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It was a nice beginning to the day with the stockade dependent orphan elephants coming out of their respective stockades and concentrating on their milk and supplement feeding. On arriving at the western foot of Msinga Hill they encountered ex-orphan Laikipia who was heading towards the stockade for a drink. Laikipia stayed with the juniors and enjoyed receiving their caresses with their trunks as they greeted him warmly.

The orphans browsed half way up the northern side of Msinga Hill, with Godoma, Ndotto and Mbegu interacting freely with older ones. Tahri engaged Araba but Ndii came over and broke up their game by taking Tahri away for a browsing session.

At noon Murit was the first to plunge into the water for a wallow. He was having such fun that he was soon joined by Mudanda, Mashariki and Kihari all of whom wanted to join him and they all had a lot of fun playing mudbathing games. The afternoon was spent browsing close to the baobab water hole.

Mudanda browsing

Arruba splashing water

Tawi and Oltukai


It was a cold Sunday morning as Mbegu lead the first group out of the stockades for their morning milk bottle. Ngilai hung around the milk feeding area in great hope that he would manage to get some more milk, but ran away when he realized that he was standing near Ndoriaís milk share and Ndoria is a no-nonsense character.

After the milk feed Nelion went for a bottom scratching session against a rock. While there Panda approached and attempted to drive him away so that she could take his place. Nelion stood firm, engaging Panda in a strength testing pushing game, successfully diverting her attention away from the rock scratching game. Panda then went to enjoy browsing from a nearby acacia tree.

The mornings browsing activities took place on the eastern side of the stockade, with Ngilai enjoying browsing together with Ndotto. At noon the orphan elephants had their milk bottle under a tree close to the baobab tree, but didnít visit the water hole again due to the cold weather.

Nelion ready to start morning activities

Panda and Nelion teasing each other

Murit browsing


The orphan elephants took their morning feed as usual before leaving for the browsing fields. The keepers took the lead, with Lasayen following right behind them with the other five new arrivals following suit behind Lasayen and the keepers. The orphan elephants settled to browse on the northern foot of Msinga hill where Mbegu separated her herd for a little private browsing session. Later in the morning Mbegu had a wonderful browsing and trunk touching encounter with Ishaq-B when the older orphan came to join the babies.

Tundani explored further uphill than the rest of the group and enjoyed browsing surrounded by beautiful vegetation and rocks. Ndotto was moving slowly and fell a little behind the rest of the group but when he saw he was on his own he was quick to make up the distance and rejoin his friends.

Nelion tried to join two wild elephant bulls, but was unable to fully interact with them as his friends were busy walking towards the baobab tree water hole for the afternoon milk feed. The weather was cold and none of the orphans wanted to wallow, choosing instead to resume with their browsing activities once they had finished their milk bottles and had a drink of water.


Bada browsing

Ngulia Tawi and Oltukai

Mashariki with a mouthful of grass


The morning was began with the usual milk and supplement feeding before the orphan herd made their way to the browsing grounds. Ishaq-B had a wonderful browsing moment with Tahri which made little Tahri very happy as she has been feeling a little out of sorts since the arrival of the six new orphans from the Nursery.

Lasayen and Ndotto together with Mbegu and Murit were browsing together today when Murit seemed undecided as to whether or not to follow the older orphans uphill or to stay with Mbegu, Lasayen and Ndotto. Murit lifted his trunk, smelling the older orphans who were busy browsing and decided to remain with his friends.

Kenia and Naipoki enjoyed a scratching session against two different rocks after which the orphan herd visited the baobab tree water hole where they had their milk bottle but forgo the water as it was too cold.

The group then made their way to the northern foot of Msinga Hill where they started to browse but became unsettled as a there was a female lioness busy mating with a big male lion who was roaring loudly which sent the orphans running off in fear. The keepers managed to get them all back tighter and calm them down but Mbegu, Lasayen, Ngilai, Godoma, Murit and Ndotto chose to stay close to the keepers for the rest of the day.


Suswa enjoying fresh green shoots

Murit smelling other older wild Elephants

Mudanda enjoying scratching against a rock


It was a cold Friday morning as the junior orphan elephants together with Tahri and Araba made their way out of the stockade for their morning milk bottle. After the supplement feeding was over
Mbegu took the lead with Lentili doing her best to get past Ngilai, Ndotto, Lasayen, Murit and Godoma to overtake Mbegu and become the leader.

Laikipia visited the stockade at 9.30am and remained there for an hour drinking water and feeding on Lucerne grass pellets.

The morning browsing session went well with Mbegu approaching Tahri in an effort to form a friendship with her and to bring an end to the grudge that Tahri seems to have for her. The two spent the better part of the morning hours browsing peacefully together under Ndiiís watchful eye.
Godoma came and joined the two and they all enjoyed spending some time together.

At midday the orphan elephants visited the baobab water hole to drink water, but opted not to take a bath, due to the cold weather. After having a drink they resumed with their browsing activities until 5pm when it was time to return to the safety of the stockades for the night.

Embu stretching to get to greener shoots

Mbegu and Ishaq-B tender moment

Panda bottom scratching on a rock




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