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Kalama, Suguta, Melia, Naisula, Kitirua, Tumaren, Kibo, Chemi chemi, Ishanga, Kasigau, Kilabasi and Makireti reported at the stockade compound early before six o'clock in the morning. When the gates opened for the juniors to get out, Kalama stood at the spring gate and blocked the juniors from leaving. It took the intervention of the keepers for Kalama to clear the way. The partially independent group joined the juniors in feeding on lucerne. Orwa was pushed by Kasigau rudely while he was feeding on his Lucerne, which he was angered by, but instead of retaliating he showed his annoyance by leaving the scene and moving far away to browse alone and undisturbed.

The orphans then headed out for the day walking deep into the bush, browsing at the foot of the granite Kopjes as they steadily made their way to the browsing fields. Kainuk and Vuria spent a long while scratching on some fallen trees they had stumbled upon, contorting their bodies to reach all their sensitive places, with much emphasis on scratching their tummies. Mutara broke a green branch which she shared with Sities and Vuria spoiled for a fight when he tried to forcefully take a branch from Bongo's mouth. Bongo resisted and this ended in a fight which the Keepers had to calm down.

By eleven o'clock in the morning, the weather was chilly and only Bongo that wallowed. A Mount Kenya elephant, Bongo seems immune to cold temperatures, and not much daunts him or dissuades him from his favourite water games. The rest of the group headed for a soil bath soon after taking their milk and looked on at Bongo alone in the water. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at Kanziku area. Vuria fed close to Shukuru and Garzi while Bongo isolated himself from the others heading further a field alone, only to rejoin the others again later. The ex orphans in the company of three wild elephants all came to drink water at the stockade shortly after the juniors returned back to their night stockades. The ex orphan group remain close at hand, communicating with the dependent babies, and having their fill of water, then they slowly slipped into the darkness out of view, with only the sound of breaking branches giving their position away. Later that night the hyenas called and we could not help but remember that fateful early morning when Sabachi was badly attacked and despite the Keepers intervention and the company of the ex orphans we could not save him. We were happy to know our babies were safely sleeping sounding, completely unperturbed by the hyenas.

Chemi Chemi arrived early at the stockade

Vuria scratching on a dead tree

Sities shared her green branch with Mutara

Vuria and Bongo fight over a branch


At 5am three wild elephants were waiting at the drinking trough for the keepers to open the taps and let the water through. When the orphans were let out of the stockade they were very quiet as they realized that their friend Ziwa was no longer with them. They did not really want to leave the stockades but finally Vuria and Mutara led them out into the bush but they still remained close together, perhaps not wanting to lose another member from their herd as it had already been a very stressful and sad month for them all with both Sabachi and Ziwa gone.
The mudbath was deserted and sad, with no elephants in the area, the orphans took their milk and together walked back into the bush. Everyone had a heavy heart, elephants and keepers alike.


Vuria leading the orphans into the browsing field

The orphans at the stockade compound

Orwa exploring the empty mud bath


Today wasnít like any other day, it was a day of great drama, sadness and heartbreak for both elephants and keepers.
At four o'clock in the morning, there was so much noise coming from the elephants quite a distance outside the stockades but also a slight cry that could be heard from hyenas, and that meant one thing. There was a fight between the elephants and hyenas.
Six hundred meters from the stockade, that's where the struggle was. The elephants both wild and ex-orphans were chasing five hyenas that had attacked Sabachi. By the time we arrived to help, the hyenas had severely mauled Sabachi and damaged the back muscles so severely he was unable to stand. Sabachi was six years old and had chosen to leave the stockade to join the semi independent Sugutaís group at the beginning of the year.
He had enjoyed a world straddling both lives - his keepers, milk bottles and the joys of the wild with his special orphan friends along with many new wild ones.
All the ex orphans groups were present on this morning along with wild elephant too. We had no choice but to take Sabachi to a safer area where he could be treated. Lualeni, Sunyei and Wendi were protesting by knocking down bushes when they saw us loading Sabachi into a tractor. Sabachi was put into the stockade to wait for the vet.
Upon arrival, the vet examined him and the damage done by the hyenas, was so severe that the only course of action was to put him to sleep.
Sabachi was in so much pain that with a heavy heart a decision was made to euthanize him. Hyenas had cut short the life our special friend. It was a difficult moment for the keepers to watch Sabachi slip away after all that he had been through.
The elephants browsed on their own as none of them seemed to have the urge to play together as they all mourned in their private and quiet ways. Their heavy hearts could be felt throughout the day.

Sabachi after being mauled by Hyenas

The wounds left by the hyenas

Sabachi after being taken to the stockades


After the orphans drank their morning milk, they left the stockade one by one. On their way out Vuria had gotten a fright from a falling branch and in his panic had accidentally knocked Ziwa down to the ground. Poor Ziwa was then unable to stand by himself and the keepers had to assist him back to his feet.
As the orphans settled on lucerne, they were joined by semi independent orphans Suguta, Chemi Chemi, Melia, Chaimu, Sabachi, Kalama, Kandecha, Tumaren, Olare, Makireti, Kilabasi, Murka, Kibo, Kitirua and Kasigau.
During the day Ziwa disappeared shortly before mud bath time and was nowhere to be found. The keepers gathered the orphans to take them for mud bath, but they couldn't trace Ziwa, so two keepers remained behind to continue searching for him. He was finally found in the afternoon near the seasonal Kalovoto River relaxing under a tree all alone and was returned to the safety of the orphan herd.
At mud bath time the sun was hot and both Teleki and Laragai headed straight to the mud bath after drinking their milk. While the two wallowed away they were joined by 11 wild bulls who too wanted to cool off and enjoy the quenching water. The boldly remained in the mudbath with their wild friends, but soon thought better of it.
The rest of the day was quiet as the orphans browsed together. In the evening, Yatta and her group, in the company of ten wild elephants, came for water at the stockade where Tomboi and Zurura began to test each otherís strength and with all the commotion the orphans were kept up for quite some time until the two finally stopped fighting.

Ziwa by the Kalovoto River

Laragai and Teleki in the mud

Tomboi and Zurura playing together


Sabachi came to the stockade compound early before the juniors were let out. Sabachi lately has been avoiding spending the night in the stockade but comes for his milk in the early hours of the morning and again in the evening before the juniors arrive.
At midday mud bath time, the temperatures were very low and the orphans didn't participate in wallowing. Instead Bomani had a funny game of swinging his trunk sideways as Vuria coiled his trunk to his mouth. This game made all the keepers giggle and these two naughty elephants continued encouraged by the reception they were receiving.
In the evening, Sabachi usually leaves to an unknown location soon after taking his milk, reluctant to overnight with the juniors. Today the same happened, he had is milk and then left the stockade compound and disappeared into the bush.
As for the other orphans such as Teleki, Shukuru and Garzi they instead opted to scratch their bottoms on nearby rocks before heading into their stockades for the night.

Sabachi visiting the stockade

Vuria watching Bomani swing his trunk

Garzi scratching on a nearby rock




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