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Mbirikani, Mudanda and Panda raced towards their normal feeding grounds within the electric fence only to find the Spring Gate shut, since the Keepers felt they should begin fraternizing more with the older elephants now that Shimba is no longer with them. Dabassa engaged Panda in a Pushing Math under the watchful eyes of Kenia and Ndii. Rombo and Tassia also had a Strength Testing Match which was won by Tassia who then mounted onto Tassia, prompting Mbirikani to make herself scarce, while Mudanda sought refuge amongst the Big Girls. Having defeated Rombo Tassia took on Ndii, but Kenia moved in on the side of her friend.

Out in the field the Orphans browsed amidst a friendly wild herd for about two hours before moving to the waterhole for their noon mudbath, which they all enjoyed.

Dabassa & Panda wrestle

Tassia on top of Rombo


Little Jango, the orphaned eland calf, loves to play with Lualeni, the orphaned Zebra, racing around the compound together. Panda, Mudanda and Mbirikani keep returning to the Stockades, looking for Shimba, hoping that he may still be around. Meanwhile the older orphans browsed silently on the hill, Kenia leading the younger ones to the Big Waterhole to have their midday milk feed going in two milk dependent groups Kenia, Dabassa, Ndii and Layoni first and then Tassia, Taveta, Kivuko and Rombo. The older elephants joined them later in the mudwallow, where all had fun. After the dustbath, Sinya led them back to the Hill where they browsed for the remainder of the day. 

Sinya, Kenia & Ndii browse near the fence

Kenia wrestles Tassia



All the orphans headed down the hill, pausing en route to scratch, dig up roots and snack on tasty greens. At 3 p.m. they moved to the Big Waterhole.

Meanwhile, back at the Stockades, it was a tragic day, because poor Shimba finally succumbed as a result of the lion mauls he sustained in April which robbed him of his health. He was a much loved member of the orphan herd, very gentle and mellow a polite and loving Boy who never bullied or put a foot wrong during all the years he was with us. Bravely, on that fateful night in April, having spent a night away after the orphans were scared by thunder in the late evening of the previous way, he was attacked by at least 3 lions as he made his way back home. Although he managed to fight them off, they left him with serious wounds around the head and hindquarters, but he managed to get himself back home and at least could die surrounded by the friends that loved him.

Another bathing day

Browsing in the field

Shimba eats some brush




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