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Shukuru continues to improve day by day and with that we have seen her behavior change too. She is much more playful and looks stronger too. During the public visit today she was wonderful; she finished her two bottles before gently getting into the mud bath, tactfully spraying herself with the muddy water. Sometimes she accidentally sprayed some mud onto the keepers, her friends, and even some of the visitors there that day to see the orphans. Everyone was happy when she submerged herself in the water with her legs splayed and rolled around in happiness. Ndiwa played with Malkia in the far corner before Sana Sana interrupted them, then a slight push and pull gave started between Sana Sana and Malkia. Mteto and Sagala were quietly settled in the far corner as Ndotto, Lasayen, Mundusi and the matriarch Mbegu sprayed themselves with dust from the big heap of loose soil.

As the babies were coming home to bed at the 5pm visit today, Musiara stopped at the point where the foster parents line up to talk to the Head Keeper who was giving the talk. The little boy touched and patted the Head Keeper, perhaps wondering if he had any milk on him, until his keeper who was waiting to feed him came to get him and lead him to his stockade for bed.

Shukuru improves every day

Sana Sana with Mbegu

Sagala with Ndiwa

Funny little Musiara

Jotto out in the bush


Over the last few weeks we have mentioned how Ndotto is becoming more and more independent. Today was no different and he decided to leave the others and the keepers and browse deep in the forest. When it was time for the second, older group to make their way down to the mud bath for their milk, the keepers realized he was missing from the group. Luckily Ndotto realized from his ‘tummy clock’ that it was milk time and made his way down to the mud bath via an alternative route, just as the first group were leaving. He has his milk bottles and started dusting himself as the others made their way down for their bottles too. As the others arrived Ndotto sneaked closer to the wheelbarrow to try his luck in stealing another milk bottle. Esampu was also there sucking up all the extra milk, but Mundusi pushed her knocking her into the wheelbarrow and causing some of the bottles to fall out. Ndiwa and Sana Sana stayed away from the mud hole, feeding on the green branches put out while the rest of their friends enjoyed a mud bath. 

Independent Ndotto

Esampu with Malima

Sana Sana stayed away from the mud hole

Sana Sana having her milk bottle


All the orphans in the older herd seemed to want to get to the mud bath area for their milk before it was their time today. As Godoma’s first group was waiting to walk down, Ndotto came out of the forest to join them; fortunately there was still time and he was escorted back to his own group. Godoma’s group were very well behaved at visiting today, and only Enkesha decided to have a mud bath. Maisha was in her usual favourite corner and the visitors were busy taking photos of her. Musiara with his smiling face was having a good time with the school children along the rope cordon. As the group were almost about to leave, Ndiwa, Malkia and Tagwa came running in towards the wheelbarrow. They had sneaked away from their group and arrived early, so the younger ones were all surprised to see them! Enkesha ran out of the mud pool where she had been enjoying a mud bath, and the older three only ended up staying a few minutes before they went back out to the forest with the first group!  

The orphans were all in a hurry today!

Ndotto came out looking for his milk

Sweet Enkesha

Ndiwa wanted her milk early


As the orphans arrived out in the woods today there was a small commotion. As they browsed in small groups in different directions, from a distance a baboon started shouting. Shortly later two lionesses came out of the thicket and seemed to be pursuing an impala. Mteto started shouting and Sagala followed her, running out of the bushes to safety. Mundusi, Ndiwa and Kuishi ran right straight past the keepers and seemed to be making for home. All of the little ones in the group like Musiara, Maktao, Maisha, Emoli and Sattao gathered around the keepers whilst the big ones stamped their feet and trumpeted. Calm was eventually restored by the keepers, and we were glad the orphans reacted this way so that they know lions are to be feared and they should keep their distance.

While walking down to the public visit today, Malkia left the forest with Mteto, Tagwa, Esampu and Mundusi but on their way, Malkia held up the group and prevented them from going any further. She knew she could get away with it as there was no keeper with them, nor anyone in the group to stop her. After the group struggled to free themselves so they could go down for their milk, she eventually let them go but blocked Esampu. We thought then that Esampu must have been her main target and she was trying to prevent her naughty behavior down at the mud bath area. Esampu kept trying to dodge Malkia all the way down to the empty space. When the keepers who were waiting for them down at the mud bath saw what was going on they went up to free Esampu. When Malkia saw the keeper coming she gave Esampu some space to pass, thus avoiding being told off!

All the orphans walking out to browse

Sagala warned the others

Mundusi ran past the keepers

Malkia led the others in the group


Godoma has been branded the milk time keeper recently as she is always the first ready to race down for her bottles. She is also the one who will alert the rest of the herd when she knows the milk has arrived in the feeding area. Sagala and Mteto were naughty at the feeding and causing trouble for their friends and the keepers. They were being very greedy and fighting for more milk. Malkia can also be like this sometimes and can be a little trouble maker at feeding times. But today after seeing these two orphans causing problems whilst she was having her milk, when she finished she drove them away and stood guard over the others trying to have their milk as well.

Ndiwa never shows that much interest towards the little babies, but today she was being very helpful towards the keepers. Most of the orphans had moved into the bushes while the keepers had their lunch, and one of the small babies was left all alone beside them. Ndiwa came over and escorted the little one away to a few meters away from where the keepers were seated, until they were done with their lunch.

Godoma the milk time keeper

Sagala in a naughty mood

Mteto naughty at feeding time

Ndiwa was very caring today




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