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All the orphans woke up quite playful, with Alamaya and Mwashoti play fighting and trying to jump over each other. Eventually Alamaya walked away as he seemed to get bored of the game and moved towards two other young boys play fighting.

The orphans having done a lot of browsing along the Chyulu Hills, were quite full by their midday bottle feeding time. Lima Lima and Quanza had only left enough room for their bottles and then were sleeping with what the Keepers described as their full bellies. Shukuru led the orphans to their midday feed, followed closely by Ziwa. Ziwa arrived trumpeting at the Keepers to give him his bottle; the Keepers think he thought it had been given to one of the other orphans. Alamaya and Mwashoti still receive two bottles as they are still too young to move onto one bottle.

Orphans on the move

Alamaya playing with Lima Lima

Murera dusting up


Faraja grabbed Alamaya’s half tail this morning, which he knows very well makes Alamaya angry, and the Keepers thought that he was going to charge Faraja. As Alamaya lost half his tail and genitals from a hyena attack in the Masai Mara, he can often show a lot of discomfort if one of the other orphans touches him around his hind area. Sonje, assisted by Lima Lima, arrived shortly after to separate the two, and presumably stop them before they could get into a big fight.

Shukuru was the first to arrive for her midday feed and mud bath, followed by Mwashoti who came charging down, grabbing his bottle from the ground as Quanza was already being fed by a Keeper.

Alamaya scratching his belly

Jasiri picking pellets

Lima Lima having a drink


The orphans were visited by a herd of wild elephants whilst they were browsing in the forest. The wild herd had many tiny calves, four of them being little boys, and the bulls were walking quite some distance ahead of the females. Some females tried to join the orphans whilst walking towards the waterhole, but Lima Lima would not accept this as she led the orphans along a different path to the wild elephants. Sonje kept nudging Murera from behind as they walked along worrying about the large females behind them feeding their calves. Quanza and Zongoloni naughtily tried to sneak up to one of the little girl calves, trying to entice her out from underneath her mother’s belly, but they were quickly chased away by the large females, away from the herd.  

Ziwa dustbathing

Zongoloni picking acacia leaves

Sonje playing


During the morning, the orphans were browsing on the Chyulu Hills, and were approached by large bull elephants that were looking for Sonje and Murera. It was thought that one of the bulls might be Osama, but as it wasn’t, Sonje and Murera showed little interest in them and moved away from the large bulls.

The orphans were once again joined by about six buffalos during their midday feed and mud bath. Faraja and Ziwa were not comfortable with the buffalo watching them so they began to chase them away. Jasiri, Quanza and Zongoloni all joined in a big effort to chase the buffalo away and only stopped once the buffalo had disappeared back into the forest.

Murera having a lovely time at mudbath

Alamaya smelling buffaloes

Mwashoti having a lovely dustbath


All the orphans walked along nicely to browse around the Umani Springs area, only Jasiri turned back and indicated for the other boys not to follow Sonje and Lima Lima who were in the lead. Mwashoti stuck with Murera and could not be separated from being close to her. Murera walked slowly behind to negotiate the steep hills. Some buffalos approached from different directions and Sonje came back to help Murera blow big trumpets to warn any wild animals away.

In the hills, Alamaya lost his friends Lima Lima, Zongoloni and Quanza and he was rumbling loudly, calling for them. Faraja came over and took him to where Murera and Sonje were, then Lima Lima arrived as well.

Alamaya with Murera

Zongoloni picking the best leaves

Quanza walking to the springs




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