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All the orphans went out to the forest as usual this morning, but Elkalal, the little girl that arrived recently, wasn’t doing that well. She has been on a drip since yesterday afternoon but she is still not responding very well.

The lorry training for the six graduates is still going on and at 9am, Namalok, Sapalan, Kauro, Maramoja, Rapa and Pare seem very comfortable feeding there and are ready for their journey. In fact after finishing their milk they didn’t want to leave and were playing and hanging out in the lorry.

Out in the forest, Mapia seems to be enjoying the company of Kauro and Ndiwa – the two are being very kind to Mapia and enjoy his company; they do not push him around at all. They lead him out to his favourite vegetation, the tall green grass which he loves to browse on.

Sadly, just before visiting today, Elkalal passed away in her stable with her Keeper, unable to shake the infection that she came with despite all our best efforts and treatment.

Mbegu was in a selfish mood today. Before the visiting time she took the babies Sattao, Malima and Mapia away from the others and hid in the thicket with them. She didn’t come when the keepers called her and the three babies ended up missing their feeding time. She knew what she was doing though as when it came to her milk feeding time she came out of hiding with the three little ones. We were surprised as she does not normally behave like this and always leads the younger ones down when it is their feeding time, if she happens to be with them. She was in a funny mood today!

Mapia out with the others

Malima, Musiara and Mapia

Mbegu browsing


It has not been usual these days for the elephants to have a mud bath in the morning and especially before public visiting time, but today proved to be different. After the 9am milk feed and as the orphans were moving out deeper into the forest, Esampu came across some warthogs and charged over to them where they had been laying in a small pool. After the warthogs moved away Esampu got into the small pool and started wallowing, which then attracted the attention of Enkesha and Kusihi. The two girls joined her and stayed rolling around in the mud for some time. Esampu and Kuishi then decided to go and browse, leaving Enkesha enjoying the mud right up until it was visiting time! Ndiwa managed to sneak away from the second group, which is her speciality, and join the first group down at the visiting area, thus she had her milk bottles slightly earlier than usual.  

Kiko having his 9am milk feed

Kuishi putting grass on her head

Maktao finds a green shrub


Today there was a pushing game between Kauro and Maramoja which lasted for some time before Kauro surrendered and headed into the bushes to browse. After the 9am feed as the orphans were moving out to browse, Esampu pushed poor Mapia and then ran away from the group as she knew what she had done was naughty. In the bushes, while the rest were busy feeding, Kauro, Mundusi, Rapa, Ndotto and Ndiwa sneaked away from the group and walked some distance away were they settled and started browsing peacefully.

As the keepers were having their lunch this afternoon, Musiara charged at some warthogs whilst trumpeting and stamping his feet, attracting the attention of Kuishi and Godoma who came running over. The warthogs had a rough afternoon as the small group chased them around for a very long time.

Enkesha and Sapalan have a tender moment

Esampu browsing away from the rest

Maisha and Emoli find a quiet browsing spot


Today Mapia joined the orphans right out in the forest. He interacted so well with the others, mostly with Kuishi, Kiasa, Maisha and Maktao, and he wasn’t bullied by any of the naughty ones either. He was always on Godoma’s mind as well, and she kept coming out of the thicket just to check on him. Sattao’s relationship with Mbegu is growing all the time, although he always faces a challenge with Ambo as he is very protective of Mbegu and her attentions. Today he kept following Mbegu and trying to suckle on her ear, so had to face Ambo several times. At one point, Mbegu had to intervene to control Ambo’s jealousy as he attempted to push Sattao away from Mbegu.

Tagwa and Ndiwa are two girls you would not normally find paired up together but today these two decided to wonder off together into the thicket to browse. The keepers found them when they were scared by a herd of impalas and they came running out of the bushes shouting with fright, looking for their friends and the keepers. Malkia, Ndotto, Jotto, Malima and Tamiyoi came running over to ‘save’ them and the duo were very relieved to be back in their company.

Mapya getting more comfortable with the Orphans

Mundusi and Jotto browse together

Namalok and Ndiwa getting ready for 11am feed


Ndiwa is one of the orphans that doesn’t like to stay in the same spot the keepers have chosen for them to browse in. She is part of a group that likes to decide when they arrive in the forest, where they will browse. She is mostly accompanied by Mundusi, Sagalla, Sapalan, Rapa, Esampu and sometimes Lasayen as well. They usually moved further into the forest and further away from the keepers, looking for their own delicious greens. Today was different however as she woke up with a limp, by either standing on some kind of thorn or by twisting it in the night.

Due to this limp in her hind right leg she was unable to accompany her friends and stayed behind with the rest of the herd. With the love and care that our orphans, a family, show for each other, Malkia and Sana Sana seemed to realise her problem and instead of allowing her to browse all on her own, they decided to keep her company the whole day.

Sana Sana keeps Ndiwa company

Sapalan and Enkesha browse together

Tamiyoi and Lasayen find greener pastures




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