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The day began as any other with the orphans downing their morning milk bottle before settling to enjoy the supplement foods that had been put out for them. They then enjoyed playing around the stockade compound, running up and down the stockade terraces as they played a game of hide and seek.

Lentili and Mashariki took the leadership role from Mbegu today leading the orphan to the western side of the stockade to browse. On arriving there Ngilai engaged Lasayen in a strength testing game after which he engaged Ndotto in a pushing game.

At the baobab waterhole the orphan herd enjoyed a mud bath after their milk bottle. Ndotto stood in the centre of the water hole undecided as to whether to wallow or not while Murit jumped into the water to play rolling games.

After the mud bath, Ndii took her adopted baby Tahri for a private browsing session away from the rest of the herd while Suswa and Nelion separated themselves from their friends. The two followed and joined up with a wild herd and browsed with them for about 2 hours before rejoining the rest of the orphan herd who would soon be returning to the stockades for the night.

Embu browsing in front with Naipoki

Ndotto in the middle of the water

Ndii and Tahri browsing together


It was a wonderful beginning to the day with the stockade dependent orphan elephants playing around the stockade compound soon after the milk and supplement feeding was over. Mudanda enjoyed a scratching session on a small rock while Nelion watched from a distance as it was his favourite scratching spot. Ngilai took Ndotto to task over a head-butting encounter before joining their friends who were moving towards the browsing grounds.

On the foot of Msinga Hill, Araba went to scratch against a very big rock where she was joined by Bada who waited his turn. Suswa had a scratching session against a tree and when she was the spot was taken over by Nelion. Godoma rested her foot on a small flat rock, as if she was about to walk on three legs, surprising Ndotto who was fixated on watching her and forgot to browse. Kenia went up onto a rock boosting her height so as to be able to reach the greener branches higher up in the trees. She then followed the others to the baobab water hole, where they had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games following their afternoon milk bottle.

Araba scratching on the big rock

Suswa having a scratch

Kenia on a rock to reach the higher branches


The morning was cold with the orphan elephants playing briefly around the stockade compound before proceeding to the fields. Lasayen had a wonderful game of rubbing his bottom against a rock. His game attracted spectators that included Suswa, Lentili, Mbegu, Godoma and Ngilai.
Ndotto was on the higher side of the terrace and became jealous of Lasayenís performance and poked him with his little tusks to drive him away. Lasayen was not happy with Ndottoís actions and went to engage him in a fight, but Ndotto softly rested his trunk on Lasayenís head which seemed to have a calming effect on Lasayen.

Ndii seemed to be having a lovely time sitting on her bottom and scratching it against the big rock close to the stockade waterhole while Bada enjoyed a scratching session against a smaller rock near the red earth pile. Nguvu seemed to be enjoying a solitary game of scooping red earth and spraying it onto his back.

When leaving the stockade for the browsing field Ishaq-B brought up the rear of the group taking Keniaís role of ensuring that everyone in the orphan herd was ok. Today, Tawi the male orphan eland decided to follow the orphans from the stockade to the northern side of Msinga Hill where they settled to browse. Later he realized he missed the stockade and his friends Kore, Ngulia and Oltukai the buffalo, and went running back to join them.

Lasayen coming to meet Ndotto

Nguvu having a dust bath

Ishaq-B at the back


The orphan elephants came out of their orphans excited to begin their day. Ndoria, who was close to Rorogoi at the Lucerne grass pellet feeding area, became a little greedy and pushed Rorogoi to the ground. Rorogoi screamed loudly while Ndoria continued feeding, acting as if she had done nothing wrong. Rorogoi got back to her feet and moved to feed close to Kenia, Naipoki and Kihari.

Murit and Lasayen enjoyed a wonderful strength testing pushing game before running to catch up with their friends who had started making their way to the browsing grounds. The orphan herd settled to browse on the western Foot of Msinga Hill. Ngilai was busy playing inside a deep erosion gulley and was caught by surprise when he heard his friends trumpeting loudly as they made their way to their milk bottles, he tried to get out of the erosion trench from the steeper side and had to change tactics when he saw that his attempts were unsuccessful.

The weather was fairly cold and as such none of the orphans wallowed, choosing instead to continue with their browsing activities following their milk feed. At 1.15pm the babies of Mbeguís herd were playing some hide and seek games. Ngilai engaged Ndotto in a pushing game, with Mbegu acting as a referee and peace maker. However, her services were not needed as their game was a friendly one. Godoma had fun rolling in the dust piles flapping her ears while Murit ran around disturbing her game.

Murit and Lasayen messing around

Ndotto playing around

Ngilai and Murit


The morning was wonderful with the orphan elephants playing happily around the stockade compound after their milk and supplement feeding. Lasayen and Ndotto engaged one another in a tough pushing game, with Lasayen conceding defeat by turning his face away from Ndotto. Lasayen then turned his attention to chasing away baboons that had come to steal the orphans copra cake. He climbed a flat rock to make himself appear taller to the male baboons who did not seem at all bothered by his efforts to chase them away.

Ngilai had joined his senior friends Mashariki, Araba, Embu and Rorogoi for a soil dusting session on the red earth piles before following their friends to the browsing fields where the orphan spread out grabbing as much browse as thy good. The orphan herd visited the baobab water hole at midday, where they enjoyed a bathing session before resuming their usual browsing activities close to the waterhole.

Lasayen playing with Ndotto

Lasayen standing on a rock to chase baboons

Ngilai browsing




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