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Ziwa did not want stay around this morning and immediately headed off deep into the forest leaving Sonje with Quanza still keeping the young boys around , after some rumbling was heard from the bushes we saw Sonje ,Zongoloni follow each other one after the other directly to where Ziwa had gone through the paths leading towards the Chyulu hills ,it was Ziwa with Ngasha who called them and they responded with Quanza walking away with all the remaining herd leaving keepers standing with clients watching how the orphans communicate and decide on the rhythm for the day. Here at Umani and the other relocation units it is the elephants that decide where they go and the Keepers follow. The roles are very different compared to the Nursery where those sorts of decisions are made by the Keepers when the babies are infants. Now with the independence growing they know what we Keepers cannot sense. Where the wild elephants are, where the best food is, and what they are feeling like on that particular day.
Later in the day pushing games between the boys Jasiri and Faraja and Ngasha continued and this lasted a long time, with the boys never tiring of testing their strength. They are brushing up on their skills for the wild bulls that pass through who offer more of a challenge for them as mostly they are much bigger.

Orphans feeding on lucerne pellets

Keeper coaxing Sonje to move to the mud-bath

Lima Lima with a very full belly


Ziwa is jealous of Mwashoti having taken over his position as favourite boy and of Mwashoti's closeness to Murera. Murera watched Ziwa trying to engage Mwashoti by pushing him and biting Mwashoti's tail. Ziwa got some stern shoves from Murera, to understand that enough is enough and this behaviour will not be tolerated, so Ziwa moved on to play with the bulls leaving the big girls looking after their babies.

Ngasha with Jasiri came holding trunks as they faced Zongoloni and Quanza, the two boys wanted to mount Zongoloni or Quanza, but the two girls saw their trick before and moved away to the forests disappearing not to be seen for a couple of hours.  

Playful Sonje ready for morning browsing

Faraja at dust bath

Orphans taking a break after walking all day


Playful elephants made their way out in the morning with Zongoloni leading all the babies to the water trough close to the stockades, and then Ziwa went to have his fill of drinking water but as Ngasha came to drink Ziwa gave him a firm push, when Zongoloni and Quanza saw this happening they both turned against Ziwa pushing him away from the water so that he could be disciplined.
Later Sonje walked past Ziwa blocking his way as she and her friend Murera did not want the little elephants to walk through the thickest wet bushes, Alamaya followed with Mwashoti but then a fight between the two little bulls broke out, fighting for Murera and Sonje because Mwashoti did not want Alamaya to be with his closest mother Sonje neither Murera but go instead to his adopted mom Lima Lima. The fighting boys continued to fight but soon Lima Lima stepped in and separated them stopping the nonsense because after all they all belong to one family now.

Murera in the very thick bush

Sonje rushing to the 11am feed

Murera hugs Alamaya


The speed with which Quanza took off for the hills, running to Murera was very worrying to the Keepers as everyone stood up wondering what on earth was going on, suspecting that maybe it was wild elephants in the forests, or buffaloes but we found none of the animals around, and only saw antelopes running away fast. Later it was Lima Lima who helped the Keepers find out what was making them all so skittish. It turned out to be a Leopard on in the branches of a big tree with a kill of big Bushbuck hanging in the branches. Under the tree were two Hyenas waiting to get some dropped meat or bones from the carcass.
The Orphans moved to a totally different direction, having no desire to hang around with hungry Hyenas. Sonje wanted to take all the babies up the hill side but the boys had a different idea and were not interested in going up into the hills today so in the end the boys peeled off on their own leaving the girls with the two baby boys, Alamaya and Mwashoti to continue on their way onto the high ground.

Ziwa and Ngasha push each other for more space

Quanza moves downhill

Orphans looking forward to going home


In the bushes along Kenze Hills while Mwashoti was scratching his back on the rocks, some Rock Hyraxes turned up giving him a terrible fright which ensued into chaos with Mwashoti screaming and running down the hill, the others began following him, bashing bushes as they went, and this high excitement continued for a very long time with none of them really fully understanding the reason for the mayhem. Despite the Keepers calling trying to control proceedings none of the Orphans were listening and it took a good long time for normal behavior to resume.

At the time for the bottle feeding, Murera stepped up the speed to get to the bottle point, before Lima Lima could reach, but Murera later got some shrubs and took more time picking the shrubs around her forgetting about the milk bottles to later find that all of her bottles were drunk by the greedy Lima Lima who came for the second addition after seeing Murera appeared not so interested. As if this was not enough Lima Lima attempted to join Quanza but Quanza felt offended by her behavior of taking Murera’s bottle so chased Lima Lima away when she attempted to join them all under the shade.

Murera going up into the Chyulu Hills




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