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It was a wonderful beginning to the day as the keepers prepared for the arrival of three orphans from the Nairobi Nursery. The Voi orphans exited their stockades early in the morning and stayed close by awaiting the new arrivals.

At 9.15am, the truck ferrying the three orphan elephants from the nursery, mini matriarch Mbegu, the calm and polite boy Ndotto and his friend Lasayen, arrived. The Voi orphan elephants led by Kenia, Ndii and Kihari stood by in great expectation waiting for the babies to finish their milk so that they could rush in to greet them. The three led the rest of the Voi orphan elephants in receiving and embracing the three orphans from Nairobi with Kenia and Ndii being at the forefront of the welcoming ceremony. The meeting was very emotional with the bonding comprising of trunk touching and trumpet blasts. Arruba and Ndoria became a little jealous of the attention given to the new arrivals with Arruba pushing Mbegu and Ndoria pushing away Lasayen.

After the greeting Nelion and Lentili enjoyed showing off their skills as they rolled around and played on the red earth piles. Embu, Rorogoi, Mudanda and Mashariki took to the stockade water hole to showcase their wallowing expertise to the new comers. Tahri and Arruba remained reserved wanting to see what would change now that there were new babies for their “mothers” to coddle.

The entire herd then headed to the big water hole where they all enjoyed wallowing in the gallons of water. Ndotto took a wonderful mud bath with the Voi orphans while Mbegu and Lasayen watched seemingly still a little shy. Ndoria the tail bitter stuck close to Mbegu and Lasayen while the rest of the herd kept an eye so that she would not bite the tails of the new arrivals.

The orphan elephants then left the water hole for the browsing fields where Mbegu became more confident and enjoyed browsing with the Voi herd. The three new arrivals were in paradise in Voi as they feasted on the luscious grass, green bushes and colourful creepers while butterflies flew all around them.

In the evening Lissa and her two calves visited the stockade at 7pm and had a drink of water from the stockade water trough. They remained at the stockade compound for a while before returning to the park.

Preparing to offload the orphans

Mbegu having her milk on arrival

Mbegu, Lasayen and Ndotto


It was a perfect beginning to the day with the stockade dependent orphan elephants running out of their stockades in happy mood and grabbing their morning milk bottle which they emptied in a matter of seconds. Bada tried to engage Embu in a pushing contest after the supplement feeding, but Embu was not interested choosing instead to join the others in a game of hide and seek.

The morning was spent browsing peacefully half way up the eastern side of Msinga Hill. Rorogoi and Lentili enjoyed scratching their bottoms against a rock. Ndoria saw them having fun and went to join the two who ran off suspecting that Ndoria who is a huge tail bitter was coming to bite their tails.

The orphans visited the middle water hole where they had a brief mud bath, before continuing their browsing activities which took place close to the water hole.

Lentili browsing

Suswa browsing from the rocks

Ishaq-B wanting to browse up hill


The orphans enjoyed their milk and supplement feeding this morning before proceeding to the browsing fields under the leadership of Rorogoi and Mudanda. On arriving on the northern side of Msinga Hill they saw Dabassa browsing half way up the hill, without his close friend Layoni.
Dabassa later came down and headed away towards where Layoni was thought to have been left behind.

After a wonderful noon mud bath, Mashariki, Mudanda and Rorogoi were busy dust bathing on the soil piles on the banks of the water hole when Ndoria came over and tried to evict Arruba from her scratching and rubbing position against the trunk of the baobab tree. Arruba was having none of it and pinned Ndoria’s head to the tree with her buttocks making Ndoria pay the price for her naughty behaviour. The rest of the day was spent browsing peacefully close the water hole.

Ajali, Tahri and Nguvu look on

Araba rubbing against a tree

Tahri rubbing on the same tree


It was another morning full of feeding and playing activities around the stockade compound before the orphans left for the browsing fields for the day. Upon arriving at the western side of the stockade browsing grounds, the orphans moved at a quick pace compelling Suswa and Ndoria who are slow feeders to remain behind. The two caught up with their friends at the baobab water hole in the afternoon, after the noon milk bottle.

The orphan herd enjoyed their mud bath very much today, with Araba and Tahri enjoying a scratching session against the same tree. The afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole with Kihari engaging Lentili in a pushing game. Lentili was not very interested in the game as she wanted to continue browsing. Kihari was quite insistent however and kept engaging  

Panda dusting

Suswa left behind browsing

Rorogoi holding a branch in her her trunk


The morning was good with the orphan elephants playing happily around the stockade compound after their milk and supplement feeding. Panda had a wonderful scratching session against a rock with Ishaq-B coming in to try and take Panda’s spot which Panda was not ready to give up and as such managed to hold her ground until she was ready to leave.

Naipoki enjoyed a game of rolling in the soil pile close to Ndii, Tahri and Kihari in an effort to get Tahri to come and join her. Mudanda was standing close to the group and managed to steal Tahri away. Ndii was quick to notice what happened and came running up to the two, reclaiming her adopted baby from Mudanda.

At the noon mud bath Ndoria gulped down her afternoon milk bottle at a very fast pace, before ambushing Nguvu who was a few meters in front of her, wanting to engage him in a strength testing game. Nguvu was not interested and ran towards the baobab water hole. By the time they got there Ndoria had given up the chase. Nguvu however remained wary of Ndoria for the rest of the day, choosing to browse a safe distance from her so as to avoid being engaged in any strength testing games.

Ajali browsing

Suswa scratching up

Bada taking a break from browsing




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