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It was a tragic day for all of us at Ithumba, because by morning Salaita was so ill that he was unable to get to his feet. We inserted a Dextrose drip into an ear vein, but to no avail, because he passed away before noon. The Trustís Mobile Veterinary Unit arrived and undertook a post-mortem, which showed that pulmonary pneumonia was the cause of his death. 


Orphans heading home


It was the usual routine for the Keeper Dependent babies, but on the way back in the evening Salaita developed complications. He began trembling, took his milk only reluctantly and then lay down to sleep. 

The orphans at the grazing fields

Evening mudbath


After the usual Stockade activities, Makena led the Youngsters out to feed for the morning, and later to the mudbath venue, where all enjoyed a cooling wallow, Chaimu and Meibai ensuring that their entire bodies were covered in mud. Ithumbah and Salaita then enjoyed a dustbath, and after an hour had passed, all head off to feed for the rest of the afternoon. 

Ithumbah leavind the mudbath



Having taken water in the morning, Ithumbah followed by Salaita led the way to the browsing field. The two new orphans, who have only been with us just 1 month, are doing very well. Being a girl, Ithumbah will probably become the Junior Matriarch when Makena upgrades to the Senior set. Makena is the only older orphan left now that Chyulu and Lenana have joined the Seniors. 

Salaita and Ithumbah

Ithumbah leaving the mudbath


Makena led the Babies out to feed, as usual, Ithumbah and Salaita leading the way to the mudbath at the appointed time. As the babies were taking their milk, the entire Ex Orphaned group arrived, accompanied by some wild elephants arrived. Yatta went straight to stand beside Ithumbah as she took her milk, and after Ithumbah had finished her milk, Chyulu and Sunyei joined Yatta to escort Ithumbah to the mudbath where she enjoyed bathing close to Yatta. All the Ex orphans remained with the babies for the rest of the day and escorted them back to the Stockades in the evening. 

Yatta stands close to Ithumbah as Ithumbah feeds

Yatta, Sunyei & Chyulu check on Ithumbah




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