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Our morning was greeted by a heavy downpour that lasted for quite a few hours. This meant that some of the youngest orphans including Maktao, Sattao, Emoli, Kiasa, Enkesha, Musiara, Maisha and Luggard as well stayed inside. Tamiyoi, Malima and Mapia forced their way back into their stables for shelter whilst the bigger orphans like Mbegu, Ndotto, Ngilai, Ndiwa, Sana Sana, Mundusi, Lasayen, Mteto and Sagala were all busy enjoying rolling in the wet soil and muddy earth, and running through the flowing water everywhere as well.
During the public visit there was water everywhere, as the small stream which trickles past the mud bath was now in full flow. This made it difficult for Emoli, Maktao, Musiara, Maisha, Sattao and Kiasa to cross it for their milk bottles on the other side and initially they shied away from it. The keepers has to entice them over by showing them their milk bottles and slowly crossing the stream with them. Kiasa, Maktao and Musiara shouted out loud as they crossed the water! Godoma ran across the water for her milk bottle, trumpeting as she did so.

Mapia carefully crossing the slippery rocks

Enkesha and Edwin

Sattao chosing to stay a little closer to Mbegu


Ngilai has been a naughty boy recently. He has always naturally been a rough and playful bull, always wanting to engage his human family with pushing games as he would his elephant family, but for the past couple of days his behaviour has been the epitome of naughty! He is not usually naughty at milk feeding time but today he went on fighting everyone including his keepers to get to the milk wheelbarrow. Ndotto had to step in and save the situation by disciplining Ngilai and driving him away by pushing his little tusks into Ngilai’s hind. Ngilai repeated this naughty behaviour at the 11am feeding and any keeper who stood in his way he shoved to the side. He finally pushed over the wheelbarrow and all the milk that was still inside poured out. The keepers had to be quick to pick up the bottles that were for the babies still waiting to be fed!
Ambo is such a funny little boy and he will hold a grudge against anyone that crosses the line with him. Earlier in the day Malima had shoved him to the side when she wanted to get to a branch that Shukuru had pulled down from a tree. In return Ambo blocked her and Malima cried out, causing Shukuru to step in and send Ambo away. Later on Ambo kept following Malima around and head-butting her in revenge! At one stage Jotto had to step in and help Malima as Ambo was pushing her into a mud pool.
Esampu has been causing problems for the keepers at feeding times, always fighting to steal another milk bottle that is not hers. Today Tagwa had been watching her for awhile and as soon as she started to misbehave, Tagwa stepped in and charged at her, driving her away from the milk feeding place!


Ngilai before Ndotto stepped in to discipline him

Malima after Ambo pushed her out of the way

Esampu after mud-bath


As the orphans enjoyed their morning browse after their 9am milk feed, suddenly a group of about six came running out of the bushes shouting for help. Maktao was leading and behind him followed Malima, Jotto, Enkesha, Maisha and Emoli. They all run looking for their keepers for protection. The keepers assumed it was because of the buffalos browsing not far away. After a few minutes Mbegu then came running through the same gap in the bushes with her ears held high, before turning and charging back and forth at the bushes in front. With this reaction from Mbegu the keepers thought there must be something else and went to investigate but they didn’t find anything. They went back to the group of orphans who were all sticking together, but Mbegu remained unsettled. The rest of her group Ndotto, Shukuru, Ndiwa, Mundusi, Sagala, Sana Sana and Ngilai were not with her. All of a sudden a big male warthog came crashing through the bushes in front with his tail raised high in the air. Shukuru was there and Ndotto was charging at a lioness who must have been hunting the lucky warthog! The lioness ran in the other direction as the keepers called Ndotto to join the rest of the group. After the lioness had disappeared into the thicket calm was restored within the group and they all went back to browsing. 

Mbegu and Sattao browsing quietly

Mundusi finds a quiet spot to browse

Sana Sana finds green shoots to browse on


Ndiwa has apparently become the leader of the group that browses deep in the forest looking for nice green vegetation. Today she was directing everyone where to go, including Ndotto, Sana Sana, Lasayen and Ngilai who are usually known to accompany her, but she also had several more followers in Shukuru, Mbegu, Sattao, Ambo and Kiasa who were following behind her all the time.

Ambo and Malima were the talk of the public visit today. This was after they engaged each other in a very physical pushing game. At the start of the visit Malima was having fun rolling in the fresh loose soil with Maktao. She then left the spot where she and Maktao had been playing and moved to where Ambo was playing alone, and then they ended up in a very funny pushing game which went on for some time.

Murit was a bad boy during the visit today and he went around disturbing the girls that were trying to enjoy their games in the soil. He kept annoying Enkesha, Tamiyoi and Kuishi and climbing on their backs, and he wouldn’t listen to the Keepers when they told him to stop either. It was not until Godoma stepped up and told Murit off for his bad behaviour that he left. Godoma pushed him and used some force to discourage him from disturbing the other girls, and when he left she stayed to make sure no one else bothered them while they enjoyed their dusting game.

Ndiwa leading the Orphans to browse today

Shukuru part of group that followed Ndiwa

Malima headed to the mud-bath


These days we think Ndotto is practicing to become a dominant bull. Today he was in the company of older elephants led by Ndiwa and they went off deep into the forest to browse. When the keepers called them all of the others returned except Ndotto. He chose to stay and feed on his own and later he decided to slowly follow the others. He chooses to browse on his own a lot of the time and never seems in a hurry, but he is still a lovely gentle elephant who loves his keepers. Lasayen, Ngilai and Mundusi are slightly the same and they never respond in a hurry when the keepers are calling them.

Ambo wasn’t very nice to poor Emoli during the 3pm bottle feeding. Emoli was passing by as Ambo was having his bottle and maybe he thought he was going to try and take it. He knocked poor Emoli down and he shouted for help. Big mama Mbegu came running over to see what the problem was but Ambo was not worried as Mbegu is his adopted mother and he did not think she would discipline him. Ambo raised his ears up as if he was going to continue fighting so the keepers intervened and pushed him away to leave Emoli in peace.

Lasayen out in the bush

Ngilai is also acting more independent

Ambo wasn't very nice to Emoli

Emoli with Tagwa behind




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