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Ithumba Hill was partly covered by clouds when the orphans left the stockades and settled for lucerne. The weather was also chilly and the grass was covered in dew following light showers that fell early before dawn. Out in the bush, the orphans concentrated on browsing with Esampu teaming up with Ukame while Tusuja settled to browse with Olsekki. Kithaka, Barsilinga and Garzi as usual parted ways with their dependent friends and reported back to the stockades later in the evening.

At mud bath time the temperature was okay, and the orphans did decide to go for a little wallow, including Enkikwe who is still recovering one year after he was attacked by a lion. After mud bath, Kamok, Tusuja, Esampu, Roi and Olsekki decided to roll on the ground and later Olsekki engaged Oltaiyoni in a pushing game that saw Olsekki surrender shortly after. In the afternoon, Namalok engaged Wanjala in a pushing game that ended in a draw. In the evening, only one wild bull showed up for water at the stockade compound.

Esampu and Ukame

Olsekki playing with Oltaiyoni

Wild bull having a drink of water


Chaimu and her longtime friend Kilaguni visited the stockades early in the morning. The two ex-orphans teamed up with the juniors and together they headed to the browsing field. Chaimu had fun rolling on the ground as she tried to entice the juniors to join her to play. None of the orphans dared to join her but instead concentrated on browsing. Later, Karisa engaged Namalok in a strength testing exercise that ended when Namalok surrendered. Malkia, Sana Sana and Ndiwa, who have completely settled into their new surroundings, were the ones who were leading the way in the bush.

At mud bath time, Chaimu and Kilaguni escorted the juniors and they all had a spectacular wallowing session. In the afternoon, Kithaka and Barsilinga had a friendly pushing game that was interrupted by Kilaguni. Mteto settled to browse with Roi and they had a girl to girl talk that lasted for quite some time. The hot tempered Ukame had a bit of a disagreement with tough Wanjala. Wanjala didnít wait around for Ukame to vent her anger on him, and he ran as fast as could to seek refuge from the Keepers. Ukame stopped following Wanjala when he saw Wanjala running towards the Keepers. Ukame knew that Wanjala had outwitted her and decided to keep low until the next opportunity to discipline Wanjala presented itself.

Chaimu playing

Namalok and Karisa

Ukame having milk


It was a quiet morning with the orphans settling for lucerne soon after leaving the stockade. Sana Sana, Malkia and Ndiwa were not interested in the lucerne and preferred the green grass to the dry lucerne pellets. The three babies started wandering off to the browsing field as they rumbled, trying to call their friends to follow them. It was only when the Keepers intervened by calling them to come back that they returned and joined them. Shortly later, when the orphans were done with the lucerne, Maramoja led the way out. Sapalan teamed up with Enkikwe to browse while Roi settled to browse with her close friend Galla. The smallest one, Esampu, teamed up with Kamok, Oltaiyoni and Kamok the biggest girls, and they seemed to all be conversing together. Esampu, who was brought to Ithumba earlier than others due to her naughty personality, has learned a few lessons and now she is very good and very smart. Maybe one day she will be left in charge after the big girls reintegrate back into the wild. Only time will tell. At mud bath time, the orphans were led by Esampu and they all enjoyed a good swim. Roi took over after and led the way out to browse again. The afternoon was quiet as the orphans settled to browse along the western slopes of Ithumba Hill.  

Sana Sana walking in the browsing field

Enkikwe and Sapalan browsing together

Garzi, Kithaka, Barsilinga having a drink


It was another quiet morning with no visitors as the orphans had their milk and then walked out to the bush to browse. Itís very green everywhere and all the orphans concentrated on filling their tummies with the most delicious vegetation. Kamok was busy browsing hard while Roi was grazing. Olsekki and Siangiki were browsing together as their firm relationship continues. The rest on the other side are busy browsing too. They later made their way to the mud bath.

At mud bath they went straight to the new mud bath which is smaller and thus with warmer water and started playing in it. They did enjoy their mud bath and later walked back to the bush to browse again.

Malkia, Karisa and Esampu were together with Malkia playing with a stick. Kithaka later led the group back home in the evening for their milk and food tonight. We did not see any other ex-orphans today or any wild elephants.

Kamok busy browsing

Kithaka at the front of the group

Malkia, Esampu and Karisa


The orphans headed straight to the browsing field soon after leaving the stockade. Mundusi settled to browse close to Garzi and held a brief chat as Mundusi looked like he was asking questions. It's still green with lush vegetation and the orphans are enjoying every moment, given that they don't have to walk long distances in search of food. Due to this the orphans are feeling strong and Olsekki and Tusuja decided to test their strength by going up against each other in a pushing game. The game ended prematurely when Kithaka decided to show them who he was and how strong he was, by pushing the two boys away.

It was hot again at mud bath time today and the orphans had a spectacular wallowing session. After mud bath, Karisa and Pare had a friendly pushing game while Roi, Kauro and Naseku settled for a soil dusting exercise. In the afternoon, Yatta, Mulika, Yetu, baby Yoyo, Mulika, Mwende, Wendi, baby Wiva, Galana, baby Gawa, Makena, Ololoo, Vuria and a wild elephant passed at the stockade in a hurry and disappeared the same way they had appeared. The orphans settled west of Ithumba Hill where they browsed calmly for the rest of the day.

Mundusi and Garzi browsing together

Karisa playing with Pare

Malkia having her milk




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