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Murera and her herd headed to the forest ready to begin their day. Sonje and Ziwa followed Murera closely while Faraja and Ngasha, who did not want to follow the older girls, chose instead to follow Jasiri and Quanza who were headed in a different direction making their way to the Chyulu Hills. Alamaya was with Lima Lima pushing Lima Lima to move faster so that they would not fall behind the rest.

At the bottle feeding point the orphans came rushing in for their milk bottles with Shukuru running to get her share. When she was done she requested for more, then she spotted one of Mwashoti’s bottles still full on the ground and seemed to want to come and grab it, but he stretched his trunk towards her as if wanting to push her away so that she could not get to his second bottle.

Ngasha having fun at the mudbath

Faraja after mudbath

Alamaya after a wallow


Murera together with the rest of the orphan herd made their way to the forest this morning walking very slowly so that they could browse as much as possible. Ziwa and Ngasha became engaged in one of their usual fighting battles. The Keepers had to wait until they finished fighting but they didn’t seem to be finishing any time soon. Jasiri and Zongoloni came to join the two, trying to bring an end to their game by standing between them.

Once at the Umani Hills Mwashoti and Sonje headed off with Shukuru in the lead as they didn’t want to be around the bullying boys. Wild elephants were heard trumpeting loudly at the top of the Hills making a lot of noise as they walked through the forest. Quanza and Lima Lima headed towards the noise to find out what was going on and found some bull elephants with a few females and their babies browsing peacefully.

Murera standing under some branches

Sonje in the lead

Jasiri and Faraja strength testing


This morning a wild herd of elephants with four tiny babies came to the stockades for a drink of water. The wild group was quite thirsty and walked straight to the water trough and started drinking. The orphan herd did not seem to be bothered with the wild herd with only Shukuru rumbling a greeting to them as the wild elephants responded in loud rumbles.

When Faraja and Ngasha heard the rumbling they suddenly wanted to come out of their night quarters. They started pushing at the stockade doors and the Keepers had to come and get them to stop and opened the gate to the orphan’s stockades so that they could join the wild elephants. However when they were able come out Ngasha was the only one who did so but quickly reentered his stockade deciding that he wasn’t quite ready to interact with the wild herd without his friends.

Lima Lima and Ngasha at the milk feeding area

Quanza coming to the milk feeding area

Alamaya and Mwashoti strength testing


It was a cool morning with the orphans waking up eager to begin their day. Murera joined by Quanza led the orphans into the bush towards the Chyulu Hills where some klipspringers were grazing. Ziwa and Ngasha decided to move closer to the klipspringers and give them a fright causing them to run away.

Later in the morning the orphans changed their browsing direction and headed towards Umani Hills. Lima Lima and some of the others followed the scent of some wild elephants, heading in the direction that their wild elephant friends had taken. The Keepers, however, called them back to rejoin Murera and Sonje’s who were headed to the Kenze area then back to the Umani Hills.

Today, rather than head to the usual milk feeding area the Keepers brought the milk bottles to the orphans who were all busy enjoying browsing on top of the hills.


Quanza reaching for branches

Orphans having a drink at the waterhole

Shukuru leading the orphans home


The orphans having had a good night’s rest got up eager to begin their day. They started their morning with the usual milk and supplement feeding. Shukuru who knew all too well how rough her friends could be whilst eating their pellets decided to stay back and just eat the ones that she found laying on the ground near the stores. Ngasha and Sonje ended up in a shoving competition as Ngasha stepped on Sonje’s pellets trying to get her to move away so that he could grab a few more. Murera, not bothered by the commotion, simply raised her head and then continued to feed while Alamaya patiently waited for the orphans to start heading to the bush.

A group of bull elephants came to the top of the Umani Hills in an attempt to befriend and visit the orphans. Lima Lima went up to assess the situation and to alert the Keepers to their presence and to see if Osama was amongst the small herd of wild bulls.

It was a particularly hot day so all the orphans, especially the albinos, made their way down to the waterhole for a mud bath. Faraja and Jasiri enjoyed wallowing in the water and when they were done they made their way back to the rest of the group who were relaxing under the shade of the trees.

Shukuru heading to join the rest

Sonje busy browsing

Mwashoti getting into the waterhole




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