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The morning was wonderful with the orphan elephants enjoying a game of ambushing and chasing away the baboons that were coming down Msinga Hill to try and steal the orphan elephant’s copra cake. The orphans were extra exited, running and charging around, as they made their way to the browsing grounds.

After browsing for five hours, Mudanda went to rub her tusks against a rock as if sharpening them. Naipoki had a wonderful play fight with Ndotto until Lasayen got jealous and became possessive of Ndotto, taking him away from the area and denying Naipoki the opportunity to play with him. This also prevented Murit and Ngilai, who were watching the game, from seeing who the winner would be.

After the noon milk feed the orphan elephants had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games. They then continued with their browsing activities close to the baobab water hole until it was time to return to the stockades.


Mashariki busy browsing

Kihari and Ishaq-B browsing


The day started with the orphan elephants teaming up in groups to play socializing games around the stockade compound following the milk and supplement feeding.

After browsing in the field for three hours, Tahri enjoyed a scratching session with her back against a big rock boulder. Lasayen hid behind a tree and came out to ambush Ndotto and engage him in a pushing game. Ndotto was running in circles playing with Lasayen, but Ndotto ended up knocking his head on the tree and he cried out in pain. Lasayen was scared of being reprimanded by Ndotto and ran off.

In the afternoon the orphans browsed amid some light rain and enjoyed feeding on the wet grass. Mbegu, Ngilai, Godoma, Murit and Lasayen lay around a medium rock, extracting warmth from it while Ndotto played a game of rolling around on the wet earth. The rest of the afternoon’s browsing took place on the northern side of the stockade.

Panda left and Tundani

Ndotto playing

Ndoria browsing


The morning began with the orphan elephants leaving the stockade compound after the milk and supplement feeding to begin the days browsing activities. They stopped to browse on the western foot of Msinga Hill where Godoma enjoyed a scratching session while Mbegu waited patiently for her turn. Later in the day, Ndotto lay down and engaged Mbegu in a play fight. Godoma copied Ndotto’s actions and got left behind by the rest of the group when they made their way to the baobab waterhole and she had to run to catch up. The orphans only had a partial mud bath following the afternoon milk bottle. The rest of the afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole. 

Ndotto and Mbegu play fighting

Godoma lying down

Mbegu scratching


It was a wonderful beginning to the day with the orphan elephants playing happily around the stockade compound after their milk and supplement feeding. Mbegu had a lovely time scratching against a small rock close to the stockade red-earth piles. Lentili came and ousted Mbegu from her scratching position, but no sooner had she done so when Mudanda came and drove her away from the rock taking it for herself.

Ndotto lay on the edge on top of the stockade terrace enjoying a soil bathing games. Lasayen came and pushed Ndotto to get him off the terrace which brought an end to his game. The orphan elephants then proceeded to the browsing grounds where they browsed in peace.

In the afternoon the weather changed abruptly and light rain started falling. Embu, Ndoria, Godoma, Ngilai and Lasayen enjoyed rolling around in the wet soil.

Mbegu scratching

Rorogoi left and Bada

Arruba browsing


It was the usual morning routine today as the orphan elephants happily drank their milk bottle and had their Lucerne supplements. Once they were done feeding, Panda and Nelion engaged each other in a tough play-fighting game that raised a huge cloud of dust in the air. The game went on for some time and had Lasayen climbing the stockade terrace when he saw them pushing one another in his direction.

The orphan elephants made their way to the browsing grounds under leadership of Suswa, Arruba and Mashariki. Mudanda was in the middle of the group and was seen attempting to bully Mbegu. The Keepers saw what was happening and intervened, putting a stop to Mudanda’s naughty behaviour. When in the browsing fields Ndotto and Murit engaged one another in a brief wrestling match.

The orphans visited the water hole in the afternoon and had fun playing mud bathing games with the afternoon browsing session taking place close to the water hole.

Panda left and Nelion strength testing

Naipoki scratching

Murit left and Ndotto strength testing




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