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The orphans walked out to the forest with very full bellies today after their Christmas treats and having had a good long sleep in their stockades during the night. The Keepers and Lima Lima with the help of Sonje tried to push them further towards the Umani Hills to browse there. Zongoloni and Mwashoti were hopeful they might get some more acacia seed pods today as well, but there were none left. They all just had their noon milk bottles instead, and then Quanza with Alamaya took over to lead all the babies to the water pool to cool down due to the hot sun. Shukuru turned very playful at the water hole, and was more active than any of the others, then she went to the soil pile to dry her body with soil after mud bathing.

After the mud bath and dust bathing, Murera led all the orphans out to the forest again. Meanwhile, Ziwa and his friend Ngasha just walked directly towards the Chyulu Hills where they found some wild elephants browsing there but they could not join them. They were very big wild bulls and seemed very pushy. When Ngasha tried to get closer, one big bull turned against him and he quickly ran away.

Ziwa browsing on an acacia tre

Alamaya in a sea of green grass

Ziwa and Faraja


Through the night, Ziwa was pushing on the iron sheets covering his stockade. As he kept pushing, the sheets began to make quite a noise which seemed to frighten the other orphans, Shukuru and Sonje even began charging at the noise. The Keepers came out to see what was happening and called for Ziwa so that he would stop pushing the sheets. Although Ziwa stopped pushing the sheets for a little bit, as soon as the Keepers returned to bed he started up again. In the morning, when all the orphans made their way out of the stockades, the Keepers noticed that Ziwa’s stockade was damaged and needed to be repaired.

Quanza and Lima Lima began to play fight, as Lima Lima seemed to be blocking Quanza from reaching a scratching post. Quanza appeared to have enough of this game and got angry towards Lima Lima, whom eventually surrendered. Lima Lima ran off into the bushes to continue browsing for the rest of the day.

Orphans spread out in the browsing fields

Lima Lima browsing

Orphans on the road


Some mongooses came along to the stockades which scared Quanza and Lima Lima, who were not comfortable with the mongoose running around their feet and making a lot of noise that they were not used to. The Keepers were also very surprised to see the mongooses inside the elephants stockades, running in and out under the fence line. Across the whole stockades the elephants were trumpeting loudly as some of them pushed on their walls trying to get out of their rooms. It was quite funny to see the elephant so scared of a little mongoose, but the Keepers came out to reassure them nevertheless. 

Ngasha enjoying soft branches

Sonje in the bushes

Shukuru dustbathing


Wild elephants came along to the stockades showing an interest in greeting the orphans. Mwashoti did not welcome the idea of the wild bulls coming to the stockade and was worried Sonje and Murera might leave with them. Mwashoti gave out a strong warning to the bulls by trumpeting loudly, which prompted Alamaya to do the same. Lima Lima and Quanza tried to calm the youngsters down.

The big boys, Ziwa, Ngasha and Jasiri, walked down the path taken by the bulls and found their dung, but they did not find the bulls again. This forced Faraja to lead the others away to go and browse along the Umani Hill circuit instead. They found a lot of nice food to eat here, with nice soft branches and grass too.

Murera scratching with a stick

Faraja playing

Sonje coming for a drink of clean water


Lima Lima and Quanza were very badly behaved in their stockades last night. Lima Lima was walking around and around in her room and Quanza was charging at their shared wall the moment Lima Lima got too close. Lima Lima was active right up until midnight when she pushed her name tag on the wall off with her tusks, then pulled it inside the room and started to play with it by her feet. 

Ngasha leading orphans to 11am feed

Faraja and Jasiri tussle

Mwashoti browisng




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