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Playful elephants made their way out in the morning with Zongoloni leading all the babies to the water trough close to the stockades, and then Ziwa went to have his fill of drinking water but as Ngasha came to drink Ziwa gave him a firm push, when Zongoloni and Quanza saw this happening they both turned against Ziwa pushing him away from the water so that he could be disciplined.
Later Sonje walked past Ziwa blocking his way as she and her friend Murera did not want the little elephants to walk through the thickest wet bushes, Alamaya followed with Mwashoti but then a fight between the two little bulls broke out, fighting for Murera and Sonje because Mwashoti did not want Alamaya to be with his closest mother Sonje neither Murera but go instead to his adopted mom Lima Lima. The fighting boys continued to fight but soon Lima Lima stepped in and separated them stopping the nonsense because after all they all belong to one family now.

Murera in the very thick bush

Sonje rushing to the 11am feed

Murera hugs Alamaya


At the waterhole today all the Elephants joined in at the swimming pool competing to swim, as Sonje first took Mwashoti and placed her trunk inside the waterhole trying feel how hot or cold the water was before they went into full swimming mode given how deep the swimming pool is with all the rain. Zongoloni was the big star with Sonje guarding Mwashoti next to her side teaching him how he would swim along with big elephants if they would be crossing rivers in the wild.
After the swimming, Keepers called Alamaya, Ziwa and Ngasha, Jasiri and Faraja but Alamaya and Ziwa remained having a good time feeding on acacia leaves, Faraja with Ziwa teamed up running back to see Murera with the baboons and monkeys getting excited in the trees.

Playful Alamaya

Orphans at dust bath

Limalima catches some wild scents


Misbehaving boy Ngasha with his naughty friend Faraja again came for their bottles in the evening in the stockades and then later Ngasha sneaked out but today he left with Ziwa and even more surprising now that he had company he did come back so both boys spent their first night out in the forests, all two boys enjoyed their night browsing the whole night and joined the other friends later in the morning for their morning bottles.
Murera received the boys with more rumbling and trumpeting loudly as they received the lost boys and stories were exchanged. For sure they had great adventures in the night encountering lots of wild animals.

Ziwa walking to the watersprings

Zongoloni running after Ziwa

Orphans enjoying the tall green grass


The elephants made up their mind to take a very different route today, a route the seldom choose to take. It was Ngasha who made his mind up to follow these pathways which wild elephants use to the water springs and then diverted towards the hills making many wrong turns along the way which confused Lima Lima and Murera. The eventually let Ziwa join Ngasha to go their own way without Murera Sonje, Zongoloni and the others to follow them either.
Ziwa later realised that no other orphans were with them and Ngasha whispered to Ziwa to help them know how to go back to where Murera and Sonje were with Mwashoti, and all rumbled. Quanza then made her way to them so that they all could come together for the mud bath time but today none wallowed in the mud bath but instead all the orphans walked back to the bushes after their milk bottles preferring to browse and feed at their own leisurely pace.

Murera waiting for the younger ones

Faraja moving downhill

Murera and friends browsing


Today was a big day for Ngasha who decided after a day of feeling his independence that it was to be his first night out. He first returned to the stockades, had his fill of milk and then before the stockade door was closed pushed his way out and headed out of the front gates back into the forest. He proceeded to browse in the bushes and the Keepers thought he wanted to join some wild elephants in the area. Then as darkness fell Ngasha realised he was a little boy still, he couldn’t handle the night-time on his own and was soon banging at the front gates of the Umani Springs compound demanding he be let back in. The Keepers delivered on his request and before long he was tucked up in his stockade next to Faraja and feeling secure once more. His arrival was met by shouting and trumpeting from the others as all were delighted to have him back in the fold. He too seemed very happy to be back, his night out experience alone had done a good job of frightening him it seems!  

Zongoloni picks acacia pods

Orphans enjoying playing in the forest

Ngasha coming out of the bushes




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