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It was a quiet morning when the orphans left the stockade. Led by Naseku, the orphans briefly settled for lucerne before Maramoja led the way out. An hour later, a group of ex-orphans led by Kinna briefly joined the orphans. In the group there were three huge elephants that seemed to have an eye on a female ex-orphan. Shortly later Kinna steered the group towards the east as the keepers tried to call their babies back so as to avoid confrontation with the wild bulls. Barsilinga, Kithaka, Garzi, Lemoyian, Sirimon and Laragai refused to heed the keepers call and opted to run away with Kinna and her herd. The six rebels later showed up at mud bath before disappearing again, only to reappear late in the evening at the stockade. In the afternoon, Kauro engaged Galla in a strength testing exercise while Tusuja played with Enkikwe. The disciplined Oltaiyoni later had her own game of running and charging at some bushes, a game that also attracted Olsekki and Karisa. 

Galla, Naseku and Oltaiyoni

Enkikwe and Wanjala dustbathing

Galla riding on one of his friends


The sky was bright with no cloud cover in the morning. Enkikwe, who is now slowly picking up the rhythm of his friends, followed them straight to the browsing field. The weather indicated a sunny day a head. Kithaka teamed up with Wanjala while Oltaiyoni settled to browse with Sapalan. At around ten o'clock in the morning, the temperature escalated prompting the orphans to take a break from feeding and seek shelter under a tree because of the scorching sun. On the way to the mud bath, the orphans were joined by Mutara and her group. Soon after the orphans had their milk, Zurura and Rapsu in the company of four wild bulls joined the orphans in a cooling-off exercise in the mud bath that lasted for quite some time. In the afternoon, the orphans settled on the western slopes of Ithumba Hill where they were joined by the senior ex-orphans and wild bulls, one of which was in musth. Later, drama started when the keepers tried to withdraw their juniors from the ex-orphans. The bull in musth appeared suddenly and charged at keepers. The keepers ran in different directions as they escaped from the wrath of bull in musth. One of the keepers fell and sprained his leg but was fine.  

Kithaka and Wanjala browsing together


Zurura and wild elephant friends


Mutara’s group in the company of Vuria and Kilaguni, who appear not to stick to one group in particular, reported at the stockade early in the morning. Sities, Mutara, Turkwel and Kainuk watched as Enkikwe and Siangiki received their morning treatment and after led them to the browsing field where Kilaguni played a pushing game with Suguta. Their game attracted Kanjoro and Garzi who started their own. Tusuja settled to browse with Lemoyian and they had a lengthy chat. Perhaps Tusuja was interrogating Lemoyian about what happens in life outside the stockade. Sapalan settled to browse with Naseku while Karisa browsed with Oltaiyoni. At mud bath time the herd was joined by Orwa, Kalama and Bomani bringing the ex-orphans to eleven that attended the mud bath. Shortly after mud bath time was over, Vuria had a disagreement with Kalama that was settled through pushing each other. Vuria lost the fight to Kalama and decided not to pursue the matter. Mutara took the entire herd to the western slopes of Ithumba Hill where they settled to browse throughout the remaining part of the day. 

Vuria surrounded by Ipomea flowers


Lemoyian and Tusuja browsing together


Mutara’s group as usual reported in the morning as the orphans were preparing themselves to go into the bush. They surrounded Enkikwe and had a brief chat with him. We thought they were trying to ask him if he was okay going out with the others for the whole day, and if it was putting strain on his leg. We think Enkikwe likes the exercise and socializing with his friends again. It is good for him to use his leg and get it moving, although he will never walk the same.

An hour after the orphans left for browsing, the senior ex-orphans led by Yatta passed through the stockade compound in the company of three wild bulls, with one bull being in musth. Makireti’s group and Narok’s group have now merged with senior ex orphans but we are not sure for how long. At mud bath time, all the orphans including Enkikwe, who is really enjoying the company of his friends after being kept back at the stockades for over 2 months, had a spectacular wallowing session. After the orphans had enough, Kithaka, Tusuja, Oltaiyoni, Ukame, Kauro, Namalok and Wanjala headed for red soil dusting. Tusuja decided to quit the soil dusting exercise when Kithaka tried to climb on him without asking him for permission. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse and Maramoja decided to team up with Laragai for a conversation. We could hear them rumbling away. At around 3.30pm, the weather changed, and the sky opened up and we had rain for nearly half an hour that measured 16 mm.

Wild elephant with the ex orphans

Laragai and Maramoja

Kithaka riding on Tusuja


Mutara arrived early at the stockade compound and stood at the exit point where the orphans come out. Mutara exchanged morning greetings with some of the orphans before leading them to the bush. For a second day running, Enkikwe was determined to follow his friends to enjoy their company. After having treating her tail Siangiki also followed her friends out with Olsekki acting as her body guard. The orphans had a quiet morning as they only concentrated on browsing. On the way to the mud bath the dependent orphans were joined by the senior ex-orphans. Boromoko, who we thought was with this group, was missing and we wondered where he could be. He has an independent mind and left with the senior ex-orphans at the beginning of the rainy season. Only time will tell where he is and we hope in the meantime he is with some wild bulls. In the meantime all we can do is keep an eye open for him and ask the rangers on patrol to look for him too.

The ex-orphans had a spectacular wallowing session which saw Enkikwe jump into the water as well. He swam as if he had no injury at all and probably compensated for the many days he had gone without mud bathing. After mud bath, there was a tug of war between the ex-orphans and the keepers as the senior ex-orphans wanted to snatch Sapalan, Oltaiyoni, Namalok, karisa, Kithaka, Sirimon, Barsilinga and Garzi. The keepers managed to get Sapalan, Oltaiyoni, Namalok and Karisa back while the senior ex-orphans managed to go with Kithaka, Sirimon, Barsilinga and Garzi. Later in the evening, the four boys withdrew from the senior ex-orphans and came back to the stockade.

Siangiki and Olsekki

Ex orphans coming for the mudbath





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