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It was a wonderful morning with the orphan elephants leaving the stockade as soon as the milk and supplement feeding was over. Tundani and Bada led them towards the southern side of Msinga Hill, near the stockade HQ office, to begin the days browsing activities. Ndotto, Ngilai, Ndii and Suswa couldnít be bothered to go all around the stockade terrace following the safe foot path to join their friends, and chose instead to climb up the stockade terrace to get to the rest of the group. Once there Ngilai lay down on the ground and rolled around celebrating what they had achieved.

The orphan elephant spent the morning browsing in small groups with Mbegu and Murit staying close together while Ndotto, Lasayen and Ngilai did the same as they all browsed their way to the baobab tree waterhole. After a wonderful noon mud and dust bath the orphans joined a wild herd that had come for a drink. Mashariki went forward and invited them to join the orphan herd with the intention of trying to steal away a wild elephant calf. At the same time the wild herd managed to absorb Tahri into their group which complicated matters. Ishaq-B came in to get Tahri back and was engaged in a play fight by a teenage female who wanted to prevent her from taking Tahri away. Kihari, Ndii, and Bada came in to support Ishaq-B and together they succeeded in getting Tahri back. The four also managed to steal the wild calf away but three teenage members of the wild herd coming to reclaim their youngster sibling while also engaging Panda, Nelion and Bada in a wrestling match. The two herds browsed together for about an hour before separating and going their separate ways.

Bada scratching on a rock

Kihari manages to get up on the terrace

Ndotto and Ngilai playing in the trenches


The orphan elephants began the day as usual with their morning milk bottle followed by Lucerne pellet feeding. Tahri enjoyed a scratching session against a small rock while Mbegu did the same against the big rock in the stockade compound. The two scratched their bottoms against the rocks before joining their friends for a soil bathing game. Tahri then had fun digging up soil which she used to have dust bath with, before rolling around on the red earth piles with Panda and Kihari standing guard to make sure that none of the other orphans bothered her.

Ngilai introduced a game of rubbing his neck on the stockade terrace with Mbegu coming to join him, before the two followed their friends who were leaving the stockade compound for the browsing grounds. They browsed in single file and had their noon milk feed on the northern foot of Msinga Hill.

At about 1pm Bada and Nelion separated from the rest of the group to enjoy a private browsing session. The two browsed together for more than two hours before rejoining their friends. Ndotto enjoyed rubbing his body against a rough dry tree trunk.

Tahri scratching herself

Godoma digging and dustbathing

Bada and Nelion in a private browsing session


Mashariki led the way out of the stockade compound today following the milk and Lucerne pellet feeding. Mbegu remained behind with Ndotto and Suswa trying to pick up every last piece of pellet from the feeding tray.

Today the orphans settled to browse on the eastern foot of Msinga Hill where they browsed in single file. They then made their way to the noon milk feed in groups of five, downing the contents of their bottles in a matter of seconds before they went for a drink of clean water from the water trough.

Arruba and Ndii spent a little more time than the rest around the baobab tree water trough. Arruba then showcased her bottom scratching game to Ndii, by sitting on the side of the trough moving her bottom back and forth as Ndii watched. Ndii soon tired of the game and went to try and push a big tree but when she found out she wasnít able to, she chose to have a scratching session against it instead. The orphans were reluctant to wallow today as it was fairly cold. Ndotto chose to lie at the edge of the water and siphon water with his trunk which he then sprayed over his body. Murit came and spoiled his game by trying to push him into the water which Ndotto managed to prevent. The afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole.

Ndotto in a very playful mood

Orphans at dustbath

Ishaq-B smelling Arruba's mouth


The stockade dependent orphans gathered in the compound after their milk feed and feasted on the supplement pellets ready for the dayís activities. Ndotto found a rock to scratch on but Nguvu had already set his sights on the same rock, he approached Ndotto, ears spread ready for a fight, but Ndotto, respectful of the senior orphans, backed away, allowing Nguvu to enjoy his scratching session. Nguvu did not waste any time and proceeded to scratch his bottom on the rock.

Kihari had a playful moment with Godoma, resting her trunk gently on Godomaís back whilst Godoma drank from the stockade water trough. Ngilai, Panda and Murit, after quenching their thirst, stayed at the water trough for a few minutes, splashing and playing with the water.

Kenia attempted to lead the stockade orphans out to browse, but the younger ones were not done with the fun and games. Eventually Ndoria and Bada succeeded in leading the orphans to the foot of Msinga Hill on the western side and then onto the baobab tree watering hole in the afternoon.

Later in the evening, when the stockade dependant orphan elephant were in their respective stockades, Thoma, Thor and Eve visited without the other members of Emilyís herd. They had a drink of water from the stockade water trough and later left to probably join up with the rest of Emilyís herd.

Ndotto morning scratching session

Arruba browsing

Thoma and Thor visit in the evening


It was a bright morning as the orphan elephants exited their stockade full of energy. Ngilai, Tahri and Godoma were the first ones to have their milk bottle after which they joined Keniaís herd who were at the Lucerne grass pellet feeding area. After the feeding session, the orphans gathered around the stockade compound to play with one another. Godoma was waiting for Murit to finish scratching against a rock. She became impatient and gave him a push to try and get him off faster, but Murit stayed where he was. Ishaq-B came in and managed to draw Murit away by engaging him in a pushing game. Murit then rode on Ngilaiís back as he rolled around on the red earth piles while Mbegu enjoyed a scratching session.

Nguvu and Embu took the lead of the group to the browsing fields today with Ngilai and Murit coming in last as they were busy engaged in a strength testing game and had to run to catch up with the rest of the orphans

At 11am, the orphans had their routine midday milk bottles and proceed to the baobab tree water hole. Embu, Arruba, Mashariki, Suswa, Murit and Godoma led their friends in a game of spraying water over their bodies after which they made their way to the dust bathing area where Panda lay down in an effort to entice Mbeguís herd to come and join her. Lasayen, Rorogoi, Mashariki and Ndotto enjoyed a scratching session against different trees. Godoma led the group away from the mud bath to the northern side of Msinga Hill where they spent the afternoon browsing.

Lasayen Ndotto Godoma playing on the soil pile

Nguvu leading orphans to browsing field

Rorogoi enjoying scratching against a tree




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