Kainuk in an effort to learn some new pushing tactics. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse and returned back to the safely of the stockade at five o'clock in the evening.

At around six o'clock in the evening, some of Olareís group showed up at the stockade after being away for a long time. Those who showed up were Melia, Tumaren, Kibo, Kandecha, Kitirua, Kalama, Chemi Chemi and Kilaguni who belong to Chaimuís group. Narokís group is suspected to be with Siangiki and Olsekki who still havenít shown up.

Kanjoro playing with Garzi

Sirimon by the side of the road

Kainuk playing with Tusuja




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