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Today a Photo Journalist arrived to film the orphans. Kainuk, Naipoki, Tano and Sities put on a good show, bumping and pushing each other, glad to have the attention of the visiting Journalist. The tiny boys Kithaka and Sasab were also on stage. Kithaka demonstrated his strength by trying to push the Journalist down! Since it was a cold day, at the mudbath the elephants tested the temperature of the water with their trunks, and decided against going in. At 4 p.m. the Journalist was back, warmly welcomed by Naipoki. He was incredulous that elephants could be so friendly to humans! Ishaq-B is putting on weight now, her injured leg improving. She is a gentle, quiet little girl unlike boisterous Kainuk, Sities and Naipoki, probably due to her injury. 

Sities with Kithaka

Naipoki and Tano with Sasab


It was a golden sunrise for a change, which was welcomed by all the elephants, and especially the two tiny babies. Makireti, Shukuru and Turkwel patiently waited outside the stable doors of Sasab and Kithaka for them to come out and embraced them warmly as soon as they emerged. Out in the field Kasigau and Rombo enjoyed a Pushing Match which broke up when the Keepers changed location. At 11 a.m. Kithaka and Sasab received warm applause from the visitors who were delighted by them. Today the two baby boys spent the entire day with the herd, and consequently by evening were exhausted and ready for bed.  

Makireti with Kithaka

Sasab with Mutara and Sities


It was another showery and cold morning, so Kithaka and Sasab again had to remain indoors until the weather cleared. Kainuk, Sities, Kihari and Naipoki had a happy time playing and rolling on the ground, bumping into each other while the Bigger orphans concentrated on picking out new shoots. None dared go into the mudbath, but Ishanga and Shukuru entertained the visitors by chasing off some warthogs. After the mudbath Kithaka and Sasab were able to join the other elephants, warmly welcomed and sandwiched between the Big Girls with each trying to be closest to them. Makireti and Shukuru competed for Kithaka while Turkwel and Tano competed for Sasab who was allowed to suckle Turkwel’s ears today. This made Kainuk jealous, so she tried to scare Sasab away from Turkwel. 

Kihari chewing on a small twig



As the two new babies went out to join the others, two warthogs emerged from the bushes chasing one another, scaring the babies who ran back to the stables. It took some time for the Keepers to calm them down. Sasab is becoming a little jealous of Kithaka, who receives most of the attention both from the Keepers and the older elephants. When the Keepers were paying attention to Kithaka, Sasab came and pushed Kithaka away from them! 

Kithaka close to a keeper

Sasab in the bush


Mutara, Shukuru and Tano reported to the new baby’s stable before heading out, Mutara and Shukuru monopolizing Kithaka, so Tano waited for little Sasab to emerge, but due to the rain the two babies were left indoors, and the Girls had to eventually leave without them. The sun came out in time for the mudbath, so the two new babies were the first to show up before the visitors. Cameras clicked. When the older elephants came, there was a lot of pushing and shoving between Turkwel, Tano, Sities and Naipoki until Tano took little Sasab aside, and began patting him with her trunk, allowing him to suck on her ears. Turkwel then managed to wrestle tiny Kithaka from Sities and Naipoki and walk him along the line of visitors, Sities and Naipoki following hoping for a chance to get close to Kithaka, while Ishaq-B and Kihari kept their distance, chewing on branches. Layoni has become greedier than Dabassa, always first for milk feeds, and screaming when his share has finished.  

Shukuru with Kithaka

Sasab with Tano




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