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As the elephants were browsing out in the forest, they heard a large animal approaching. All ran to their Keepers, and out of the bush emerged Solio, who had given her Attendants the slip again. The elephants were very scared, especially Tano, who recalled being tossed by Shida. Other Keepers were summoned from the Stockades to remove Tano, who was extremely nervous, since Solio wanted to remain near them. Once the other Keepers arrived, Tano was happy to go with them, even though she wanted to be with her elephant peers. However, instead, she followed them happily just to put distance between herself and the rhino, due to the sinister connotations that remain with her about the Shida incident.  



The orphans entertained their mudbath audience, playing in the mud, until a troupe of baboons on the nearby rocks disturbed them, prompting them to crowd around their Keepers.

Solio behaved herself today and did not try to give the Keepers the slip! At 2 p.m. she came for her mudbath, and her Keeper anointed her with mud, which she enjoyed. In the evening she came back into her new Stockade (the one vacated by Shida) where she had a chat with Maxwell next door.

Max sleeping

Lovely Solio in the bush


Before leaving her Stockade, Solio began playing by jumping up and down and running around to attract the attention of Maxwell, who paid no attention. As soon as she was let out, she ran off as though heading for the bush, but then turned round and returned to Max, who was sleeping near his Gate. Solio banged the Gate with her horn, which startled Max who jumped to his feet, ready to retaliate aggressively. However as soon as he smelt Solio, aggression turned to play. They played for about half an hour, and were reluctant to part because Solio has replaced Shida in Maxs affections.  


Solio with her Keeper

Max sleeping


Solio is a very loving little rhino, who is gentle towards humans. As soon as she is let out of her Stockade each morning, she heads for the nearest dungpile out in the bush and adds her own contribution to it, kicking it with her feet to anoint them with her specific scent since the life of rhinos revolves around scent and chemistry. Solio is very settled now and enjoys every moment of the day, browsing mostly in the early mornings and evenings, and in thickets, and playing with the water drum in her Stockade at night. The Keepers believe she is trying to shape and sharpen her little horn in order to be able to defend herself when necessary. Maxwell, who is in the next door Stockade, eagerly awaits her return each evening, especially now that Shida is no longer here.  

Solio having milk

Solio in the bush


The transfer of Shida to Tsavo West has affected Maxwell, who is obviously missing him. Maxwell looks forward to Shidas daily appearances, and loves challenging him through the separating poles of their Stockades. Maxwell is now very focused on little Solio, and whenever she returns in the evening, he is there to greet her through the partition of the Stockade. 

Maxwell chilled as always

Solio gets a belly rub




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