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A young wild bull in the company of two other wild elephants showed up at the stockade compound early before the orphans were let out. Soon after the juniors came out, the young bull joined the orphans to feed on lucerne, leaving his friends very confused as to why he would decide to join other elephants the same size but being herded by humans! The other two kept their distance but shortly later one of them appeared to embrace the spirit of sharing, and walked to the water trough to join Laragai, Maramoja and Rapa who were drinking water. Sapalan started walking towards the bulls leaving the keepers wondering what was going in between Sapalan and the wild ones. Sapalan appears to understand the elephant language the best, and kept approaching the bulls as they turned to move out; Sapalan followed them slowly. The keepers were devotedly watching this unfold, and they suddenly thought if they didn’t intervene then Sapalan would walk off with his new wild friends. The keepers took Sapalan and headed to the Kone area where the orphans settled to browse.

Galla, who is trying to establish himself as the kingpin amongst the milk dependent group, tried to challenge Naseku. Naseku opted to play a clever game by climbing up higher than where Galla was standing so he couldn’t reach her. This made Galla call off the strength testing exercise due to the fact that however much he tried, being on the lower end wouldn't earn him any points. At mud bath time, the orphans had spectacular wallowing with the exception of Dupotto, who skipped the exercise and instead opted for a soil dusting exercise. In the evening ten wild bulls reported for water at the stockade water troughs.

Wild bull drinking with Laragai

Galla playing with Naseku

Orphans soil dusting

Evening wallow


It was a quiet morning today as the dependent orphans enjoyed their lucerne in peace without being pushed around by the older Ex Orphans. Galla was enjoying his bottom scratch with Rapa as well. Galla then he went to scratch his head and neck on the wall in the parking area. Galla didn’t stop there though and continued to enjoy his neck and trunk scratch in the bush. He was so enjoying the scratches as he was removing all the annoying insects biting and bothering him. Karisa was browsing with his ears open and flapping in the hot weather. Gala was stretching his trunk and play fighting with Ukame as they developed their close friendship. Dupotto was browsing alone while Gala and Ukame continued to browse together and we thought it was sweet how close they were becoming in the Reintegration Unit. Galla then led everyone towards the mud bath for their noon milk bottles. Here Galla continued his closeness to Ukame and the two started play fighting after having their milk.

Back in the bush, it was very hot and Kamok was sucking her trunk when standing under the shade. Karisa, Wanjala and Ukame were browsing together. Kamok was tired and was resting her trunk on Wanjala’s head which he was permitting. Dupotto and Ukame were resting under one tree while the rest stood under another one. When they felt it was a bit cooler all the orphans came out to browse and they came across a small water hole. They drank from it first and then started playing, so they did not get the nice fresh water all muddy and murky before drinking from it. They met with Laragai’s independent group at this small waterhole and the two started interacting each other. The orphans left them browsing as they were in no hurry but the dependent group had to head back to the stockades for the night.

In the stockades today we had a big group led by Wendi who came to drink water before going back out to the bush. They were together with Mulika, Yatta, Sunyei, Lualeni and Nasalot and all their babies. Galana had been missing from this group for the last 5 days or so but today she appeared with her baby Gawa. They were also accompanied by some wild bulls who were still interested in Lenana who was part of Galana’s group.

Galana and her baby Gawa

Rapa and Karisa

Karisa felt very hot!

Kauro and Rapa relaxing


Orwa’s group with Vuria, Bomani and Bongo decided to join the orphans in the morning. They drank water first and then moved to join their dependent friends in the lucerne feeding area. After a few minutes Laragai’s group came in and joined them. Now there was a big group present for the feeding. Pare started scratching his belly on the rock there. Bomani met with Gala and they started play fighting. The dependent orphans walk away from the other independent groups, leaving them behind still feeding.

Dupotto and Gala were both scratching their ears. Gala started play fighting again with Ukame. Pare and Sapalan browsed together while Roi and Tusuja were playing and kissing each other. Rapa was left behind and when he realised he ran towards the group in an excited trot, shaking his head and trumpeting. All the other elephants were happy and actively browsing. Dupotto was on her own browsing. The orphans later walked towards the mud bath for their milk.

