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It is Shukuru’s second day after returning to the Nursery and she seemed to wake up in a good mood in the company of her neighbours Malima, Musiara, Sagalla and Mteto. It was baby Sattao who stole the show this morning however as he enjoyed the privilege of standing under Shukuru’s belly; he has not enjoyed this opportunity until now but Shukuru is big enough to allow this! Musiara and Maktao did not seem to mind the attention Sattao was getting either. As the orphans disappeared into the thicket in the forest, the keepers did not realize that they had left Enkesha behind! The little girl had sneaked into Sattao’s room, presumably to steal some of the left over browse and pellets in there. After finishing those she visited Maxwell’s gate as she looked for more lucerne pellets. Two warthogs also then came over to have their share of Maxwell’s food and a commotion ensued as all the animals tried to have their share. This attracted Maxwell’s attention who moved swiftly to try and scare the warthogs away. In the process he also caught Enkesha’s trunk between his horn and the gate and she shouted out with pain and fright as her trunk is already very sensitive. As soon as she was free she ran after her friends to join them out in the forest. She was met mid-way by Mbegu and Malkia who were alarmed by her screams for help. The matriarch Mbegu touched Enkesha with her trunk and raised her ears looking from side to side in search of what might have hurt the young girl. When she found nothing and Enkesha was settled, they all walked out to the forest together to join the others. 

Shukuru out with the others

Sattao relaxing

Enkesha browsing


Kiasa was in a sassy mood today and decided to dodge the keepers like she used to do. After the 3pm visit and milk feed all the elephants seemed relaxed and composed, quietly browsing in the bushes around where the keepers were. Neither the keepers nor the mini matriarchs noticed that Kiasa had left the group and taken herself back to the stockade compound, where she was sharing Maxwell’s lucerne near his gate. It took the effort of two keepers to convince her to come back to the forest where the others were browsing. Before she reached the group, she rumbled loudly, drawing the attention of Mbegu and Tagwa. They came over to see what was happening as the little boys Musiara and Sattao approached as well. Musiara moved closer to touch Kiasa with his trunk but she was in a bad mood and pushed him away.

It was a hot afternoon and Ndotto, Lasayen and Mundusi moved deeper into the forest looking for cooler areas under the trees. They walked further away but then came across two lone buffalo bulls. They wagged their ears and bashed down some bushes as they came running back, led by Ndotto, back to where the others were browsing.

Kiasa arrives for milk

Maxwell walking around his stockade

Lasayen browsing


All the orphans went out to the forest as usual this morning, but Elkalal, the little girl that arrived recently, wasn’t doing that well. She has been on a drip since yesterday afternoon but she is still not responding very well.

The lorry training for the six graduates is still going on and at 9am, Namalok, Sapalan, Kauro, Maramoja, Rapa and Pare seem very comfortable feeding there and are ready for their journey. In fact after finishing their milk they didn’t want to leave and were playing and hanging out in the lorry.

Out in the forest, Mapia seems to be enjoying the company of Kauro and Ndiwa – the two are being very kind to Mapia and enjoy his company; they do not push him around at all. They lead him out to his favourite vegetation, the tall green grass which he loves to browse on.

Sadly, just before visiting today, Elkalal passed away in her stable with her Keeper, unable to shake the infection that she came with despite all our best efforts and treatment.

Mbegu was in a selfish mood today. Before the visiting time she took the babies Sattao, Malima and Mapia away from the others and hid in the thicket with them. She didn’t come when the keepers called her and the three babies ended up missing their feeding time. She knew what she was doing though as when it came to her milk feeding time she came out of hiding with the three little ones. We were surprised as she does not normally behave like this and always leads the younger ones down when it is their feeding time, if she happens to be with them. She was in a funny mood today!

Mapia out with the others

Malima, Musiara and Mapia

Mbegu browsing


Maktao has been giving some of the other little elephants a hard time since he arrived at the Nursery. Musiara, Sattao, Maisha and Emoli dare not stand in his way. This morning however, Musiara decided to teach Maktao a lesson. When he charged at him whilst he was eating some nice vegetation out in the forest, Musiara turned and wrestled Maktao off. Musiara was not willing to surrender, and it took Malima’s intervention to save Maktao from the angry Musiara. Malima did not only stop the fight but she invited the boys to join her in a game. There was a heap of loose soil nearby and she went to the top of it and rolled down. The two little boys enjoyed rolling and sliding on her back, and forgot about their earlier fight.

We do not often find Tagwa engaged in pushing games with her friends. She is most often looking after the little ones and once in a blue moon, we find her engaged in a small wrestling game. Today was one of those days, as we found her playing with Ambo in a lengthy pushing game. Both of them seemed to be having a great time.
Ndotto is such a lovely boy and he is starting to become more independent. Often, when the orphans reach the forest, he can be found walking off in his own direction and only coming back to the group when it is time for the 9am milk feed. Ngilai is so funny when he has his milk bottle – he has his own unique style! He sticks his trunk straight up in the air like an aerial, unlike the others who normally wrap their trunks around their bottles.

Maktao heading out with the others

Malima browsing

Ngilai behind a bush


Ambo decided to spend time with the older boys Kauro, Ndotto, Sapalan and Lasayen today. When Mbegu saw that Ambo was okay in the company of the older boys, she went over to the keepers where the young babies were and took Sattao with her. Tagwa saw them walking away and ran over to accompany them, and the three of them walked out into the forest. They stayed out there together until it was milk feeding time. When the three walked back to the rest of the group for milk, Sattao was running ahead very excited and playful with Mbegu and Tagwa just walking behind. He was so excited he tripped over a tree root! Jotto and Malima heard Sattao and came running towards him trumpeting, and all three ran towards the milk feeding area. All three were very happy with their game and were trumpeting with excitement.

Namalok has never missed a public visit since he was introduced to them, but today he was attached to Kauro and Ndotto and the three of them disappeared into the forest after the 9am milk feed. The keepers thought the orphans would show up to the public visit because of Ndotto, but they did not arrive. After the public visit the others found them just browsing in the bushes nearby and just waiting for them to return!

Ambo browsing around the rocks

Sattao and Mbegu

Tagwa browsing

Ndotto at mudbath




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