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In the morning around 6am, when the orphans were coming out of their stockades, it began raining really hard. Some of the orphans like Murit, Sana Sana, Emoli, Maisha, Kauro, Ngilai, Tamiyoi, Ambo, Rapa and Tagwa didnít even want to come out of their stockades to go out into the bush! The keepers had a hard time getting some of the orphans out of their rooms, especially Murit, Kauro, Tagwa and Sana Sana because as soon as the keepers carried on to open more doors, these orphans ran back into their rooms again! It was like a game of hide and seek between the keepers and the orphans this morning. Only Namalok, Sapalan, Sagalla, Mbegu, Ndotto, Lasayen and a few others were happy to go out into the forest. As some of the orphans avoided the heavy showers, Maxwell on the other hand playfully ran about his stockade, enjoying the rain and rolling in the wet soil. Then he would get up and dig a chunk of soil out with his horn, throwing it up in the air and running around.

Maktao is becoming a little trouble maker, especially during the public visiting time. After having his milk bottle he circles around the wheelbarrow holding the bottles and starts to pull them out and drop them on the ground whilst the keepers are busy trying to feed the others. When he was warned away today he began to yell and threaten to push over the wheelbarrow! The keepers then draw him away with an empty milk bottle which he duly follows; he is such a funny boy!

Sagalla ready for morning browsing activities

Maxwell getting ready to enjoy the mud

Maktao bottle feed


This morning as the orphans were walking out to the forest, we watched as Musiara and Sattao enjoyed a lovely pushing game, trying to test and challenge each other. These two playful little boys were playing a very serious game that drew Malkiaís attention as she loves to mother Musiara. She walked in between the two little boys but Musiara walked around her to continue tackling Sattao. Malkia then settled on pushing Sattao away from Musiara which really brought about the end of their game, and he walked off to join Luggard, Maisha and Emoli who were browsing nearby. These two little boys hang together and play together just like Ndotto and Lasayen did when they were little!

Today for the 9am bottle feed Sapalan came out of his stockade to join the other orphans for the first time. He was evidently nervous though as his first reaction to seeing Kauro, Rapa, Mbegu, Ndotto and Pare was quite rough as he pushed them and tried to assert his dominance as a big boy too. As time went on though during the course of the day, he calmed down a lot and was more composed as he realised all the other orphans around him were friendly and were not going to do him any harm, but welcome him lovingly into their herd.

Sweet little Musiara

Sattao looking for Musiara

Malima and Musiara

Sweet Luggard


As the orphans were walking out into the forest they came across 10 male buffalos who were standing in the bush there, waiting for the orphans to leave so they could see what leftover food might be lying around. Ndiwa, Maramoja, Kauro, Rapa, Mteto, Ndotto, Lasayen and Pare who were leading the herd tried to charge after the buffalos but they just banded together to show a united front, which scared Kauro, Ndotto, Lasayen and Pare! They ran back trumpeting to join the keepers and the others. It was only the keepers who managed to chase the buffalos away from their path out to the forest and their departure made the orphans scamper around the bushes and stamp their feet in defiance as if they had achieved their goal all on their own.

Just after 9am, Namalok was brought out of his stockade to join the others out in the forest for the first time. Having spent almost a month in his taming pen, he seems ready to join the others and is more trusting of the keepers. He seemed very quiet and calm walking out into the forest with the others and this gentle nature towards the other young and older ones meant he was well received by Mbegu, Kauro, Ndotto, Lasayen, Maramoja and the little ones too like Musiara, Ambo, Sattao, Jotto, Tamiyoi and Malima; they were all milling around him and enjoyed toughing him. He remained very calm and gentle even with his keepers - though he never takes milk from a bottle and drinks it directly from a bucket using his trunk. Going back to his stockade in the evening he was pretty composed and did it with ease, not giving the keepers any hassle. He is a gentle young bull!

Rapa running around

Kauro running in

Ndotto climbing on Maramoja

Namalok brought out for the first time


Tamiyoi had a sleepless night because of the new little orphan, Pili. She spent the whole night awake trying to get into Piliís room which is next to hers. When she arrived back in the evening, Pili was sleeping so she didnít realize immediately he was there. However, once he woke up she was desperate to be with the little one. Pili was keen to be with little Tamiyoi too and was climbing the walls to try and cross into Tamiyoiís room. Jotto was moved into a bigger stockade to create space for Pili and he liked his new room as he is a very easy going baby that appreciates anything he is given. He exchanged with Malkia who took over Rapaís stockade while the naughty boy was moved to one of the empty pens. Malkia didnít seem to mind the switch around but Rapa was uncomfortable with the change and he complained the whole night. Malkia was the first one to meet Pili when he went out into the forest in the morning. Mbegu, Godoma, Ndotto, Esampu and Tagwa soon joined them and the little baby was quickly surrounded by elephants all wanting to comfort him. In the end it was Ndotto and Mbegu who won out and they walked away with the new baby between them.  

Pili with Maramoja

Mbegu with tiny Pili

Pili with Mbegu

Esampu with little Pili

Malima, Pili and Maramoja


All the orphans were in a good mood this morning and headed out to the forest trumpeting and racing to see who could get to the grassy plain first. No one wanted to be last! Even Mbegu, Kauro and Ndotto, who normally stay at the back of the group making sure no one was left behind, were eager to be first and were shoving the little ones into the front. Pare, Lasayen and Rapa then engaged one another in a lengthy wrestling game whilst Godoma, Esampu, Sana Sana and Ndotto were having a lot of fun rolling in the long grass and sliding on each other. It was the first time Mundusi, Mteto and Ndiwa had visited this area of the Park and they were very busy exploring and enjoying the new vegetation they found. When it was time to leave the field for their 9am bottle feed, Maramoja, Malkia, Luggard and Tagwa didnít want to leave. It was only once they realized they had been left behind that they decided to start running and trumpeting to catch up with the group.
A 3 week old baby was later rescued from the Mara in the evening and has been named Pili.

Orphans walking out to the forest

Mbegu browsing

Lasayen after his pushing game

Ndiwa browsing in the tall grass




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