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Fourteen wild bulls led by Dad and Half Trunk reported for water at the stockade water troughs early before dawn. At six o'clock in the morning, the orphans had their milk before strolling out to settle for lucerne. Roi, Shukuru and Barsilinga carried branches in their mouths that they continued to enjoy chewing on while waiting for the lucerne. Shortly later, the orphans were joined by Mutara and Olare’s groups.

Out in the bush Olsekki settled to browse with Barsilinga while Lemoyian had a strength testing exercise with Sokotei. At eleven o'clock in the morning, Ukame and Kamok led the way to mud bath where the orphans were joined by the senior Ex Orphans and forty wild elephants. Sirimon and Ukame spent some time with Gawa before heading for soil dusting. The weather was chilly and the orphans boycotted the wallowing exercise and instead chose a soil dusting exercise. They continued browsing in the afternoon where Tusuja and Wanjala took a break from feeding to participate in a soil dusting game. Later, Lemoyian and Enkikwe were involved in a strength testing exercise that ended in a draw. The rest of the afternoon was quiet as the orphans concentrated on browsing.

Shukuru feeding on a branch

Ukame and Kamok leading

Orphans soil dusting

Kama, Wiva and Ex Orphan Lenana


Only one wild bull was drinking water at the stockade water trough when the juniors were let out early this morning. Shortly later Olare’s group and Yatta’s group showed up and joined the juniors to feed on lucerne. When the orphans were through with the lucerne, Tusuja led the way to the browsing field. Olsekki found a suitable spot where he decided to have a lone game of rolling on the ground. The game attracted Sokotei who came over and tried to climb on him. Roi and Ukame decided to dust themselves instead of feed, as Enkikwe played with Sirimon. Olsekki finished his game of rolling on the ground and went to tackle Boromoko. At mud bath, Tusuja led the first group as Karisa led the second one. Thirty wild bulls attended the mud bath with our own Ex Orphan bulls Rapsu, Buchuma, Orok and Tomboi. The orphans had a spectacular wallowing time before Lemoyian trumpeted with excitement as he called off the mud bathing exercise. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse and Kamok, Kithaka, Laragai and Lemoyian took some time off from feeding to relax under a tree. 

Olare eating her share

Sokotei climbing on Olsekki

Ex Orphan bull Rapsu

Dupotto having her milk


It was a quiet morning with only Naisula and Kitirua visiting the dependent orphans and their keepers. The orphans settled for lucerne and shortly later they were escorted out by Naisula and Kitirua. The orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area and browsed calmly throughout the morning without any major observation.
At eleven o'clock in the morning, Naisula and Kitirua escorted the juniors to the mud bath. The orphans, led by Karisa, fully participated in the wallowing exercise. Laragai and Lemoyian walked up to the water trough to join Dad and another six wild elephants that had also come for mud bath and to drink water. Later, the keepers moved the wild elephants aside to let all orphans have water before returning back to the stockades. The orphans had a soil dusting exercise before Karisa led the way back to the browsing field. The orphans settled to browse in the Kone area up until five o'clock in the evening when Ukame, Roi, Karisa and Tusuja formed the first group and headed back to the stockade for the night.

Naisula eating lucerne with the orphans

Orphans soil dusting

Orphans walking back out to browse with keepers

Dad and his friends drinking water


Half Trunk with orphans Sunyei, Orok, Ololoo, Meibai, Loijuk in the company of Mutara’s group were at the stockade compound when the orphans were let out. Dupotto was the first one to leave the stockade followed by Galla. Roi left the stockade with a branch in her mouth that she continued to enjoy feeding on as she waited for the decision of which direction they were going to take this morning. Sirimon kept himself busy by playing with Kanjoro. Shortly later, Shukuru led the way to the browsing field where Boromoko and Naseku had a warm up exercise of pushing each other while Lemoyian tried to ride on Tusuja. The orphans were joined by Mutara and her group where Kanjoro briefly settled to feed with Wanjala before heading to chat with Boromoko. At eleven o'clock in the morning, Mutara and her group escorted the juniors to the mud bath where fifteen wild bulls were in attendance.

After mud bath, Kamok took Dupotto under a tree as they waited for the next group to come for their milk. Later, Mutara led the group to Kalovoto area where they settled to browse. Shortly before evening Mutara and co withdrew from the orphans and walked off into the Park.

Lemoyian climbs on Tusuja's head

Tomboi chats with Loijuk

Mutara and Sities

Boromoko climbs on Naseku


Dupotto, who was brought back seven days ago, was let out with the other orphans this morning. Dupotto, who was good friends with Kamok, was looking calm and didn't show any signs of taking flight. She was welcomed out by Lemoyian, Sokotei, Ex Orphans Madiba and Laragai. At the browsing field, Lemoyian had strength testing exercise with Boromoko as Dupotto and Kamok spent some time scratching on the nearby rocks. Later barsilinga settled to chat briefly with Dupotto before she moved to feed with Ukame. Wanjala settled to feed with Sirimon as Galla settled for soil dusting.

At mud bath time, Dupotto her first mud bath since she arrived at Ithumba. She enjoyed this to the maximum and once she had enough of wallowing, she came out and waited for her friend Kamok. Laragai walked up to the water trough to join a wild bull that was drinking water. She was later joined by her friends. Laragai and her team stopped drinking water when more wild elephants started arriving. Noticeable amongst the wild elephants were Dad and Half Trunk. The temperature was moderate in the afternoon and the orphans settled to browse on the western side of Ithumba Hill where Roi joined Kamok to give Dupotto comfort and company. Later, Sirimon engaged Enkikwe in a pushing game while Lemoyian played with Boromoko. Boromoko stopped playing with Lemoyian to tackle Olsekki, a game that ended in a draw.

Madiba sniffs at Dupotto

Lemoyian playing with Sokotei

Kamok and Dupotto scratching

Laragai drinking water with a wild elephant

Kamok, Dupotto and Roi




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