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This morning Mbirikani, Rorogoi and Ajali took the lead of the orphan elephants up to the peak of Msinga Hill for the morning browsing session. Naipoki assisted Mashariki up the hill by pushing her backside with her tusks helping her get to the peak.

The orphans browsed until 3pm when they started playing games. Mudanda and Kihari lay down on separate playing grounds, dusting themselves with some moist soil. Arruba enjoyed a scratching session against a rock where she was joined by Nelion. Kenia and Araba were seen embracing one another today with Araba hiding her face under Keniaís ears which Kenia seemed to enjoy as she stood with her eyes closed savoring the affection she was getting from her adopted baby.

Naipoki pusing Mashariki uphill

Arruba scratching

Bada playing with a stick

Kenia and Tahri


There was a heavy down pour last night and it was quite cold when the orphans exited their stockades in the morning. The cold weather did not seem to bother them and they happily made their way to the browsing fields following their milk and supplement feeding.

Other than the usual attachments of Ndii, Tahri, Kenia and Araba there were no other browsing attachments today as the orphans spread out, grabbing as much vegetation as they could find to fill their bellies.

The orphans visited the water hole but were reluctant to take a bath as it was quite cold. Ndii poked at the soil with tusks lifting some baobab tree roots inviting Mudanda, Tahri, Rorogoi and Suswa to join her in eating them. The other orphans soon joined Ndii digging lifting roots to feed on.

Tahri kneeling down to browse

Ndii playing

Tawi and Oltukai


It was a cold morning as the orphan elephants enjoyed playing around the stockade compound before heading to the browsing fields. Ndii was seen in close browsing ties with her lovely adopted baby Tahri while Kenia stuck with her beloved Araba.

The orphan elephants visited the baobab water hole in groups of five, with Ndoria finishing her milk quickly after which she went to demand some of Rorogoiís share. The keepers stood firm in guarding Rorogoi and her milk so that Ndoria could not get to either one. However once the milk feeding was done Ndoria chased Rorogoi to engage her in fight. Rorogoi was able to run away and evade Ndoria who took a while to calm down from the fact that she was not successful in getting more milk.

Ndii pulling up a baobab tree root



Tundani bringing up the rear


It was a wonderful beginning to the day with the orphan elephants walking out of their stables, amid light rain showers during their milk and supplement feeding. Arruba, her great friend Suswa, Rorogoi, Mudanda and Mashariki lay on the ground, in search of warmth, closing their eyes as if they wanted to go to sleep. They woke up as the rest of the orphans were leaving the stockade for the browsing grounds.

The orphans browsed their way half way up the eastern side of Msinga Hill, and were very selective about their browsing routes due to the rocks being wet from the recent rain. The orphans came down to drink their milk bottle at the base of the Hill, but didnít visit the water hole.

Arruba and Rorogoi played a wonderful game of lying down against the walls of a deep erosion trench. Their game caught the attention of Ishaq-B, Nguvu, Bada, Ndii, Kihari and Tundani who all came to watch and join them.

Arruba back and Rorogoi play in an erosion trench

Arruba browsing

Bada playing near the erosion trench

Kihari and Araba browsing together


were out of their stockades. They had a wonderful time playing around the stockade compound before following Rorogoi and Lentili to the browsing fields where they fed in single file until it was time to visit the baobab tree water hole.

At the mud bath they encountered the same wild herd that had visited the waterhole yesterday after the orphans had left. The teenage bull in the wild herd was very interested in the orphans and wanted to engage them in mud bathing games. He engaged Panda in a head butting and test strengthening game. The two were soon joined by Tundani who came in to assist Panda to see if together they could beat him. A teenage sister of the herdís two month old calf was very attached to the baby and did her best to prevent the orphans from interacting with the baby. Tahri somehow managed to entice the baby to the orphan group who surrounded it as they all wanted to touch and greet the tiny individual. The calfís mother became a little worried and pulled the baby away after which the wild herd left leaving the orphans alone at the water hole.

Orphans at milk feed

Kihari running towards the Keepers for his bottle

Mudanda stops for a scratch after milk feed




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