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Boromoko, the gentle boy, left his stockade with a branch in his mouth that was quickly taken away by Kanjoro who, together with the Ex Orphans, were relaxing outside the stockade waiting for lucerne. Unfortunately the remaining lucerne was not enough for the orphans, Ex Orphans and wild elephants present. To avoid a chaotic scenario, the orphans were left to intermingle with the Ex Orphans and wild elephants before making their way to the browsing field. Enkikwe had a great time with Gawa as they chatted for quite some time while Garzi settled for a strength testing exercise with Kibo. Tusuja played with Murka as Lemoyian tackled Sokotei, a game that Sokotei ended up surrendering to Lemoyian.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by more Ex Orphans. Naseku, Siangiki, Lemoyian and Sirimon had a great time wallowing. After enough wallowing, Naseku left the mud bath with so much excitement, charging out of the water whilst trumpeting and swinging her trunk. She soon disappeared into the thickets. Naseku loves her milk and always makes sure she is at the front of the line in her group when heading for milk. She is also the fastest in the group and lives a happy life without confrontation with anyone. In the afternoon, the sun was hot prompting Tusuja, Roi and Oltaiyoni to relax under some trees and only resume browsing when it became a bit cooler.

Gawa chats with Enkikwe

Kibo plays with Garzi

Naseku in a funny charging mood

Chyulu, baby Siku and Sunyei

Oltaiyoni relaxing


Mutara, Kanjoro, Kainuk, Turkwel, Sities, Suguta, Chaimu and Kilaguni spent the night just outside the stockade. As soon as the gates were opened for orphans to leave in the morning, Kainuk, Chaimu and Suguta made their way into the stockade to check if there were any leftovers. Shukuru had a brief conversation with Barsilinga when they settled for lucerne as Orwa, Narok, Bomani and Vuria emerged from the eastern side of the stockade. Shortly later, Yatta and her group checked in and settled to share lucerne with the juniors. Kamok took some time to familiarize herself with Nusu as Garzi engaged Mutara in a pushing game, a game that saw Mutara emerge victorious. Boromoko, the gentle boy who loves engaging his fellow boys in pushing games, settled for a soil dusting exercise and later moved to a nearby termite hill where he gauged his own strength by trying to push the termite hill. Sokotei and Enkikwe had fun rolling on the ground with Sokotei attempting to ride on Enkikwe. Naseku picked an acacia branch that had probably been dropped by a wild elephant and stopped to have a taste of it when Tusuja came by and pulled it from her mouth. Naseku just let it go hoping that she would find another as the day went on. The temperature was moderate and only Lemoyian, Olsekki, Naseku, Shukuru, Oltaiyoni and Siangiki decided to wallow. But in the afternoon, the temperature skyrocketed making the orphans take a break from feeding and converge under a tree to hide from the scorching sun. The orphans resumed browsing later when the temperature had dropped slightly.  

Shukuru talking to Barsilinga

Mutara playing with Garzi

Boromoko soil dusting

Sokotei playing with Enkikwe


It was a quiet morning as the orphans settled for lucerne without any outsiders showing up for the lucerne feeding session. Kamok took a break from feeding to scratch on a nearby rock. Half an hour later, the senior Ex Orphans showed up and joined the juniors. Yoyo spent some time familiarizing himself with Galla and Naseku and later had a playful game with Naseku.

Out in the bush, Olsekki had a brief strength testing exercise with Lemoyian as Garzi had some exercise by climbing some rocks in search of better pasture. Barsilinga settled to browse with Laragai as Boromoko teamed up with Sirimon. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by eight wild bulls and later in the afternoon Sokotei, Enkikwe, Siangiki, Shukuru and Tusuja spent some time soil dusting. Later, the herd converged under a tree and relaxed before resuming browsing later on. Boromoko played with Kamok as Sirimon played with Enkikwe. In evening as usual, the orphans went via the mud bath for an evening cool-off before heading back to the stockades.

Kamok scratching whilst holding some lucerne

Yatta and her children Yoyo and Yetu

Yoyo plays with Naseku

Siangiki and Enkikwe in a dusting spot

Sweet Barsilinga


Fifteen wild elephants were drinking water at the stockade water troughs when the orphans were let out. Olare and her group were patiently waiting for lucerne in the usual place. Shortly later, Nasalot, her baby Nusu, Naserian, Chyulu, Loijuk, Ololoo and Lualeni joined the herd for lucerne. Tusuja briefly engaged Kamok in a pushing game that ended when Kamok decided to back down. When the orphans had enough of the lucerne, Kithaka led the way to the water trough where the orphans had some water before heading out to browse.

Siangiki settled to browse with Olsekki while Garzi rolled on the ground on his own. At mud bath time, Shukuru led the way as the rest of the herd followed behind her. The sun was hot but only Boromoko, Olsekki, Enkikwe, Siangiki, Naseku and Karisa decided to wallow. Kamok opted to relax under the nearby tree as the rest of the herd walked up to the water trough where Dad and eighteen wild bulls were drinking water. The orphans then headed back out to browse.

In the evening, the orphans passed by the mud bath where all of them wallowed under the supervision of a wild elephant that was standing some distance away. After wallowing, Barsilinga, Boromoko, Galla and Naseku dusted themselves with soil and shortly later, Roi led the first group back to the stockades.

Wild elephant chasing African wild dog

Garzi playing on his own

Siangiki browsing with Olsekki

Roi browsing

Naseku and Siangiki playing in the water hole


Twelve wild elephants led by One Tusk were drinking water at the stockade water troughs when the orphans were let out. Karisa left the stockade with a branch in his mouth that he continued to enjoy while waiting for lucerne. Narok appears to have spent the night with Olare’s group just outside the stockade, and walked into the stockade to find out whether there were any leftovers. Yatta and her group joined the juniors when they were eating lucerne. Nasalot was missing with her baby Nusu. When it was time to leave, Barsilinga was left behind with the Ex Orphans and followed his friends later, after he had spent enough time with the others.

Tusuja and Boromoko were enjoying a pushing game when Garzi intervened by pushing the two boys away. Naseku spent some time playing on a termite hill as Lemoyian played with Wanjala. Ukame used a nearby rock to scratch her belly as Kithaka attempted to ride on Tusuja. At mud bath time, the weather was chilly and none of the orphans dared to touch the water. Barsilinga briefly played with Kithaka before Narok, who had joined the juniors in the morning, led the way back to the browsing field. The orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area. Siangiki settled to browse with Enkikwe while Sirimon settled to browse with Wanjala and Galla. In the evening, the orphans headed to the mud bath for an evening cool-off before heading back to the stockade.

Karisa with a branch in his mouth

Yoyo drinking milk

Ukame scratching

Tusuja playing with Boromoko

Barsilinga playing with Kithaka




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