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The orphan elephants came out of their orphans excited to begin their day. Ndoria, who was close to Rorogoi at the Lucerne grass pellet feeding area, became a little greedy and pushed Rorogoi to the ground. Rorogoi screamed loudly while Ndoria continued feeding, acting as if she had done nothing wrong. Rorogoi got back to her feet and moved to feed close to Kenia, Naipoki and Kihari.

Murit and Lasayen enjoyed a wonderful strength testing pushing game before running to catch up with their friends who had started making their way to the browsing grounds. The orphan herd settled to browse on the western Foot of Msinga Hill. Ngilai was busy playing inside a deep erosion gulley and was caught by surprise when he heard his friends trumpeting loudly as they made their way to their milk bottles, he tried to get out of the erosion trench from the steeper side and had to change tactics when he saw that his attempts were unsuccessful.

The weather was fairly cold and as such none of the orphans wallowed, choosing instead to continue with their browsing activities following their milk feed. At 1.15pm the babies of Mbeguís herd were playing some hide and seek games. Ngilai engaged Ndotto in a pushing game, with Mbegu acting as a referee and peace maker. However, her services were not needed as their game was a friendly one. Godoma had fun rolling in the dust piles flapping her ears while Murit ran around disturbing her game.

Murit and Lasayen messing around

Ndotto playing around

Ngilai and Murit


It was another happy morning as the orphan elephants came out in preparation for the beginning of another busy day. Soon after the orphan elephants arrived in the browsing field, Embu and Panda separated themselves from the rest of the orphan herd and joined a big wild elephant bull that was browsing his way towards the Mzima springs-Mombasa water pipe line area. The bull was very happy to have the two orphans join him, stopping to give them a chance to catch up with him. As they got further from the orphan herd, the two became more reluctant to follow him and turned around to rejoin their group who were making their way to the waterhole.

Following the afternoon mud bath, the orphan elephants went half way up the northern side of Msinga Hill to browse. Ndoria and Suswa preferred to stay at the base of the hill. At 3.15pm, a wild elephant herd came browsing past the orphan elephants with Mudanda, Nelion and Panda rushing downhill to join a big wild elephant cow. The other orphan elephants followed and managed to woo a teenage wild elephant calf to join them temporarily before she rejoined her herd.

Embu and Panda following a wild bull

Ndoria and Suswa stayed at the bottom

Panda, Nelion and Mudanda following wild cow


It was another wonderful beginning to the day with the orphan elephants coming running out of their stockade to enjoy their morning milk bottle. After the bottle feed Godoma saw Lasayen approaching her for a pushing game and lay down to avoid taking part. She then ignored Badaís attempts to play with her as she had seen him playing with Ndotto a little earlier and found him to be quite rough in his games. Kenia was having a lovely time rolling around on the red earth piles with Araba and Ngilai cheering her on as she rolled and touched their feet with her trunk.

The orphan elephants then left the stockade for the browsing grounds where they had a wonderful and very peaceful browsing session. Ndotto, who came with the first group to the noon milk feeding area, finished his milk quickly and attempted to grab some of Ndoriaís share. Ndoria was having none of his shenanigans and chased him for fifty meters in an effort to engage him in a fight. The keepers intervened and prevented Ndoria from fighting with Ndotto.

Godoma avoiding a pushing game

Bada briefly playing with Ndotto

Godoma ignoring Bada trying to play with her


The orphan elephants came out of their stockades in a happy mood this morning, drinking their morning milk bottles and moving on to their routine games after eating the supplement lovingly put out for them by their Keepers.

Naipoki and Ndoria engaged one another in a wonderful play-fight, while Panda was busy rolling around on the red earth piles to show off to Ngilai, Godoma and Mbegu. Tundani later intruded on Pandaís game to steal the attention of the three young spectators that were cheering Panda on. Lentili then started to lead the orphans out earlier than usual, so as to beat Mbegu to the task, as it is Mbegu who has been leading the orphans out most mornings, and Lentili used to enjoy this responsibility.

The orphan elephants went up Msinga Hill, with Arruba exploring higher up the hill than her friends to browse. Kihari followed Arruba for a short distance and settled to browse half-way up the hill.

The afternoon came fast, with Tahri, who usually goes to the milk feeding first, and Mbeguís herd resorting to go last with Keniaís herd who have already been weaned off their milk. Tahriís adopted mother Ndii escorted her for milk feeding and stretched her trunk to request Tahri to share her milk feed but her request was rejected by the Keepers who wanted the little girl to enjoy her milk in peace. The orphans visited the baobab water hole where they played, before going back to browsing close to the water hole for the rest of the day

Ishaq-B browsing

Tundani following his friends

Naipoki browsing


The orphan elephants exited their respective stockades this morning and ran to assemble for their morning milk bottle before proceeding to the supplement feeding area. Lentili and Nguvu placed themselves in the leadership position as the group made their way to the browsing grounds.

Ngilai seemed to be quite courageous today and was seen browsing with the tail bitter Ndoria in a private browsing moment. The two then walked together towards the baobab tree to join the others for the noon milk feed and to enjoy a mud bath. After the milk feed Tahri ran back to join Ndii and Kenia charging up to them while trumpeting loudly. Arruba walked into the central part of the waterhole and kicked the water with her fore foot making a muddy mess.

At about 5:30 in the evening visited the stockade to drink water in the company of two wild elephant cows and their three calves. They remained around the stockade compound feeding on acacia trees for about an hour, after which they left for the park.


Ngilai trying to take the lead

Rorogoi solo browsing

Laikipia at the stockades




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