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It was another perfect beginning to the day with the orphan elephants assembling in a nearly perfect straight line to enjoy their milk bottle followed by Lucerne grass pellets blended with copra cake. Ndii then utilized her height, to reach a very green branch from a tree close to the stockade water trough. Embu, Mashariki, Mudanda and Araba tried to chase her away from the branch so that they could have it to herself, but Ndii held it in her mouth rand ran away to enjoy it in peace and quiet.

In the afternoon, a teenage wild elephant calf that was about ten years old broke off from her herd and joined the orphans at the baobab water hole. The wild calf charged and chased the Keepers away from the orphan elephants, but Mbeguís herd followed their human family. Rorogoi, Arruba, Mashariki and Embu engaged their new wild elephant friend in wrestling match. Keniaís herd had a bit of difficulty having their afternoon milk bottle as the wild elephant kept following them around. Once they finished their bottles their wild friend ran off to join her herd that had come to the waterhole. The orphans interacted with them for about twenty minutes before the wild herd left.


The morning was wonderful with the orphan elephants concentrating on their milk and supplement feed before settling down for games in the stockade compound. Rorogoi went to scratch herself on one of the trees in the compound. Ndotto stretched his trunk to welcome best friend Lasayen for a pushing-game, but Lasayen turned down his request and instead went to take on his other close friend Murit for the same kind of wrestling match. Today the wrestling games were given most priority, with Araba reaching out to Ndotto for a similar game. Ndii played with Mbegu one-on-one, until Godoma came in to offer some reinforcement for her friend to effectively take on Ndii. Panda came in to drive Araba away so that she could play with Ndotto for the same kind of game before they all had to go out and concentrate on browsing.

The orphans browsed in single file. Graduate orphans Layoni and Dabassa were spotted browsing high up on Msinga Hill, but the dependent orphans didnít catch up with them today. The orphan elephants visited the baobab water hole to drink milk and water, but it was too cold for any kind of substantial bath activity to take place.

The morning was good with the stockade dependent orphan elephants leaving the stockade under the careful leadership of Mbegu, after milk bottles and supplement feeding. Arruba scratched herself on a rock in the stockade compound, but eventually she had to follow her friends out to the bush.

After browsing for more than three hours, Murit and Lasayen decided to have a break and engage in a wonderful wrestling match. Ndotto saw them and wanted to join their game, so he took Lasayen on and denied Murit his rightful place to finish the game he had started. Ndotto played mischievously, engaging Lasayen in a sitting down position to shake up the game a bit! Naipoki and Tundani, who up until that point had been relaxing under a tree, decided to enjoy the same kind of wrestling game as Ndotto and Lasayen.
Panda separated from the others and went to relax under a big tree, in her favourite chosen spot to relax. The juniors only had a partial mud bath, before going back to browsing close to the water hole for the rest of the day.

Ndotto requesting a pushing game from Lasayen

Araba, left, testing Ndotto

Lasayen kneeling & wrestling with Murit


It was another perfect beginning to the day with the orphan elephants concentrating on their milk and the supplement feeding before making their way to the northern side of Msinga Hill for the morning browsing session.

Arruba decided to move uphill to browse with Embu following her a short while later. The rest of the orphan herd remained at the base and were rejoined by Arruba and Embu when they were preparing to head to the baobab waterhole.

The orphans had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games, with Arruba entering the water in style, kicking the water with her front legs throwing muddy water all over her friends who were quick to exit the wallow. Rorogoi was the only one to remain in the mud bath with Arruba. Embu then decided to charge into the water where she began rolling around tossing her trunk skyward and trumpeting loudly showing her excitement. Once they were all done bathing the orphan herd enjoyed a dust bath with Arruba making her way to a nearby tree for a scratching session. The rest of the afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole.

Arruba kicking the water

Embu takes centre stage in bathing games

Araba scratching bottom


It was a nice beginning to the day with the orphan elephants downing their morning milk bottle in a hurry before assembling for the copra cake piles after which they played games around the stockade compound. Rorogoi and Bada engaged each other in a pushing contest. Their game was brought to a premature end when a baboon tried to get to the copra cake by walking through Rorogoiís legs. Rorogoi was not happy about this and stopped playing with Bada so that she could chase the baboon away.

Kihari went and sat on the top of the red earth pile, enjoying the warmth of the soil up there while Arruba succeeded in taking away Tahri for a soil dusting game. Ndii came running in and chased Arruba away from Tahri while also preventing Mashariki from taking Tahri away.

The orphans visited the baobab water hole with Lentili and Lasayen engaging in a game of poking the baobab tree trunk with their little sharp tusks. The rest of the days browsing activities took place close to the waterhole.

Rorogoi and Bada games come to premature end

Arruba trying to entice Tahri to join her

Kihari on top of the red earth pile


The gates of the stockade were flung open in the morning and the orphans came rushing out and went straight for their milk bottles which they happily gulped down. Tahri, who had spent the night separate to Keniaís herd and had missed the older orphans, went running to the upper stockades to greet them and was received with joyful trumpets by Kenia, Araba, Ndii, Ishaq-B and Kihari with Nguvu and Araba happily having her join them for the morning milk bottles.

The orphan herd left for the browsing fields under Lentili and Masharikiís leadership. Lentili enjoyed a game of sliding from the top of an erosion trench in the hopes of wooing Tahri to join her. Tahri watched her game but didnít join her. Rorogoi was also attracted to the game but found the walls of the erosion trench quite steep, preventing her from joining in.

The keepers led the orphan elephants to the baobab water hole for the afternoon milk feed after which Murit and Embu played happily in the water. Naipoki enjoyed a strength testing game with Nelion which Nelion won.

Lentili trying to convince Tahri to join her game

Araba finds a trench to play in

Laikipia strolling on Msinga Hill




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