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When the orphans came out of their night stockades, some of them like Murit, Tamiyoi, Mteto, Lasayen and Mbegu were seen walking amongst the rooms looking for extra lucerne pellets, whilst others like Ndotto, Kauro, Pare and Rapa were greeting each other with pushing games and Esampu, Tagwa, Malkia and Kuishi were welcoming the three little boys – Musiara, Sattao and Mactau. Malkia and Esampu were fighting over Mactau’s attention and each one wanted to be closer to him. They both engaged in a pushing game and Esampu ended up falling over after being over powered by Malkia. Esampu knocked into Mactau as she fell and she started to shout, so she got up and ran away for fear of being disciplined by Mbegu who she could see running over to find out what the problem was.  

Mteto looked for extra lucerne

Malkia, Sattao and Esampu

Malkia, Sattao and Tagwa

Malkia with Mactau


It was a very cold morning today and all the orphans were quite chilly, and their keepers too! All the little ones like Musiara, Sattao, Malkia, Malima, Tamiyoi, Ambo, Enkesha and even Luggard wore thick double blankets to keep warm. Whilst out in the forest we watched all the orphans browse next to each other to keep warm and the smallest ones were very much attached to the sides of those bigger than them, staying tight to the middle of the group. Big boys like Kauro, Ndotto, Pare, Lasayen, Rapa, Murit and Mundusi decided to engage each other in pushing and wrestling games to keep themselves warm, especially when it started drizzling lightly and became even colder! During the public visiting time none of the orphans even dared to even test the water in the mud bath since they knew it would be cold and they would certainly be cold when they came out after. The majority of the orphans decided to dust themselves in the piles of red soil that had been placed there for them instead.  

It was cold so blankets were needed by the babies

Ndotto browsing

Tamiyoi browsing in the bushes


Right after the 9am milk feed, Mactau came out to join the rest in the forest. One good thing is that he is very hooked on his keepers. The keepers have taken advantage of this as it helps them control his strange behavior around water. To keep him from heading straight to all the others water troughs, the keepers open his doors and run towards the forest, he instantly follows them and only stops when they stop. This morning, when he joined the others, he was surrounded by Mbegu, Kuishi, Malkia, Maramoja and Esampu. However, he decided to mount Enkesha’s head and even when Mbegu tried to stop him and pull him down, he kept on doing it. Malima was standing close by and soon Mactau started doing the same to her. None of the girls pushed or charged him, understanding he is still very little and learning, but when he started mounting Sattao, Musiara jumped in and pushed him to the ground.

Today was full of games for all the orphans. Ndotto played his favourite wrestling game with big boy Kauro. Kauro was always one of the biggest baby bulls and Ndotto was the smallest orphan we have ever had at the nursery. It is wonderful to see the littlest bull now compete with the biggest bull so competently. Kuishi engaged Luggard in a pushing game but Luggard was playing too rough and poked her with his little tusks. Pare got into trouble when he pushed Maramoja from behind; he only wanted to play but he caught her off guard and she chased him away. Malima decided to play with Musiara and Sattao’s blankets that were hung on a tree when it became warm. She knocked them to the ground, threw them up and down and then did head stands on them. Godoma has gotten into the habit of kicking her peers with her hind legs but today she was punished for it by Murit who chased her and poked her with his tusks when he had enough. Jotto, Malima and Tamiyoi raced to see who could get to the milk first; Jotto was leading but just as they got to the finish line, Tamiyoi came from behind and overtook them all. Malima came in second and Jotto finished in last place.

Mactau joining the others in the forest

Maramoja with a little one

Kuishi, Jotto and Esampu

Luggard with Kuishi


Mbegu is trying to keep her distance from little Musiara and Sattao and giving all her attention to her adopted baby boy Ambo. It’s as if she is allowing the younger girls some time and space to practice looking after the babies. This has given Tagwa, Malkia, and sometimes Esampu, opportunity to pamper the babies and be there for them when needed. Godoma also spends time with the babies but if all is ok she just watches the other girls from a distance. Tagwa has relished this chance of proving her skills at being an adoptive mum and though she shows lots of love for all the little ones, she has a soft spot for Sattao. She seems to have set up a little routine for herself, alternating time between Sattao and Musiara. If she spends the whole day with Sattao then the next day she will make more time for Musiara. Today was Musiara’s day and Sattao spent his time with the other girls. This morning at 9am, Musiara started demanding for more milk after he finished his and was making quite the racket! Tagwa ran to him as soon as he started complaining to try and settle him down. Godoma, Malkia and Malima were not far behind but they found Tagwa had the situation in hand.

When Mactau joined the others in the afternoon all the orphans ran to welcome him from quite a distance. After the dust settled and everyone calmed down, Sana Sana and Ndotto had the chance to spend some time with the new boy. Together they both walked him around, resting their trunks on his back and neck, hugging him. Malkia then showed up and started shoving Sana Sana. Eventually Sana Sana surrendered and walked away with Ndotto, leaving Malkia with the baby. Sana Sana was obviously very upset with Malkia’s behavior and when she walked past Mteto she showed her disappointment by charging her. Ndotto recognized this was not her normal behavior and quickly intervened to stop the situation from escalating.

Ambo gets all of Mbegu's attention

Malkia with a little baby

Tagwa, Sattao and Maramoja


The new orphan from Tsavo West was originally fighting and very stressed but settled overnight with the help of Enkesha. With all the noise from next door, Enkesha became suspicious and unsettled, and walked all over the room putting her trunk between the bars to comfort the little one. As soon as their trunks touched, the new orphan became calm as if Enkesha was communicating to him that everything was okay. He then lay down to sleep and Enkesha moved her mattress next to the wall separating the two stockades so she could sleep next to him.

It was extra cold this morning and Musiara and Sattao needed extra blankets to keep them warm out in the bush. When Kauro is in his playful mood his two favourite orphans to play with are Ndotto and Mbegu. Today he was in a really playful mood and he engaged Ndotto in wrestling games for much of the day.

Enkesha was so welcoming of the new baby

Musiara in his blanket

Musiara with Esampu

Kauro enjoying a drink at mud bath




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