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All the orphans were excited during the 9am milk feed this morning as tiny Pili joined them out in the forest. They had not met up with him yesterday as he had not gone out due to the bad weather. Mbegu finished her milk in a hurry so she could rush to where the little baby was. She patted him all over and Pili raised his little trunk up to her. Tagwa, Malkia, Esampu and Tamiyoi then also joined, surrounding the baby and each trying to get closer to him than the other. Esampu wanted to be closest and she pushed poor Malkia hard, who bumped into Tamiyoi causing her to fall. Tamiyoi’s loud cry drew Pare and Lasayen’s attention who came over to see what was happening with their ears raised and their trunks held high. They walked around Tamiyoi as she attempted to stand up to protect her from being bumped again!

It caught the keepers by surprised in the morning when Ndiwa, Sapalan and Sagalla joined the mud bath area before the first group had left. Sagalla seemed to be confused, and walked back out with the first group, who were just leaving, before even having her milk!

Tamiyoi going to see the babies

Esampu, Enkesha and Malima

Esampu, Malima and Musiara

Malkia browsing next to Kuishi


It was a very peaceful morning today with none of the orphans playing or messing around like they usually do when heading out to the forest. It was all quiet, a peace which lasted for about one hour until Pare, Ngilai, Maramoja, Sapalan and Namalok popped out of the bushes running and trumpeting about something! This frightened the rest of the herd who all ran towards their keepers with the little ones like Maktao, Musiara, Sattao, Emoli, Maisha and Jotto yelling and struggling to get in front of the big ones to reach their keepers first. Mbegu and Godoma tried to console them but they would not settle until they were near their keepers. Eventually everyone settled down and went back to browsing, but Jotto, Sattao, Musiara, Maisha and Emoli didn’t leave their keepers side for quite a while until they were sure everything was safe. The keepers never did find what frightened them in the first place!  

Something scared Pare and others

Emoli standing near his keepers

Musiara with Godoma


It was very hot during the public visit today, especially when the second group came in to enjoy their milk bottles, which meant they all rushed into the mud pool to cool their bodies down. Malkia and Ndotto were showing off and demonstrated a funny way of going into the mud by going in backwards and sliding in. This unique style was then copied by Mbegu, Pare, Lasayen and Sana Sana. The visitors really enjoyed watching them play in the mud pool and roll around, but their laughter was cut short when Malkia came running out of the mud pool and bumped into those standing close to the rope. She playfully walked to the other side of the rope and targeted a water bottle being held by one of the visitors. She tried to grab it from them and the poor unsuspecting person dropped it, not wanting to get covered in mud by Malkia! Before she could pick the bottle up however, the keepers were there and brought her back to the right side of the rope, where she once again went into the mud pool and enjoyed the rest of her time there with the others, all except Kauro who is not such a fan of mud bathing. 

Malima, Esampu, Kuishi and Ambo

Mbegu looking after Malkia

Sana Sana browsing

A very muddy Malkia


The poor new baby woke up this morning looking a bit better than yesterday and even took some milk from a bucket and ate some greens, which she had not managed to do previously. In the morning she was greeted warmly by Maramoja, Mbegu and Godoma where the trio enjoyed entwining trunks with the new arrival, always a sign of compassion and affection. When the three left to go out into the forest the poor girl rumbled after them as she wanted to join them, but it is still too early and she is still very weak.

At 9am the orphans had their bottle feed near the stockades so that after, they could escort Sagalla out to the forest for the first time. We watched as Kuishi, Godoma and Malkia walked into Sagalla’s stockade to escort her out as when we first opened the gate she looked very shy and unwilling to come out, but these three convinced her to follow them. On the way out to the forest she was completely sandwiched between all the orphans. Though boys like Ngilai and Pare tried to chase her and climb on her, their plans were thwarted by the keepers. Sagalla looked happy and very relaxed in the company of the others.

Caring Maramoja

Mbegu enjoying the mud bath

Sagalla in the forest for the first time

Pare was being naughty


The heavy rainfall in the night filled the natural puddles and streams in the forest so that when the orphans went out in the morning, Godoma, Malima, Mteto, Jotto, Mbegu, Enkesha, Tamiyoi, Musiara, Sattao and Emoli were seen swimming in and enjoying these natural water pools. Tiny Musiara and Sattao were spotted swimming with their little trunks above the surface as snorkels, and when it felt like they were losing their balance they just grabbed Mbegu or Godoma’s tail. They spun and splashed around but their little bodies hardly displaced any water as they tried to copy what Enkesha, Tamiyoi, Malima and Emoli were doing. Orphans like Ambo, Kauro and Maisha who shied away from this early morning event stood very far away in the company of Namalok and Sapalan who were busy browsing. It is amazing how quickly Namalok and Sapalan have become attached to each other since their arrival. Sapalan was quick to introduce himself amongst the other bulls and likes pushing games with Pare, Ndotto and Lasayen; though these younger boys are slightly fearful of his long tusks! Namalok is quieter and doesn’t like to interact that way as much, preferring to concentrate on browsing instead!  

Malima all muddy

Enkesha in the mud bath

Ambo is more shy of the water

Hello Mteto!




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