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It was a cold and wet morning today after we had 28mm of rainfall last night. The orphans did not stay in the compound long and almost walked straight out to browse.

All the orphans were spread out and browsing. Namalok and Lemoyian started splashing soil on their backs with Lemoyian covering his wounds with clumpy soil as well. Later they walked to the mud bath for their milk. It was still very cold so the elephants didn't play in the water after their milk bottles.
While the others were browsing Sapalan was playing with the wet and loose soil, throwing it on his head and back while browsing. Oltaiyoni on the other side was playing in the mud with her ears open. Siangiki and Tusuja were browsing and playing in mud together with Roi enjoying the browse with her ears open. Later the orphans walked back home in the evening, leaving Laragai's group behind to come later. We recorded 28mm of rainfall today and did not see any other elephants.





We all woke up to our usual routine this morning, and the orphans enjoyed their morning breakfast as usual. Kamok and Tusuja were seriously busy feeding on Lucerne separately. Lemoyian, Turkwel and Enkikwe had their wounds treated as usual and then were allowed to join their friends. Lemoyian was throwing some lucerne on the wounds to cover them.

Out in the bush, Barsilinga, Turkwel and Ukame were busy stretching high to reach the green fresh vegetation. Karisa was scooping and tossing soil in the air and some on his back. Enkikwe was not left behind as he was busy browsing.

When it was time the orphans walked to the mud bath for their milk and to play in the mud bath. It was not very hot but they did play a bit. They all sort of half played in the muddy water, and so walked out with patterns of mud on their bodies that looked like camouflage.

Later Roi was accompanying Tusuja while browsing and patting him with her trunk. Oltaiyoni browsed separately from the group and later Karisa led the herd back home in the evening for their milk. No ex-orphans or wild elephants came to the stockades today, and we think this is because we had some rain last night.

Kamok enjoying Lucerne

Turkwel browsing

Oltaiyoni browsing


It was a very quiet today in the stockade as the orphans had their milk and walked down to the lucerne field. They started feeding on Lucerne and later, Bomani walked in to join them. Dupotto was feeding beside the loading wall while Roi and Tusuja shared a pile of Lucerne. Turkwel started feeding from some Lucerne that Lemoyian had thrown on his back.

In the bush, everyone was busy browsing but then it started to rain lightly which made the orphans less active. Bomani stayed with the dependent orphans throughout the morning, separate to the others in Laragai's group who stayed away.

When the orphans arrived at the mud bath for their milk, it was still cold and no one bothered to enter the mud hole. Instead the orphans walked alongside it and back to the bush to continue browsing. Galla and Namalok started play fighting and pushing each other. Lemoyian and Sapalan walked over to the nearby little dam and splashed a little bit before rejoining the herd. Mundusi and Karisa were walking and browsing together. Karisa later led the group back home in the evening for their milk.

In the stockade today we had Wendi's herd with Mulika and Mwende, Wendi and Wiva, Yatta and Yetu and finally Kinna and Kama. They came to drink water and left immediately after. They were together with Kithaka's group too which included Barsilinga, Garzi, Laragai, Kithaka and Turkwel. They all arrived an hour after the dependent orphans left for the day.

Tusuja and Roi

Lemoyian and Sapalan

Laragais group


It was a very cold morning today we received some rain last night. It was very quiet and the orphans enjoyed eating the lucerne with no either ex-orphans or wild elephants around. Bomani was the only one who came in after some time and joined the orphans. He followed them into the bush today as well. Roi was scratching her neck on the wall pavement with Barsilinga, Kithaka, Laragai and Garzi busy feeding on Lucerne.

It was Kamok who we saw stretching high in the trees today to reach the best leaves and branches. One of the DSWT Aerial Surveillance airplanes was also patrolling from above. The Kalovoto River was very full from all the rain.

Kithaka was busy browsing. Enkikwe was walking slowly behind the others to the mud bath. Bomani stayed with the dependent orphans for the whole day and led them to the mud bath at midday. On the way, Oltaiyoni was playing with Olsekki. Galla was busy stretching high up in the trees.
It was still quite cloudy so only a few orphans played in the water. Dupotto was the most playful as she was playing and digging down in the ground with her tusks.


Garzi browsing

Dupotto playing


There were no ex-orphans or wild elephants who joined the dependent orphans for their lucerne breakfast this morning, so they enjoyed their food peacefully without being bullied or bossed around by any other elephants. Galla and Tusuja were feeding together.

In the bush they were all busy browsing with Galla stretching high to reach the greenest leaves. Later, at the mud bath, we had one huge bull with his friends who came to drink water. He looks magnificent and very handsome.

Kithaka was busy stretching high in the tree for food. Other orphans were very busy wallowing in the mud hole. The water bowser came in and topped up the drinking water before emptying the rest into the mud hole. Esampu played right in the middle of the mud hole and came out to scratch her head on a tree. Galla and Naseku were the most playful as they were play-fighting in the mud wallow. Other wild bulls came in to drink water and later walked away.

When the orphans walked back out to browse it was very hot and the they hid in the shade for a bit. Namalok and Karisa started play fighting while the others were busy browsing. Roi and Pare were browsing together. Siangiki, Olsekki and Pare were left behind this evening because of Olsekki. He likes to hide and come in at the last minute, but he likes to recruit some others to stay with him as well, today it was Siangiki and Pare. They all came in after the others and had their milk bottles late.

Tusuja and Galla

Kithaka stretching for green browse

Wild bull at mudbath




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