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Early before dawn, Mutara and Narok’s groups checked in at the stockade compound. The junior Ex Orphans stayed until day break when the orphans were let out. Sapalan led the way out as Sities led her friends into the stockade to find out if there were any leftovers. Galla met with Sities and decided to challenge her, but Sities was too strong for him and he opted to surrender and walk out. Lucerne was distributed to them but instead of feeding on it, the orphans started tossing it up in air, and shortly later headed to the browsing field to enjoy the fresh flourishing vegetation. The gentle Boromoko started his day's activities by engaging Olsekki in a light pushing game, while Naseku rolled on the ground. The junior Ex Orphans escorted the others out into the Park where Mutara and Suguta had light pushing game while Sirimon sought some pushing lessons from Sities. Sities accepted and took him on for a training session that didn't last for long. Thereafter, Sirimon practiced what he had learned on Tusuja and Enkikwe. Bomani, who left us and joined the wild without tusks, now has something to boast about because at long last the tusks have come out! Bomani tackled Tusuja in an effort to show him that he should not mess around with him since he is a new Bomani, with tusks! Sapalan and Namalok took a break from feeding to engage in soil dusting exercise as Karisa stayed close by. Shortly before mud bath time, the junior Ex Orphans parted ways with the dependent ones. Roi led the first group of girls consisting of Naseku and Dupotto for their midday bottle feeds, as Kauro led the second group consisting of boys Galla and Karisa. In the afternoon, Tusuja enjoyed a light pushing game with Olsekki and when they were done, they rejoined their friends to feed again. 

Sities playing with Galla

Sapalan and Namalok soil dusting

Roi, Naseku and Dupotto

Tusuja playing with Olsekki


Ithumba hill was partially covered by mist when the orphans, led by Namalok, Sapalan and Roi, left their stockades this morning. Ukame, the no nonsense girl just like Siangiki and Laragai, pushed Sapalan out of the way so she could lead the way. Boromoko, who embraces the spirit of sharing, teamed up with Enkikwe to feed from the shrubs while Karisa settled to feed with Namalok, though from time to time Karisa would take some leaves from Namalok’s mouth. Namalok grew tired of this and moved away to join Sapalan and Kauro while Karisa moved to feed close to Siangiki. Later on, Naseku, Galla and Sokotei took a break from feeding to have a game of rolling on the ground. Tusuja and Boromoko briefly engaged in light friendly pushing game as Kamok took a break to relax under a tree.

At mud bath time, Kauro led the first group of Tusuja and Karisa for their noon bottle feeds. After mud bath, Kithaka and Barsilinga, who consider themselves as grownups these days, moved away from their friends where they enjoyed some privacy in a soil dusting exercise.

Enkikwe feeds with Boromoko

Kauro, Sapalan and Namalok

Tusuja plays with Boromoko

Naseku playing on the ground


Soon after leaving the stockade, Ukame led the way to the browsing field where Sirimon and Enkikwe started their day’s activities by engaging in a pushing game. Tusuja teamed up with Olsekki to browse while Kamok scratched her ears against a tree. Later, the orphans came across some water where Galla, Sirimon, Naseku, Dupotto, Tusuja, Enkikwe and Oltaiyoni participated in a mini mud bath as they prepared themselves for the new arrivals from Nairobi. When Sapalan, Namalok and Kauro arrived, they were first welcomed by Roi, Galla and Dupotto. Roi entwined her trunk with Namalok but later pushed him to show how bossy she can be. Roi turned to Sapalan thinking that he was just as easy as Namalok but she got a rude shock when Sapalan turned to defend himself. Eventually, Sapalan decided to show a bit of respect to his new family by withdrawing and walking away. Sapalan was followed by Oltaiyoni who tried to comfort him by placing her trunk on Sapalan.

Out in the bush, Sirimon welcomed Namalok and Sapalan by climbing on them. As Namalok and Sapalan were interacting with the other orphans, Kauro kept on following the keepers and feeding close to them, a habit he had even before he went back to Nairobi. Karisa, who never appears concerned with whatever is happening around him, kept himself busy with soil dusting as the rest of herd were familiarizing themselves with the new babies. Later in the day, Boromoko engaged Galla in a pushing game and after winning that, he went to tackle Tusuja. In the evening all the orphans returned to the stockades for the nights.


Tusuja and Olsekki browsing

New babies arrive

Galla, Sapalan and Roi

Kauro, Tusuja and Barsilinga


Orwa, Bomani, Narok and Bongo spent the night just outside the stockade compound and welcomed the juniors out in the morning. Out browsing they were also joined by Mutara’s group Chaimu and Kilaguni. All the groups mingled together as the juniors enjoyed the company of the other Ex Orphans. Naseku and Tusuja teamed up with Sities and copied what she was doing. Chaimu and Kilaguni tried to win the juniors hearts by lying on the ground and inviting them to play together. Wanjala walked to where Kainuk was feeding and had a brief chat before Kainuk pushed him away. We weren’t sure why, but boys will always be boys, and maybe Wanjala was misbehaving. The little show-off Lemoyian humiliated Wanjala further by pushing him again when he passed close to him. The sky was cloudy today and the weather was warm. This prompted Nursery friends Naseku, Roi and Dupotto to participate in a small mud bath when they came across a small pool of water. Later, Naseku came across a bent tree that she used to scratch herself on, while Shukuru tried to test her strength by trying to push another tree. Galla engaged Boromoko in a pushing game, which he later lost. In the afternoon, the orphans enjoyed browsing on the western slopes of the Ithumba Hill, where there was lots of different vegetation to browse on. 

Orwa and Bomani outside the stockades

Tusuja browsing

Wanjala and Kainuk

Naseku, Roi and Dupotto in a mini mud bath


The orphans left the stockade in a jovial mood and they were swinging their trunks from side to side. Out in the bush Galla dusted himself and scratched his buttocks on a nearby rock. Shortly later, he was joined by Ukame in the scratching exercise as the rest of the herd concentrated on feeding on grass. Following the November rains, the orphans have plenty to feed on and choose from and we watched as Dupotto, Lemoyian, Kithaka and Roi switched from one plant to another, choosing the best leaves they could lay their trunks on. Galana, Gawa, Nasalot, Nusu, Lualeni, Sidai, Challa, Lenana, Ololoo, Meibai Naserian and Loijuk paid a brief visit to the stockade before disappearing out into the Park. Olsekki took a break from feeding to participate in lone game of rolling on the ground. He was later joined by Sirimon. Lemoyian and Kithaka had a competition over who had the longest trunk as they stretched them high in the air to pluck succulent leaves. There was no winner since they both managed to get what they wanted. Later, Kithaka and Garzi, who are no longer on milk, settled for a strength testing exercise that ended in a draw.  

Roi happily browsing

Galla and Ukame scratching

Olsekki playing




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