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This morning the stockade dependent orphan elephants enjoying socializing games around the stockade compound before following Mbegu heading to the browsing grounds. On arriving at the northern foot of Msinga Hill, the orphan elephants enjoyed a scratching session. Ndii took position against a tree trunk while Rorogoi waited patiently for her to finish so that she could have a go as well. Mudanda, Mashariki, Kihari and Bada each took separate big stone boulders to enjoy their scratching game against. Ndotto lay down on the ground to draw warmth from the soil, but upon seeing Ngilaiís games of sliding into an erosion trench he quickly got up and went to watch Ndottoís game.

The orphans came to the stockade in the afternoon, for their milk bottles and a drink of water, and to interact with the visiting school children. Ngilai was the biggest attraction as he caught them off guard, sniffing their faces with his trunk which they found was the most amazing experience, and taught them so much about elephants. He was quite happy with their surprised reaction and after playing with the school children, he went and stood on top of the terrace and engaged Ndotto in a play fight while Arruba enjoyed a scratching session against a rock which seemed to impress the school children. The afternoon browsing session took place on the southern side of Msinga Hill.

Ndii scratching her ear

Ndotto lying on soft soil

Lentili scratching


The morning milk and supplement feeding went well with Godoma downing her milk bottle as fast as possible before settling to enjoy some Lucerne pellets. Nguvu started running when he saw Ndoria running behind him, thinking she was going to try and bite his tail, when in actual fact she was simply running to catch up with her friends who were at the supplement feeding area. Mudanda was surprised to hear Nguvu screaming and came charging in to see what the problem was. The orphans enjoyed interacting and playing around the stockade compound before Lentili and Rorogoi led them out to the browsing fields.

On arriving on the western side of Msinga Hill, Mashariki attempted to lead her friends uphill but was met with resistance from her friends who wanted to browse at the foot of the hill. At noon the orphans made their way to the baobab water hole for a wallowing session. Mbeguís herd had arrived their before their senior friends and were stood in the water, undecided as to whether or not to have a mud bath. Ndotto broke the stalemate by lying down in the water and rolling around. His friends soon joined his game and they all had a lovely time bathing.

Tawi the ex-orphan eland was seen at about 1:30 in the afternoon. He looked very happy and comfortable with his wild zebra and eland herd that was stood at the Northern side of the water hole.

Ndotto playing

Lasayen at the edge of the mudbath

Tahri & Ndii lying down, Araba & Kenia standing


Murit and Ngilai had a wonderful beginning to the day as they enjoyed running up and down the stockade terrace playing strength testing and wrestling games. After the supplement feeding Kihari was busy browsing stretching her trunk to reach the higher branches in search of green leaves.

Lentili led the orphan herd away from the stockade to the browsing fields today with Tundani and Suswa bringing up the rear. Tahri went to keep Kenia company, abandoning Ndii for a while. This change had Araba feeling a little left out as she considered Kenia to be her adopted mother.

The orphans visited the baobab water hole where they had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games. Arruba and Embu plunged into the water for a bath with Arruba lying down, submerging her entire body in the water. Ndotto was not interested in entering the water, choosing instead to stand at the edge of the mud bath and spray his body with water drawn up from his trunk.

Embu lying down at the edge of the mudbath

Arruba after a mudbath at the stockade

Kenia enjoying her mudbath


The orphans woke up ready to begin their day. After the milk and supplement feeding Lasayen and Ndotto enjoyed lying down on the red earth piles playing rolling around games. Arruba led the orphan elephant herd to the browsing fields with Mbegu bringing up the rear, waiting until the last minute to leave the stockade compound as she was busy feeding on Lucerne grass pellets

The orphans settled to browse on the western side of Msinga Hill. The Tsavo area has started to dry up and as such the orphans are always stretching their trunks as far as they can to reach the greener and more palatable browse found higher up the trees.

At noon the orphan elephants returned to the stockade for the mid-day milk feed after which they cooled off in the mudwallow. Kenia had a wonderful time lying down and bathing with Tahri. When they were done Suswa managed to steal Tahri away for a soil bathing game. Ndii enjoyed rolling around in the water hole where she was joined by Bada, Ngilai, Arruba and Kihari.
The orphans ended the days browsing activities on the southern side of Msinga Hill.

Suswa after a mudbath

Godoma after a mudbath

Nguvu enjoying a scratching session


The stockade dependent orphans exited their stockades in a happy mood ready to begin their day. Mudanda was pushing Rorogoi for a wrestling match that Rorogoi was not at all interested in playing and screamed loudly in protest. Tahri stuck close to Kenia, not happy to hear Rorogoi screaming, and Ndii came running up to ensure that Tahri was ok. Lentili and Mbegu took the lead of the others towards the browsing field. At noon they brought the group back to the stockade for water and milk as there were some school children visiting.

In the afternoon Suswa managed to get Ndotto to browse with her at the base of Msinga Hill as she didnít want to follow her friends up the hill for the afternoon browsing session. When they came back down to make their way to the safety of the stockades for the night, Nelion and Tundani engaged one another in a strength testing game and nearly got left behind by the others. When they realized they had ben left behind they ran to catch up with the others.

Arruba scrtching against a rock

Tahri browsig high on the hill

Ngilai splashing at mudbath




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