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Rapa was looking better in the morning after getting catasol and noroclave injections. Galla was the first one to leave the stockade holding a piece of branch in his mouth. Outside the stockade, Galla met with Chaimu and dropped the branch so as to challenge her. Instead of Chaimu defending herself, she decided to pick up the branch and enjoy a free treat instead. Galla didnít want to wait for her to finish chewing the branch as he was desperate to wrestle with someone, so he settled on Kibo. Kibo had no time for such games as he was busy feeding on lucerne, which he knows very well he canít find anywhere else. He pushed Galla away and continued enjoying his breakfast.

Out in the bush Galla settled to feed with Tusuja and later saw Pare passing close to them. Galla decided to show Pare who was boss by throwing himself on his back to ride on him. Pare managed to shake himself from Galla and moved away. Laragai and her group left with Kibo and only reported back to the stockade late in the evening. The rest of the day for the orphans was quiet as they concentrated on browsing without much fun and games.

Rapa looking much better

Karisa leading

Wanjala and Sapalan dusting

Orphans enjoying a proper mud bath


Nasalot, baby Nusu, Meibai, Kilaguni, Chaimu together with Olareís group brought Laragai and her group to the stockade in morning where they teamed up with the juniors to feed on the lucerne. Galla left the stockade with a branch in his mouth that he continued to chew as he waited for the keepers to provide the lucerne for them.

Shortly after the orphans had left for browsing, the senior Ex Orphans led by Yatta showed up at the stockade. Tomboi, the fifteen year old boy had an arrow injury at the right upper side of the back hip. The injury looked fresh, about two days old. Tomboi is one of the Ithumba old boys and came to Ithumba 18th June 2004 in the company of others including Wendi, Taita, Napasha. Treatment for Tomboi was organised by Nairobi HQ and the vet arrived in the evening. Tomboi was successfully treated and rejoined his friends after his ordeal. Nothing was found in the wound and it was suspected that Tomboi rubbed against a tree and the arrow came off.

Galla settled to browse with Dupotto and they shared stories of how life is treating them at Ithumba given that now it is the dry season and they would be forced to walk long distances in search of better browse. Dupotto agreed that life would be tough but to her it would not be worse than the one that she experienced in May last year when she went off wandering with Karisa and Kelelari before she was found and brought back to the safety of the stockade. She told Galla that now she has no intention of repeating the same mistake and she would wait until she is capable of dealing with life in the wild before she would try that again. Pare settled to browse with Wanjala and the story was the same about the drought. Pare wanted to know from Wanjala how to cope with the dry season since Wanjala has been at Ithumba for longer than him. The two boys played and tussled with each other. The senior Ex Orphans briefly joined the juniors at mud bath. In the afternoon, Kilaguni spent the remaining part of the day with the juniors and in the evening escorted them back to the stockade.

Kasigau with a wild elephant

Tomboi with a wound

Treatment of Tomboi

Tomboi's treatment

Tomboi after his treatment


Garzi, who left the life of a dependent orphans a few weeks ago, has now joined Narokís group of Orwa, Bomani and Vuria. Bongo and Teleki who left with Narok and her friends at the same time, enjoy being in the company of the senior Ex Orphans these days. Narok and her team welcomed the juniors out from the stockade in the morning. Usually it is Laragai and her group that welcome the juniors in the morning. They always leave in the evening and return early the next morning but today they were not around yet. Two wild bulls reported for water. Maramoja, Pare and Dupotto went down to join one of the bulls to drink. As they shared water, one could see the thoughts going through their minds, as if they were wondering when it will get to a time when they will reach such a huge size! Pare shook his head as he returned back to his friends, wondering how long it will take to be a fully grown up elephant. Pare hoped the sooner the better! Shortly later, several Ex Orphans reported to the stockade and noticeable were the babies Kama, Yoyo, Nusu and Wiva. The flamboyant Kama tried to challenge Roi. Roi opted to tolerate the games since Kama's mum was close by and she didn't want to do anything which could invite the wrath of Kinna. Kama was upset because Roi didn't respond fully to her game. She later moved to try her luck on the quiet Kauro. Kauro didn't even try to do anything to Kama but continued with his business of feeding. The weather was chilly and gloomy and the orphans behaved like the weather. At mud bath time, only the hot tempered Ukame decided to wallow, the rest enjoyed a soil bath and nonchalantly threw soil on their backs. In the evening on the way back to stockades, the juniors were joined by Laragai and her rebel group who think they are all grown-ups, and can take care of themselves without the keepers anymore!  

