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The rains have caused a lot of damage to the big yellow acacia trees within the Kibwezi forest. Many trees are falling down and the elephants are very much enjoying the branches which are now easily accessible, and they donít have to pull the branches down to eat them! This makes it very easy for Mwashoti, Murera and Sonje to also eat the leaves despite their bad legs. As the babies were still at the fallen trees celebrating the fresh branches, they heard a commotion from the nearby and another tree came crashing down close to where they were eating. Quanza and Lima Lima ran away as they thought a tree might even fall on them. The keepers thought this might be a possibility and they all decided to move away from the area.

When it was time to return back to the stockades, Alamaya and Ziwa went their separate way from where the orphans were with Sonje and Murera collecting all the babies to turn up and be ready for home but Alamaya and his friend was not visible by the matriarchs, Limalima started to signal keepers and showing that some of the babies were not among them, keepers gad to walk round looking for Alamaya with Ziwa later after Murera and Limalima blew some trumpets around the bushes were heard them blowing back in response as they ran so fast coming to join the orphans.

Orphans heading into the forest

Quanza smelling the air

Faraja at the waterhole

Alamaya surrounded by greenery


The playful roommates Murera and Sonje and their two neighbours, Zongoloni and Jasiri played in their rooms while it was raining last night, and Murera and Sonje nearly pushed their wall down! The keepers came out in the morning to see the posts were almost on the ground and they let the orphans out immediately so they could begin some repair work. In the evening Murera and Sonje had to be changed to another room so the work on theirs could be finished. Alamaya gave his room up to Sonje and Murera and he switched to another empty room just next to his normal room. This left Mwashoti with Murera and Sonje now staying on the other side of his room! Alamaya was not very happy to be moved away from his normal room. Zongoloni and Jasiri were also affected as they joined Lima Lima and Quanza. Zongoloni arrived and was not very happy about sharing rooms with Quanza and Lima Lima and both were bullied by Zongoloni and Jasiri, the latter who enjoyed pulling their tails. This meant Lima Lima and Quanza didnít have a very good night due to the congestion in their room last night! 

Orphans bush browsing on green vegetation

Ziwa heading back to the browsing fields

Jasiri busy browsing

Sonje foraging


Quanza took over leading from Lima Lima this morning when all the babies were walking out. Some of the boys stopped to scratch their bodies on the loading wall, to remove some insects and scratch the itchy part of their bodies. Jasiri and Ngasha turned to each other fighting for the scratching space but neither one was ready to give way. Ngasha pushed Jasiri a little distance away and brought in his bottom back to the wall to scratch. The two girls Zongoloni and Lima Lima took Alamaya to play; Alamaya was pushing Zongoloni very hard from behind and later he tried to climb on Lima Lima. This was naughty but being a baby, Lima Lima just let him enjoy his fun knowing that Alamaya was just playing around. Mwashoti felt jealousy of Alamaya and came to push him down for riding on Lima Limaís back. 

Zongoloni in the forest

Quanza on the move

Lima Lima in the bushes

Murera by the waterpool


After the long chilly night inside stockades, the orphans came out to celebrate the new day by walking to get new soft branches to feed their empty stomachs. After having their morning bottles, Mwashoti and Alamaya demanded for more extra bottles. They had never done something like that before and we were surprised to see Alamaya and his humble friend Mwashoti standing firm demanding more bottles. The keepers had no option other than to prepare two extra bottles to give to the young boys, as they pleaded with the keepers so much. Being the youngest boys in the Murera family we had to give them what they wanted so that they felt happy in the morning Ė what spoilt elephants!

The orphans walked and browsed peacefully through the forest, selecting soft branches to eat. The naughty boys Faraja, Ngasha and Ziwa led some of the others to a different place where the girls were not walking, forcing Lima Lima, Quanza and Zongoloni to go and bring them back and warn them not to walk so fast. Murera did not leave Mwashoti and she kept walking close to him, bringing him almost under her belly to be sure all was well with him.

Orphans in the browsing fields

Faraja near a fallen tree

Murera walking through the browsing fields

Ngasha browsing


Alamaya came out pushing Zongoloni trying to get her attention to play with him. Quanza joined them in the middle trying to separate them to stop their fighting. It wasnít really a fight though, just good morning greeting between friends. Sonje later changed the direction which Zongoloni and Alamaya were heading to different one towards the Chyulu Hills, where Sonje knew there were good greens to feed on. When they reached the hills, some of the orphans started to shout, calling Murera to know which way they were going. Murera and Mwashoti were finding it hard to walk up the hill because it was very muddy and slippery. The keepers stopped too as they knew it was not good for Murera to go up the hill, and they called the other orphans who were shouting for Murera to come down. It was now their turn to come for Murera and the young boy Mwashoti! 

Mwashoti coming out from the bushes

Lima Lima peeling bark from a tree

Mwashoti and Alamaya strength testing

Faraja and Ziwa strength testing




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