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The orphans are very good at telling the time – they know when it is time to go back home for bed, milk feeding time or time to go out to the forest. They are very used to their routine! This morning however, for one reason or another, there was some delay for them to come out of their rooms. Emoli is a very outgoing young bull and when he was absolutely sure it was well past their time to leave for the forest he started yelling and shouting, complaining about the delay. As soon as some of the others started coming out of their rooms, he started celebrating and trumpeting, running towards the forest in glee. Mapia and Sagala joined him in his celebration and ran trumpeting after him. Tagwa didn’t want to accompany the others before seeing Dololo, Merru and Mukoka. She went around head butting doors and banging the milk buckets to their rooms – we are not sure if she was just playing or expressing how she felt. Whenever she was encouraged in the direction of the forest, she just kept coming back and doing the same thing. It was not until the three babies were let out that she escorted them out to the forest to join the others. Jotto gets on with everyone in the family, but we do not often find him engaged in games with Kuishi. Today we watched on as these two were engaged in a friendly wrestling game for a very long time. Kuishi takes the games very seriously and is very tough, especially towards the boys, and she does not like to give in easily! 

Sagala after running to the forest all excited

Mapia at the 9am feed

Kuishi after playing with Jotto


Luggard is forming his very own little herd, as he enjoys spending most of the day with the little ones Dololo, Merru and Mukoka. Merru seems to look up to Dololo but Dololo is not very nice back. Luggard is gentle and loving towards all of them. Mukoka is settling in so well and enjoying his new surroundings and friends. It’s only at the start of the day in the early morning hours that these four are away from the rest of the herd; after the 9am milk feed Merru and Mukoka join the main herd whilst Luggard stays back to keep Dololo company as he is still quite weak and walks slower than the others. Later on Luggard joined the main herd as well and Dololo stayed back with his Keeper. Mukoka behaved very well with the older herd and followed the big girls everywhere. It was still too soon for him to attend the public visit today however, so during that one hour he and Luggard walked back to where Dololo was.
When Kiko joined the elephants out in the forest today, there were wild giraffe’s browsing close to the elephants. When they saw Kiko walking towards the elephants, they tried to approach him, but he kept walking away from them and keeping close to his elephant family.
Now Sagala, Kuishi and Maisha have got used to their new rooms which they return to in the evening. Emoli however is still causing trouble for the Keepers to go into his new room at night. Today he fought so hard in the evening to go into his old room, but it has now been taken by Mukoka so he has to get used to his new room eventually!

Mukoka enjoys spending time with his new family

Kuishi ready to go down to mud bath

Maisha ready to go home at 5pm


Recently, after the public visiting hour, all the orphans have had the opportunity to spend some time with the new arrivals Merru and Dololo and Luggard too, before walking off deep into the forest and leaving these three to browse together closer to the compound. During this period of time today, when Tamiyoi’s younger group arrived, Dololo was sleeping. This is because sometimes he doesn’t sleep well at night, and this makes him tired so he is allowed to take naps during the day if he wants. Because Dololo was sleeping Tamiyoi’s group just decided to carry on browsing, and give him the space to rest. This wasn’t quite the case when the older orphans arrived! Ndiwa, Sana Sana, Sagala, Malkia and Tagwa all went in search of the three babies to find out what they were doing. Eventually Tagwa, Ndiwa and Sagala moved on to browse with Tamiyoi’s group but Malkia and Sana Sana stayed behind. Malkia went over to where Dololo was napping and tried to wake him up by gently tapping him with her foot. This annoyed Sana Sana however and she tried to push Malkia away but she wouldn’t listen. Eventually she charged at her to push her away from the sleeping Dololo, and when Malkia left she lay down next to Dololo and rested her trunk on him, gently patting him while he slept. 

Merru eager to join his friends

Malkia walks away leaving Dololo in peace

Sana Sana browsing close to Dololo


Lovely Maxwell woke up in a very happy mood today. He was seen scampering about his stockade and running from one end to the other and his excitement rubbed off on the elephant orphans as they came out of their rooms in the early morning. They started trumpeting and ran about, eager to get out to the forest and begin browsing. Arriving in the forest, Sana Sana, Ndiwa, Sagala, Malkia, Jotto and Mapia ran around as they carried on Maxwell’s excitable mood. They ran about kicking at roots and knocking into bushes for some time before settling down.
During the public visiting time this morning, all the orphans in the first group to have their milk decided to enjoy the mud bath. Tiny Musiara was trying to climb on Sattao as he rolled around in the muddy water. It was funny to watch Musiara who decided not to fully submerge himself in the mud, but preferred to go from one elephant to the next depending on who was rolling down in the mud, and trying to climb on them. He was behaving just like a typical boy!

Maxwell settling to enjoy his lucerne

Jotto and Kuishi browsing

Mapia and friends heading back to the stockades


At 8am this morning the elephant orphans were very joyful and happy. It all started when Jotto started a pushing game with Sana Sana, and their game escalated into them running around in the bushes, trumpeting and stamping their feet with excitement. This caught the attention of Tagwa, Malkia, Sagala, Ndiwa, Malima and Tamiyoi who joined them in charging around and bashing into bushes. In the end all the orphans joined in and everyone was charging around, including little Luggard who didn’t want to be left out and was also charging. Their excitement finally came to an end when it was time for their 9am milk feed, although it was still a challenge for the Keepers to get them to settle down as they continued running around! They needed to only let a few of the orphans go for their milk bottles at a time, so the Keepers waiting could easily feed them all, and the older girls like Tagwa, Sana Sana, Ndiwa, Sagala and Malkia were in such an excitable mood they kept trying to push past the Keepers and go for their bottles. When the Keepers didn’t let them pass they went charging back, and in the end Ndiwa, Sagala, Sana Sana plus Kiasa, Maisha and Emoli all managed to sneak pass and break through by going back around through the bushes, and escaping past the Keepers. They were very naughty and excitable this morning!


Malkia done with her milk bottle

Malima sucking her trunk

Sagala finds a quiet spot to browse




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