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Ndiwa is still quite an independent orphan and most of the time likes to browse deep in the forest, alone or otherwise in the company of Sattao who has taken quite a shining to her. She can stay a long time on her own out in the forest, not like some of the others. Even though where the orphans were browsing had nice thick bushes, Ndiwa wandered off as the Keepers had their lunch after the public visit. Little did they realise that Ndiwa was not with them and it was only at the next milk feeding that it became obvious she was not with them. As the Keepers looked for Ndiwa, Ambo decided to try his luck as well and dodged the Keeper so as to make his way back to the stockades to try and find some lucerne pellets leftover near Maxwell’s stockade! The Keepers noticed quite quickly however that Ambo had walked back to the stockades and at the same time he was found by the Keepers working the compound, and he was led back out to the forest to join his friends. 

Ndiwa after being found

Ambo after the Keepers led him back to browse

Kiasa kicking up dirt


The scramble for Maxwell’s leftover lucerne pellets has turned all the elephant babies mad. Every elephant wants to be the first to reach his gate in the morning to find the leftovers there. Some like Mapia, Ambo, Malima and Enkesha are heard banging away at the doors first thing in the morning, as early as 5:30am, to alert their keepers that they want to come out. Mapia was the loudest this morning, banging on his door so hard we were sure it was going to fall off! His banging reverberated all the way down the length of the stockades, which disturbed some of the other babies. They began to rumble and cry out as they thought something was wrong. When Mapia’s door was opened he almost knocked the Keeper over he was in such a hurry to reach the pellets first and try his luck. Sana Sana and Ndiwa then came racing in. Sattao and Maisha tried their luck from Maxwell’s other gate, before Musiara also found them. Some of the other orphans weren’t so lucky as the keepers then started to lead the orphans out to the forest and they all had to follow. 

Maktao and friends browsing

Maktao leaning on Malima

Mapia solo browsing


We feel like this might be the coldest month ever recorded in history! This morning we felt so cold, and the biting weather made the younger ones like Maktao, Kiasa and Musiara seek refuge amongst the older and bigger ones. Maktao and Musiara snuggled with Tagwa, trying to get warm from some of her body heat. Kiasa sought warmth from Sana Sana who didn’t seem overly interested in helping her, because the little girl had been so naughty recently.
As the first group was heading to the mud bath area for their noon milk feed, Enkesha avoided wading through the small cold water stream, and instead forced her way through the group of visitors that were standing on the dry land. Maisha was so hyper during this feeding time, and was mock-charging all over the place. Two warthogs then passed by the mud bath area which drew Tamiyoi’s attention, who raised her ears as she tried to scare them away. The warthogs were defiant however, and Emoli had to join in and help Tamiyoi to win over the warthogs and push them away. Sattao was so scared of the incident he turned and also knocked over one of the keepers and he sought to run away from his friends scaring the warthogs away.

Some of the orphans huddled close for warmth

Sagala swinging her trunk

Kuishi follows the herd for morning browsing


It was a funny morning for Musiara and Maktao when they came down for their 11am milk feed today. They came running down as part of the first group as usual, behind Sattao, Maisha, Kiasa and Enkesha. These four crossed the little stream leading into the feeding area easily, but when Musiara and Maktao reach the water, they put their front foot in and withdrew it very quickly, backing away not wanting to cross the water. When their keeper came up behind and jumped over, Musiara shook his head in defiance and then yelled out loudly. This made Maktao start crying as well, and when their keeper realized he could not coax them over he had to walk back and walk them around and across the dry area instead, which is where the visitors were standing. Musiara and Maktao hate cold water so much and it was a cold morning too, so it was obvious they were not going to cross the water leading to the feeding area! 

Maisha looking for roots from the ground

Maxwell enjoying his lucerne pellets

Sattao carrying a stick


Since Mbegu moved to Tsavo we have seen Sattao attaching himself more and more to Ndiwa. When the elephants are out in the forest we can see him spending most of his time with Ndiwa, and likewise Ndiwa looks for Sattao a lot of the time as well. This is quite a sweet relationship that has developed, as before Ndiwa used to walk off into the forest with the older orphans, and now she has this little boy to look after some of the time. Sometimes she does walk off far into the bushes, but little Sattao accompanies her and the two seem to have a lovely time browsing together. Sometimes she has the full company of Sattao, Ambo, Sagala, Sana Sana and Mapia too. It seems Sattao has found the love, care and protection he needs as a little calf in Ndiwa.
Luggard still walks around with a smile on his face which is a positive sign as far as his health is concerned, which up until a month or so ago was not very good and his broken leg was causing him some discomfort. He now accompanies the other orphans far out into the forest and on most outings can be seen attached to his best friend Musiara. Musiara believes himself to be quite a grown up bull although he is still far too young, but sometimes he is spotted wandering off without anyone to accompany him until he is brought back to join the group.

Sagala and Ndiwa at the mud-bath

Sana Sana and Tagwa

Emoli in the lead




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