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The day began as usual with the orphans walking out to the forest with their keepers. As they moved deeper into the forest Godoma, Sana Sana, Kuishi and Emoli went slightly off course but they didnít know that buffalos were grazing behind the bushes. When Godoma saw the buffalos she raised the alarm, which drew the attention of the other orphans; there was a lot of trumpeting and bush bashing as the four ran for safety to where the rest of the orphans and the keepers were. Malkia and Godoma ran behind Emoli, trying to protect the little one who was desperately trying to keep up with Kuishi. He cried out which Mbegu heard and in her capacity as the Nursery Matriarch it was her duty to investigate. She ran over in the direction of the cry for help with her ears raised and trumpeting very loudly. Kauro and Ngilai also joined her. Upon seeing Mbegu run through the buses, the buffalos decided to run for safety but she, Ndotto, Malima, Malkia, Godoma and others pursued them to make sure they were really gone. The keepers ran to keep up with the orphans as they crashed through the bushes and stamped around. After some time they managed to restore peace and quiet amongst the babies, although Sagalla and Sapalan took awhile longer to settle.  

Godoma walking into the forest

Emoli walking out

Esampu, Musiara and Godoma

Ndotto climbing on his friends


It was very hot during the public visit today, especially when the second group came in to enjoy their milk bottles, which meant they all rushed into the mud pool to cool their bodies down. Malkia and Ndotto were showing off and demonstrated a funny way of going into the mud by going in backwards and sliding in. This unique style was then copied by Mbegu, Pare, Lasayen and Sana Sana. The visitors really enjoyed watching them play in the mud pool and roll around, but their laughter was cut short when Malkia came running out of the mud pool and bumped into those standing close to the rope. She playfully walked to the other side of the rope and targeted a water bottle being held by one of the visitors. She tried to grab it from them and the poor unsuspecting person dropped it, not wanting to get covered in mud by Malkia! Before she could pick the bottle up however, the keepers were there and brought her back to the right side of the rope, where she once again went into the mud pool and enjoyed the rest of her time there with the others, all except Kauro who is not such a fan of mud bathing. 

Malima, Esampu, Kuishi and Ambo

Mbegu looking after Malkia

Sana Sana browsing

A very muddy Malkia


Today the orphans walked out in a playful mood. Kuishi, Sana Sana, Malkia, Jotto, Malima and Tamiyoi especially were seen scampering around as soon as they came out of their stockades this morning. They took their games out into the forest with them where some others like Ngilai joined them, trumpeting and charging around, which got everyone fired up! The climax of the game saw Namalok, Sapalan, Emoli and Maisha take off into the bushes to avoid the stampede of their playful friends. When Emoli and Maisha ran off yelling, the game came to an end as Mbegu, Godoma and Malkia ran off to check on the youngsters. Today we rescued two orphan female calves from Tsavo and unfortunately both are in very bad condition due to the drought. 

Sana Sana in a playful mood

Ngilai joined them

Maisha and Emoli avoided their playful friends

Sweet little Maisha


At 6am Solio encountered a gang of buffalos on her way to the Nursery. They were in the bushes surrounding Maxwellís stockade. They charged at her trying to scare her back into the forest but she managed to dodge them and she came round to visit Maxwell, and get some tasty lucerne as well.

When the babies were in the forest the buffalos were still there standing under a tree. Ndiwa saw them and walked towards them. They didnít seem to mind her company but they didnít like the keepers and started walking away. Ndiwa followed them and the keepers tried to call her back but she kept following the buffalos. They had to run ahead and hide in the bushes from the buffalos, while trying to separate Ndiwa from them and eventually they managed, but it was quite a chase! She came back running and shouting in fear of being told off! Esampu, Sana Sana, Malkia and Mbegu ran to respond to her trumpeting. They all received her warmly with lots of hugging from Mbegu.
Very sadly one of the two arrivals from yesterdayís rescue died as she succumbed to her condition. The other one is very young and is doing okay but has a swollen foot and an injury down one side.

The little stubborn boy Maktao was well behaved during the public visit today. He was one of the first ones to get into the mud pool and after some time Jotto joined him as well, and they enjoyed wading together up and down in the mud. When Malima and Esampu jumped into the mud he moved away to his own spot so as not to get squashed by the bully girl.

Maxwell having a rest

Ndiwa browsing

Sana Sana ran to help Ndiwa

Maktao so muddy in the mud bath


All the orphans were in a good mood this morning and headed out to the forest trumpeting and racing to see who could get to the grassy plain first. No one wanted to be last! Even Mbegu, Kauro and Ndotto, who normally stay at the back of the group making sure no one was left behind, were eager to be first and were shoving the little ones into the front. Pare, Lasayen and Rapa then engaged one another in a lengthy wrestling game whilst Godoma, Esampu, Sana Sana and Ndotto were having a lot of fun rolling in the long grass and sliding on each other. It was the first time Mundusi, Mteto and Ndiwa had visited this area of the Park and they were very busy exploring and enjoying the new vegetation they found. When it was time to leave the field for their 9am bottle feed, Maramoja, Malkia, Luggard and Tagwa didnít want to leave. It was only once they realized they had been left behind that they decided to start running and trumpeting to catch up with the group.
A 3 week old baby was later rescued from the Mara in the evening and has been named Pili.

Orphans walking out to the forest

Mbegu browsing

Lasayen after his pushing game

Ndiwa browsing in the tall grass




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