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We waited from early morning to see if Osama was still around the stockade compound. We could not just walk out without a worry as the wild bull could be anywhere. The Keepers called the others to walk in whichever directions Lima Lima, approved, as she is so diligent in watching over the Keepers. Zongoloni and Quanza helped her too, because Sonje was still thinking about Osama and appeared unsettled.

Quanza and Zongoloni led everyone to the Umani water springs to get some fresh water. Faraja and Jasiri were feeling the heat and looked for water to splash in to cool down after running around. Some crocodiles who were sunning themselves by the water springs heard the running orphans and jumped into the water before the orphans stepped on them.

Alamaya in the forest

Zongoloni browing in the bushes

Quanza in the bushes browsing


Sonje went to where Ziwa was playing with Alamaya and disrupted the game the two were having. She arrived and warned them by shaking her head and raising her big ears, but Ziwa did not know he was being warned until Sonje got close to him and pushed him hard on his rear end, making him fall over. Jasiri and Faraja went to see why Ziwa had been pushed over but Sonje threatened to push them as well so they turned to leave before they got into more trouble. Lima Lima and the Keepers walked over to see if Ziwa was okay but found he had gone into the bushes and we saw him now drinking some clean water from the broken water pipes.

Some bush bucks and baboons came to the waterhole at the same time as all the elephants were drinking and wallowing there. Zongoloni and Alamaya saw them approaching and prevented them from getting into the waterhole as well. They thought it was their time to swim and theirs alone. When Lima Lima saw that the bush bucks and baboons were still coming towards the water, she began chasing them away by blowing loud trumpets and charging at them to keep away. Little Mwashoti and Quanza joined Lima Lima to provide back up and make sure all the intruders were gone.

Shukuru busy browsing

Zongoloni after a mudbath

Alamaya scratching


All the orphans kept browsing along the Chyulu Hills for the whole day today. At one stage unfortunately some wild elephants scared Murera and Sonje, and Murera got lost as she did not know which direction her friends had gone. She then heard the Keepers calling her name and she replied with very loud rumbles for the Keepers to locate her.

Later the orphans encountered some wild elephants with their two young babies. One of the babies walked to where Quanza was with Jasiri. Quanza turned to welcome the baby among them but Jasiri misbehaved which made the mothers come for their babies and chase Jasiri into the forest.

Alamaya standing under a bush

Mwashoti at the waterhole with Sonje

Quanza in the lead


As Murera and Quanza were walking towards the Umani Hills they suddenly came to a stop after Sonje smelt some wild elephants. This brought Lima Lima and Shukuru, who were leading the herd, back to see why Sonje was rumbling. Faraja and Ziwa picked up some of the wild elephant dung too and put it in their mouth to see what the wild elephants were eating. Some noisy birds and vervet moneys made a noise in the trees above that disrupted the orphans and sent them running back to their Keepers as they thought there was something wrong.

After their long morning walk through the forest, the orphans arrived for their midday milk feed by the waterhole. Jasiri walked straight to the feeding area and picked up his bottle just as he and Zongoloni always do. He then tried to go and wallow but found that the waterhole was very cold and in the end he didnít even want to splash the water on his feet.

Sonje playing

Lima Lima playing with Ngasha

Faraja coming out of the bushes


After the morning bottle feed, all the elephants walked out looking for their Lucerne pellets. Shukuru cannot begin her day without pellets it seems and she had to check all the places where she might find them. Greedy Lima Lima helped her find some from the stores but the Keepers found them in time! Zongoloni and Quanza decided to take over the leadership role today as they saw Lima Lima and Shukuru were preoccupied with picking up all the leftover pellets. Zongoloni did not want to wait for Lima Lima, but whispered to Quanza and the Keepers just saw them leaving for the forest.

The pushing game started among Ziwa and Jasiri who today turned out to be rivals since they did not want to agree over a branch. After the disagreement over the branch they continued with the fighting play all day, and Jasiri did not want to see Ziwa close to him; even Lima Lima had to come and stand in between them at one stage to stop them fighting.

Lima Lima drinking her milk

Ngasha sucking his trunk

Shukuru on the left standing next to Alamaya




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