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These days we think Ndotto is practicing to become a dominant bull. Today he was in the company of older elephants led by Ndiwa and they went off deep into the forest to browse. When the keepers called them all of the others returned except Ndotto. He chose to stay and feed on his own and later he decided to slowly follow the others. He chooses to browse on his own a lot of the time and never seems in a hurry, but he is still a lovely gentle elephant who loves his keepers. Lasayen, Ngilai and Mundusi are slightly the same and they never respond in a hurry when the keepers are calling them.

Ambo wasn’t very nice to poor Emoli during the 3pm bottle feeding. Emoli was passing by as Ambo was having his bottle and maybe he thought he was going to try and take it. He knocked poor Emoli down and he shouted for help. Big mama Mbegu came running over to see what the problem was but Ambo was not worried as Mbegu is his adopted mother and he did not think she would discipline him. Ambo raised his ears up as if he was going to continue fighting so the keepers intervened and pushed him away to leave Emoli in peace.

Lasayen out in the bush

Ngilai is also acting more independent

Ambo wasn't very nice to Emoli

Emoli with Tagwa behind


When the orphans had finished their 9am milk bottles and they began to make their way back out to where the keepers preferred they browse that afternoon. Ndotto, Mundusi, Sagala, Mapia and Mteto were secretely trying to sneak away from the group and walk off deep into the forest where they might find more vegetation. They always then give the keepers a hard time trying to find them for the public visiting time. The keepers were trying to make them stay with the rest of the group today, but suddenly Ndotto, Ndiwa and Mundusi frightened the rest of the group by running and charging and trumpeting. This sparked a reaction in the entire herd as they wondered what all the commotion was about, and this gave Ndotto and the others their chance to run off into the woods, but the rest of the herd followed them as well! Thus it came to be that Ndotto and his group chose where the orphans were to browse that morning. 

Mundusi trying to sneak away


Mapia dusting

Ndiwa browsing


When the orphans came out this morning they were all very busy greeting each other. The young bulls did so in the form of pushing games like Sattao against Emoli, Musiara against Maktao, and Luggard with one of his favourite play mates, Murit. Ndotto and Lasayen were playing together which was no surprise as they have always been best friends, and Ngilai was playing with Mundusi. Funnily enough Malima was also trying to take on Esampu! As these games went on, Malkia, Mteto, Godoma, Tamiyoi and Kuishi were all beside Maxwell’s gate trying to grab piles of lucerne from inside Maxwell’s room. We watched as Malkia and Kuishi blocked little Tamiyoi with their huge behinds, so that she could hardly stretch her trunk through to reach any of the lucerne as well. Their repeated attempts to block her saw Tamiyoi yell out with frustration, which brought Maxwell sauntering over to check out what was going on beside his gate. He was greeted by the commotion of all those elephants struggling to feed on his food. He decided to resolve the situation himself by spraying urine all over that area that quickly saw the four girls retreat at a fast pace! Tamiyoi tried to turn back again to grab a bit of lucerne but she decided against it with the strong smell of urine about now! 

Musiara going to Maktao

Murit in a playful mood

Lasayen and Murit playing

Kuishi browsing

Mteto playing around


Maisha has her own favourite place to stand in the morning visiting hour; once she has had her milk bottles she walks over to the corner and quietly stands there, perhaps eating some of the green browse that has been laid out there by the keepers. It is also a corner favoured by Tamiyoi and since they both they to stand there, they often greet the visitors standing along the rope in the same area. Today it appeared that Tamiyoi had occupied their favourite area accompanied by Maktao who was leaning against one of the posts. Maisha tried to make her way over but Tamiyoi was blocking her way and would not let her pass. Eventually Maisha got so frustrated she jumped over to Maktao and pushed him hard to make space for her to stand there as well. This annoyed Maktao and he sought revenge by getting hold of Maisha’s tail and biting it as hard as he could. Maisha yelled out which scared both the public and Maktao, who dropped her tail and quickly left running towards Godoma and Malima. Most of the time Maisha, Tamiyoi, Musiara, Ndotto and Maktao are the most calm and quiet babies, though when angered Musiara and Maktao can really strike back! Kiasa is another girl who should never be crossed with as she never lets anything go and always retaliates!  

Maisha has her own special place to stand

Sweet Tamiyoi

Maktao was in Maisha's way

Godoma came to see what was going on

Godoma is a lovely mini matriarch


We have noticed that recently Sagala, Mteto, Ndiwa, Mundusi, Mapia and Ndotto have formed their own little mini group. Out in the field between feeding times at 9, noon and 3pm, they sneak away and with dominant Ndotto and Ndiwa leading the way they take themselves far off deep into the forest, keeping themselves busy browsing and not caring to turn back and join the others and the keepers. All these orphans obviously have a wild and independent spirit compared to those that like to stick close to their keepers.

Earlier our lovely girl Solio, who has not been back to the stockades for some time, decided to pay us a visit with her wild male bull friend. Solio the rhino was happy to bring her friend back to where she was raised by her loving human family. The presence of her male friend however really drove Maxwell crazy, and he scampered around his stockade obviously very annoyed to have a male so close to his territory. He knocked his horn against the posts of his room and sprayed urine all around, a clear sign of warning to the newcomer. Solio’s boyfriend did not come too much closer after sensing Maxwell’s agitation, but Solio didn’t care and came right in to greet her old human family.

Sagala, Ndiwa and Mundusi

Sagala browsing

Mapia on the left running with Ndotto

Max was not happy to see the visitor!




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