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Narripi and Makena left their respective stables at about 7.30 a.m. and Makena kept on trying to suckle Narripi, bending down to do so. 

Makena and Narripi very close friends


Tiny Makena is extremely active and very playful. She loved playing football with the ball all morning. Narripi’s stools are again loose after an improvement during the antibiotic course, so he was given yoghurt in the morning and evening. 

Narripi sucks his keepers fingers


The tiny new arrival, “Makena” is extremely playful and cheeky, giving Narripi a hard time by wanting to play with his damaged trunk. The Keepers had to restrain her, because although Narripi’s trunk is healing, it is still very tender and also he is not quite himself, bothered by the teething process. She kept running around playfully pushing the Keepers. 

Narripi and Makena walking with their keepers


Narripi is a little better, and very happy to have been joined by another very small elephant from Laikipia, named “Makena”. When the bigger elephants were brought in to greet the newcomer, the baby thought Naserian was her mother, and kept kneeling down to suck Naserian’s ears. 

Makena, the new addition to the nursery unit


Kora was determined to get top-sides of Buchuma today and they had a tough tussle until Naserian came between them and took Kora away. Lualeni then came and put her trunk in Kora’s mouth in a gesture of love. Narripi has been having difficulty cutting his first molars, suffering from loose stools that have necessitated treatment, especially since blood appeared in the stool. The Vet prescribed a 5 day course of oral antibiotic. 

Narripi sleeps watched over by a keeper




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