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The stockade dependant orphans exited their stockade in happy mood gathering at the usual milk feeding area where they downed their milk bottles and settled for the supplement feeding. Ngilai, Lasayen and Godoma lead their friends for some games on the red earth piles at the stockade compound. Ngilai was having fun rolling around on the piles until Ndotto came and interfered with the game, pinning Ngilai on the ground with his tusks which had Ngilai calling out for help. Ndotto seemed to be in the mood to play rough today, ousting Godoma from her scratching game to engage her in a strength testing match. Murit took advantage of this to take Godomaís scratching position.

The orphan elephants had a wonderful time browsing on the northern side of the stockade, visiting the baobab tree water hole where they had their noon milk bottle and a drink of water but did not wallow as it was a chilly day. The afternoons browsing activities took place close to the waterhole.

Tahri scratching her head

Arruba scratching her head

Ishaq-B in a playful mood


It was a busy beginning to the day as all the milk dependant orphan elephants gathered for their early morning milk bottles after which they settled to enjoy the Lucerne pellets that had been put out for them. Mudanda rubbed her bottom against a rock while Nguvu went to a separate rock for his scratching session. Ishaq-B was busy rolling up and down the red earth piles to show case her talents in an effort to entice Mbeguís herd members to join her. She finally managed to succeed in getting Ngilaiís who came to join Ishaq-B. Kihari and Tahri had fun rolling around on the red earth piles until Kenia came in and spoiled their game by stealing Tahri away. Ndii, who was watching everything that was going on, came charging up to Kenia and Tahri to separate the two and take Tahri for herself. Ndotto and Tundani closed the stockade games with a wrestling match before following their friends to the browsing grounds.

Emilyís herd visited the stockade at 8.30am, two hours after the stockade dependant orphans had left for the fields. After drinking water from the stockade water hole, Edie placed her trunk and head on a rock, closed her eyes and relaxed. The ex-orphan group remained at the stockade for an hour before heading back to the park.

Mudanda scratching

Kenia trying to steal Tahri

Edie relaxing


It was another wonderful morning with the milk dependant orphan elephants downing their morning milk bottle in a matter of seconds before settling down for the pellet feeding. They played briefly on the red earth piles before following Mbegu and Ndotto towards the browsing grounds. The orphans split into groups to enjoy the soft vegetation at their disposal.

Lasayen settled to browse with Tahri, while Tundani and Ndoria explored further afield for their browsing activities. Tundani quickly noticed that they had wandered quite far from their friends and forced Ndoria to turn around and go back so that they could rejoin them.

After the noon milk feed, the orphans were very thirsty and ran towards the baobab tree water hole for a drink. A big wild elephant bull got scared off when he saw many small elephants running towards him as he drank at the water trough and ran off in fear; it would have been quite a peculiar sight for him! Suswa approached him to calm him down and assure him that all was well but the wild bull chose to head off to continue his browsing activities. The orphans resumed browsing after enjoying a mud bath and dust bath on the red earth piles.

Godoma with grass in her mouth

Mbegu leading friends to the trench

Tarhi and Lasayen browsing


After the morning feed, Ngilai, Ndotto and Mbegu went for a dust bathing game. Ndotto and Ngilai lay on the red earth piles while Mbegu scratched against a small rock before joining her two friends. The three were soon joined by Arruba for a dust bath. Ngilai was happy to have Arruba join them and trumpeted his excitement. Mashariki enjoyed a scratching session against a tree, away from her friends.

Soon after the stockade dependant orphan elephants had left for the browsing field, Emilyís herd in the company of two wild bull friends arrived for a drink from the stockade trough. They relaxed around the stockade compound for ten minutes with Eve playing a wrestling match with Rombo, and later with a wild bull friend, before heading back to the Park.

The stockade orphans visited the baobab tree water hole after their noon milk feed. Ndoria, Nelion and Suswa went for a bath in the cold water, with Kenia beginning the mud bathing games by lying at the edge of the water and enjoying a mud bath there. They group later went to play on the red earth piles with Arruba mischievously picking up some red soil with her trunk, carrying it to the main water hole and spraying it there. Rorogoi enjoyed a scratching session against a tree close the mud bath area.

Ndotto plays on the soil whilst Mbegu scratches

Nelion Ndoria Suswa bathing

Murit throwing grass on his head


It was a wonderful morning as the milk dependant orphans came running out for their milk bottles, after which they went to the Lucerne pellet feeding area. When they were done they teamed up for their usual socializing game where Mbegu engaged Ndotto in a strength testing competition while the other orphans enjoyed rolling around soil dusting.

Lentili was super excited this morning and came charging up to Ol-tukai who was near the stockade waterhole. Ol-tukai charged towards Lentili who quickly retreated, which brought Kenia running to Lentiliís aid as she approached Ol-tukai ready for a fight. Thankfully everything remained peaceful and Kenia led her group to the browsing fields.

The orphans visited the baobab tree water hole for a brief bath following the noon milk feed and then resumed with the days browsing activities which took place close to the waterhole.

Godoma and Mbegu playing

Mashariki happy to see Ol Tukai

Stockade orphans browsing




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