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Soon after leaving the stockade, Ukame led the way to the browsing field where Sirimon and Enkikwe started their day’s activities by engaging in a pushing game. Tusuja teamed up with Olsekki to browse while Kamok scratched her ears against a tree. Later, the orphans came across some water where Galla, Sirimon, Naseku, Dupotto, Tusuja, Enkikwe and Oltaiyoni participated in a mini mud bath as they prepared themselves for the new arrivals from Nairobi. When Sapalan, Namalok and Kauro arrived, they were first welcomed by Roi, Galla and Dupotto. Roi entwined her trunk with Namalok but later pushed him to show how bossy she can be. Roi turned to Sapalan thinking that he was just as easy as Namalok but she got a rude shock when Sapalan turned to defend himself. Eventually, Sapalan decided to show a bit of respect to his new family by withdrawing and walking away. Sapalan was followed by Oltaiyoni who tried to comfort him by placing her trunk on Sapalan.

Out in the bush, Sirimon welcomed Namalok and Sapalan by climbing on them. As Namalok and Sapalan were interacting with the other orphans, Kauro kept on following the keepers and feeding close to them, a habit he had even before he went back to Nairobi. Karisa, who never appears concerned with whatever is happening around him, kept himself busy with soil dusting as the rest of herd were familiarizing themselves with the new babies. Later in the day, Boromoko engaged Galla in a pushing game and after winning that, he went to tackle Tusuja. In the evening all the orphans returned to the stockades for the nights.


Tusuja and Olsekki browsing

New babies arrive

Galla, Sapalan and Roi

Kauro, Tusuja and Barsilinga


Today the orphans drank fresh rain water from the rocks they came across in the bush. Tusuja was stretching high to reach fresh food from the trees whilst the other orphans concentrated on the bushes. Oltaiyoni was busy on the other side rolling in the mud! The group started walking towards the mud bath but on the way they came across a water pool and started playing in it.

They eventually made their way to the mud bath but only had their milk. They thought the main mud bath looked very cold so no one played in it.

The orphans went back out to the bush and came across another water pool along the road. This one looked a lot warmer and more inviting so they started playing in this water. They were very active and happy and then went back to browsing right up until they walked back home in the evening for their milk. There were no Ex Orphans in the area again today.

Sokotei drinks fresh rain water

Kamok scratches her ear

Oltaiyoni getting ready to roll in the dust


This morning the orphans enjoyed their lucerne cubes without the presence of Ex Orphans. Galla and Olsekki started play fighting while Kamok scratched her bottom. After the cubes, the orphans walked into the bush for browsing.

All the orphans were browsing while Barsilinga browsed and scratched his legs at the same time. Dupotto and Oltaiyoni were busy browsing separately in the bush as they all searched for fresh leaves after some light rain. The group later walked towards the mud bath for their milk. More independent orphans like Barsilinga, Laragai, Kithaka and Garzi stayed behind with a reluctant Karisa as well joining their group; he had already experienced life in the wild and thought that he did not have to go for his milk either. It was not a very hot day as the clouds still lingered in the sky, so the orphans just had their milk, drank some water and then wandered back into the bush.
Lemoyian started play fighting with Sokotei while Kithaka stretched high to reach the fresh green leaves. Lemoyian and Galla were hiding under some shade as they thought it was too hot. Later on, Galla and Barsilinga went to browse together and Mutara's group of Ex Orphans joined them. Ex Orphan Turkwel greeted Siangiki and later the two groups walked back home in the evening. Mutara’s group hung around the stockade for awhile and later walked back to the bush.

Galla takes a break from the heat

Enkikwe erached up for greener soft leaves

Orphans arrive back to the stockades


Olare’s group in the company of a wild elephant joined the orphans for lucerne in the morning. Soon after sharing lucerne, Olare and her group left while the orphans headed to Kanziku where they settled to browse. It was a morning without much fun as the orphans concentrated mostly on browsing and looking forward to the start of rains. Kamok started her day by scratching on nearby rocks while the gentle boy Boromoko engaged Tusuja in a light pushing game that ended abruptly when the naughty Kithaka came and pushed the two boys away. The weather was cloudy and the orphans only drank milk and then some water, and then walked back out to the bush to browse. In the afternoon and part of evening the cloudy sky gave way to 6mm of rain. The cooling effect of the rain made the orphans want to play. Tusuja, Roi, Boromoko, Sirimon, Galla, Naseku, Dupotto, Oltaiyoni and Shukuru had great fun rolling on the ground and smearing themselves with mud. 

Lemoyian enjoying the wet mud

Barsilinga trying to get up

Kithaka also enjoys the mud after the rains


Boromoko, the gentle boy, left his stockade with a branch in his mouth that was quickly taken away by Kanjoro who, together with the Ex Orphans, were relaxing outside the stockade waiting for lucerne. Unfortunately the remaining lucerne was not enough for the orphans, Ex Orphans and wild elephants present. To avoid a chaotic scenario, the orphans were left to intermingle with the Ex Orphans and wild elephants before making their way to the browsing field. Enkikwe had a great time with Gawa as they chatted for quite some time while Garzi settled for a strength testing exercise with Kibo. Tusuja played with Murka as Lemoyian tackled Sokotei, a game that Sokotei ended up surrendering to Lemoyian.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by more Ex Orphans. Naseku, Siangiki, Lemoyian and Sirimon had a great time wallowing. After enough wallowing, Naseku left the mud bath with so much excitement, charging out of the water whilst trumpeting and swinging her trunk. She soon disappeared into the thickets. Naseku loves her milk and always makes sure she is at the front of the line in her group when heading for milk. She is also the fastest in the group and lives a happy life without confrontation with anyone. In the afternoon, the sun was hot prompting Tusuja, Roi and Oltaiyoni to relax under some trees and only resume browsing when it became a bit cooler.

Gawa chats with Enkikwe

Kibo plays with Garzi

Naseku in a funny charging mood

Chyulu, baby Siku and Sunyei

Oltaiyoni relaxing




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