They had their milk bottles as usual and then went to the water trough for some water. This is their routine because the keepers need them to move out of the way to feed the next group of 3 coming in for their milk. They decided to go into the mud wallow and again they did not all mess around, they chose instead to swim in a line to the other side. Ukame started scratching her trunk on a bent tree. The group got out of the water and went to dust bath to dry off. The orphans then walked over to the new mud bath area that was being created with a water bowser which is more shaded and under the trees. They started playing in this shallow mud hole again, before finally walking back out to the bush to browse. The orphans thought it was quite hot in the bush, despite having just come from the mud bath, and they hid themselves under the trees to hide from the hot sun. Later they started browsing until they came across a small pool of water and they splashed themselves to cool down again. Kamok was digging the ground near the waterhole as she played in it, seemingly wanting to make the mud hole bigger!

Wendi’s group came in with Kinna, Yatta, Nasalot and Mulika and all their babies. They drunk water and walked back out to the bush. Lenana also passed through with her wild boyfriends still chasing her. She looked tired and the Keepers felt for her but this is all a part of her wild life and moving forwards.

Nasalot and her baby Nusu

Wanjala soil dusting

Bomani and Vuria

Kamok soil dusting


At 6am when the elephants came out of their stockades to the lucerne field, they found Chemi Chemi, Narok and Garzi there waiting for them. They welcomed the orphans and started sharing lucerne that the keepers threw in bales for them. Chemi Chemi started a play fight with Roi whilst Pare and Rapa scratched on separate rocks in the field. The orphans later walked to the water trough to drink water and left to the bush to browse.

In the bush, Kauro was busy browsing with Ukame and Sapalan was browsing separately. They all looked happy and active in the bush as they ate the green leaves they could find. Roi and Ukame browsed together and later the herd walked to the mud bath for their milk. The orphans played vigorously as they enjoyed their bath before they all walked out to to the dust bath and started rolling and playing in it like little children. The group then met with Laragai and Siangiki and Siangiki led them in a peaceful game in the dust bath which everyone enjoyed. Maramoja went on to scratch his neck on a tree to take off the ticks with Roi; it felt so good for them to take off the annoying insects. Galla led the group out to the bush again to browse for the afternoon.

Tusuja and Galla started play fighting and tussling with each other’s trunks. The rest were resting under the shade and Kamok was browsing on her own. The orphans later walked to the water hole along the campsite road and started playing in in the shallow water. They walked into the bush to browse for a bit before slowly walking to the main mud bath to drink water and play there for awhile. in for a bit. They ended their day by playing in the water and walking straight home in the evening for their last milk bottle. Laragai and Siangiki accompanied them to the stockade this evening but we did not see the rest of their independent group today.

Galla playing with Tusuja

Orphans all soil dusting

Laragai after soil dusting

Ukame, Galla and Oltaiyoni


Garzi, who has now joined Narok and her group, showed up in the morning with Narok and Bongo, maybe because they knew that Laragai and her friends were becoming more independent and they wanted to see what was going on. Roi and Galla came out with branches in their mouths that they continued enjoy as they relaxed outside the stockade waiting for directions. Shortly later, the racing team consisting of Maramoja, Pare and Rapa led the way to the browsing field. Lemoyian had spend the night outside the stockade without his friends in Narok’s group, and started his day by scratching his belly on a bent tree. An hour later, Garzi left with his new found family of Narok and Bongo. Tusuja and Galla took a break from feeding to participate in a strength testing exercise that ended in a draw. At mud bath, Namalok, Naseku, Pare, Wanjala, Tusuja and Kamok had a spectacular time wallowing and showed off all their favourite poses. In the afternoon, Kauro, Dupotto and Laragai spent some time soil dusting and later joined their friends to browse again. Yatta and her group showed up at the stockade in the evening and left immediately after having enough water.  

Lemoyian scratching his belly

Ukame browsing

The 'racers' Rapa, Maramoja and Pare

Naseku overtaking Dupotto




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