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Christmas morning there was a lot of cloud cover predicting a cold day ahead. The stockade dependant orphans enjoyed their normal morning routine of milk followed by copra cake blended with range cubes and lucerne grass pellets. They then all played around the stockade for a spell before leaving for the browsing grounds.

Ndii stuck close to her adopted baby Tahri and Kenia was bumper to bumper with Araba. The orphans later visited the baobab water hole where Ndoria placed herself in a small mud wallow close to the main water hole and enjoyed a partial bath before exiting to allow Ishaq-B and Bada to do the same. Embu and Nguvu lay on the edge of the mudwallow not wanting to get into the water as it was too cold.

Rorogoi enjoying the downtime

Embu finds a cool pool of water

Ishaq-B splashing water with her trunk


The orphans exited their stockades to find their milk bottles lined up and waiting for them. They came for their share in an organized manner in groups of five downing their milk before enjoying some games around the stockade compound after which they made their way to the browsing grounds.

On arrival at the eastern foot of Msinga Hill, Rorogoi, Bada and Nelion took charge of leading the others up the hill for the browsing session for the morning until it was time for the noon mudbath and milk feed at the baobab water hole. The orphan elephants had a lot of fun in the mudbath with Ishaq-B riding on the walls of the water pan and rolling around in the water. Ndoria came to join Arruba and Mudanda at the mud bath but the two were unsure of her intentions and ran out of the water. Mbirikani was the last to leave the water and ran to join her group who had begun the afternoons browsing session.

Tahri learning to climb uphill

Panda running to join the others

Nguvu happy to see Panda running towards him


This morning, while the orphans were out in the browsing fields, it started to drizzle covering the dry earth with rain drops. Arruba lay down on the soil which was quite warm and started to dose off. Rorogoi, Mbirikani, Suswa and Ndoria became worried that Arruba may be feeling ill and went to check on her.

In the afternoon the orphans visited the baobab water hole where they enjoyed their afternoon milk bottle and drink of water but did not partake in a mud bath. They browsed their way to the middle waterhole before slowly making their way back to the safety of the stockades for the night.

This afternoon Luna’s glucose levels dropped and just like Kavu she was placed on a drip. Sadly Kavu died at about 3pm in the afternoon. Most of the orphans that have been brought to the Voi stockades have been victims of drought and have all been in a state of collapse which they have had a hard time recovering from.

Arruba having a nap

Rorogoi browsing



Lempaute, Layoni, Dabassa and Kivuko arrived bright and early this morning and waited for the juniors to finish their milk bottle before they all congregated at the supplement feeding area after which they had a drink from the stockade water trough. The juniors then made their way to the browsing grounds leaving the ex orphans at the stockade. Ndoria wanted to spend some time with them and stayed behind for a few minutes leaving them when Dabassa tried to mount her.

In the afternoon the orphan herd went to quench their thirst at the new baobab tree water trough where they had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games before resuming with their browsing activities for the rest of the day.

Layoni trying to engage Panda without success

Dabassa trying to climb Ndoria's back

Layoni having a drink at the water trough


The orphans welcomed the day with some hide and seek games around the stockade compound once they had finished their milk and supplement feeding. Lentili and Kihari then took the lead of the rest of the group marching them halfway up northern side of Msinga hill.

Lempaute visited the stockade an hour after the juniors had left and settled to enjoy her share of Lucerne grass and pellets. She then enjoyed feasting on the green acacia trees in the stockade compound.

The stockade dependant orphan elephants enjoying a peaceful morning browsing before making their way to the baobab water hole to drink from the water trough and enjoy a bath. Lentili and Rorogoi had a quick wallow after which they opted for a scratching session against the baobab tree. Ndoria entered the water a little before they left and sidled up to the. They were both quite wary of her as she is known for her bullying behaviour and is quite a tail biter.

Lempaute feasting on acacia near the stockade

Embu sniffing the air

Naipoki leaning on Arruba




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