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Poor little Shujaa took a turn for the worse today, and could not even stand by himself this morning. He died, still attached to Life Support, at l0 a.m. Blood diagnostic revealed that his liver had failed him. A blood sample taken from Mshindi who is also in the midst of teething also showed signs of liver failure. 

Shujaa plays with a blanket

Mshindi with a drip


The new baby was very restless during the night, crying for her mother. This morning poor little Shujaa, who is in the midst of teething, was not well and had to be put on a drip infusion. 




Little Oltaiyoni is doing well and has accepted the human family. Mshindi, Shujaa and Kamok, all of whom are teething, are holding up, with Mshindi and Shujaa not doing as well as Kamok. All have managed to push out 2 teeth, but Mshindi and Shujaa have lost a great deal of body condition.  




Little Kamok was very playful today, chasing warthogs with ears out, even though she is not much bigger than them! The Keepers kept a watchful eye to ensure that the warthogs did not turn and injure her. Kamok is the miniature leader of the Baby Group having been with us longer than Mshindi and Shujaa

Kamok plays in the dust

Kamok and Mshindi

Lemoyian and Barsilinga - buddies


Poor baby Empaash is not well today, and remained behind in his stable with a Keeper when Kamok, Mshindi and Shujaa made their way out today. He was given life support infusion after the 9 a.m. milk feed which made him feel well enough to join the others who were nearby. Another blood sample was taken from him for analysis and during the night he was again on life supporting drip. 


Kamok and Shujaa





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