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Kauro and Ndotto had a great beginning to their day as they welcomed it with a pushing game. These two kept looking for each other the whole morning for a wrestling game, right up until milk feeding time.

Itís almost been a month since Namalok arrived in the Nursery but he is still not very trusting of his keepers and still does not drink milk from a bottle. From his behaviour and reaction it seems as if he had bad experience with humans before his rescue. Sapalan is different as even though he has not fully accepted his keepers he has started taking milk from a bottle and seems to trust them a bit more. He has even almost suckled the keepers fingers like the rest of the babies do in the nursery. These are all good signs and it is only a matter of time before he joins the others out in the forest during the day.

Maktao still yells when it is his time to leave the mud bath area and today it was especially funny as when he heard the radio hand set signaling his time to go back to the forest, he stood up from where he had been happily rolling in the soil and ran towards the milk wheelbarrow yelling. Not even an empty bottle could persuade him to leave, even though it was in his mouth, he continued to yell as the keepers tried to lead him out.

Ngilai did the same thing as the other day by going to the other side of the rope cordon during visiting time. After drinking his milk bottle he went around the edge pretending to look for lucerne pellets but suddenly he darted through the rope with his trunk raised, giving everyone who was standing there some trunk kisses. When he saw the keepers coming he lifted up the rope and went back to the right side to avoid being told off.

Ndotto began his day with a pushing game

Maktao still yells when it's time to leave

Naughty little Ngilai


Tamiyoi had a sleepless night because of the new little orphan, Pili. She spent the whole night awake trying to get into Piliís room which is next to hers. When she arrived back in the evening, Pili was sleeping so she didnít realize immediately he was there. However, once he woke up she was desperate to be with the little one. Pili was keen to be with little Tamiyoi too and was climbing the walls to try and cross into Tamiyoiís room. Jotto was moved into a bigger stockade to create space for Pili and he liked his new room as he is a very easy going baby that appreciates anything he is given. He exchanged with Malkia who took over Rapaís stockade while the naughty boy was moved to one of the empty pens. Malkia didnít seem to mind the switch around but Rapa was uncomfortable with the change and he complained the whole night. Malkia was the first one to meet Pili when he went out into the forest in the morning. Mbegu, Godoma, Ndotto, Esampu and Tagwa soon joined them and the little baby was quickly surrounded by elephants all wanting to comfort him. In the end it was Ndotto and Mbegu who won out and they walked away with the new baby between them.  

Pili with Maramoja

Mbegu with tiny Pili

Pili with Mbegu

Esampu with little Pili

Malima, Pili and Maramoja


All the orphans were in a good mood this morning and headed out to the forest trumpeting and racing to see who could get to the grassy plain first. No one wanted to be last! Even Mbegu, Kauro and Ndotto, who normally stay at the back of the group making sure no one was left behind, were eager to be first and were shoving the little ones into the front. Pare, Lasayen and Rapa then engaged one another in a lengthy wrestling game whilst Godoma, Esampu, Sana Sana and Ndotto were having a lot of fun rolling in the long grass and sliding on each other. It was the first time Mundusi, Mteto and Ndiwa had visited this area of the Park and they were very busy exploring and enjoying the new vegetation they found. When it was time to leave the field for their 9am bottle feed, Maramoja, Malkia, Luggard and Tagwa didnít want to leave. It was only once they realized they had been left behind that they decided to start running and trumpeting to catch up with the group.
A 3 week old baby was later rescued from the Mara in the evening and has been named Pili.

Orphans walking out to the forest

Mbegu browsing

Lasayen after his pushing game

Ndiwa browsing in the tall grass


It has become part of the normal routine for all the babies to assemble at Namalokís and Sapalanís stockades before heading out into the forest. Sana Sana, Malkia and Tagwa are usually the first three to pay the new arrivals a visit. However, this morning Mundusi and Mteto spoiled the morningís interaction when they started fighting. Mteto then also fell out with Kuishi when she tried to snatch a branch from her mouth. Eventually Kauro took control of the situation and he didnít care who started the fight, he stopped it by taking the branch away and disciplined them all, sending them off in different directions. Meanwhile at Namalokís gate Mundusi was having a rough time with Ndiwa. Again it was all about browse, and Maramoja stepped in and took the branch away but handed it to Ndiwa and drove away Mundusi. All the fighting resulted in less time for interaction with the new babies and it was soon time to leave them behind and go into the forest.

Today Kiko joined the elephants in the field early in the morning. Malkia and Ngilai tried to push him away from the herd but he kept dodging them by running around the bushes and coming back. He was in a very naughty mood and when a documentary film crew arrived the keepers had a hard time controlling him. He must have seen them coming from a distance and immediately came over and started chasing them around. He wouldnít listen to his keepers commands and then started trying to kick the smallest elephants! That was when Mbegu, Godoma, Ndotto and Esampu intervened and charged him, trumpeting all the while. Eventually they managed to chase him away and the keepers were thankful for the older orphans help!

New arrival Sapalan

Kiko walking out to the forest

Kiko out in the forest

Smiling Kuishi


The orphanís day started out with a bright, sunny and warm morning as they headed out into the field and they were all in a happy mood. Rapa and Pare were enjoying a game of hide and seek whilst Ndotto, Kauro and Mbegu engaged in a pushing game. Emoli and Maisha didnít join them until a bit later in the day and when they did, Enkesha chased Maisha around as she feels jealous of the new girl. Malima couldnít allow Enkesha to bully Maisha and came to rescue her and drive Enkesha away. After the 9am milk feed the whole herd went further into the forest for greener pasture but the weather changed and all of a sudden it started raining. Musiara, Sattao, Maktao and Luggard were taken closer to the stockades to wait out the rain but Maktao didnít want to stay with the group and caused some trouble, trying to get back to the main herd. When the rain started pouring down the keepers moved the four to the stables to stay warm and dry. Maktao still ran all over trying to go back to the others but eventually complied and joined the babies in the stockade. When the rain stopped they all went back to join the rest for the public visit but Maisha and Emoli stayed close to Sapalan and Namalok until it got a little warmer. Later in the field Tamiyoi kept Maisha and Emoli company and made sure nobody bullied them.  

Rapa was playing around

Enkesha was jealous of the new arrival

Maktao wanted to stay with the others

Luggard was taken to cover while it rained




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