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Ziwa and Ngasha were in a mischievous mood today and kept trying to trick the keepers as to which direction they were going to take. When they saw the keepers following them they would turn around, and rejoin the group led by Lima Lima and Murera towards the springs. As the orphans made their way to the browsing hills they came across two Rock Springers who jumped away upon seeing the orphans and the keepers.

In the forest along the Umani Hills we found wild elephant dung on the path that the orphans were taking. Quanza stopped to smell the stool while Zongoloni grabbed some and put it into her mouth to taste as this is a way that they can find out what vegetation is good to eat. Jasiri came and did the same thing. Murera, Sonje and Mwashoti walked right past the dung wanting to get to the browsing fields so that they could fill their bellies.

Orphans looking for pellets

Limalima and Mwashoti having a quiet moment

Faraja throwing dust on his head


Murera showed the keepers she is a fully adult elephant now and was rude to a keeper who was trying to control which direction the elephants should walk in. She turned her back and looked at the keeper but ignored him and moved in her own direction with Mwashoti and Sonje, leaving Lima Lima to go her own way with Jasiri, Faraja, Ngasha, Ziwa and Quanza.
Hidada ibis and horn bills were flying and shouting through the trees. Alamaya stopped to try and see what was above but he could not raise his head high enough. He thought the sound was very strange so he ran to Zongoloni and then carried on going. Zongoloni called Quanza and then we saw the two elephants running after Alamaya to stop him from going very far.

Mwashoti and Sonje leave together to browse

Ziwa at the mud bath

Ngasha with his milk bottle


Many wild elephants showed up with their wild born tiny babies to visit the orphans in the early morning hours today. Ziwa saw them first and blew a trumpet trying to tell them that he is among the big boys around and they should be careful! Sonje went to see why Ziwa was trumpeting and if he might be in need of more support from boys like Jasiri and Ngasha who are the dominant boys in the Umani family.
Lima Lima walked behind Ziwa and Faraja following the tiny wild born babies with their mothers and sisters. The keepers were able to walk together with the wild elephants and the orphans up to where Zongoloni, Quanza and Lima Lima wanted to stop for the day. The wild elephants walked away the moment the keepers began calling the orphans to come back to the stockades for the night. A wild bull elephant was trying to follow the keepers and orphans back, so when the keepers got to the stockades and were feeding babies, the huge bull just stood at the stockade gate watching what the keepers and the orphans were doing he probably could not believe his eyes!

Sonje scratches bottom

Alamaya picking soft grass

Limalima arrives at dust bath


Very many wild herds came up to the stockades to visit the babies before they came out to begin their new day. They had some lovely tiny babies as well. The keepers tried to keep away from them by avoiding the direction the wind was blowing so they would not pick up their scent. These elephants turned out to be very friendly towards the orphans, and took their own special time greeting and happily rumbling at them. Jasiri, Ngasha and Faraja were interested in the females and climbing on them but they are still baby boys. Jasiri thought he was big enough to be able to mate with females but it is still too early for him! The keepers kept watching and laughing at how Jasiri was put down by a female elephant after trying to climb on her back. 

Ngasha scratches bottom to get rid of ticks

Playful babies in the morning

Orphans enjoy mod bath


All orphans headed to the forests walking slowly towards the Chyulu Hills National Park. On the way they smelt some wild elephant dung. Lima Lima put her trunk to the ground and tried to smell hard which way their wild friends had gone. The keepers could hear some young elephants shouting and Zongoloni wanted to investigate with Lima Lima. They found a young baby but with a very large and caring mother who was heavily protecting her baby. Lima Lima and her friend could not take the baby away to play with it which they really wanted to! The keepers stayed at a distance watching from afar, careful not to get too close to the wild herd with bulls and a young baby as well.
The wild bulls ganged up and started pushing Zongoloni and Lima Lima away from the herd. Faraja and Ngasha went over to see which of their friends were being pushed but Murera and Sonje blew some terrifying loud trumpets to call the boys back from the wild pushy friends.

Murera and Mwashoti

Limalima walking on rocks

Orphans browsing




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