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The orphans welcomed the day with some hide and seek games around the stockade compound once they had finished their milk and supplement feeding. Lentili and Kihari then took the lead of the rest of the group marching them halfway up northern side of Msinga hill.

Lempaute visited the stockade an hour after the juniors had left and settled to enjoy her share of Lucerne grass and pellets. She then enjoyed feasting on the green acacia trees in the stockade compound.

The stockade dependant orphan elephants enjoying a peaceful morning browsing before making their way to the baobab water hole to drink from the water trough and enjoy a bath. Lentili and Rorogoi had a quick wallow after which they opted for a scratching session against the baobab tree. Ndoria entered the water a little before they left and sidled up to the. They were both quite wary of her as she is known for her bullying behaviour and is quite a tail biter.

Lempaute feasting on acacia near the stockade

Embu sniffing the air

Naipoki leaning on Arruba


It was a wonderful beginning of the day with Kivuko and Lempaute arriving at the stockades first thing in the morning. Together with the orphan herd they enjoyed feeding on Lucerne pellets that had been mashed together with copra cake. The babies left their older friends feeding on Lucerne grass when they headed out to the browsing grounds.

The orphans browsed in single file, grabbing as much browse as possible in a slow and deliberate pacing motion. Nelion, Tundani and Mbirikani moved half way up the western side of Msinga hill rejoining the rest of the orphan herd when it was time for the noon milk feed.

The orphans as usual came in groups of five, downing their afternoon milk bottle and proceeding for the range cubes followed by wonderful mudbathing games. There was some commotion when Ndoria gripped Rorogoiís tail with her trunk in an attempt to bite it. This sent Rorogoi running out of the water screaming. The rest of the herd soon followed fearing that there may be something in the water.

Embu and Mashariki

Embu scratching up

Kenia leaning on Tundani


This morning the orphans enjoyed playing games around the stockade compound following their milk and supplement feeding. Lempaute and Kivuko who seem to have separated themselves from the two boys Dabassa and Layoni visited the stockade as soon as the juniors had finished their milk bottles. Ndoria and Rorogoi invited the two ex-orphans for a drink at the stockade water trough and had a wonderful moment interacting with them as they all drank some water.

Mashariki went to show off some buttock scratching game against a rock boulder on the stockade compound. Kihari saw the fund that Mashariki was having and ousted her from her spot so that she could take it over.

Kenia as usual was in a hurry to head to the browsing grounds leaving the ex-orphans behind to do their own thing. Lempaute and Kivuko headed up Msinga hill above Malaika house and browsed there until the afternoon when they came back to the stockades for another drink.

Layoni enjoying the lucerne

Ngulia Tawi and Kore


The morning was good with Kenia seemingly in consultation with Panda, Naipoki, Arruba and Kihari over the drought situation once they arrived at the browsing grounds. Lentili soon joined them and they all murmured to one another before proceeding with the browsing activities.

Bada and Mudanda enjoyed some wonderful diving games in the waterhole, with Naipoki challenging their game as she rolled around in the water. After the mudbath Suswa took the lead, with Rorogoi and Ajali walking as fast as they could so that they could overtake her and take the lead. Kihari saw what the two were trying to do and blocked the two from getting to the front so that Suswa could enjoy the lead. The afternoon was spent browsing close to the big waterhole.

Wild elephants at the watering hole

Ajali and Pasaka at the stockades


The day started with great momentum as the stockade dependant orphans charged out of their night quarters downing their morning milk bottle before settling to enjoy the highly nutritious Lucerne pellets and dairy cubes. Kenia went to scratch her neck against a rock by the stockade water trough.

The orphans headed to the browsing grounds under Mudanda, Kihari, Nelion and Mbirikaniís leadership. As the day progressed it became very hot and Araba sought refuge from the scorching sun by hiding behind Keniaís ear. Rorogoi and Embu were the first to get their afternoon milk bottle by arriving at the milk feeding area well ahead of the others. They were followed a few minutes later by Bada, Mudanda, Ndoria and Pasaka. Pasaka wanted to be fed his milk a short distance from the others and the keepers were happy to oblige him. The rest of the orphans came for their bottles in groups of four. When all the orphans had been fed they headed to the baobab water hole where they had a lot of fun in the mudbath.

Wild herd seen in the Aruba area

Wild elephant herd head tothe Aruba pump




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