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Shukuru is now back to normal, having been unwell several months back. She is now active again, and sharing possession of little Kinango with her best friend, Mutara, often taking leadership of the herd to and from the Stockades. Because it was a cold morning, Nyika remained indoors, and his friend Faraja went in search of him. It took the Keepers sometime to realize why Faraja was wandering around. When Nyika and little Kinango were allowed out to join the group, Faraja ran to greet Nyika, and escorted him and Kinango to the others. 

Shukuru running for milk


Ishaq-B again pushed Faraja down as he was taking his milk near her. Then at the mudbath she pushed Kwale. Faraja is very fond of Nyika, today spending all day beside him. Nyika, who is still very weak, spends time lying in the long grass, with Faraja continuing to eat the grass beside him. Faraja prefers eating grass to browse, possibly because browse is sparse within his Amboseli home. 

Kwale having milk

Faraja getting a hug from Naipoki


On a beautiful sunny morning, the orphans enjoyed playing a game of Hide and Seek around the compound. Nyika is still extremely weak and withdrawn, not wishing to interact with any of the others. He has to be helped up each morning, as was Orwa, and was given 2 litres of Dextrose and Saline intravenously to boost his strength. He did not attend the noon mudbath along with the others but instead remained behind in the bush along with Mutara who chose to stay beside him. 

Mutara having milk

Kinango under Kilabasi


Nyika has been put on a course of oral antibiotic today because he has been passing a lot of loose stool. Another Film Crew filming a documentary entitled “Ivory Wars” led by Daniel Woodley came to film the orphans today. 

Nyika with ears spread

Faraja and Naipoki


The Keepers decided to take the orphans to the mudbath area to feed today, where they settled down to browse. Nyika absented himself, going to the usual milk feeding area, hoping for more milk. Kwale seems jealous of Faraja, pushing him until he leaves the Junior group and moves to join the Seniors. In the afternoon he joined up with Nyika, Barsilinga, Kithaka and Kinango. 

Faraja with Ishaq-B

Kithaka and Kinango




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