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After the lucerne pellets were introduced back to the orphans a few days ago, once again these tasty treats have driven some of the orphanís crazy for them! As soon as the orphans were let out of their stockades this morning to go into the forest, it was funny to watch the likes of Mbegu, Godoma, Ngilai, Murit, Sana Sana, and mainly Ndotto, all crazy coming out of their rooms and running into some of the stables of the little ones like Sattao, Emoli, Musiara, Maisha and Luggard to inspect and check that they had finished all their pellets; usually the younger ones donít manage to finish theirs. Ndotto in particular is so funny as he sneaks back into the stockade compound soon after the public visit at noon and after any private visit at 3pm as he knows the lucerne pellets are available all day in their rooms. First he feeds on any that have been put in his own room, then, he goes around feeding on the pellets that have been put in the other rooms! It is the way he sneaks away from the others that the keepers find most impressive, as he pretends to browse ahead of the group then suddenly turns away and sneaks into the bushes and makes his way back to the compound and into the stockades to find the pellets. Itís almost routine for him as he manages to sneak away every day at least once. 

Mbegu enjoying pellets

Godoma heads out to browse after milk feed

Kuishi manages to reach top of a shrub


As the orphans settled to browse out in the grassy field area this morning, Ndiwa, Ndotto, Sagala, Mteto, Mundusi and Lasayen came across a lone male buffalo that was busy grazing in the tall grass which almost fully covered it! It was only partially visible. It movement in the tall grass frightened Ndiwa and Sagala who were leading the group. They turned back yelling which prompted Ndotto, Lasayen and Mundusi to run as well, bumping and crashing into each other as they ran through the tall grass with no one wanting to be left behind. Their bumping caused poor Sagala to slip and fall over as the ground was very muddy. She rolled several times before landing up in a thicket which supported her and helped her stand again. When she got up she looked a bit confused and accidentally starting ran back towards the direction she had come from! The keepers tried calling her but she was already running fast. When she stopped she started yelling and trumpeting for her friends, which Mbegu, Godoma, Tagwa, Malkia and Sana Sana responded to by running in her direction and trumpeting as well, and then helped her reunite with the group again. Such a lot of fuss over one lone buffalo grazing in the grass! 

Ndotto and Sagala before the Buffalo incident

Lasayen browsing

Godoma running towards Sagala


In the morning just after the orphans had arrived in the forest the weather changed, and it started raining. The cold weather is so enjoyed by Maxwell but this morning Mbegu and her herd also enjoyed it. Sana Sana started digging at the ground with her short tusks to make some soft piles of soil. Then she started rolling around it and Musiara decided to join her. Mbegu seemed to feel that is was her duty to play with Musiara and she came over to push Sana Sana away so she could take her place. Being the leader of the group everyone will obey her decision! As soon as Mbegu started rolling on the soil Musiara started climbing on her back. Sattao and Mundusi came to join in but Mundusiís game did not last long as Mbegu stood up and pushed her away Ė this game was only for the babies! Soon it was like all the babies were rolling and sliding down Mbeguís back as she was acting like a true mother and trying to accommodate and play with all the babies. As the rain went on they all enjoyed rolling and playing in the mud having a lot of fun. They only finished their game when it was time for their 9am milk bottle!  

Sana Sana with Ndiwa

Sana Sana in a playful mood

Sweet little Sattao


The orphans came out of their rooms this morning and immediately formed a long line Ė which is unusual as normally they come out and scatter everywhere across the compound. Today Shukuru, Ndotto, Ndiwa, Ngilai, Sagala and Sana Sana directly formed a lined and marched out at a quick pace, suggesting they were in a hurry to move deep into the forest as usual. The others, once they reached the forest, all crowded around the same thicket and enjoyed feeding from it. Musiara, Sattao, Maktao and Kiasa were busy fighting each other over the small bits of tree bark that Mbegu was dropping from above. None of them wanted to surrender! Maktao and Kiasa are tiny figures, but stood their ground against Musiara and Sattao! Mbegu was wise however as she kept both pairs on either side of her, to try and prevent them from fighting.
Luggardís swollen ankle on his bad leg is doing better and the swelling is decreasing day by day, though he is not yet fully better and able to accompany the orphans on their long walks into the forest. He stays with them until their 9am milk feed and then most of them continue into the forest while he stays to relax with his keepers. He is doing okay so far.

Mbegu peeling bark off the trees

Kiasa browsing

Luggard with his Keeper


When the orphans were walking out into the forest and many were happily walking through the bushes to begin their day of browsing, it was funny to watch Sattao, Maktao and Kiasa scared of getting their bodies all wet by the water that still clung to the bushes and leaves of the small trees. They stood tightly together in the open areas and watched the others move further into the woods. When Sattao saw his adopted mother disappear into the bushes he tried to follow her but he didnít want to walk through the same wet path. He retreated, yelling in protest and calling for his adopted mother to come back for him. It seemed to work as Mbegu quickly turned back to see what was happening and why the young boy was yelling. She then chose to browse along those nearby bushes where Sattao and his group were holding themselves, as she must have realized what the matter was.

It has been four days now that we have seen Shukuru leading Ndotto Ďs group of Ndiwa, Sagala, Mundusi, Ngilai, Mteto and Sana Sana far deep into the bush. She is so much more energetic, happy and browsing to her heartís content, compared to just a few months ago. Sometimes she is seen disciplining rough boys like Mundusi and Ngilai whenever they happen to be misbehaving in her presence.

Mbegu turning around to beckon Sattao

Keeper with wheelbarrow of milk

Shukuru leading the orphans for browsing




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