Wild bull with Pare, Maramoja and Dupotto

Garzi and Orwa carrying their own lucerne

Little Kama challenging Roi

Narok eating lucerne


Orwaís group with Vuria, Bomani and Bongo decided to join the orphans in the morning. They drank water first and then moved to join their dependent friends in the lucerne feeding area. After a few minutes Laragaiís group came in and joined them. Now there was a big group present for the feeding. Pare started scratching his belly on the rock there. Bomani met with Gala and they started play fighting. The dependent orphans walk away from the other independent groups, leaving them behind still feeding.

Dupotto and Gala were both scratching their ears. Gala started play fighting again with Ukame. Pare and Sapalan browsed together while Roi and Tusuja were playing and kissing each other. Rapa was left behind and when he realised he ran towards the group in an excited trot, shaking his head and trumpeting. All the other elephants were happy and actively browsing. Dupotto was on her own browsing. The orphans later walked towards the mud bath for their milk.

They had their milk bottles as usual and then went to the water trough for some water. This is their routine because the keepers need them to move out of the way to feed the next group of 3 coming in for their milk. They decided to go into the mud wallow and again they did not all mess around, they chose instead to swim in a line to the other side. Ukame started scratching her trunk on a bent tree. The group got out of the water and went to dust bath to dry off. The orphans then walked over to the new mud bath area that was being created with a water bowser which is more shaded and under the trees. They started playing in this shallow mud hole again, before finally walking back out to the bush to browse. The orphans thought it was quite hot in the bush, despite having just come from the mud bath, and they hid themselves under the trees to hide from the hot sun. Later they started browsing until they came across a small pool of water and they splashed themselves to cool down again. Kamok was digging the ground near the waterhole as she played in it, seemingly wanting to make the mud hole bigger!

Wendiís group came in with Kinna, Yatta, Nasalot and Mulika and all their babies. They drunk water and walked back out to the bush. Lenana also passed through with her wild boyfriends still chasing her. She looked tired and the Keepers felt for her but this is all a part of her wild life and moving forwards.

Nasalot and her baby Nusu

Wanjala soil dusting

Bomani and Vuria

Kamok soil dusting


This morning Kauro was happily enjoying a pile of lucerne on his own. Dupotto on the other side was scratching her bottom vigorously trying to be rid of the insects that were annoying her. Barsilinga, Laragai, Kithaka and Siangiki came to join the dependent group after a long night browsing outside the compound on the hill behind. The orphans later walked to the water trough to drink water in preparation to leave for the bush. They met with a wild bull there and the wild bull was friendly enough for them to interact with him. Namalok was busy scratching his neck on the wall.

In the bush, Galla was busy browsing with his friends as they played. Namalok and Roi were browsing away from the rest of the group. Dupotto found herself alone and decided to walk towards her friends. Pare and Maramoja were standing under the shade from the hot sun. Later on, Ukame and Wanjala led the group to the mud bath for their milk.

After their noon mild bottles and a mud bath, all the orphans chose to keep themselves busy browsing despite the hot weather. Sapalan flapped his ears to keep cool whilst he browsed and Galla watched him. Naseku was browsing higher up the hill. Later on, the orphans walked back home in the evening for their milk.

Lenana passed by the stockade today with some wild bulls in hot pursuit as it seemed she was in season. Nasalotís group also passed by and they drank some water and left. Nusu, Nasalotís baby, was being very playful and charged around with her ears held wide and aloft, having a lot of fun with the keepers and the other orphans.

Later in the evening, Wendiís group of Ex Orphans this time including Nasalot, Kinna and Sunyei with their babies and other nannies also arrived. They had some water and left not long after. Laragai arrived later in the evening with Siangiki, Sirimon, Sokotei, Boromoko and Enkikwe. They had some water then went into their old stockade, eating all the food inside before coming out again. Kilaguni started a serious play fight with Ololoo near the water trough and interacted with two wild babies who arrived for some water with their mother. Their mother just watched on and they later all walked back into the bush.

Roi and Dupotto

Roi and Barsilinga

Wanjala and Pare

Wild bull chasing Lenana




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